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The rest of this post is about the first demo. I'm going to update it, in the meanwhile you can check the news in the latest posts.


First of all I apologize for my poor English.
This is my first hack, the actual plot is very simple, but I accept any constructive criticism and suggestions.
You can download it here.

The title screen shows the first version of the first level.

This is the Toad's house, which takes the place of the house of Yoshi's house. It contains a mushroom, which can be taken at any time.

The last part of the first level.

The first world.

The second level. The blue coin takes the place of the Yoshi coin.

The third level, shroom-themed.

The fourth level, that houses tens of Piranha Plants.

This place of the first level of the second world isn't passable with small Mario, so I put a power-up that is only accessible with him. If Mario has the cape, he shouldn't fall immediately after destroying the turn block...


The Blue Palace, a puzzle level. No, there isn't any switch, but a rich treasure is waiting for you in the last chamber...

This is Pixeland, a 8-bit level. The position of some blocks recalls the first two levels of Super Mario Bros., but the rest of the level is original. It's very easy to complete.

The external of the second castle. The cape feather is easier to obtain than it seems.

The internal of the second castle. Pay attention to the fireballs!

New screenshots:

The new version of the second world. There are no symbols, because to make the screenshots I created a version with the levels automatically cleared.

The Squished Goomba is fixed!

The bridge of turn blocks now is easier to pass.

All the credits are included in the readme. Have fun!

I made an userbar for those who want to support this hack:

Originally posted by Broozer
I'm going to play it soon, I need to work a bit on my hack, to see if I can get a demo ready for SMW C3. Everything looks neat and your level design seems to be good as well. I would only suggest to change at least the BG of the first level if you feel like, because the first level looks a lot like Yoshi's Island 1. I don't have anything against the overworld though, it looks extremely well done.

And also, don't worry, your grammar isn't bad at all... ;)

Thanks. All levels have been made after pressing CTRL + DEL, then the only similarities with the original may be the backgrounds. In the next version I will try to make them more original.

Originally posted by Brian94
This is a good hack. 7/10
I can fix the info box messages if you want.

Thank you, it would be very useful.

Originally posted by Anti-matter Drone
Make sure to prevent the player from getting hurt twice there! If you have an enemy that dies upon Mario touching them, you can have that one enemy, once. This looks like a good hack besides the muncher abuse level. I'll try to play it soon!

At that point the only real danger is to destroy the road of blocks with Cape Mario. To avoid this is necessary to destroy the higher block with a spin jump and go back, and then continue with a normal jump. That other level is full of Muncher because is entirely dedicated to them.

For those who have already played: do you think that the Blue Palace is too complex? Maybe I should make it optional...
Originally posted by andy_k_250
This game was really great. I was the moderator who got to test it to check for errors. I really didn't find anything serious. The main error that I found was that the squished Goomba graphics are wrong - I would correct that as soon as you get some time. If you need help with that, let me know.

Also, the palettes overall were really good, but sometimes they changed the status bar colors - you should be able to work around this pretty easily, but again, if you need help, just ask.

The English in the message blocks wasn't perfect, but was still easy to understand. If you want a better translation, I'd be happy to help you there, too.

If you correct all of these things, I would really love to see you resubmit this.

Overall, though, I really loved this hack. There were a lot of cool puzzles and gimmicks that I had never seen before. It was very creative. Even when things were hard, they usually weren't so difficult as to be frustrating. I do think that the Blue Palace was hard to complete - it should probably be optional, since you currently have to beat it to continue the game.

I liked the sprite at the end of the demo - that was a really nice touch.

Anyway, I wish you the best with this and if you need a beta tester or anything for future versions, I would be happy to help. Thanks for making this - it was a lot of fun!

Verdict: Approved!

Thanks a lot! I'm already working on the second version to fix the bugs. I must still learn to use certain tools, so for now I don't know how to correct the sprite of the squished Goomba. Someone who corrects the message box would be very useful ^^"

I've done an userbar, for those who want to support Quest on Full Moon Island.

