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Set the high bit, or sign bit. If you were using a byte...

0 to 127 = 00h - 7Fh
-128 to -1 = 80h - FFh

Ofcourse it's up to the software to interpret it as negative.


Hopefully the first of more to come. These operate enough like the ones you'll find in YI. Explosion and all. The sounds are a bit wierd though. If someone can suggest better, go right ahead. You choose the count and mute with those extra property bytes in tweaker. 16x16 ones are on the way, I'm just waiting on some GFX.

Feedback appreciated, since I probably screwed up somewhere.
Every sprite except mario and yoshi (with mario) will fall right through. It looks like a common trend with the original sprites like those flying grey turnblocks and the message box. You try to place something on them and it falls right through. Not sure how you would go about doing something like that.

I made a mention of SP4 in the .asm, but that stuff was probably better suited for a readme.
This is pretty much the only hack I'm following at the moment. Just finished the demo, and it's great so far.
The bullet / banzai bill sound (as the default) is the only decent choice I could think of since I can't think of any other ingame sounds that suit it. I originally wanted the sound yoshi makes when an enemy is jumped on and killed, but I didn't like the sound that follows with it.

;Byte 1: xxxxxx11
;Initial counter - 1

So in Extra Property Byte 1...

00 = 1
01 = 2
02 = 3
03 = 4

EDIT: I've uploaded the 32x32 and 16x16 sprites since there doesn't seem to be anything wrong :)
YIplatformsmall.asm was from the wrong directory...

Just tried this one, and it works.

There's one line that wasn't set right in the previous one. Could someone higher up update the file in the custom sprites section? Sorry for the trouble :/.
To get that sound...
	LDA #$09		;Exploding sound on kill

Simply change that to:
	LDA #$16		;Exploding sound on kill

A database of sounds would be nice. Needed a debugger to find the default sounds and this one.

I was originally thinking about getting the number from the X position but it would really constrict your placement of them. Using Extra Property allows you to place them anywhere, just having to make a few .cfg files / sprites to get them all in.
ghettoyouth: that's the most impressive hackery I've seen since brutal mario..

spigmike: The cliff's perspective looks odd without some defining lines.

When I finish a few more I'll release a pack of YI sprites. Right now it's just a gusty + gusty generator and that ghost shyguy.
Didn't know there was a gusty already made, but I'll still put it with a generator. Some controls like how heavy the waves are / left right entrances will still make it worthwhile, I guess.
I didn't get far finding info on how they do it. I mean sprites like rotating platform on a chain. A better example would be the 3 grey platforms in a single sprite, or the 'line of boos' that rebounds off walls. Different sprites with their own interaction but they work together How would you program a sprite that works like that? I'd figure you'd have a master sprite that creates the other sprites but how do you tie it all together after that?
How does a single sprite get that type of interaction? Are there routines for that or do you have to make these virtual hitboxes yourself and handle it all in the sprite code?

Introducing cloud drop and fang.
There was a vertical cloud drop? I don't remember one from the game. When I ripped the GFX from a savestate's video memory there were only GFX for a horizontal one. I'm going to release these when I finish 1 or 2 more, just filling up an ExGFX file with some generic sprites. I might make a pack of goonie sprites after this.
Consider this sort of a late progress thread.

I'm making a couple of sprites from YI, and here's what I've done so far:

Download #1 [SP4]

-Ghost guy. It hovers, rather than travelling along the floor but it's motion is the same I think. Uses the extra bit to decide if it roams freely and extra byte for the range.
-Gusty + generator. Apparently, it's already been done but it was complete by that time so what the hell. The generator can be tweaked to control how often they're generated and what directions they come from.
-Fang. Extra bit defines how it flies (hanging or flying in sine wave) and extra bytes determine range between mario to activate / flying speed.
-Cloud drop. Pick a range with the extra property byte. Not much else to say.
-Flying wiggler. Chases Mario if you stomp it's head / get within a distance of it [Extra bit] until counter in Extra Property Byte 1 expires or you lose it yourself.
-Grunt. Walks / runs and optionally stays on ledges and follows mario.

