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Hello all, I'm Nintendude88, I registered last year before the wipe out. I made a SMW hack called Mario: Quest on Quiet Isle which was released earlier this year. I enjoy making games with Game Maker and I want to become a better SMW hacker. Pleased to meet you all BTW.
I used the SMW health bar patch and the SMAS-music patch to a clean ROM, now for some reason when I try to edit a level, I'm able to save it but when I run the emulator after it says "Nintendo presents" I can hear the music but it freezes. What could I be doing wrong?
Is there a way for a sprite say for example a boomerang bro to throw a boomerang that's not the next sprite after the boomerang bro? I'm using the buckethead custom sprite that shoots snowballs and I substituted the sumo brother for the buckethead and the next sprite after the sumo is the flying hammer bro.
Okay, I'm trying to insert the Poison mushroom into my hack. I know the sprite has to be 85 for the Poison mushroom but is there a custom block for the poison mushroom? Also, I want to insert donut lifts but the sprites also has to be 85 for the donut lift sprite, so I won't be able to insert the donut lift.
Name: Nintendude88
Real name: Trae
Age: 19
Special languages: English and Trying to learn Japanese
Special skills: Playing various instruments, voice imitations (I want to become a voice actor), Great at creating games w/ Game Maker.
Worst skills: Not really athletic, gettting to know new people, creating EarthBound hacks
Hobbies: Making and playing video games, anime, working on computers
Favorite food: Macaroni & cheese,Stromboli, Quesadillas.
Like: Youtube poops, music (classical, jazz, and ol' skool rap from early 80's-mid 90's, classic R&B and music from 70s.) video games, anime, females, classic cartoons, sitcoms & gameshows.
Hate: being ticked off, idiots, jerks, today's rap (bunch of nonsense), waiting for a long period of time.
People you like on this site: I don't know that many people
Waiting for: Brawl, AnimeUSA 2007 (in November), MagFest in January, and turning 20 next June.
Favorite hacks:Brutal Mario, PITMK 1&2
Has anybody played Chameleon Twist 2 for the N64? I actually like the Chameleon Twist series. I'm having a little trouble with the game. Does anybody know the locations for the carrots for each land. I especially having a hard time finding the one in Toy Land.
I made this layout not too long ago, I didn't make the animated gifs but I would like to make some but overall how does it look? It's my first anyways.
I'm trying to add the custom coin block to my hack, I type in the offsets in the readme but the problem I'm having is the reloc offsets which are 1d,21,1ca,72. Do I need to type them all in or only one? I'm trying to add the 3 coin block.
For spritetool, is there a way to change which GFX page in the .asm file the sprite uses? I'm trying to insert the Panser sprite but I don't want to overwrite the hammer brothers sprite.
Is there a way that I can change the pallete of the Overworld boarder? Do I have to edit it in the Overworld Editor or the main level editor?
I have two questions. I put the ptooie custom sprite in my hack but the problem is the spikeball is a little higher then what it should be. Also, the spikeball is green so my questions are.

1. Where on the .asm can you change the position of the spike from the ptooie?

2. Where can you change the pallete of the spike ball?
In Brutal Mario, in the multi-colored fortress (before castle 7). How can you defeat the boss of the fortress? I figured how to defeat the first two but I need to know how to defeat the main one that can revive the two when they're beaten.
I'm having a problem with the item box. Everytime, I get an item when I'm Super Mario, the game instantly crashes on me. It wasn't happing until I added the SMB3 Scrolling Pipes. Also, I downloaded the SMAS Music patch by Mattrizzle (before he updated the patch that had a bug fix). Is there any way that I can fix these problems?

I already tried attaching the bug-fix music patch to my non-clean hack and it instantly freezed my hack after the "Nintendo presents" logo.
I noticed in some hacks, that when you pause the game, the screen gets a little darker and that the sound is different. My question is how can you make the screen darker whenever you pause the game and is there a way to change the sound for pausing the game?
I'm having a little trouble. I did everything to add music into my ROM (init ROM, etc). However, I patched the SMB 3 scrolling pipes patch into my hack, started it up and I get an error saying "SPC700 stall detected."

Is there anyway I can have custom music having the patch applied?

I patched the ips to my SMW rom but I'm trying to figure out which tile lets mario into the pipes and out. I see a couple of blank tiles (are those the tiles that allow Mario to go into the pipe?), when I go to the Map16Page where the scrolling pipes are located. I just don't understand why Mario isn't going into the pipe. What could I be doing wrong?
Hi all,

I have a question about Midpoints. Does a midpoint have to be in the same level that you begin in? For example, 1-1 uses level 0, so does the midpoint have to be put in level 0 via hex editor. I ask this because, I have 1-1's midpoint data set correct. But when it comes to changing 1-2's midpoint data and when I test the hack, the midpoint of 1-2 sends me somewhere in 1-1. What exactly could I be doing wrong?
Okay, thanks Blumiere. When, I use the hex editor, I was a little confused because after editing 1-1's data, I noticed level 1-2 was in room 1. I didn't know that 1-2's midring data began with 3B.

Also, thanks for finding the program, Mue. I was actually looking for that yesterday. Is the entrance editor available too?
Hi all,

I don't know if many remember or know, but this is my SMW hack that I released back in 2007. However, it had some glitches and a couple of ExGFX that I didn't like. I have fixed the glitches, and changed some ExGFX. This hack has 54 levels, and has a secret zone.
Here are some screenshots.

I have uploaded this hack but it's still waiting to be moderated.
So, here is an alternate link. Island(Final).zip
For more information, check the readme inside the .zip file.
Originally posted by Volke
Looks good, but the pokeys on picture 3 have kinda an odd pallete, and part of the ground is cutoff in picture 6.

That's just the image looking like that.

Volke:It would be nice but I don't want to mess up the hack by doing that. Even though using SMAS music is dull. I'm actually learning how
to port music to SMW.
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Nintendude88's Profile - Posts by Nintendude88

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