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Instead of 'choconilla', should we refer to it as 'cookies and cream' instead?
Glad someone made this thread here, can't think of this. I'm pretty sure that I've been addicted to this game since it's been popular for years. I've seen a LOT of Splatoon-related stuff--the merch, the fanart, some of the fanfics here, and most importantly, Splatfests. (I didn't expect any Splatfests around here, so don't blame me what I can do.)

And also:
Originally posted by Roberto zampari


I still can't believe this (it's finally out last year, but, boy, it's still gorgeous), but there's actually a translated version (woah!) and is available here.
Originally posted by Hamtaro126
-SNES 2bpp is GB 2bpp (4-color graphics)
-SNES 3bpp is GB 2bpp with an additional 1bpp layer (8-color graphics)
-SNES 4bpp is GB 2bpp with an additional 2bpp layer (16-color graphics)

And you almost forgot:
-SNES 8bpp is GB 2bpp with an additional 6bpp layer (32-color graphics)

And there's no stranger for 8bpp graphics (GBA supports them, too) since it was used in the Japanese version Donkey Kong Country (Super Donkey Kong) for the SNES.
Hello. I’m Kamek the Magikoopa (or kamekku14 or something).

First things first: I don’t want to have a five-sentences-long intro post, but, more importantly, I wanted to have very long intro post to do this. I’ve joined this site few days ago and still don’t know what to do. Well, let’s start.

Have you experienced SMW hacking before?

I’ve discovered SMW hacking since, well, 2009, and I saw many YouTube videos of custom-made SMW levels created by users. And then I’ve found a bunch of SMW ROM hacks on the web including the ones from this site.

I’ve managed to play some hacks Bowser Rampages Again, Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn, that New Year hack, Chaos CompleXX, TSRPR, and among others.

I couldn’t have too much stuff to make (mostly hacking tools like Lunar Magic and Asar) until I succeed to achieve my status.

Aside from SMW hacking, what have you discussed about?

Mainly video games and such whatnot here, I don’t wanna toot my horn about random memes like that UNDERTALE junk. I am also interested in Splatoon so feel free to ask me about the squid-centric updates, or better yet, discuss about it here!

Did ever show your support for hack projets?

Not much of it, but I guess I won’t let my soul
to rot.

Any questions?

Not really, duh. :P

Anyways it’s good to see me in this not-so-pretentious website in a
safe world. Anywai, welcome to the tote life!

intro post in case you don't know about me

Originally posted by Cascade
You don't seem to understand the mentality of trolls. Nambona890 knows perfectly well that he's never going to be unbanned and probably doesn't want to be unbanned. He's feeding off the notoriety he gained from his previous stunts and is doing stuff like this to continue generating attention.

Basically, as long as he can shitpost/rereg/etc. and receive attention from someone, he'll always be back.

apart from a major research(recently unearthed from a mausoleum)

This is so amazing! The abstract-themed level is nice touch. I love the use of changing colors and the "objects inside dirt" thing!
also i loved the use of random words too

Keep it up! #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by IanBoy141
When i first saw that manga, i only knew it because of the
naked Inkling Boy

(also the girl goes baka on him)

Apart from the topic, is there a reason why people playing the game as Inkling girls? Are they quite popular than Inkling boys?
Originally posted by KP9000

"In Soviet Russia, coin grabs you!"

In other words, this is hack udivitel'no*!

*udivitel'no - Russian word for amazing.
NOTE: This was taken from this thread on MFGG forums. I posted this for convenience.

Inklings claim their territory with blood
Ever noticed how when an inkling is killed it explodes into enemy ink? That means the enemy ink has been inside of them all along - it's their blood. So basically what the enemies spray is not ink, it's your blood. They want to mark their territory by covering the ground in your blood to show they annihilated the likes of you.

Inklings speak their own language, but also English
Inklings do have their own language, but it's quite clear they also speak English. Just take a look at the Splatfest Tees for instance. They quite clearly spell the English word for the Splatfest theme but in their own alphabet - which is basically just an artistic variation of English. They look similar, but the same letter is often represented in a different way. This also shows they didn't develop their alphabet from scratch - they adapted the English alphabet before developing their own language and they just modify the letters to both represent English and their language.

Example of English words: If you rotate the letters you can quite clearly see the English words. They emitted a few letters, however.

Inklings can switch between squid and humanoid form in order to be able to reproduce
They retained the ability to be a squid to be able to reproduce. Male squids have genitalia, but female squids do not have vaginas. The male directly transmits his sperm into the female's mantle - in humanoid form this would be pretty much impossible, so they need to be able to be classic squids.

