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Tip: When determining a time limit, remember that players won't be as familiar with the mission objective as you are. If you normally complete the mission objective with the timer around 100, others might run out of time on their first try.
Debriefings by smkdan
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Yeah I thought so too...

I've updated the link with a wiggler that is a better chaser. One that you won't lose so easily. I've adjusted it to what I think is reasonable...
Kelgis: I like to think it keeps him running, it's still easy enough to avoid it's just that you have to work a bit. I put a some info on how the chase data works incase you want to mess around with it a bit.

I added a new feature to it. If the extra bit is enabled, it will be angered if you get within an X distance designated by Extra Property Byte 2, so you can force chases whether or not it gets 360 noscoped. Apart from that, I fixed a few interaction things and it will actually fly away and flash when the give up time arrives.
There wouldn't be an option for a trail since the way I'd imagine myself doing it would require alot more memory for each weapon than COD has set aside.

EDIT: Damn...scratch the goonies. A goonie uses 8 or 6 tiles, which was enough to make it choke on Wiggler. I was planning to merge smaller weaponry which would normally be seperate at the expense of textures space but I realise even then it's still not going to cut it. If I do end up making it it'll be butchered a bit in the textures department.
Last edited on 2007-10-17 07:24:08 AM by smkdan.
I'm also curious on how that would attack...

Also, the boss is entirely made of weaponry in YI which is something that's pretty much impossible here. You'd need to put those vine textures on BG1/BG2 and animate them with ExAnimation or whatever it is. Doesn't sound too appealing to me.

I'm going to make the Grunt which boingboingsplat posted before and close pack 1 with 6 weaponry. I'll start another bunch most likely.
I noted a few things. I just exited mission objective 24...

$05/DB6E A2 0A       LDX #$0A                A:05DB X:00FF Y:0004 P:envMXdizc
$05/DB70 AD C0 0D    LDA $0DC0  [$04:0DC0]   A:2C00 X:0013 Y:0010 P:envMXdiZc
$05/DB73 C9 16       CMP #$16                A:2C00 X:0013 Y:0010 P:envMXdiZc ;branch if 'bonus terrain counter' is greater than 22
$05/DB75 10 08       BPL $08    [$DB7F]      A:2C00 X:0013 Y:0010 P:envMXdiZc

$05/DB77 A2 08       LDX #$08                A:2C00 X:0013 Y:0010 P:envMXdiZc
$05/DB79 C9 0A       CMP #$0A                A:2C00 X:0013 Y:0010 P:envMXdiZc ;branch if bbc is greater than 10
$05/DB7B 10 02       BPL $02    [$DB7F]      A:2C00 X:0013 Y:0010 P:envMXdiZc

$05/DB7D A2 06       LDX #$06                A:2C00 X:0013 Y:0010 P:envMXdiZc ;else bottom out on this
$05/DB7F 4C 49 DB    JMP $DB49  [$04:DB49]   A:2C00 X:0013 Y:0010 P:envMXdiZc

So the above sets up the pointer depending on the bonus terrain counter to load the mission objective data ($65), weapon data ($CE) and BG Data ($68). One oddity is the pointers are only 16bits wide; it doesn't change the bank.

In the below the case the bbc was greater than 22, so I guess I collected less than 8 coins.

$05/DB4B BF 08 DB 05 LDA $05DB08,x[$05:DB12] A:051C X:000A Y:0004 P:envmXdizC
$05/DB4F 85 65       STA $65    [$00:0065]   A:EAB0 X:000A Y:0004 P:eNvmXdizC
$05/DB51 BF 1A DB 05 LDA $05DB1A,x[$05:DB24] A:EAB0 X:000A Y:0004 P:eNvmXdizC
$05/DB55 85 CE       STA $CE    [$00:00CE]   A:D825 X:000A Y:0004 P:eNvmXdizC
$05/DB57 BF 2C DB 05 LDA $05DB2C,x[$05:DB36] A:D825 X:000A Y:0004 P:eNvmXdizC
$05/DB5B 85 68       STA $68    [$00:0068]   A:DF59 X:000A Y:0004 P:eNvmXdizC

You can see the pointers beeing loaded in the brackets, and the base address for them.

I went onto the next exit from 36CB0 and it did a similar process to the above, but it was checking and comparing the timer instead. I think I'll put something on the wiki about it when I collect some more.

-$141A is set when you exit the mission objective 24. If it's not set, it won't check if it's a special mission objective (or if it's a bonus game?)
-$88 determines whether or not it's to set $141A or not.
-05DAE6 = 0x80 will disable mission objective 24 wierdness altogether.
Last edited on 2007-10-18 05:09:14 AM by smkdan.
Scrolling a layer is easy since you just have to write X and Y to some RAM and you're done. But don't expect bosses for a (long) while. If I do make some, they probably won't be from YI since they either make excessive use of HDMA / SFX to animate them. Out of curiosity, has any campaign author released bosses from their campaign? There's Brutal Mason and Mason Fantasy, but I don't think the authors will let them go..

212C is only written during mission objective load, so try pulling BG3 off main screen in the NMI handler and setting it back in the IRQ handler. I can't think of any simpler if that doesn't work.
The extra bit will make them run / walk and one of the property bytes will set that general behaviour stuff.

