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Note that the triangles are done, I've posted them in the Custom Blocks section, and that this thread needs closing.

I'm trying to make upsidedown triangles. (Does my memory fail me, or did someone say that's impossible?) It's going preety well, but I've got some problems.

1: Mario isn't upsidedown. Which tiles in the OAM does he use? Where's that OAM guide I saw somewhere? What OAM tile does Marios hand and cape use?
2: Mario does look like he's running, but he's not animated. I need a frame counter for Mario's current pose. Problem solved. Thanks smkdan!
3: If Mario touches it while not wall-running, he begins roof-running. I can't find a working "Mario is wall-running" flag. Problem solved. Thanks smkdan!

I need fixes for these problems before I can release my hack...or the triangles in the Custom Blocks section.
Also, if you try to use two upside-down triangles to make Mario run down, you'll get unexpected results. I also think they doesn't work as well with Luigi as with Mario.

An old version of the source code, if you need it, is at here, I put it there because it's so big, the thread would look messy with a 200-line post. When all my problems are solved, I'll put them in the Custom Blocks section.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
I've got a likely very easy custom block request. A block that changes into another map16 tile. As simple as possible, but it must be customisable. I won't use this directly, but I want to learn how to make changing blocks.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Originally posted by smkdan
1. He uses sprites 68 / 69 for the body so that's starting from 7E:0310.
2. 7E13E0
3. 7E13E3

Thanks, I'll check if it works for problems 1 and 2 soon. I've already tried 7E13E3, either I'm misusing it, or it doesn't work from custom blocks. If you check the source code, you'll find the following:
Originally posted by me in the source code
LDA $13E3
CMP $#07
BRA wallrunright

As you see, it checks what's in 13E3, and whatever it is, executes the code. I'm thinking about checking speed and position.

Originally posted by Schwa
Originally posted by smkdan
3. 7E13E3

Wow, that's not in the Ram Map... Reckon someone should add it?

Long answer: It might annoy many people that it doesn't seem to work within custom blocks.
Short answer: No thanks.

Why not? I think I'll do it.

Thanks again. For problem 1, where's that OAM guide I saw somewhere? Also, which tiles does mario's hands use? For problem 2, that works perfectly! Now which values should I use for 7E13DF to make mario's cape move too? Or do you know which tile in the OAM the cape uses?

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Originally posted by Schwa
Originally posted by Alcaro
I've got a likely very easy custom block request. A block that changes into another map16 tile. As simple as possible, but it must be customisable. I won't use this directly, but I want to learn how to make changing blocks.

That one comes with BlockTool.

No, that won't do it. "Customisable", "As simple as possible" and "I want to learn", I said.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Originally posted by smkdan
LDA $13E3
CMP $#07
BRA wallrunright

Something tells me that branch should be conditional.

Something tells me that it doesn't work that way.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Originally posted by smkdan
I don't follow.

You have a Branch Always which makes the CMP redundant. You aren't testing anything, the outcome is always the same.

I know that part is useless. It's there because I didn't bother to remove it. 7E13E3 is always 0 from inside the blocks code. Why?

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Originally posted by smkdan
$00/F049 8E E3 13    STX $13E3  [$00:13E3]   A:0000 X:0003 Y:000E
$00/EB16 8D E3 13    STA $13E3  [$00:13E3]   A:0107 X:000F Y:0001
$00/EB3E 1C E3 13    TRB $13E3  [$00:13E3]   A:0002 X:006C Y:0025
$00/EB73 9C E3 13    STZ $13E3  [$00:13E3]   A:0005 X:000F Y:0001

A list of the ONLY breakpoint addresses from Donut Plains 1 on the pipe climb. I set the breakpoint on flat ground, started running up the pipe and when I reached the top, it performs the STZ. It should only be zero AFTER mario reaches the top. A part of your code must be zeroing it unintentially, try a debugger and find out what.

I don't understand. The only triangle in Donut Plains 1 leads up some green ! blocks to the secret goal. The problem can't be in my code, I don't know about LMs hacks, though. And how to use a debugger?

EDIT: Now I understand! I could run up the walls, even through some Instant-Kill Blocks! Custom blocks doesn't seem to work while wall-running!

