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First Update!

I finished a new stage that'll replace the lava/dolphin stage of world 1.

Enjoy this video of it aswell as these screenshots of the stage and the updated main overworld.

// Layout by Maxo
I finally got all the overworld maps done. Enjoy this video as an early christmas gift!
// Layout by Maxo
That looks kinda nice. I can't say that much about that hub level besides it looking neat and it seeming to be a nice and complex tutorial stage.

As for the Worldmaps...
Woah! 16 Worlds. That is huge! But since you managed to fit 12 worlds in your first hack I think that shouldn't be as much of a challenge for you.
The lower portion reminds me a lot of the first two worlds from NSMW1. And in the middle portion (World 6,7 and 8) it sometimes is hard for me to identify the world theme.

little notes to certain maps:
- World 3, is it just another grass world with 1 or 2 unique levels?
- World 6 seems to be a later grassland themed World? (I cant identify it sorry)
- World 7 is munchers? (Nothing against it but I think it is hard to make 6 unique levels all with munchers, I like the decorations on that one though)
- World 12, seems not as abstract as it should be (at least in my opinion). It only looks like a bunch of floating islands and munchers
- World 14... It is hard for me to call it an actual planet. It just seems like a wasted, industrial area.
- World 15. takes up not as much space as it should? (I dont see the paths so maybe there is a huge thing coming to the lower right portion)

That was way longer then I expected it to be. Maybe it helps improving the maps though?

- Tob
// Layout by Maxo
That definetly reminds me a lot of a certain other hack.
// Layout by Maxo
Woah everything is different!

Excited for awesome projects of awesome people!
// Layout by Maxo

Welcome to the C3 Thread of:

Old Demo | Old Trailer | Offical Thread

Why do you post that at C3?

Some of you may have heard of that hack already. Why do I post a thread about it here then?

Well, I got lot's of new things to show off and since it is C3 I will show off some stuff for every day C3 lasts.

Is there at least a new demo?

No there isn't. All the things being shown off in this thread are still W.I.P. and filled with some bugs.

But there is a link to the current demo on the top of this thread.

Screenshot index

There will be screenshots added every day of C3! So be sure to come back every now and then!

Screenshots from the Offical Thread:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:


You can support this hack if you want to by putting this code in your signature.

ALSO: I recruit people as beta testers when needed.

Just send me a PM that you want to test things.

And when I got things done for testing I might contact you.

I am not using C3 to promote my hack huehue

- Tob

Hey these look pretty good. They are a good remake of SMW's original Graphics.

I am sure you will do many more?

I will most likely use them anyways. Good work! #smw{:TUP:}
// Layout by Maxo
This looks incredibly awesome.

Some text based information would be nice but hey.

I'll test it most likely anyways.
// Layout by Maxo
hey ho!

I am convinced that I reached a point that let's me say "I am good at making overworlds"

And here I am offering you the making of submaps (maybe main overworlds too) for your hack.

I will stay with vanilla this time.

A Request should be something like that:

- Theme: (Theme of the submap you want to be made)
- Overall Idea: (If you have any Idea on how exactly the map should look like. A sketch or something like that.)
- Level layout (obviously and self explainatory)

If you want to see my 'overworld making skill' you can see a video of the overworlds for my current hack here

These are filled with custom stuff yeah. But as I said I will stick to vanilla with maybe HDMA.

When I finished a map I will send a picture of it in this thread aswell as an IPS Patch with the overworld (and HDMA code if needed) to you via PM.

(I have never done something like that before. Please don't sue me when things take a while)

Pending Requests:

- SubconsciousEye (Height-insanity-madness)
- zacmario (Peppermint island)

Finished maps:

- Luansilva12 (Cave for a contest-collab)
- Hobz (dog)
// Layout by Maxo
Layout Request:

I know I currently have one but I am not fully happy with it somehow

Here is a sketch.

I would like to have these stripes as a Background with easy customizable colors.
The Post and Sig area are self explainatory
About the pic: I'd like it to stick to the very bottom of the posts.

You got these nice effects on your layout when hovering over the link. Something like this would be nice too.

Please and thank you.
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by Luigixhero

Theme: My idea of my hack is that Mario and Luigi start off at different locations and each have their own levels, they start pretty much the same location and fork off the main path.

You might have misunderstood that part. I need a thematic of the overworld not the hack. Meaning: Things like desert, grass, cave, etc.
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by Izuna

* NSMBWii - Volcano ~ Look, I just didn't wanna be hounded by those terrifying clones, one Dan is a threat enough already!

Oh my Lord that is beatiful
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by Gamma V
It's alright. All my hacks could be considered a bit casual due to their low (by SMW hack standards) difficulty.

And alot of your stages feel the same tbh
sorry but I had to throw this in

BUT: I like the thematics with Mario being young. Interested in seeing how it involves the plot.
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by Alex No
Do you wanna help me with the Overworld for my next hack. Super Mario Bros 3 Hack

I could yeah. This is not the place for these questions though. But you can write me PM explaining some things about it if you want to. SMB3 Worldmap sounds interesting.
// Layout by Maxo
I had that Idea of stackable enemies like goomba towers or ladybugs from modern Mario games. Could that be done in SMW? (With different amounts of goombas/ladybugs cutomizable via Extra bit or the asm file)

Look at the very end of 1-1 in New Super Mario Bros 2. for an example.
// Layout by Maxo
Done with the first map!

Requested by: Luansilva12

Palettes are kinda... ugh...
But they can be changed! So... yay!
// Layout by Maxo
That Flintstones (not GRAND DAD) Background looks very nice. But most of the others seem hard to be used...?
// Layout by Maxo

These are little 'Star dots'. They can be found all over the world just like coins.
But they increase the bonus star counter and when the player reaches 100 Starpoints a *Bling* sounds plays, implying that 100 have been collected.
Reaching the goal with 100 triggers the bonus game as usual.

another example of an already known level showing use of the star dots.

remember that castle at the end of the final world in my video?
This castle enters its doors leading to the real finale.
Crazy huh?
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by Mathos

OK, I'll get to this right away. But please post (a link of) your side image so that I can see what's the theme you're aiming for and what size it should be.

This should work as a side image
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by Theultimate12

- Level layout: Basically, something like this:

I cant look at the screenshot because of Dropbox privacy or something. Can you just upload it in your filebin? It should be accessable then.
// Layout by Maxo
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Tobio's Profile - Posts by Tobio

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