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Originally posted by miguel21450

Another spoiler of the dolphin level I showed in the first post and previewed in a video. And in case you didn't wondered, this is an ice level. I think it will probably have a boss.

It looks good but the palettes are Confusing my eyes a little, perhaps make the Gray blocks blue might do the trick.

And please don't tell me that your going to use the F*cking Big Boo boss, its just so overused, I suggest using a completely different different boss, like the crab from SMB2 or something.

As for some suggestion how about making use of the Key or die block, if you want info on the block here:
Originally posted by The block section
If the player does not have a key, it kills you instantly (like lava). If the player IS holding a key, the block acts normal. Please give credit if used. "Acts like" setting should be 025 to make it passable.

Well you could at least use different music other then piano, like ghost house, Castle, Here We Go, Bowser's Battle, Boss Battle, and others I forgot to mention.

But yeah Your hack is to hard! It looks good so far, keep it up =D

Been a while hasn't it? After Finishing Failing my part of my SMWCP2 level, I have extra time to work on this hack (Finally, some time to work on this #w{=P}).

So I'm about to show some progress of my new level that replaces one of the crappy levels (Which was Koopa the Colour) So here it is, Factory of Trouble:

The name on the overworld, Maybe pointless to show this but who cares XD

Not my bestest intro part of the level, meh, opinions and suggestions?

Also, I wonder what this door goes? (Give up, Spoiler!)

Inspiring Too Cruel Two Bear a little (ignore the glitched GFX), but...

...Its a little bit hard to pass easily, Its not impossible, I've passed it like quite a few times.

Bullet bill usage, if I don't use it, I'm toast.

Kind of inspired by Kaizo 2, Don't know, not my best kaizo thing I did, If you have opinions or suggestions on how to fix it, please post.

I honestly don't know what to put here, suggestions?

You problebly would of guessed, if you hit the invis-a-block, you could die.

You have to get into the door before you get smashed by "Mr thwomp" here.

What do you think, this is only the first part.

Interesting way to use the SMB3 paths into a vanilla OW, nice hack BTW.

@Broozer: WOW! No words at all because its too amazing #w{=P}

@akacesfan: Thats a nice level you go there #w{=)}

Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Originally posted by Daizo

I honestly don't know what to put here, suggestions?

Maybe narrow the bottom platform and make Mario have to bounce off a downward bullet bill or falling enemy and land to the left in order to get to the bottom.

I like the suggestion allot #w{=)}

Originally posted by FellipeUzumaki
I'm really enjoying your work on the hack. It's getting really cool, when you launch the hack I'll want to play this hack. Congratulations are getting very good. ^^

Well I always like fans, thank you #w{=)}

Originally posted by Thomas
Just a note, you don't need those M blocks there, since Mario can't make that jump regardless.

Hmm, that's a good point, perhaps I could remove them.

Originally posted by miguel21450
I think this is looking cool so far.

Thank you #w{=D}

BTW, Here is Sokobansolver's suggestion that I will use:

Just a little suggestion, how about selecting multiple tiles on the "8x8 overworld tile selector", that be super helpful because you don't have to select 1 tile every turn when you can select allot of them at once!


I've pressed the "Other" vote when I wanted a OW contest #w{:<}

Well what ever, If you mods can't remove the vote I made (I wanted a OW contest so bad D: ), perhaps a Title screen movie contest would be good as well.

*Me facepalms 1000 times*

I really like OWs actually, can't live with out them XD

And was that a bump Mawwo7 just made?

I do have to agree with both TMI and Megnum Mario X.

For TMI, he has a point, some users are lazy with names (Like me Super Diddykaizo Worldlucs, ugg...), but I do agree with Megnum Mario X too because the word "Super" is overused, It could be called "G.L.I.T.C.H.", "Glitch Zone" or even just "Glitch", but I actually don't mind myself with This "Super ------ World" Thing.

Custom Music! Stick to Piano man, that song rocks #w{xD}

But yeah, Good job with the hack so far #w{=3}

Originally posted by Austin
Originally posted by Daizo
Just a little suggestion, how about selecting multiple tiles on the "8x8 overworld tile selector", that be super helpful because you don't have to select 1 tile every turn when you can select allot of them at once!

Um? I'm probably not getting it. Isn't it a new feature of LM 1.90/1.91?

By the way, I think someone already requested an easier palette editor before, as you made with the Map16 editor. Could be easier and faster to edit palettes if we can select lots of them at once.

Thats for map 16 in the level editor, I'm talking about selecting multiple tiles at once (in the overworld editor) and pasting it on the OW.

Originally posted by Daizo
Originally posted by DiddyKaizo100
You guys remember Mother 2/EarthBound, Can you guys please Port "Pokey Means Business", Make it sampled and compatible with AddMusic4 HFD.

