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I finally decided to submit a level, which is actually pretty tough. It's a mountain level full of Chucks, and I MIGHT reuse it for Super Luigi Land.
I could probably just put a Koopa there or move the Boomerang Bro over. As for the 2013 Infidelity thing, that's the result of the SRAM patch I used that allows the game to save.
Those screens look gorgeous, Tob. Your grassland/garden levels look like a more refined version of the concept behind the first World of Super Luigi Land. I agree with whoever complemented the use of the veggie plants as Overworld decorations.
Are there plans for updates, such as setting difficulty parameters for random selections of 10 levels or even custom palette support?
It's time for a HUGE bump on this thread. With C3 all said and done and my 5-World demo now accepted, I figured it was time to get back to work on this hack.


Rexes? This can't be too hard.

Yeah, THOSE Rexes are easy, but these yellow ones chase you while moving about as fast as a Monty Mole.
You also have to worry about Rexes sliding down steep slopes.

Most of the enemies, at least for the first level, are in the Sprite section, and the Chibibo is just a squishable Goomba, which can be recreated by tweaking the vanilla Goomba sprite with Tweaker and applying this patch/hex edit:
org $01E733
db $38 ;Fix the graphics used for squished Goombas.

Most of the music from Super Mario Land has also been ported/given 16-bit arrangements, which can be found in the Music section.

Still, it's better to create your own levels from scratch, but making a hack INSPIRED by Super Mario Land wouldn't be a bad idea.
I've made a lot of progress since my last post, but I didn't want to quadruple-post.


Holy MOLE-Y!!


It's all about Moles and Hammer Bros.



The main enemy here is Tsutarja's Grrrol sprite, relased during this last C3.

Let the good times Grrrol!

Here's a good opportunity to take advantage of the fact that shells can collect coins.

Boomerang Bros. are here too.



This is the first level that began life as an SMW Maker level.

That's a BIIIG Bullet!

This level was called Bullet Time, and here's why.


What the Chuck?


This is a tricky obstacle. If you're not powered up, you won't be taking out the Puntin' Chuck.

If you didn't hate sports before this, you'll hate them afterwards!


The Grrrol sprite, and the World 5 Tower in New Super Mario Bros. DS, inspired this fortress, but it could've easily been a totally different level if Knight of Time didn't help out. There's no Layer 2 Rise command that works with a vertical level. I initially tried getting Erik's Layer 2 Rise/Sink UberASM code to work with a vertical level with help from both imamelia and Erik himself. Neither could figure out how to make it work. I waited for several days for them to get back to me on that. In the meantime, I eventually learned from Knight of Time that I could get the desired effect with the Vertical Auto-Scroll generator and a Layer 2 scroll setting of H = Constant, V = None. It's not perfect though. Calling your reserve item on the elevator will cause you to fall though.

This is where the Grrrols come in.

There was an A-Coin here, but I already collected it.

The spikes make this Boom-Boom fight tougher than you'd think.

@Fullcannon: It'll have 93 levels across 8 worlds.

Anyway, onward to...

The giant enemies from Walnut Woods 6 are back.

Since all the enemies are big, Hammer Bros are replaced with Sledge Bros.

There was a Sledge Bro on the high road, as well as an A-Coin on the low road. I collected the coin and killed the enemy before taking this screen.
@karkar18: It's in Cola Secret 2.


Sorry for the slow progress recently. I moved house a couple weeks ago and just got internet access on Wednesday. I was still able to get one level done in the meantime though.


It's a vertical level full of Thwomps.

They don't always travel vertically either. If a Thwomp-centered level just had the vanilla Thwomps, it could get boring, right?

Of course, there are some other enemies here too.

Sorry it took so long to get back into this. I don't know if it was the move, getting back into RPing, playing EarthBound for the first time, or Prozac Poop-Out that killed my motivation to work on this for a while, but I finally got another level done.


Like 7-1 from SMB: The Early Years, this level is centered around balloons. This time, though, much of the platforming takes place on rising balloons like these.

Enemies will drop in on Baron Von Zeppelins.

Riding a balloon into a pipe will lead into a bonus area where you can use a P-Balloon to get some sweet coinage! At first, I thought Big Luigi's ballooned sprite was glitched, but it turns out that those black things on either side of him are his feet.

I hope it will be, FailSandwich. BTW, I love the EarthBound layout.

Getting back on-topic, I just finished Cocoa Secret 4.

Yeah, Luigi can jump higher than Mario, but not high enough to get that A-Coin. That's where the Propeller Block comes in.

Not only do these blocks let you jump super-high when you hold them, they also let you descend a bit more slowly than you do with the cape.

