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This is something I discovered while working on Super Mario Starlight Remix.

Tiles with an x or diagonal plaid pattern are filler tiles. When possible, take advantage of them to get more mileage out of GFX sets. EXAMPLE: When using GFX02, the tiles for the Falling Spike are all plaid-patterned filler tiles. Draw something like an acorn on those 4 tiles. Now you have a falling acorn for your forest levels.
Well, after reading over the rules, I see that I shouldn't get in trouble for resurrecting the progress thread like this.

The five-world demo was also removed. Again, it was due to minor problems such as cutoff. I'm still working on this hack, and intend to have it beta tested before the next release to avoid another removal.

As of the last post and rejected demo, a lot has been added to this hack. Before starting work on the hack's 6th world, I learned how to insert custom music using Romi's AddMusic. All worlds have at least one custom song unique to them, and most have two or three songs. Some levels, however, still use vanilla music.

I also added fake HDMA gradients to all daytime levels set outside.

Here are some screenshots.

Here's a level in Pipe City. It's a water level. This world itself is what made me decide to learn AddMusic and add custom music to the hack. There are no fitting OW tunes in SMW for Pipe City's overworld, and the water levels, in my opinion, wouldn't feel quite right without Bubble Man's theme playing in the background.

The OW to Winter Valley, my hack's 7th World. As the name implies, it's an ice world, but only a small handful of levels are actually slippery.

The first level of Winter Valley. The little penguins are Despari Scuro's Mr. Bouncy sprite, meaning they'll bounce you if you try to stomp them. The idea to use the sprite and make it a penguin came from the Super Mario 4 Game Boy pirate, as did certain aspects of the level's design.

Here's Metal Kingdom 1. That's Imamelia's Fire Pillar sprite.

Those are just Thwomps with different graphics to make them fit Metal Kingdom's industrial theme. That conveyor moves, making it a bit more difficult to avoid getting hit. Yeah, this bit's inspired by Metal Man's stage. Heck, the level even plays Metal Man's theme.
I could go through and enable Layer Priority on everything there and see if that helps defeat Cutoffness Man.
It's OK, Dakress. What you last beta tested wasn't even a release version. I wanted to see how I was doing so far with that one. I've almost defeated Cutoffness Man in my hack. I just have to deal with his presence when using the Fire Pillar sprite. It's a great sprite for Metal Kingdom, since I would like to use mostly mechanical enemies and the kinds of traps you're likely to see in industrial levels.
I actually divide vanilla into two categories.

Plain vanilla means no use of custom palettes, GFX bypasses, or Map16. You also can't edit the background images. Plain vanilla hacks are perhaps the most challenging to create because you're limited to only a few themes and sprite combinations. A good example of the limitations of plain vanilla is a desert theme. To really make that work with SMW's graphics, you'd need to have a custom palette and a custom background image.

Enhanced vanilla involves pushing the original resources to their very limits. Enhanced vanilla hacks can use custom palettes, GFX bypasses, and Map16. You can also edit the background images. The desert theme that was impossible in a plain vanilla hack can be done in an enhanced vanilla hack. Just use the Underground 3 FG/BG index, create a pyramid background with the angular rock tiles from GFX19, and finish off with a sandy custom palette.

There are also varying degrees of chocolate.

The hack may have some ExGFX use, even if it's just to mix tilesets. Putting the chain part of the chain lifts from GFX05 into a copy of GFX03 in order to have rotating chain lifts in castles gives the hack chocolate sprinkles. Even just squaring off the edges of ledges and cement blocks to beat Cutoffness Man puts chocolate sprinkles on a hack.

Hacks with chocolate icing may use several ExGFX sets. It's also likely to have a few custom sprites and blocks.

Just about everything's been edited. There are ExGFX, custom sprites/blocks, ASM hacks/hex edits, and custom songs. Don't expect to even see the original game's HUD left untouched. Even if it's something as simple as a GFX edit to the item box, it won't look the same.

My first hack that wasn't a collection of blatant edits, the original Super Mario Starlight Remix, had some chocolate sprimkles in the form of sprite edits and squaring of the gray cement block's edges.

My first hack to be hosted on this site after the Great Wipe, Super Mario Starlight Remix 2.1, has chocolate icing in the form of sprite tweaks and ExGFX.

My latest project is full chocolate, but started out just having chocolate icing.
I have a video from last year of myself doing various voices from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Here it is.

Here's a clip of me doing the voice of Override from Transformers Cybertron.
I've never smoked, drank alcohol, or did drugs. In fact, I'm the only one in my immediate family who hasn't done at least one of the three. My dad and, I believe, both of my sisters smoke. My mom used to smoke, but quit when she converted to Mormonism. My younger sister and father have both done weed, but have quit. My father also did some harder drugs like cocaine, but never did narcotics. My mother now drinks Jagermeister as an alternative painkiller, especially after having a stomach surgery 2 years ago.
This game would be the first 2 Super Mario Land games remade in the style of Super Mario All-Stars. They could even add a playable Luigi with a higher jump but reduced traction. This would most likely come out on the DS, but I don't know what the second screen would be used for.