Download #2 [SP3]

-Tap-tap***. Jumps / walks depending on extra bit. optionally stays on ledges and follows mario, like the grunt.
-Baron Von Zeppelin. Balloon holding a sprite that floats towards Mario. See the .asm on how to config it. The defaults that come wtih it include Goomba, needlenose and shyguy.
-Needlenose. Comes with Baron Von Zeppelin. It's the bouncy green cactus. You can set the jump height in extra prop 1.
-Big Boo. A 32x32 Boo.
-Egg Plant. The plant which usually shoots eggs in YI, but can also shoot enemies. You can control what sprite it shoots, whether it's custom / standard, and how many of the generated sprites can be onscreen at once.
-Stretch. The stretched shyguy. It moves on the ground with the same configurable motion as ghost guy. Free roam [Extra bot], range and ledge can be controlled. This one just dies when you jump on it, didn't plan very much.

***: I have zero problems with this sprite, but other people get some pretty nasty issues with it. It will not be 'fixed' since I am not going to try and fix a problem without a logical cause and effect.

Comments and feedback appreciated.

Download #3 [SP4]

-Wild Ptooie Pirhana. Green plant that shoots needle nose bombs. Takes 3 hits to kill.
-Needlenose bomb. Used with the above.
-Rideable balloon. A balloon you can hop on for a (slow) ride.
-Rideable balloon shooter. A shooter that generates a stream of balloons from the ground like the ones form YI.
-Fly guy. Flying shyguy that holds and releases an item when you kill it. See .asm for cfg...
-Potted spiked funguy. A green cactus plant that jumps in a pot or walks along the floor.

Dynamic sprites

Requires the patch (in the folder) to be patched to your ROM with xkas. The GFX are located in a .bin file which must be placed together with the .asm in the sprite folder.

-Rolling goonie. Fat rolling goonie that can harm you, but can also give you a ride.
-Spinning log. A stationary log that spins periodically, tossing you off it if you're still standing on it.
-P-switch. A stationary squishy pswitch that depending on the extra bit can affect the blue pow timer or the silver pow timer.
-Woozy guys. Jumping spinning shyguys, I have them in 16x16 and 32x32 sizes.
-New Wild Ptooie Piranha. The new dynamic version which operates far better than the original and features smoother graphics than the original. It's customizeable to a fair degree, but you have to pay attention to what it says in the .asm file.
-Bullet Bill. The dynamic bullet bill launcher that shoots a large green bullet bill.

Don't PM me with private requests
Thanks for the comments.

Bomb-omb: I get no such problems from here. When I throw blocks / shells at it it turns into a puff of smoke which is part of the GFX that's usually always in SP1.

If you want it to use SP3 subtract 0x80 from all the TILEMAP entries in each sprite.

Also, I'm scratching the fly guy because running the sprite creation routine seriously screwed up the SUB_OFF_SCREEN evaluation (it falls through the top). So, I added a dirty hack for it but it didn't do much good. then I realised it only works when you stomp it normally and to my knowledge there's no way of knowing from the routine that it's been hit by some foreign object like a block or shell. I realise there's pretty much zero documentation beyond the absolute basics so I have to learn from the source of other sprites, and I'm not aware of a sprite that spawns another sprite when killed. I'll stick something else in it's place.
Including wiggler, I have 4 16x16 panels, 3 of which can go to the helmet, head and body and the one that remains can be set for the feet (if I figure out how). As far as difficulty goes, I'd probably spend more time animating it than doing it's behaviour. It just walks / runs left / right, right?

These use 5 tiles each, since I dropped the 'peripheral wings'. I really have to say that SMW really sucks with it's sprite handling. The 7 tile versions wouldn't display more than 1 and a half. Yet, it has no problem displaying 3 of these. What the crap...
My bad, had it in use with the generator most of the time so I didn't notice...

I editied my post with a new link.
I updated the link with a flying wiggler WIP. Instead of just following a straight line, it will chase Mario like phanto does. Until the counter in Extra Property Byte 1 expires and it just leaves the screen, or you lose it yourself.

And thanks, icegoom.
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