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Despite a couple roadblocks on Sunday with Xkas and SpriteTool bugging out to the point of nearly causing me to cancel, I've continued to work on this hack and it's nearly complete. As of tonight, I only have 2 more levels to do before a beta is ready for release.

The first level of Lunaria, my hack's secret world. These levels have a moon theme and LevelASM-induced low gravity to go with it.

The second level has pools of lava and some fire-spitting enemies. This yellow Snifit is one of them. It's a Flame Snifit that shoots 3 fireballs.

Mario CAN make that jump. The Low Gravity LevelASM gives your jump a SERIOUS boost.

Mario flies around in a little UFO, dodging angry stars and popping off enemies with missiles while rocking to an SMW rendition of Around the World by Daft Punk.

My final boss. It uses Iceguy's Ultimate n00b Boss sprite as a template. It's not what I originally envisioned, but it works, and is a pretty tough boss to beat.
I ended up doing the boss myself with Iceguy's Ultimate n00b boss template. I'm not very patient, so I figured I should do it myself instead of pressuring someone else to do it.
During marioVSshadow's beta test of my hack, he ran into a problem where the game would freeze if you fired a torpedo from Riolu180's Marine Pop sprite. Suspecting the problem to be related to my second variation of Iceguy's Ultimate n00b Boss, I removed the boss. This fixed the problem with the firing, but now my secret world's fortress won't have a boss unless I just use something I already have.

Here is the ASM file for the offending sprite. Can someone figure out what might be conflicting with the Marine Pop's firing routine so I can use this boss in my hack and finally get it submitted?

UPDATE: After posting this, I suspected that the conflict was with the custom sprite spawning routine, so I edited it to spawn a normal sprite and reinserted. The problem with the Marine Pop was solved by doing this. I still would prefer for the sprite to drop the custom bombs. How can I fix the conflict?
GGamer, I'd change those rattly drums to something else. Maybe you could change the sample to a hand clap. Other than that, the port sounds pretty good.

I just recently started porting, and here's an SPC of a port I have yet to submit. It's the main overworld theme from Super Mario Land 2.
I think it has to do with how the MIDI ported. It wasn't originally Format-1, so I used 3ML to make it Format-1. For some reason, that tool tends to skip the first channel. I could probably shift everything over, but the port seems to have no issues in-game.
I think I'll make like Mario and jump in here to show off my cats. :3


I chose my nick because I'm a huge fan of E-102 Gamma and my last name, Vasami, begins with a V. It's also an "evolution" of my pre-wipe name, The V.
I went over 3 years without hacking. I got burned out working on the original Super Mario Bros. 5 and just quit. I never thought I'd go back to it until I lost internet access for a couple weeks in December and started making ExGFX.
Sonic Triple Trouble - Sea Fox
I downloaded the MIDI off VGMusic a while ago, but I only got around to porting it last night. It turned out pretty well, only needing a tempo increase and drum change before I ripped the SPC.
I just tried your suggestion, and it makes the song sound a lot better.

Well, I've been working on some originals since finishing up Buried Ruins. Here's one I did for water levels.
I recently did another composition. It's an "Alternate Reality" version of the SMB3 World 1 OW music.

Click here to listen. A .sp5 file works just like an SPC.
Originally posted by Koyuki
blah, screw rainbow cats when there's a rainbow loli. :3c

Looks like Catalina grew her hair out and jumped into an anime.
After 5 months of hard work and a fair share of developmental headaches, Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn is finally complete.

-Foregrounds are more focused on original graphics than the edited rips and SMW Redrawn graphics of the orignal.
-Difficulty has been improved. The original was a bit too easy to be fun.
-The original SMB5 just had a generic "Save Peach" story. This has something a bit different.
-This hack has custom music, ASM patches, and custom sprites. Tools to insert these either didn't exist at the time of the original SMB5 or I didn't know about them.

Here are a few random preview screenshots.

Please note that this hack is awaiting moderation at the moment, so this link will only work temporarily.

EDIT: The last image has been removed due to being outdated and showing cutoffness. That has been fixed.
I have a number of ports sitting around on my hard drive that I haven't bothered to submit yet. Here's one of them. It's the music from the first level of Adventure Island on the NES.
During a casual playthrough, I found some places where this hack could use some improvement, so I went about making said improvements. I even learned how to fix drum/sfx conflicts in a couple of the ports I'm using from a music removal log. I'll either be resubmitting or PMing my hack mod with the updated IPS to replace the current one.

Well, the updated release is up now, just in time for C3.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio. I lived there until 1994. Since then, I've lived in:
Lancaster, Ohio - January, 1994 - July, 2005
Franklin Furnace, Ohio - July, 2005 - March, 2007
Huntington, West Virginia - March, 2007 - December, 2007
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - December, 2007 - October, 2010
Jasper, Missouri - October, 2010 - Now

I hope to either move back to Oklahoma or Ohio. Where we live now, all our money goes to keeping the bills paid, and we can barely do that. It has made me feel guilty on more than one occasion because I'm under the impression that bad things should never happen to good people.
Here is my latest composition. I took a chance with ThinkOneMoreTime's Drum Pack and the results were better than any beat I could come up with.
My Dragon (Star) Coins and secret exits tend to be based more on meeting certain requirements like being big, riding Yoshi, or having pressed a certain Switch Palace Switch. For the former, the challeng involved in getting these secrets comes from trying to retain the required status.
I have a vision problem, which makes it very hard to see the 8x8 tiles. I'd use the Windows Magnifier if I could just have it zoom the entire screen in instead of being in a window that I have to constantly move around.

Testing just sucks the fun out of hacking and my hack itself.

This became a real problem in my hack's 8th world. It has an industrial theme, and I wanted to use mostly mechanical enemies. Unfortunately, there isn't a very large variety of those types, and most of the ones that do exist either don't stay on ledges or aren't very tough.

The last two times I inserted such patches, they broke the first level in my hack's 4th world by causing Yoshi to glitch up graphically when you mounted him. You'd also die after taking a few steps on the glitched Yoshi. One such patch was the OW Music Disable Fix patch, which REALLY could've made my hack more professional.
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Gamma V's Profile - Posts by Gamma V

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