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I've tried this program, grew accustomed to it, and now I'm really eager to make music for this thing. I even have a midi sequencer, so I imagine it would be a piece of cake. But I want to make sure I know the restrictions of SPCs, so I have these questions to ask:

1. Do individual channels support harmonies?
2. If so, do they support two notes with different octaves playing at the same time?
3. Do the Yoshi drums play only when Mario's on Yoshi, or can they play regardless?
4. How do you loop the song over without including the first few measures?

Thanks in advance!

~ Blue Warrior
SMW music editing. Enough said.

~ Blue Warrior
Originally posted by MrCheeze
3. Yes, but they seem to play the same octave no matter what.

...Yes to the former or the latter? =P

Originally posted by FPI
In a Midi-file it's obviously possible to put more than one note in one channel which starts playing at the same time. Unfortanetly this isn't possible in the SMW-channels and I can't see how you should put that in txt-files anyway. But there's a solution for this. Split the notes up to different channels.

Yeah, that's what I figured. No matter, I'll just have to stop using so many intruments in my pieces.

Anyway, thanks again.

~ Blue Warrior
Heh, I was actually expecting him not to be in Brawl, and couldn't care less whether he was in or not. By the new video that was shown, though, I'm actually anticipating playing as him now.

~ Blue Warrior
How do you change the tune number that the title screen plays? I could have sworn I had a tool for this somewhere, but apparently not. >.>

~ Blue Warrior
Actually, I just used Leematal. :P

Yeah, though, I was using custom music, but as track #11. Thanks anyway.

~ Blue Warrior
I have to ask, are you guys crediting the authors for the original midis? People generally get pissed when others use their work without any notification or mention of them, so, I just thought I'd give a heads up. :p

~ Blue Warrior
just great, we are gonna have to wait longer for the darn game. oh well, at least sonic is in it.

Well, if you read a few posts above you, you'd know that the US date might not change, just the Japan date.

While many of the newer Sonic games are total ass, Sonic still looks like fun, by what's shown in the video. I don't see why anyone's complaining.

~ Blue Warrior
Originally posted by darklink898
Originally posted by Luigi1000
I will stick to what I said before, Sonic=FAIL!!!

Quoted For Damn Truth.

Again, I don't see why anyone's complaining. Just because the character comes from a series that's been lackluster as of late doesn't mean he's going to make Brawl any worse. If you saw the video, his gameplay style looks very well balanced.

~ Blue Warrior
Originally posted by Aiyo
....what are you talking about? Most of these people are making the song here are making the songs.

...Um, what? o_O
Also if they wanted credit, it would have been stated by them.

No, I can assure you, they'd expect you to email them first, or at leave give credit if you didn't. The FAQ even says to.
Also unless song is their own personal creation ( like Nemo Mushroom Forest) then they can not take too much credit. It was made by nintendo then just converted by these people..

Those were not conversions; conversions are entirely banned from VGmusic. Those midis were 100% sequenced by the midi authors, and for spending those two or three hours sequencing a midi by hand, they do take some credit. If you're making detailed SMW sprites of Mario completely on your own, you don't just lose all the credit because Nintendo thought of it first.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
As for the citing, no, we haven't. And really, who is going to be able to tell what MIDI was used, since they all convert to sound the same anyway. Worst case scenario, if someone comes and somehow manages to find out, then I was never here and you are all to blame Tatrion :D

Well, I am a sequencer from VGMusic, and since you guys have been stating which midis you're editing, I could very easily report you if I wanted to. =P

~ Blue Warrior
Originally posted by Aiyo
W/E your just a little shit who thinks he can do anything.

...What the hell? XD
SNN, Andres, FPI and whoever else converts the songs, would say they want permission, and need to be credited for use. Otherwise the don't need to, but it would be nice for them to.

Again, the VGMusic FAQ suggests it.
Also what would you report us for huh? You little cry baby bitch, all we are doing is changing them into txt files and puting them into games.

God damn, lighten the hell up, would you? I said I could report you very easily if I wanted to. I don't really even care enough to do that, though it would be appreciative if the original authors were sited by the txts/spcs.
If VGmusic didn't want people to do anything to their songs, they would have made the SUPER clear to the public. Also most would not even let the midis be downloadable.

You completely misunderstood me. I didn't say "People don't want their midis used for other purposes". I'm saying to give credit.
So stop trying to act like your 'it' here, because in this community we support eachother and know what our rights are. Even if we have lack or respect for another member.

Again, lighten the hell up.

~ Blue Warrior
Originally posted by Aiyo
Sorry >_>
But still they suggest</span></b> it.. So that kind of gives you a choice.</div></div>
Well, all I'm getting at is that it's common courtesy. I'm not going to tattle just because of it, because again, I don't really care to. :P
Whats the point of reporting me anyway? It's not like i even converted a song or anything..

Er, well, I meant the people that WERE converting. :P

In other news, I'm almost done making my first spc! I'll upload it in a short while when I'm done with it.

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~ Blue Warrior
Originally posted by andy_k_250
This is all just for fun, for the amusement of a few hundred people with a very specific interest. I think we all need to lighten up.

Since when was I making a big deal out of it? Aiyo was the one going all tempest in a teapot on me. o_O

As for you soapbox comment, granted, it's true that credit can't be guaranteed. I was just recommending it, because, generally, it's a good idea to keep sequencers from waltzing, getting pissed off, and telling others to get pissed off because their midis were used without permission or credit. Again, though, I'm not trying to freak out over it or anything.

EDIT: Finished the SPC! It's supposed to be for a hack I'll bluntly call Blue's Fun Pack. No actual progress on it, though. :P
spc / mid

~ Blue Warrior
Yeah, I recall three. Since there are apparently only two spots left (one being reserved for a veteran character), Pikmin's out of the mix, as it's not a third-party character. It's either going to be Pacman, Megaman, or some guy from Punchout.

~ Blue Warrior
Screw pie over.

Try a hot fudge brownie chopped and mixed with vanilla icecream. Hot fudge vanilla icecream is your new god now.

~ Blue Warrior
Well, then, I take back my first paragraph.

...Nah. Hot fudge vanilla icecream is still better.

~ Blue Warrior
I can stand the wait. We've got enough spoilers as it is. =P

~ Blue Warrior
Saw it on YouTube. [email protected]

~ Blue Warrior
I see no reason to replace Marth with Roy. Roy's more of a clone of Marth than vice versa, and even then, I'm unsure even Marth will make it in, but it's possible. I mean, Marth basically has the same case as Luigi now - not quite a clone, but pretty similar to another character.

~ Blue Warrior
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Blue Warrior's Profile - Posts by Blue Warrior

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