Midi Away!

Encase you wanna port by ear.

This is from the first page when I posted, I still need it.

I need it Sampled also if thats not too much to ask.

Reposting this because its the next page (Well, for me anyways)

Also, I like it for AM4 please.

Well, um, this hack is kind of buggy and annoying :/

First of all, most parts of the levels are annoying and long (in the castles anyways), plus the midway points (all of them) in the first castle (with Hunter and SCORPION) just lead to the SCORPION Battle, kind of a way to cheat :/

Plus the game it self has bad music choices, like happy music in a dark land (Honestly?), plus the hardness and annoying-ness, like Item Babysitting, (New problem far from other hacks -->) Unused Items, like P-switches that aren't even used, cut off, other things, let me give you some examples:

...Really? I'm standing on... nothing, you could replace that one tile and make it act like 25.

O_o like the weirdest thing EVER! The flying piranha plant is stuck on the sealing! I'd lower the pipe or hire up the sealing.

Thats kind of bad for Big Mario, he will not fit on that, I'd hire up the sealing or lower the timed flouting ground.

A little mean, I wanted to get hire points and all the sudden that invisible coin block hit me and made me triger the exit with no or 1 star, I'd maybe put up a border to tell where the coin block is or just put some coins under it.

Its almost a blind jump from the top, make a coin path here.

This is a new problem, Bad pathing, don't do that, it tricks the person to go down there, please correct this!

Isn't the breakable blocks suppose to be yellow?

Isn't the pickup blocks blue? why does this act like a spin jumpable breakable block? make it yellow that way its not so odd.

The pipes are not really good looking, I suggest darkening the white, as for the rain, parhaps make it so I can actually see the BG.

I don't think its fixible but the when I hit the midway point while the lightning hit, it stays the same color until the level ends.

If you look closely, the lava doesn't look good with the light from that window, ether remove the light from the window or make the light darker.

Yep, lights problem, make it darker or the level is going to be too dark.

The bullet shooters are too bright, make them darker.

HOLY CRAP! I didn't know these platforms fall, I'd put a line of coins over the falling platform to let me (and other people know) know that its a falling platform.

This is kind of hard to get out save stateless, is this a trick mushroom, don't do that, delete on of those enemy's blocking big mario and your good to go.

Is it just me or is "Ha!" suppose to be a option and "Down." part of the second one?

The BG cuts off :/

Its kind of hard to get up the castle rock, might wanna put a cement block to make it easyer.

Why is there cut off in the Overworld?

That is just world 1! I'll post again later when I finish the game.

Man, longest post I've made yet 0_0
Also, instead of making a new thread for every version (I made this mistake one time too), just update your old thread, also, how to emble images is like this:

[img]*insert link to pic here*[/img]

Yeah, not that hard, you could also press Ctrl+M to open up the picture link inserter.

Originally posted by peytonbanks1234
i'm sorry for overreacting and the story is that dino land is covered in a dark force so that is why i didn't do ctrl delete. please understand.

Honestly that is a stupid reason not to change the levels with ctrl+delete, really stupid, sorry but that's just not cutting it.

Besides, Dino land is different everytime so your reason is not working.

I see that your new in all so I'd recommend not trying kaizo so early, don't make the same mistake I did.

Originally posted by mathelete
Wait..this is kaizo, why shouldn't we have a time challenge? The object is to make it as hard as possible.

Because its too unoriginal and too hard, its kind of a bad way to die, honestly #w{=(}

Originally posted by peytonbanks1234
dont worry it is only yoshi's island 1,and 2 and donut plains 1 the rest is all me.

The hack is still not that fun (at all), try looking at This and This (<-- go to 0:49 and 3:22 which is an example of what you did :/) video of what not to make in kaizo hacks, also, might wanna check My (very WIP) Kaizo tutorial Crossed that because my tutorial has allot of broken images.

I agree to Sokobansolver here, A kaizo hack can be fun too, and also editing existing levels is borring, making Kaizo remakes is borring and even flouting munchers/balloons are ugly, if your going to have death blocks, use mines or death blocks that have ether a [X] or a skull on it.

it is too boring and ill just quit

Don't give up that easily, just practice a bunch of times, study all the wrongs of Kaizo and your good, how ever I cant stop you so...

Mines/Death blocks aren't sprites, there munchers with different GFX and I'm not offering sprites nor GFX for munchers, if ya want 'em so bad, I suggest making your own or looking in The Graphics Section.

And make sure its approved by ether me or other kaizo hackers that way you don't go through what I did :/

like have ALEXANDER as a troll, ugg, so annoying.

I'm sorry but it looks too bad for me to play (its too rushed), also, can you please link your demo next time?

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Daizo Dee Von's Profile - Posts by Daizo Dee Von

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