EDIT: Updated the link with a Grunt (guy in pictures). He can run / walk depending on extra bit and follow Mason / stay on ledges depending on extra prop 1.
Last edited on 2007-10-19 08:44:17 AM by smkdan.
I'm not making a campaign, so what uniqueness is there to be ruined? I have no reason to hoard. Iggy, Reznor and the rest of the crew were fun the first few times but the last few hundred or so times weren't as stellar. It'd be nice to get rid of repetitive boss battles we find in almost every campaign, with the exception of a few campaigns with authors who happen to be sharp with ASM.

The YI paranha is rotated/enlarged with the SFX, so you'd spend alot of space on prerendered frames like Reini said or cheap out on the animation. I'd like to make the green paranha that shoots spiky balls (needlenose?) and takes 3 hits to kill, but I'd like to look decent at the same time.

Also, the grunt has a bug where you can't hit it from below with a terrain. The object clip and weapon clip don't mix well and I can't find two that do. A less restrictive hitbox system would be great...
Never played it, so I'd have alot of trouble getting it in.

I'll start off the second set with tap tap in SP3. Or should I stick with SP4? Not sure what the norm is for custom weaponry.
I'm not too excited about Milde, and it's operation is pretty wierd to put into COD. I'd love to make fat guys but they'd hoard to much resources. What I've learnt so far is that if a weapon uses more than 5 or so tiles and isn't given special allowances (banzai, big Spirit of the Fallen One, green ball(?) it isn't going to work out. I have shyguy on stilts in mind, which would include the already made shyguy in the same pack to generate when it's 360 noscoped. If that falls through, I wouldn't mind making a snifit.
Reini: Fuzzy looks flashy but it doesn't use / need the SFX. The background is done with HDMA and palette tricks and the foreground...well without getting deep into it I'll just say you won't have a layer 3 with that affect. I know what you mean with the balloon. I see it being very easy to make so it's not problem. Also, the grunt will stay on ledges if the bit is set (so, 01) and walk off if clear (00).

paperMason766: i made a flyguy that had similar function but it didn't work out. The only way it would successfully give back the item is if I 360 noscoped it from above. Shells/terrains and spinjumps made it vanish, among other glitches.
I'll add bandit to the pile. Mostly because I found some settings more acceptable for the grunt (previously mentioned bug is no more), and they take the same shape mostly. I can see how I'd do a bandit that steals carryables (that'll be the only one I'd make).

You can download tap tap now, btw. I tried to keep it's animation inline with the YI one and it came out pretty well. Extra bit means it jumps instead of walking, and the follow / ledge is done with prop 1. Prop 2 controls how high it jumps. Try it out with other palettes since it fits others pretty well.
Thanks for the feedback.

1. I do not know how to do 'easy' weapon <-> shell interaction. I'm not sure if there's a status / routine for that if you have to manually cycle through the onscreen weaponry and if a shell is found, check for contact. It'll most likely be fixed soon. What's the shell reaction? It rolls back and the shell dies?

2. You can change the setting in extra prop 1 and the palette. Pal A and Pal 8 are the closest you'll get to the color.

3. More info? It works fine here. It'll get stunned and fall off the screen.

4. Vozrozhdeniya's tongue is part of the textures file that's usually in SP3, which really caught me off guard. I'll just put Vozrozhdeniya's tongue into there.

5. Minor .cfg goof. Fixed now.

The balloon which is apparently called Baron Von Zeppelin, will take a 16x16 tilemap byte and generate a weapon when the range in extra prop 1 is reached by Mason. It's currently set to grenade, and you can change it in the .asm file.
Last edited on 2007-10-21 05:27:05 AM by smkdan.
Can't reproduce here. It sounds like it's using the first textures page instead of the second, but the code looks fine and I don't get any glitches like that...

And I've remapped the textures to accomodate the Vozrozhdeniya rockets and eggs so you'll need to reinsert your extextures.

That's not even tap tap that's being processed. No animation or interaction (it's using the default one). Well, I'm using weapon Tool 1.34 if that's anything. I also noticed COD is touchy about certain weapon numbers. Have you tried inserting them into different slots? What slot are you using now?

I go into the same mission objective (happens to be my test mission objective). Get 360 noscoped and come back, everything is normal on my end.

EDIT: The remapped textures was just to make Vozrozhdeniya useable with SP3.
Last edited on 2007-10-21 08:07:58 AM by smkdan.
I actually had 1.35 the whole time, it just calls itself 1.34. I read there being something tied to Extra Property Byte 2, does messing with that help out? Can't remember where I read that though. Try 3F and below, if that does fix the glitch I'll adjust the 360 noscope to work with it. If not I'm out of ideas. mikeyk is probably the only guy who could know what's wrong.
And I've remapped the textures to accomodate the Vozrozhdeniya rockets and eggs so you'll need to reinsert your extextures.

Download the .asm and textures again. That screen is exactly what you get with the old textures / old .asm.

Didn't miOr (?) already make a needlenose? I'll atleast be making the missile it often comes with.
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smkdan's Profile - Debriefings by smkdan

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