I remember hearing from a friend on MSN about a Smash Bros. game for the DS called Super Smash Bros. Rumble. We started discussing who and what we'd want in the game if it were to really be made. Before that, I discussed dream stages with friends in another chatroom. Here are some of the things I came up with:

This stage would be from the Sonic series. Fights take place at the Master Emerald Shrine. Chaos 0 could randomly pop up and attack players, and the Master Emerald could be shattered from too many heavy attacks, sending the whole stage falling into the ocean.

This stage would be set on Eggman's famous airship from Sonic Adventure. Players would have to deal with gun turrets that randomly fire on them. This stage would also include an E-102 Assist Trophy that locks onto your opponent and fires a rocket at him/her.

New characters would be Knuckles, Metal Sonic, and Mega Man.
Back in late October/early November, I started doing pixel models. Here's the first one I did.

It's Mega Man. This model started a long line of Robot Master pixel models.
Time to bump this thing again. I have a lot of screens to show.

A quick request to Imamelia in the IRC resulted in the Upside Down Fire Pillar I needed to complete Metal Kingdom 3.

Metal Kingdom 3 needed quite a bit of reworking to get rid of slowdown that was only really noticeable when playing in ZSNES.

Here, I edited Maro!!!'s 1-way Bullet Bill Shooters to shoot Bowser Statue fireballs. Unfortunately, I could only get the left shooter to work properly. The right shooter shot from the left.

Here's a level where you have to hit the switch as soon as you see it. Otherwise, the platform will eventually fall off the end of its line guide, sending you to your doom in a bottomless pit.

Clearing the Blue Switch Zone makes this level a LITTLE easier.

The narrow tunnel makes it harder to get past these Bob-Ombs. This is the first room of Bomb Man's Fortress.

Gaddly's a Mega Man fan. XD He doesn't always give hints. Sometimes, he advances the plot a bit. Here, you just get to know him better.

Bomb Man boss battle. Bomb Man is Despari Scuro's Mouser sprite with different graphics. The idea came from one of the ExGFX requests I saw in the request section.

I used Mega Man as a base to create this model of Proto Man.

Here's Fire Man, complete with the flame of JUSTICE!
He was my first model from Mega Man 1.

Here's my first model from Mega Man 2.

This post wouldn't be complete without MarioVSShadow's favorite Robot Master.
I originally had the Redrawn Bob-Ombs in the hack, but switched to my own custom ones when I drew graphics for a sprite called a Propeller Bomb, which would be a floating Bob-Omb with a propeller on top. It wouldn't light its fuse and blow up until Mario got close to it. I suppose I could round out the shading on them.

I was going for the SMW art style with Bomb Man. I'll see what I can do about rounding him out a bit.
Originally posted by mariondoe
Hmmm. Would you mind to terribly if I was to use the megaman model? I think I see afew thing I could make out of it, But I don't want to use your model without your permission first.

Sure, Mariondoe. I'm glad you like it. ^^

Well, here come more Robot Masters.

Here are the Mega Man Killers, Enker, Punk, and Ballade.

It's Guts Man! DUN-NUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!! *shot*

You can't defeat this model.
Are you talking about the castle graphics used in the screenshot of Clawgrip's Fortress? If so, those are original, and most of the tiles date back to 2006.
I sometimes get the same impression when bad things happen to me or if I worry that they will happen. Just replace Karma with God. I've even considered canceling my hack because of it just to see if the misfortune would stop. My problems are probably just bad luck though.
It may be a while. I'm waiting on Mario's Personal Agent to finish coding my final boss, and I may request a sprite/generator that reduces gravity for the level it's placed in.
I'm open about SMW hacking. The only ones who don't take interest in it are my parents, but that's probably because they don't play video games. Everyone else I've discussed it with is interested though.
That Redrawn Ground Pound Koopa looks like it'd fit in really well in a hack that uses Redrawn graphics. I thought you were Icegoom for a bit.

Well, here's a set I decided to do while looking back to Super Mario Starlight Remix.


Alright. Time to revive this thread again. Progress has slowed down a bit since my last major update, but this hack is still in production.

With a little help from Translhextion, the Wiki, and YY-CHR, I've changed Lemmy into Larry. The change was prompted by the fact that the Non-Dynamic Podoboo patch messes up the original Larry battle by causing the Podoboos to have glitched graphics. If that's Larry, then where's Lemmy?

Here he is.

The penultimate room of the final castle. The water's too polluted to swim though, so Mario must travel by submarine.

The final boss's chamber is a throwback to the Super Mario Bros. Bowser battles. The boss himself isn't there yet because I'm waiting for Masashi27 to code him. MPA dropped the ball on me because I wouldn't leave him alone about the boss.
I'm addressing that by enabling Layer Priority on whatever objects they tend to be placed over. This should eliminate the cutoffness.
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Gamma V's Profile - Posts by Gamma V

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