Either Callie has a disease or Marie is transgender
Why? Their hair is tied in a ribbon. If those are extra tentacles, then it seems Marie has way too short tentacles for a girl. Female squids always have longer tentacles than males, so that could mean Marie has actually been born a boy, which caused her tentacles to be so short. However, it seems more likely the ribbon is part of the same tentacles, which means it would make sense for the tentacles to be way shorter. However, Callie still has them hang as low as a regular Inkling's hair, which would mean Callie has some kind of never ending growth disease.

But hey, that's just a theory! A GAME THEORY!
I actually hate that show.

Well, feel free to discuss. Do you remember me now?
Started out a theory about this.

And guess what: If you're on Miitomo, you will ever know that fresh Splatoon stuff will come out pretty soon.

Hype and stuff.
"sonic the hedgehog"? Well I'm gonna show you guys for this.


C'mon, try it! You'll love it. #fim{<3}
!hcuot ecin a si kcimmig lortnoc esrever ehT !looc ytterp smees level ehT
Thanks for posting another theory, @Bad luck man.

Moving on, I've stumbled another theory from the same thread I discovered later.

I'd assumed all the other baddies you face in the campaign were the male octolings. For some reason or another, they've developed some sort of genetic defect that keeps them from achieving humanoid form, while the females still retain that ability.

One of the scrolls shows that
DJ Octavio, or at least one of his predecessors
has a human form, so it's clear they're capable of it. I believe the reason the grunts can't is tied into the fact most of them are only single tentacles
while their boss and the female's aquatic form are whole
. The reason that is, however, is another mystery itself. Maybe living underground so long started stunting their growth? This is their toddler form and we're literally fighting a bunch of baby soldiers? We already know the answer -
why bother making models for both genders when Nintendo can make one and call it a day?

The human Octavio and Octoling swim forms, for reference.

Needless to say, it's a theory.
Originally posted by G.D.

Uh oh, stacked Munchers.

Nice to see you've made another abstract level. The Volcano Lotuses that spit out random letters looks awesome!

Keep it up! #tb{;)}
Originally posted by Gamma V

This was originally going to be called "Pirate Panic," but "Rated Arrrghh!" is punnier funnier, and it isn't already being used in a Donkey Kong Country game.

It's not a pirate ship without cannons!

Shouldn't you be doing maintenance, buddy? *hit with hammer* OW!

Good job on making a pirate ship level! The level name might sound funny, but the level looks EPIC! BOOYAH! #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by Gamma V

No, this beach isn't run by some obscure diminutive Decepticon. I just thought the name sounded cool. Yes, there really is a Transformer called Bombshock.

Bomb Bros....
Bob-Ombs can destroy the wooden blocks in this level.

Sometimes, the Bob-Ombs' block-destroying powers can be useful.

Really cool, tho. The blocks that can be destroyed by Bob-ombs is a nice touch.

Keep it up! BOOYAH!!
Originally posted by Gamma V

Wakana did recommend making more use of Leod's Sprites on Platforms patch, so I did.

Better jump in before the water level drops too low.

This looks to be pretty tricky.

Even Boom-Boom's room is flooded.

BOOYAH!! Nice water fortress (and dat gimmick tho). #fim{^_^}

Originally posted by ForthRightMC
Hey roberto, Gamma V used dahnamics Boom Boom sprite, so no way to complain.

Yes, you've got the answer right. #fim{;)}

Normally, “bootleg” refers to goods illegally sold and distributed, without proper taxation, and at a loss to the original manufacturer of the goods. This can apply to anything, from booze to cigarettes to designer jeans, etc., as long as it is sold and distributed by other than legal means. Today the term is primarily used to describe stolen audio/video recordings that are illegally sold and distributed on the Internet.

I know all about counterfeiting, pirating and bootlegging because I sell bootleg CDs and other material on the Internet. Give me a call if you need anything.

There are so many bootleg products (not to mention bootleg games though) not just in my country but around the world. (Have you ever seen Michaelsoft Binbows sign, New Super Mario Bros. The Hedgehog, amiiqo, those iPhone stuff, and Game Child?) It may look weird but it sounded too funny for people who are hardly for stuff. And later on, I've found a page called Bootleg Stuff, which showcases a truckload of bootleg products. I almost kept laughing at those pics! #tb{XD}

Now did you guys have bootlegs around? Discuss.
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