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I recently tried porting this with little success. It'd be a really good song for a generic grassland level.

I'm a big Michael Jackson fan, and this is the MJ song that'd be most likely to fit in an SMW hack.

This could probably work on some bouncy nighttime level.
This was my first serious attempt at a hack, meaning it wasn't going to be a collection of blatant level edits. For some reason, Mario could swim through water normally, but would walk on it as if it were a ledge once he surfaced. I've recently begun referring to this as the Jesus Glitch. It caused me to cancel the hack about halfway through because I had no idea what caused it and didn't consider porting everything to a clean ROM.

I completed and released a 2-World demo of this one in early 2007 and continued to work on it until the summer. At that point, recurring Hacker's Block caused me to just lose interest and cancel the hack. Another contributing factor was my inability to log into SMW Central. I wasn't aware at the time that the Great Wipe reset EVERYTHING, including user data.

I've considered canceling my current hack several times due to the frustration brought on by things like glitches and Hacker's Block. Thankfully, aside from polishing, the hack is complete. I may even have it ready in time for C3.
Chemical Rush
Here's a nice ReMix of the Chemical Plant Zone theme from Sonic 2.

Panic Puppet 2009 Mix
This is a ReMix of the Panic Puppet Zone Act 1 theme from the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast.

An Excellent Example of What Eggman Technology Can Do For You
Yeah, the title's a mouthful. This is a ReMix of the Death Egg Zone theme from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It also sounds like it has a little bit of Crystal Egg from Sonic 2 Game Gear in it too.

Super Mario Land 2 - Shooting Stars
This is a ReMix of the Star Maze theme from Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins. This track doesn't get enough attention with ReMixers.

Gemini Salsa
Here's a Latin-style remix of Gemini Man's theme from Mega Man 3.
I was in an IRC chat when Obsidian Serpent showed off some SPCs of custom music he never submitted to SMW Central. One of them was a custom composition called "Night Among the Dunes." I liked it enough to want to ask him for a txt file so I could put it in my hack. He also did a nice port of the Wily Castle theme from the Game Boy Mega Man II.
You know you're addicted to Sonic when:
*You think collecting 100 gold rings will get you an extra life.
*You think fat guys with mustaches want to rule the world.
*You try to break the sound barrier by running.
*You wish you could visit relatives who live far away by using Chaos Control.
*You know every line of the 3D Sonic games by heart.
*You don't drive a car because you prefer running.
*Your iPod is full of Sonic music.
*You rank yourself on everything on a scale of E-A/D-S.
*You love chili dogs.
*You try to do Chaos Control with one of those jewel-shaped paperweights.
*You gather 7 of those paperweights and expect to turn Super.
I released this before, then did a casual playthrough, only to find that the release wasn't as good as it could be. I decided to polish it up some more and rerelease for C3.

After saving Peach from Bowser on the Starlight Islands, our heroes decided to take a vacation in the Kola Kingdom, a kingdom whose only connection to the Mushroom Kingdom was a warp pipe in its frigid Winter Valley region. The pipe is kept open by 7 Star Keys.

While relaxing on the beach, Mario received a frantic call from Toad saying that the Mushroom Kingdom was under attack by monsters. Moments later, he received a boastful call from Ludwig von Koopa. He and his siblings had stolen the Star Keys. Mario immediately knew what he needed to do.

Mario and Luigi begin their adventures in this tropical paradise, which is being spoiled by Ludwig and his forces.

Wendy O. Koopa has taken over this fungus-filled grassland and laid claim to its tasty mushrooms.

These desert ruins have been overrun with fire-spitting plants, sentient cacti, and some turtles who like to blow themselves up.

Iggy Koopa has hidden the fourth Star Key in this forest. Foul-tempered caterpillars, Lakitus, and deadly sap await our heroes here.

These caves are full of sparkling crystals, as well as Koopas, Swoopers, and Buzzy Beetles.

This entire city is made of pipes, and where there are pipes, there are bound to be Piranha Plants. Our heroes are bound to be pretty wet by the time you make it to Larry's Castle.

