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I know the dev manual covers the SNES mouse, super scope and multitap. It even has source code for them. It's a bit of a hassle to browse but it has alot of stuff that isn't covered in other documents.
That's a good point Tropa Pride. Now you can set in the shooter whether or not the palettes will be random. Yes, Buu-Huu they do just that.
Never expect me to complete something just because you requested it in this thread. I'll make what I please when I please.
My platforms are sprites, but in YI they were on BG1.

Made an update for the pirhana plant. Just so it's a bit more customizable.

;Set this to each of the three launch speeds
XSPD	dcb $20,$18,$10

;Same deal, for Y speed
YSPD	dcb $40,$40,$40

;Set this to number needlenose bomb is inserted as

;Set this to sound you want it to make when it shoots

I'll have another shot at fly guy. Without the default interaction though since that caused alot fo screwups with the first.

The 'darkness' register makes everything darker so the contrast wouldn't be much better. Ideally you want to subtract color from sprites alone. I'm going to try that out.
Candle blocks? I don't see them in the block section. I see dark blocks though which just lower the screen brightness.
It's something I keep overlooking...

Only sprites with palettes 4-7 can be affected, so that makes it a worse idea actually. Try the $2100 idea and try to compensate by making a lighter status bar palette?
Bad luck man:

CODE_02CDE7:        B9 FF CD      LDA.W DATA_02CDFF,Y       
CODE_02CDEA:        85 7D         STA RAM_MarioSpeedY 

DATA_02CDFF:                      .db $B6,$B4,$B0,$A8,$A0,$98,$90,$88

The data at SNES 02CDFF holds the jump heights depending on what part of the spring board. It's signed, so 80-FF is rising speed where 80 is the maximum.

Ersanio: COP means nothing for the SNES.
STZ $0DBF will zero the coin count, also Boing you SEC instead of CLC when starting subtraction since the carry rules are inverted for SBC. It adds an extra if the carry is clear, so that's why it subtracts 2 instead of 1. Also, DEC / INC are better options for doing that.

CMP #$00 ;Check if the player has 0 coins

It's easy to just BEQ or BNE right after the load. CMP #$00 is redundant.
Look at 7E:0EF9 in RAM map. Each byte here is a tile reference (doesn't include the palette, flip and such) for 2 rows of the status bar that actually change. Just write the bytes to an unused address there to get them to appear in the status bar.
Troopa Pride: The next set will be for SP3.

Fly guy is up for download. You set a sprite and GFX like the BVZ and it'll drop it when it dies. Extra prop 1 decides whether the sprite will be custom or standard. All interaction is custom so I could use some feedback.
Yes, you set the BVZ to generate BVZ. You set it to generate the sprite you inserted the needlenose as, not what you inserted the balloon as.
A few instructions to check pad status leading into a sprite generation routine that sets the sprite status to 0B (being carried). And that would pop out a sprite into Mario's hands.
EOR is Exclusive OR. Google XOR to read about it. It's useful for inverting bits.
JSL $01ACF9. 16bit result will be at $148B.
I just watch and try to recreate what happens on my own. There's many things I can't do or simply can't be bothered to do.

Anyway, I'm going to take it slow on new releases. I've made lots of the stuff that is not so hard to recreate in SMW (I know there's more to go) so I think I've done alright. I'm going to spend some more time on other projects. Th3 thread's not dead, I just won't be making a dozen sprites a week :).
andy_k_250: I never quite make up my mind. I'll say one thing and make something completely different. I have no hack in the works, but I might consider making one. I know most of the pitfalls new hackers get into and I assure you if I decide to make one, the first one will be a quality one. It'll have plenty of sprites, some custom bosses and a bunch of LevelASM gimmicks. We'll see what happens.

Troopa Pride: You change that stuff in the .cfg editor.

I had a problem like that with Reini, where the taptaps screwed everything up. Get them out of the level and see how it goes. I'm not fixing it since there's no logical cause adn effect I can see. I can't reproduce it on my own.
Troopa Pride: Change 526A (ROM headered) to 80.
Then on top of that...

Change 505C to 9C.
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smkdan's Profile - Posts by smkdan

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