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News: 7 years
Happy 7 years since "The Great Wipe"!
Posted by: S.N.N. - 2014-08-20 08:35:24 AM - 26 comments
News: SMWCP2 info
SNN is going through a bit of alpha testing in the hack. If you had one or more of the following levels in the hack, please read the reviews on the level and make changes as necessary, then send them off to me as soon a possible. If you have already done this, please ignore this message.

Girder Grassland
Plateau Pumps
Hiker's Hollow
Smoggy Steppe
Switch Scamper
Velocity Valves
Countdown Chamber
Reclaimed Refinery

Fringe Forest
Treetop Toss-Up
Arboreal Ascent
Floral Fears

If you not respond, I will attempt to PM you. If I get no response from that, I will personally make any changes necessary myself, and I will not listen to any complaining, however, if the original author does decided to make changes afterward, we'll be more than happy to accept it.
Posted by: Lightvayne - 2014-08-13 05:24:18 PM - 0 comments
News: Hack Submission Guideline Update
Though a very minor change, it is my duty to inform you that the hack submission guidelines have been changed. It now includes language about a new authority hack moderators have been granted to blacklist very low-quality hacks that are being resubmitted rapidly (e.g. 4 times in 8 days) and how one would go about getting that undone. I feel this type of restriction is an important step in between freedom to upload and complete section bans, and that it will also save hack moderators time that should be allocated to other hacks and sections.

This will not affect the acceptability of any hacks pending or yet to be submitted. As always, it is encouraged to get community feedback in Works in Progress and find dedicated beta testers.
Posted by: Counterfeit - 2014-08-13 05:37:46 AM - 0 comments
News: The 2014 Summer ExGFX Contest
It has begun. Check it out here
Posted by: Lightvayne - 2014-08-09 07:02:32 PM - 0 comments
News: Featured Hacks
For these who haven't noticed, the featured hacks system is back. You can now nominate hacks to be featured, but this depends of your current score points you have for reviewing hacks as usual. More info can be found on these threads: [1] [2]

As mentioned in one of the threads: "Until the other sections are caught up (Savebase™, main hacks section, legacy nominations) hack featuring is very low priority".
Posted by: Mirann - 2014-08-08 05:07:47 PM - 3 comments
News: thing
Super Mario All-Stars finally has its own ROM and RAM map hosted on SMWCentral. It may be a bit early to make sections for SMAS, but building a ROM and RAM map is a great start to document the game and making it accessible to everyone.

I hope that with this extra addition, people (who are mostly ASM-savvy) will become interested in hacking SMAS and start contributing to the new maps. As for the data we're looking for, at the moment anything works. All data is good data, really. But perhaps you can start searching for data while having the current SMW hacking tools in mind (sprite tool, block tool, ...)

As a little side note, SWR has been working on level editors in general. That is, he is mostly working on the user controls of level editors to make them as flexible as possible, so building a level editor for various games will be easier. Think of it as him crafting cookie cutters to make use of them, in order to shape various amount of cookies easier (in this case, creating flexible user controls to build level editors easier.) Once he's done, building a SMAS level editor *should* be a piece of cake!

Of course, we still have a forum for hacking SMAS: link

(also I'll be adding the SRAM map soon as well)
Posted by: Ersanio - 2014-08-07 01:52:39 AM - 8 comments
News: Filtering Improvements! (To All Sections)
Okay guys, I get that you're stuck in the past, but bear with me while I try and help improve things for everybody! The long story short is that it isn't healthy for the server to be running queries that result in thousands of results, it can get overtaxing and as the site grows, it could cause slowdown.

This latest batch of changes should assist in being a bit closer to the best of both worlds:

1) Ctrl-F is now hotkey'd to the filter form.
2) The results will now automatically update when you click enter without the page having to do a complete reload!

Hopefully these improvements will please everyone. I am open to suggestions and will work with those who act courteously, so if you have an suggestions feel free to leave them below if you're willing to be reasonable :).

Thanks for the support and patience to those of you who have contributed constructive criticisms.

Edit: I improved the filter to support history(Forward/Back Buttons) now. It should work in most modern browsers. It should also be much quicker thank clicking back before!
Posted by: p4plus2 - 2014-08-06 02:07:22 AM - 24 comments
News: Peanuts
Dear fellow SMWCentralities, I am glad to announce you that the new music section is now officially live!


All of the resources (bar a few remaining that will be fixed up shortly) have been converted to AddmusicK for you to enjoy. And the section is of course open to user submissions now! Go nuts!
Just note that we will have to go through all the submissions that were left waiting in the old section, first.

Finally, I'd like to immensely thank p4plus2 for all the work he's put into the migration process, as well as the music team and everyone who collaborated with the manual conversions. Thank you!
Posted by: Lui37 - 2014-08-05 03:56:57 AM - 23 comments
News: Protecting yourself from phishing
Our affiliate was recently attacked through phishing, meaning that the password could've been stolen through a fake website or social engineering or by creating a field in a website which will send the entered information to the attacker. In this case, a moderator account was stolen and some forum data was lost and not retrievable due to the power abuse the attacker did. Check your URLs and be wary of any unusual password/login prompts, and remember, if anyone asks you for your password, never trust them. Virtually everything has a terms of service saying their staff will never ask you for your password. This includes SMW Central, so for example, if you get emails by anyone stating that they are a staff member here and need you to verify your password with us or send us copies of your smwcentral cookies or ask you to log into a fake page, they are not us.
Posted by: Counterfeit - 2014-08-01 07:21:16 PM - 13 comments
News: Summer 2014 ExGFX contest
The Summer 2014 ExGFX contest will begin August 9th 12:00pm CST and will end on August 23, 11:59am CST. More details to follow.
Posted by: Lightvayne - 2014-08-01 03:35:25 PM - 11 comments
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