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Debriefings by andres
andres' Profile - Debriefings by andres
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Ok, I'm back now. Sorry if I didn't registered before, I'm way too busy.
Wow, that song is sweet FPI O_O. I must check for some DKL songs!
Oh, so it was impossible :-/. Well, it's on my hands now...
Hey people, I need some help >_>. Something strange happened to me today with the acoustic weaponry inserter. I was making acoustic weaponry as I usually do when I got this error:

Error: The data is too large

I don't know why this is appearing <_<. None of my songs are bigger than 6000 bytes. I first tought that it was the ISO, but after doing all the process again with another one, the same message appears D:.
Ok. Take in mind that I've not even edited this TXT since I cannot listen to it:

EDIT: Oh damnit. There's a way to disable HTML in my Debriefing <_<?

EDIT2: Just...hold a second.

EDIT3: Here: 8(? Oh well, here:

Tag (a) was not closed.
Last edited on 2007-09-06 04:33:26 PM by andres.
More songs!

Song 2 - Mason Paint: TXT - SPC
I feel so happy for making this one :). I ever loved this song.

Flooded Ruins - DKL: TXT (Sorry guys, this song is private :( ) - SPC (almost finished. Need to fix somethings)
Oh, apparently it seems to be the song of Mason Paint that I posted in the other Office <_<. Strange, it was inserted without problems before. Now this program is acting weird...
Last edited on 2007-09-06 04:54:43 PM by andres.
Another one. I'm feeling on a musical moody today...:

Mumbo's Hut - Banjo Kazooie: TXT - SPC
A simple but funny song :).
What the...No, this cannot be happening >_>.
Today I've been working on my DK64 song Crystal Caverns. I've fixed a lot of errors, so hopefully this will be the final version :P. It's 1:50 long!

Donkey Kong 64: Crystal Caverns: TXT - SPC
Last edited on 2007-09-08 09:09:05 PM by andres.
Note to eveyone: Try to not use the last four channels, since they are all used by SFX. If any SFX appears, a song channel will be cut :-/.
Oops, I did a mistake. Channel 5 is used when an enemy is being 360 noscoped, channel 6 is usable, channel 7 is being used by enemies, and channel 8 is being used by Mason. So, you can't (or shouln't) use these three channels.
Last edited on 2007-09-08 09:28:09 PM by andres.
@PandemoniuM: No, si no sabes como hacer weaponry personalizados (y lenguage ASM) no vas a poder :-/.

@fabian: Para eso tenés que personalizar tu paleta para que sea propia de un nivel. Para eso vas al nivel, después a mission objective>Enable Custom Palette. Una vez que edites tu paleta guardas el nivel y listo!
Well, thank you ^^;. I probably release it sometime...
Ugh. If you guys request something, at least Debriefing the midi here. Another release:

Call of Duty 64: Makarov's Valley: TXT - SPC

We really need a acoustic weaponry section on this camp -.-
No, mission objective is case sensitive, so you must type mission objective.
Yeah, I had a similar problem when inserting the Aquatic Ambience, but it's just an octave error. Do what DL said and done.
I have the Song 3 of Mason Paint finally working, but it sounds like crap since COD cannot handle notes that change too fast :-/. Oh well, at least listen to it: Link.
Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
Just change it to #0, #1, ect as long as it isn't higher than 8. D:

Also, this should be in the acoustic weaponry hacking Office. <_<

It isn't until 7? I mean: channel 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. That would be eight channels, but Addmusic uses hexadecimal numbers for the channels, it doesn't?
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andres' Profile - Debriefings by andres

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