Brr! It's cold here. This wintry wonderland has been spoiled by Koopas and other nasties. Be careful on the ice.

The bros. have finally made it back to the Mushroom Kingdom, only to find it transformed into an industrial wasteland. Could Bowser really be behind this?

What's this? The brothers have uncovered a Star Warp that has taken them to the moon!

Thanks, guys. :)
This took me almost half a year to make. Due to my vision problem, I can't drive and don't have a job. That leaves a LOT of time to work on a hack. I plan to burn this onto a CD so I can mail it to my nephews up in Columbus, Ohio. They have a computer, but no internet access.
I drew a lot of the foreground ExGFX in this hack. My style falls somewhere between SMW and SMAS style. That way, they don't clash with vanilla or SMAS backgrounds. I aimed for graphical consistency throughout this hack.
I playtested this hack earlier and had a lot of fun with it. It felt like a mix of all the pre-SMW Mario platformers. I also like how some levels had "throwback" sections that reminded me of classic Mario levels like SMB1 1-1 and SML 1-1.
Bowser's Castle
Everything but the chandelier and balcony rail was drawn on Friday night. Those two pieces actually date back to 2006, having been included in a castle set I made that year, but never actually submitted.

I have a bunch of other ExGFX sets sitting around on my computer, including the ones from my hack. The sets not in my hack are either incomplete or complete and not inserted into a ROM for Map16 assembly. I'll see about getting those done by the end of C3.
I really like those snow/ice GFX, but I'm not as crazy about those roller coaster tracks, at least not as level GFX. The perspective on them is better suited for an overworld.
Originally posted by Derpy Hooves
It could use a bit more detail, because this looks like some awesome graphics you'd see in an 8-bit game.

They do look rather 8-bit-esque. I could see those looking good against an 8-bit desert foreground.

As for the comment about seeing the sun over and over again as the background scrolls, you can always set BG scrolling to None or not have the sun at all.
Thanks, Raibys.

Well, the grassland w/ mushroom platforms set is finished, as is a sweets-themed set.

Those line guides are copied from GFX16, allowing you to use line guides without taking up additional Map16 space.

The Map16 page, showing everything rendered in the correct palette
Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop
How does this sound:

A Link To The Past - Town

That sounds beautiful, Wiiqwerty. I'm listening to it while I type this post.

I have 2 SPCs to show. One has been sitting on my hard drive for a while while the other one is new.

Super Mario Land - Muda Kingdom

I never really cared for the Muda ports on this site, so I decided to make my own. It uses steel drums because I always imagined them sounding good in a 16-bit version of the song.

MC Kids - Level 1

This is from that playable McDonald's advertisement on the NES. Interestingly, the game was hacked into one of the many unlicensed Mario games.
Originally posted by DarkBones
You imagined correctly. That sounds way better than the ports on the site. I hate to sound like one of those youtube members begging expert spriters for sprites, but "Can I haz download?"

You sure can.

MVS, I don't remember any jungles in Muda Kingdom. It was just water and UFOs. I'll see about making those drums stronger though.
I didn't look at too many of the C3 threads, but I'll vote on the one C3 things I did download.

Short But Sweet: Just Blob (Thread 46911)
Best Demo Hack: Koyuki's untitled pre-SMW-style hack (Thread 46833)
The C3 release of my hack turned out not to be as polished as it should've been, so I went back and started tidying it up some more for a third rerelease. I want this release to be beta tested before going official. Anyone interested can download the beta here.
I was at a bluegrass jam with my parents when "Doomsday" happened. I didn't see any signs of a Rapture. The closest thing to the apocalypse to happen near me was an EF4 tornado that trashed Joplin. That happened on Sunday though.
I'm not sure how Southern you'd consider southwest Missouri, but we've had more than our fair share of severe weather lately. A massive EF4 tornado pretty much destroyed Joplin on Sunday. The damage has been compared to that of a nuclear explosion. We were fortunate enough to be completely out of the twister's path. My mother, who was considering going back to church, was actually THANKFUL that she was too sick to go since that church was likely destroyed.
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Gamma V's Profile - Posts by Gamma V

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