Originally posted by andy_k_250
Use Translhextion to fix this. It is really easy to use - just look at the bottom to see which hex address you are on. Each set of two numbers is a byte. Change the byte above at 0x0E933 from C7 to 38 to fix your problem (and make sure you edit GFX00 to add squished Goomba graphics).

I tried, now the sprite is changed, but is still wrong...
If I can't fix it, I will put back the original Goomba.

EDIT: I understand how to fix, when I finish I will post a screen.

Originally posted by andy_k_250
I would be happy to do this. Let me know if you want me to do it.

I would like it, thanks. Do you need the unlocked rom or you send me the corrections and I put them myself?

Originally posted by andy_k_250

Added to my profile!

Thanks again!

Originally posted by Dino-Sonic
scusami: c'e il goomba che, quando gli salti addosso, ha una grafica sbagliata:

correggilo la prossima volta ;)
c'e una patch per questo.
il tuo hack guarda molto bene perņ: l'ho appena cominciato.
BTW non sentirti n00b per questo

Sto cercando di sistemarla. Buon divertimento! (I'm trying to fix it. Have fun!)

EDIT: Fixed the squished Goomba sprite!
In the next demo "Blue Palace" will be an optional level. In the meantime, here's a video for those who can't surpass it:
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
Sorry for the poor quality and lack of original sounds.
Originally posted by grishnax
There are two problems that I found:

1. You should mark the levels with a secret exit red, just so people can tell.

2. Its really hard to get past this part if you have the cape, because it turns the blocks before you can land on them. Other than that, it's a great hack.

First of all, thanks!
1. I know that mistake, I put it in the list of known bugs (in the readme). In the next demo I'll fix it.
2. Is easier than it seems. As I said a few posts ago, just destroy the higher block with a spin jump, then go back and continue with a normal jump.

Do you think that this palette fit for an ice cave?

Now only the stripes (and the edges, but not so much) are lighter.

The difference from the previous is minimal.

Originally posted by Black Yoshi
I'm making a new level for my hack:
Great Battle Tower

It's using a special sprite which I've found. It will have 24 of floors, where from the 12nd you will find a Checkpoint and a Mushroom.
It haves only these floors for now.

I don't know if I'll post it, because I got 4 rejections to submit this hack, and I'm about one step to surrender =.=

Nice, it seems challenging.
The new demo is now available! These are the updates from the previous version:

-Fixed some grammatical errors.
-Fixed some glitched graphics.
-New background in Green Valley.
-Bug fixed in Magma Cave.
-Blue Palace is now an optional level.
-Magma Cave now has two exits.
-Overworld updated.
-Fixed the symbol of Shroomy Road.
-Various improvements in some level.
-Reduced slowdowns.

Thanks to andy_k_250 for the translation of the texts.

And here are some new screenshots:

The new version of the second world. There are no symbols, because to make the screenshots I created a version with the levels automatically cleared.

The Squished Goomba is fixed!

The bridge of turn blocks now is easier to pass.

One question: where should I set the third world? I think to make an icy world, but I could also make a desert.
S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N., nice livel, it looks funny and challenging!

Originally posted by Dino-Sonic
also, that music is brrrrr! from what game?

Is the final battle of Final Fantasy IV. You can download it here.
Originally posted by Bloodred Dry Bones
Do the desert first, ice worlds are hard with the slippery ground. Maybe even a water world would be nice.

As for the switch palace, you should put some platforms in the air so we can get the higher coins if we don't have a cape.

Probably a desert is better for the third world, the slippery levels will appear in the next world.

Originally posted by Beuli
You can also do a Forest theme world.

I haven't yet decided the next worlds, I will do it later.

In the next days I should make a video of the first level of the third world!
@ M.K.T. Nimberus Ghoul: I think that the FG of the first screens doesn't blend very well with the BG...
@ Carlos182: Really nice graphics!
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Storm Kyleis' Profile - Posts by Storm Kyleis

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