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Tip: The lowest row of 16x16 tiles in a level do not appear. Avoid having a low platform that looks like a bottomless pit.
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I have a very basic problem :)
I'm trying to put a dynamic sprite that says that needs freespace, I learned all that I need, I'm using Translhextion. My problem is that I don't know where to find the PC offset!!! :O
Someone can help me? wheres the offset? its the first from the bottom part or the second?
Well, I have a lot of ASM problems.

first: how can I increment the size of an existing custom sprite (obviously, I will credit the author).

Second: I'm working on a new hack, I'm planing to use dynamic sprites, I already know where to find freespace, but I'm not really sure if my offset is correct, I don't know where is the PC offset, that can be my problem, someone can answer me?

Third: I have an idea about making the fade-out of level complete to use it freezed, to put it in a sewer level, to make the level dark, but I don't know how to do it, HDMA? its this idea possible (I mean not so hard) or its very complex? I have seen it in Brutal Mario, so, I think that its possible.

Can anyone help me? or I need to do it myself?
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about the sprite:
both, to make a "big" version of a sprite that looks bigger and hurts from every side.

about the second one:
I know about Lunar Adress, my problem that I don't know where to find the PC offset, I don't know if helps, but I'm using Translhextion.

about the third:
If it will be so hard, better not to do, right?
I have thinking that the sprite can be 64x64, like a... I don't remember why I needed that, something like a big beezo or fat birdo.

About the dynamic sprite thingy, I will say it again...

I want to put a Wild Ptooie Piranha, the readme says something like "find a freespace about (I don't remember the number) of bits", I finded it, then says (the readme) "Put the PC offset to Lunar Adress to convert it to a SNES offset", here appears my problem, where is written the PC offset? in the bottom, at the top? where?
I already know how to use Lunar Address, but in almost all the PC offset that I put the SNES adress doesn't appear and below says "invalid address", so I'm not pretty sure if the address I put is the correct one, about the freespace, I know exactly where to put the graphics. The problem is just the adress.
A question, how I insert the pipes after inserting custom blocks?
I don't need them for much things, but I need to know.
I mean, how to insert them correctly when patching with Xkas, after inserting others blocks the IPS doesn't work, so I need to insert them via ASM, how I insert them correctly to work right?
go here and watch a video with so many jokes (not all are funny, but is hilarious at some points).
Final Spaghetti 1
Final Spaghetti 2 (part 1)
Final Spaghetti 2 (part 2 and final)

Enjoy! 8>

Edit: if someone tells me how to put the video instead of the direction, I will be very thankfull.
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I think that this problem will not be solved, so I will stop doing it, and this thread can be closed now (I suppose).
I come here with more videos!
If you see this video, you will see it again and again (I did that).

I hope that this videos wasn't posted before, but here's the direction.
The story will be more and more funny/epic between the parts.
The Lazer Collection.
The Lazer Collection 2.
The Lazer Collection 3 (This is hilariusly epic!).

I don't have more... Anyways, enjoy! :)
It's true! The Friday 26 of February an earthquake destroyed almost all the lower part of our country, including the central part, my house was also affected by that, fortunately, my friend, my family and I survived to the catastrophe... You know what happened to Haiti? something similar happened in Chile, my Country. And that's not all! The earthquake was SO strong, that created a Tsunami that goes to Hawaii, Chine, New Zeland, and other that I don't remember. Total apocalipsis!
What you think about this? In the middle of the colapsed buildings, the only things that can be reused was robbed, the supermarkets are useless, we don't have electricity in a whole part of the city, I'm writing the fastest that I can to tell what ocurred, we don't have help, the sewers aren't functioning properly, the phone towers that bring us the signal was unable to use for two days, what a scary day, I don't know how to say this in english, but I will do it in spanish, "el terremoto fue de 8,5 grados Richter", now all the classes will be suspended till new advise. The people that died was something like 124,000 or at least that is what I know, any comments about this?

I know that there's another thread, but I did this because I live in Chile, so I can inform more about this.
Last edited on 2010-03-01 10:21:53 AM by Quick Quack.
HOLY SHIT! EPIC! It is scary (even more to me because I'm afraid of heights) and... I don't know what to say, if you were there, and you fall, instantly death comes. Do you know what's funny to me? Imagine this, "Earthquake destroyed Burj Khalifa" or "Burj Khalifa exploded" or "Burj Khalifa was lightened" or even "building falled on Burj Khalifa and both colapsed"... Even if none of this ideas are possible (hope that not), are funny if you think.
yeah, but I feel bad, because when Haiti was surpresed by the earthquake, nobody here was interested, and now we are attacked, I think that is Karma, I'm VERY lucky that my grandpa' builded part of my house, the only bad thing that ocurred to my house was that some copybooks disappeared, nothing more, my computer survived, the electricity was not damaged here and internet was safe, so that's why I can write right now.

The worst thing, apart of the earthquake, was the tsunami that comes to 4 countrys more.

Last edited on 2010-03-01 11:51:37 AM by Quick Quack.
Little question, if you will do a hack, and you want to put a dificulty in the name, for example kaizo, what is the definition of kaizo? It means very hard? If it's that I wouldn't put it.
Oh, thanks, I only want to know what means :)
This is going nowhere. :(
Put images, that's the idea of this thread, no? don't discuss about details!
Last edited on 2010-03-01 01:55:22 PM by Quick Quack.
What a big image, why you putted it here in the place of linking to it?
Anyways, good image, but, why you maked a thread to put one image?
Last edited on 2010-03-01 03:07:57 PM by Quick Quack.
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