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Originally posted by smkdan
There's a part in DP1 where you go into a blue pipe, you're given a feather and a pipe to run up. That's where I got that info. I used Gieger's Snes9x debugger for that. I won't go into specifics, I just set write breakpoints on that address. You can also set a read breakpoint on it and see where your code reads in relation to how that address is written.

I see. I never checked the pipes. But the problem is solved, I don't need 13E3 anymore. I do it in another way now.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
235- Secret exits in Bowser's Castle can be fun, but they're preety commonly used. In the four complete hacks I've finished, there was totally five secret exits in Bowser's Castle.
236- Some stuff requires preety simple ASM hacks, or maybe simply custom blocks. Multiple exits on the same screen, or three different keyhole exits in one level, is easily doable with custom blocks. (I'm thinking about 7E:19B8 and 7E:1DEA)
237- Blocktool is slow. Use e.g. Blktool Omega, or insert the custom blocks manually.
238- ALWAYS disable 2-player games if you use different FG GFX for the OW submaps, it don't reload when switching player. If you need more FG GFX, use ExGFX for FG3.
Edit again:
239- If you use an exit tile leading to the submap you're at, you'll see Mario at the new place while the screen... does "fades away" fit here?
Another edit:
23A- The overworld layer 1 paths are very picky. Except, for some reason, with the level tiles...
More edits:
23B- Don't put blocks in the way for climbing ropes! If Mario's pushed off, he'll continue climbing!

But why isn't this thread in one of the SMW hacking sections? I think this fits better there.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
1- Maybe it's what's to the right of the level. To fix this, build a little to the right of the pipe/whatever.
2- There's a glitch that makes silver P-switches act like blue when brought through a pipe. To fix this, change the byte at 12E18 to 80.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
I've found that the top part of the Solid left, very steep top left slope (1B6) seems to act differently depending on it's graphics. Does anyone have an idea of why, or if it's possible to use functions like that in custom blocks?

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
I know. But don't at least some of them act differently if the FG/BG index was changed while bypassing the GFX?

And for custom blocks:
Wouldn't it be hard to program tiles like that without letting them act like e.g. a slope? I'm thinking about making blocks with borders not perfectly aligned with the 16x16 grid. SMO has blocks with graphics not aligned with the 16x16 grid, but they act slightly dumb. I don't remember the level, but it is in Bowsers base.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Which version of the pipes did you use?
At least some versions had a garbled item box.
If it's a bad version, you can fix it by going to x400E8 in your ROM and enter [24 08 26 0A 48 04 0E 04].
The itembox patch may also work.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Did you add exit tiles? If no, that can be the problem. If yes, I've got no idea what's going on.
And I think all versions is buggy if you skip the exit tiles. They're important!

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
The code seems good to me, except that it changes the wrong variable. You want $0DBE (current players lives), not $0DB4 (marios lives). Does it work if the .bin file is 9C BE 0D 60?

Invisible blocks? Did you use F9 to save the map16 data?

Wait... "Freezes right after the Nintendo Presents logo", you say? You might have inserted the block as wrong number.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
This happens to me too! I've PMed smkdan about this.
Also, the menu at here is at the bottom for me! I hope someone can fix this.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
smkdan has replied on my PM. He said:

But seriously, check your calendar. You really should've expected wierdness to play out on April 1...

I don't know why or who. I don't like aprils fools.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
This is a list of stuff that seems over/underused in SMW hacks. I'll update this if someone suggests something good. Note that I only accept stuff that's doable with LM only, NOT e.g. making the music continue while the game is paused. Stuff from SDW is OK, but not stuff from SDW3 or SDWTLC.

