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News: Member of the Month - Julu 2015
Yes, we have GbreezeSunset this time. A great kaizo hacker who recently released their latest hack, Banzai Mario World.

Take a look at the interview here!
Posted by: o Tahixham - 2015-07-01 11:06:27 AM - 8 comments
News: zsnes: no is safe. is bomb
The Hack Submission Guidelines have been updated with new definitions of "major emulator" and essential information about a ZSNES bug that allows it to execute arbitrary code in a ROM that affects things outside of the emulator. Specific details on the bug have been left to the ZSNES developers.
A severe security issue has been found in ZSNES that puts users at risk, including the possibility to compromise the operating system. It is known to affect builds of ZSNES 1.51 and older on any OS. We advise players to switch emulators until ZSNES is updated. Hacks currently accepted on this site are known to be safe to run in ZSNES, although a few are unsupported, and many older hacks in the "Temporary" section will only run in ZSNES. It is strongly discouraged to play unmoderated hacks in ZSNES due to the nature of this bug: do so at your own risk. If a user is found to put a malicious exploit in their hack through ZSNES and either submit or link it on SMW Central, they will be dealt with as such.
Posted by: o Counterfeit - 2015-06-24 07:14:45 PM - 61 comments
News: C3 is over!
Bwahahaha! Times up fools. Did you really think you could have beaten me, King Bowser? I had Kamek mix up some magic and max out our HP's. And now you have no way to ever defeat us! Looks like we'll be sticking around a bit longer.

Oh yeah, I closed the C3 forum. Feel free to continue making comments for a while.
Posted by: Bowser - 2015-06-23 02:19:47 PM - 8 comments
News: Extending C3 for 24 more hours.
Bwahahaha, Enjoy it while you can.
Posted by: Bowser - 2015-06-22 07:08:54 AM - 3 comments
News: C3 Level Design Contest
We have decided to make Giant Shy Guy's C3 contest official! The guidelines were slightly altered, but the main idea is still the same - you have to create a level highlighting anything released during this C3.

For more details, please take a look at the threads:

C3 Level Design Contest: Rules and Submissions
C3 Level Design Contest: Discussion

Prizes will be awarded by Giant Shy Guy. Good luck, and have fun!
Posted by: Goomba King - 2015-06-20 06:03:44 AM - 1 comment
News: Important message from your overlord King Bowser
Bwahahaha! I'm taking over your puny convention for my own evil purposes. My minions have already started taking over your staff member's accounts and there is nothing you can do to stop us! It doesn't matter how many projects are submitted, my minions will stand tall and undefeated!... (I think, need to confirm with Kamek on that one.) But why bother? I'll obviously win! Gwah ha ha! Keep in mind, cheaters will fall victim to my flames.

King Bowser out.
Posted by: Bowser - 2015-06-19 08:35:20 AM - 11 comments
News: C3 Hype
C3 will begin in less than 12 hours!!!!1111oneoneoneuno

Sorry for the lack of timer, Kieran broke it :V
Posted by: Bowser - 2015-06-18 08:55:30 PM - 16 comments
News: VGM Contest
Galactaknight is hosting a VGM contest. You can find more info and the rules here.
Posted by: Bowser - 2015-06-18 06:15:47 PM - 0 comments
News: BRR section
You guys begged for it, so we added it. It's been up for two months now, and we have a grand total of two submissions.

If you want to keep the section, you need to keep it active. For the number of people who suggested it and supported it this number is completely unreasonable.

You have two weeks to fix this. By June 30th, I want to see no less than 20 submissions in the section. Otherwise, it will be removed permanently, or at least until you can prove that you can keep it going strongly.

Thank you.
Posted by: o Grodus - 2015-06-17 04:45:37 AM - 22 comments
What is that cry one hears from beyond the Hills of Staff Spotlight?

One must read this scroll to understand the full extent of the cries.

For everyone else too dumb to understand: Staff Spotlight. scroll = thread. Deal with it.
Posted by: o Tahixham - 2015-06-15 11:01:01 PM - 4 comments
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