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I've stepped out of the shadows to say hi and offer some music. It's from Ristar; the prelude to Planet Sonata's first level. Nothing big, really, but I love the song.



This is my first, and it took way too long to make something this simple (over a day).

It really is.

And thank you.
Originally posted by Ice Man
q (the hexadecimal quantity of 01~7F)

This command hasnít been analyzed yet. For one time it is necessary to put it at the beginning of each channel. Diacritic (c, d and e). Because those which are placed immediately before it seems that the inserting varies.

...I still don't get it, but whatever.
Me again. I have something someone actually asked for this time. Aquatic Ruin Zone. Sonic 2. trader2340 wanted this.


I really didn't feel like doing the percussion. But the essentials are intact. Lemme know if you hear anything odd.
Oh, and to recap, my other song was Intension, from Ristar.


Last edited on 2007-09-18 04:58:49 AM by Opposable.
Okay, fixed it. Forgot the "tic".
I gots mo'. Make Eggs, Throw Eggs for A Yoshi, from Yoshi's Island.


And Du-Di-Da! for...the world...from Ristar...again.


I couldn't decide whether or not to leave the percussion in METE. It seems so empty without it, but "it" is kinda off. I'll let you guys decide.

And Du-Di-Da! has a duplicate channel for a reason. The awesomeness will not be subdued.

(Speaking of Ristar, Intension wasn't actually requested by anybody. I just made it to make it.)
I'm still looking into it...I noticed it too, but if YOU don't know what it is, I have a bit of scrounging to do...
I tweaked Make Eggs, Throw Eggs. The melody is (mostly) restored at the cost of some percussion, but I think it sounds better.

Nice. 100 spot. I'll celebrate by addressing Supertails' request for that Oho Oasis song.


I actually don't hear anything wrong with this one, but someone else might. This is my smallest one yet.
Holy crap, you're right. Just a bit late. I'll get right on that.
Good for you, dude. And again, thanks for pointing that out. Totally fixededed it.

EDIT: About that Crash theme issue, I think it's the last o6 in channel #0 where it gets all...screwy.
Last edited on 2007-09-19 09:07:53 PM by Opposable.
Wha? Oh, I didn't feel like relinking cause I was too lazy.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
Hey. If others are going to be doing requests too, could you please let me know in advance? Sometimes I randomly do quick ones that aren't yellow, so I wouldn't want to waste my time if someone else is doing it. Thanks.

And Oho Oasis sounds spot on, good work.

K. I'll start filling you in. In retrospect, that is kinda messed up.

Oh, and thanks. Everybody.

Supertails, that song kicks ass.
I'm working on Cyber Track Act 2 now that I got it down to an adequate size (4.8 KB).
Cyber Track Act 2 for Green-Kirby is done.


That was hard. Very hard. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody noticed anything wrong with it. But I'm proud of it.
I've played all except 8. I own or have owned all except 5 and 8. I've only fully completed 2. 2 kicks ass. It had my favorite "story" out of all of them, and the music sticks with me for some reason.

1 I haven't played in so was good stuff.

3...last 64 game I got. Kinda mixed feelings about this one. Loved the duel mode thingy; got really bored of the campaign (I got this and the Gamecube /Melee on the same day).

4 I'll never get back, but it was fun while it lasted. It just felt so small to me.

5 I only played once. Can't really formulate an opinion there, but I liked what I saw.

6...the last board kept me from denouncing this one. The rest I didn't like too much.

And last but not least, 7. The best way to describe 7 was refreshing.

So from best to worst for me would have to be: 2, 7, 3, 6, 1/5/4.

(I can't even spell "handheld versions".)
Yuh-huh. Wonder what the problem is...? I'll try reuploading the files.
Heh, I just randomly decided to work on Sky Garden last night. I don't wanna put it up until I can get the beginning to play right. It plays through okay though.
The only semi-practical trimming method left that I can think of is deleting the last channel.

Speaking of last channels, I only have one more to fix in Sky Garden before it's good to go.
Sonic songs, eh? Interesting...

Oh, Sky Garden's done.


It was impossible to loop all of channel #1 without it starting too early or too late, so I just used it in the opening. And the drums just sounded weird, so I took them out too.
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