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Ok i have 2 questions. These are from super kaizo world 2 ghost ship boss.

1: How do you get all those eeries to show up like in super kaizo world 2?

2: How do i get more sprites to appear on screen like in super kaizo world 2?
Ok, so i thank the person who answered my second question however, I still need this one answered:

1: How do you get all those eeries to show up like in super kaizo world 2?
Thanks Zmann, however i was asking how to get about triple/quadruple the usual amount that appear when using that sprite

@ below no i mean that when using the eerie generator like 3 or 4 appear at once instead of just 1
Last edited on 2010-02-26 06:46:01 PM by flareblade26.
How do i get those trees to be black and sparkly-ish green like at 20 seconds in this: video?
errr another thing: what is OW? is it a program or tool to edit over world tiles? (havent tried to do any custom tiles since the first time i tried it, corrupted my whole hack >.<)

edit: ok i figured out that ow means overworld but i still dont know how to change the pallette
Last edited on 2010-02-28 09:23:46 PM by flareblade26.
thanks =D
edit: ok. on the lunar magic screen the colors have changed. however, when i actually play the rom they aren't.
Last edited on 2010-02-28 09:58:33 PM by flareblade26.
ok so a few pages ago i asked how do i get around twice the normal amount of eeries on screen iwth the errie generator. alot of people did not know what i was talking about. So at around 2 minutes into this video:

that is waht i was talking about. any help with that?
ok ill try that

ok well i have the hex editor now but im having trouble finding the eerie generator code.
Last edited on 2010-03-04 05:58:49 PM by flareblade26.
ok well i have everything setup to cahnge it however i cannot find where the errie generator is. please help? i looked everywhere on the rom map!(major headhache :(
Originally posted by If you click on the add sprites window in lunar magic, change the type of sprite to use as "commands and generators" or something along those lines, there should be an Eerie generator in there which you just insert into a level and eeries will appear from the walls of the screen.

no i was talking about the code for the eerie generator in the rom map for hex editing

Tag (div) was not closed.
Tag (div) was not closed.
Last edited on 2010-03-06 12:11:17 AM by flareblade26.
I was just wondering how do i get other items in the "storage" box. like a star or springboard. thanks in advance

edit: I was also wondering how i can flip something on its side? like for example a sideways vine.
Last edited on 2010-03-14 01:57:26 AM by flareblade26.
ok thanks for clearing taht up thought exgfx was jsut for sprites. so anyways what about the storage items?
ugh this is the last time im going to ask this. How do you make it so custom palletes are only on one level?????

@ above i think its actually stage 100. not sure though ill check.

edit: yeah its level 100
Last edited on 2010-03-17 02:19:45 PM by flareblade26.
thanks! although i already permenately changed the pallete... oh well!
ok so i am trying to hex edit the eeries generator. the only problem is i CANNOT FIND IT!!!! Iv looked everywhere on the rom map and just can't find it! anyone help? please?
How do I add patches to my ROM? I can't find how to do it in the f.a.qs so I came here
Last edited on 2010-03-19 12:41:25 PM by flareblade26.
how do i change the starting location of luigi? for example mario starts in the special world while luigi starts off in the normal place.
Well i was fiddling around today with yychr for the first time when I came across a problem. When I was done making my custom sprite thing (just putting bob-omb in pokey thing) I saved it in the ExGraphics folder for my hack under the title: ExGFX80. However it wont appear! Whenever I try to put it in my game it keeps saying I have none! Little help please?
thats what i was talking about when i said it kept saying I didnt have any exgfx
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flareblade26's Profile - Posts by flareblade26

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