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Tip: If you're using the wall-running purple triangles in your hack, remember to add tile 1EB (or a tile that acts like tile 1EB) underneath it. Extended object 44/45 will include this tile for you.
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I have modified Lakitu sprite with leemetaal(The offset program) to throw bob-ombs, but when he does, he suicide.
How can I avoid that??
No, if you throw a bomb, he dies automaticly, just like if you throw a shell. Is possible to make him inmortal to sprites(not fireballs or mario) or some thing similar???
I found the solution, I have used tweaker for modify the original lakitu...
Anyway , thanks for all for your ideas.

Last edited on 2008-02-16 11:45:13 AM by 543.
AC/DC - highway to hell???
there is in midi in the page [url=], and I have it in mml too.
But there is only ONE chance to insert the soong in SMW???
Originally posted by S.N.N.
All other requests were added to the list.

Didn't you find my request???
maybe is that, because if not, I' m not in the list...
I had the idea of making blocks similar to crash bandicoot boxes(breakable by side with cape or sprites, and in top or bottom jumping)
I already have the graphics too, but, It's possible to make??
Any idea is accepted, only say me what I have to do, but answer...

Well, the ide I had was:
-one that left a moving coin afer destroyed(moving coin, but done)
-one that adds 10 coin to your coin counter(5-coin instead of 10-coin, but done)
-tnt one(maybe this is better as a custom sprite...)
-one that left powerup like normal "powerup mario blocks"(mushroom and 1 up, done)
-nitro one(sensitive+piranha plant, done)
Boing: that's a good idea, but I have no idea of how to dissasembly... :(
anyway, I don't want anybody wastign his/her time in this, Just need to know how to do it...

thanks for all the ideas, anyway :)
Last edited on 2008-02-22 01:25:06 PM by 543.
boing, your ideas worked, and the nitro works too!!!
Originally posted by Schwa

Either way, I'm better at making custom sprites rather than custom blocks, so I probably wouldn't be able to do this... Go request it in Advanced Hacking if you want it so bad, but keep in mind that not everyone's requests get accepted.

Well, the do you know how to make a T.N.T. custom sprite?(I think that as custom block is impossibe or so difficult that I will spent years in making that...)
Anyway, a custom sprite can be "red forever, while a custom block with palette 3 will change colour every level....

So if you get results or similar, could you please make that????

Anyway, thanks.
Well,I have a custom sprite request, I have to know if anyone can make (or tell me how to make) a Crash bandicoot TNT box sprite, for finishing the crash bandicoot boxes set.

I already have the graphics, only need the asm code or the instructions...

Anyway, thanks for all.
Its possibnle to make a custom block or custom sprite that does EXACTLY THE SAME that the Crash bandicoot TNT????

I have graphics for inactive TNT, and for 3,2,1...
but I tried with asm, and the rom get glitched -.-#

I need to know if anybody can do this for me, or tell me how to make it, so please answer, any idea will be considered.

Anyway, thanks
can be it done tweaking bob-omb, for example??
or with blocks??
answer please!!!
can you use bowser's ball in a normal level?
and there dosen't exists a sprite as big as banzai bill, kills mario, and can't pass through cement blocks??(no, I don't wanna banzai bill)
when I put the ball, it pass through objects, and falls.
I want that stays on ground and starts rolling, without change the level header.
I requst Crsah bandicoot tnt box, as block or sprite, it doesn't mean,
but I need it, with asm I only crashed my rom, so if anyideas or sprites done.....
well, other day I watched a video in youtube that shown mario acting like wario, and I wanna put that ability in my hack, but I have no idea of what :(

Does anybody knows how to make it??

thanks in advance...
well, thanks for help, but is esier that I fall from 150 meters high and survive that I understand asm...
had the ide of making a "rocket powerup" replacing the cape, you keep pushing jump button, and you start flying during a certain amoun t of time.I'm still nrequesting the cb tnt too, but nobody answers...
-anyway, thanks for the help, troopa.
How can I make a thwomp have ALWAYS all the tilemaps of sprite BB??
It doesn't work, when i put it, it "repeats" the first column of tiles.
I was thinking to change its graphics to a punch that attaks you,but that does'n work..
If anybody knows how an i edit it, or how can I edit thwomp dissasembly graphics, please tell me...
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