There are plenty of backup Propeller Blocks if you throw one off a cliff too soon.

The only way to get this A-Coin is with the Propeller Block in hand.

Original, this was going to be a Ghost House, but, since I couldn't come up with a good gimmick idea, I decided to do an airhsip.

This only looks easy because the cannons haven't fired yet.

Rocky Wrench!

Red Rocky Wrenches throw smaller wrenches that move faster...aaand this one nailed me.


This level focuses on Boost Platforms, and the screens don't do it much justice. Here's a video.
Yes, this is still going. I'm almost done with World 6 now.


There's a pretty heavy emphasis on ON/OFF solid blocks in this level.

There are also times when you must travel through pipes to proceed, and...Wait...Am I upside-down? The biggest inspiration for the gimmick of this level is the Sky Garden from Illusion of Gaia.

You'll often have to backtrack a little to find the switches. I should probably put another 100 seconds on the clock.

Finally got some motivation to do another level.


This level has you flying in a Lakitu cloud. At the beginning, it seems pretty chill.

Then Spiny Eggs get dropped on you from skinny pipes like these.

Some Spinies have learned to fly.

Getting close to the end here.

Why would anyone WANT those songs, particularly the Makon Soft stuff? Most of what I've heard from that developer were 8-bit butcherings of beloved game tracks. Yes, I did a couple songs based on Makon Soft material, but they're pretty heavily rearranged to actually sound good.
Thanks, MKDSMaster. I thought so too. It's actually the music that inspired the level.


We've FINALLY reached the sixth castle.

A mild gimmick for the first room

Here's one of those explosive platforms.

In the second half, Albatosses will drop bombs on you. These aren't Bob-Ombs. They're just bombs. They explode on contact, which can destroy your footing.

Bowser does drop Bob-Ombs, and you have to kick them back up at him to damage him. It's not particularly easy to do, but a sixth boss shouldn't be too easy, should it?


I couldn't think of a more appropriate time of year to start working on an ice world...unless you live in the southern hemisphere, where it's summer right now.
I missed last winter's C3, and I almost missed this one. Good thing I got inspired to do at least one tileset while there's still a day left.


This was largely inspired by Toy Blast, one of those super-addictive mobile games.

There's plenty here to play with.

There's also a background.

This isn't going to be a full-length hack, but a mini-hack side-project to help me stay motivated in hacking. I find that if I work on one project for too long, I lose motivation, possibly due to burnout. This project will combine all my SMW Maker levels that didn't get integrated into Super Luigi Land with more levels with varying degrees of vanilla-ness, from the pure vanilla of SMW Maker levels to the style of vanilla seen in the last few VLDCs. I haven't decided yet whether there'll be a traditional Overworld, a simplistic one, or no Overworld at all. There will be some custom music though, most of which will come from VLDCs and other Mario games.

Here's a video of the first level.

Just in case you don't want to watch the video, or if you have terrible internet, here are some screens.

It's a bit of an SMB3 throwback. It even has the music, which was put in after the video was taken.

There would've been a Yoshi Coin here if I hadn't collected it before taking this.

Getting near the end now. Again, there would be a Yoshi Coin here if I hadn't collected them all already.

EDIT: I decided to go with a traditional, but compact, Overworld.

There will be 14 levels, of which 6 have been finished.
Thanks, Slakk.

Here comes a HUGE screenshot dump. As I said in the OP, this hack will include some SMW Maker levels.


This is one of my SMW Maker levels, designed to be a typical early-game stage. It's the actual first level of this hack. The SMB3-ish level I showed in the OP is level 2.

Easy enemies are easy.

Almost everyone here got burned.


This is another SMW Maker level.

Good thing I have a Yoshi!



This level sits at the almost chocolate end of the vanilla spectrum. The custom graphics here are all made from vanilla graphics.

Some Para-Goombas want to storm this beach.

Taking the low road for a Yoshi Coin.

It was going to be called Galoomba Beach Party, but that ended up being too long.


It's the obligatory underwater stage. How do you like my vanilla coral reefs?

Just frying fish in their sleep...


This was originally going to be a more generic forest level, but I figured that, since it's right next to the water, maybe I should use the High/Low Tide Layer 3 Water.

The water level's a bit too low to get that Yoshi Coin right now.

This level also makes heavy use of the Exploding Block sprites.


Yet ANOTHER SMW Maker level

What's a desert level without Pokeys?

I need to borrow your noggin to get that coin, Mr. Pokey.


This is the final SMW Maker level in this hack. I actually made it while still in the process of moving into my current house.

Why don't those logs burst into flames? Video Game Logic!

Even Thwimps are in this twisted level.
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Gamma V's Profile - Posts by Gamma V

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