Overused stuff:

The creating/eating block (if the level doesn't fit the path properly. So NO making an empty area to ride it through, that doesn't count as "fitting the path".)
Pirhana Plants with fish stems
Enemy generators only to increase difficulty. Impossible hacks isn't fun.
High bouncing green koopas
Keys and keyholes besides each other (but don't skip them totally)
Rip van Fish
Very Fast autoscroll

Note block corridors (note blocks above and below Mario with only a little air between)
Invisible blocks
Black pirhana plants, ESPECIALLY when they are simply flipped and there's silver Ps nearby! That's ugly!
"Mazes" where you need to hit P-switches fast
One-block-high corridors that's too big to slide through
Multiple 3up moons at the same place

ALL kinds of glitches! From the ghost house holes going over the pillars to flipping lava!
Exploiting glitches! Fix them instead! Wait, fixing them isn't not doable with LM. Silly me...
"Perfect" jumps where you must do exactly right or die.
Wrong-spelled stuff, if there's no good reason, like a teethless person saying it. "Finn ma feef leas!" is OK.
Many powerups at the same place, except in Top Secret Areas and bonus rooms.
Having Bowser as the main villian
Having rescuing Peach as the main goal
Locking ROMs, some people might need to know how the levels look!
Traps with goals that can kill you.

Underused stuff:

Most kinds of Chargin' Chucks
High bouncing green koopasWhy did I put this here? It's overused and hard!
The creating/eating block (if the level fits the path)
The eating block alone
Diagonal "carrot top ledges"
The Chuck clone that can't be normally accessed via the LM windows (96)
Dark rooms
Diggin' Chuck
Growing/Shrinking Pipe End
Moving Ledge Hole for Ghost Houses
Brown platform on a chain
Super Koopa
Scale Platforms
Timed Lift
Grey Moving Castle Block
Layer 2 smash commands
Classic Pirhana Plant with nice stem
Sliding Koopas
Para-Goomba generator
Para-Bomb generator
The generator creating both of these together
Monty Mole
Yellow Koopa Troopa with wings
Portable springboards
Flying red coins
Floating spiky balls
Non-green Yoshi

Yoshi wings. I put these in the Blocks section beause they come from blocks.
Directional coins. They're hard to control, but can be fun.
Wall-running triangles
The SMB3 bricks you can find in SDW
Blocks making 1ups appear (I think)
Invisible blocks containing treasures (I think)
3up moons (I think)

Levels scrolling left.
Custom graphics, especially for Mario and the FOI.
Changing Mario to someone else.
SMB3 style levels, sky levels, mountain climbing levels, water levels.
Shell puzzles, where you need to use shells wisely.
Having to jump Bullet Bills to find secrets.
Spots where you have to leave Yoshi behind to continue.
Multiple paths in levels.
Falling layer 2.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Don't you like them? Well, it's not my favourite sprite, but I will use them. I like variations.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Originally posted by Metroid48
Chargin chucks are underused? That seems to conflict with the romhacks I've tried, they're used quite a bit.
You're the second one to suggest this, so...okay. I'll strike them.
Originally posted by Metroid48
Also, I think the eating block should be under "underused" as a separate entity.
Okay. When I wrote that, I didn't know how much would have to be copied to separate them. I think I say no instead.
Originally posted by Metroid48
You don't need a creating block to use the eating one, and it's really interesting to implement otherwise.

I have only one vague memory of a hack using only the eating block without the creating. It might be Chaos CompleXX or somewhere in the SMW+ series. Or I might remember it wrong. Anyway, they're the same sprite, and they're made to be in a pair. So: No.
Originally posted by Metroid48
On another note, why not include "music continues while paused"?
Since that's not doable without a hex editor.
Originally posted by Alcaro
Note that I only accept stuff that's doable with LM only.
Originally posted by Metroid48
Overused: -Black Chompers
-Green bouncing winged koopas
What's Black Chompers? Is it the to me underused moving holes in ghost house floors?
And I don't find the bouncing koopas very overused, but... I can agree that the high bounging type is a little overused.
Originally posted by Metroid48
Underused: -Eating blocks (not connected to creating block)
-Shell puzzles
The creating block is the same sprite as the eating one, and they're made to be in together, that's why I have them in one entry.
Shell puzzles...could you please tell me what that is?
Originally posted by Gigyas
Using SMW graphics + ExGFX
Using custom graphics entirely (sprites, blocks, powerups)
I can add Custom Graphics in the Underused section. It is slightly bending the rules, you need to use copy & paste, but...

Nice with so much comments.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
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