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Name:  o Sayuri
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Since:  2010-12-28 01:19:52 PM (registered for 6 years, 8 months and 24 days)
Last post:  2017-09-07 10:48:01 PM, in Best soundtrack/music of Sonic games (Gaming)
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User Bio
Hey there! My real name is Myles, and my username is Sayuri on SMW Central (and some other sites; other times, it's "3030sonic"), but you can call me any of those names. I'm 16 years old.

I have a fond interest in Super Mario World hacking, especially music porting, and I have been around the site since 2008 (as a lurker), and I registered in 2009 (despite what my registration date says). Needless to say, I have a long history with the site, as I've essentially grown up with it. As for my other interests, I'm into anime, and of course, video games are another thing I enjoy. I'm a big fan of Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Kingdom Hearts, and the Bravely series. I also like reading, my favorite author being a tie between Roald Dahl and Neil Gaiman.

Feel free to add me on your Steam, Nintendo Network, or Discord friend lists, but in your request it would be nice for you to tell me who you are on the site first. I don't add just anyone.

Thanks for looking, see you around!

(Last bio update: March 2, 2017)

Currently working on: L.I

My MAL profile.

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Grant Kirkhope - Sound Design and Composition

CaffieCraft (Survival) Quotes:

<Falconpunch100> lemme guess, muslims is a sexual word

IRC quotes:

<Lui37> give me the broken music
<Lui37> I eat them for breakfast

*** Lightvayne joined #imamusic
*** Lightvayne quit

<Torchkas> guys
<Torchkas> how2make sound effects
<Nameless> rub your schlong on the keyboard
<Nameless> insert the results
<Nameless> bam
<Nameless> sound effects
<Nameless> don't spurt though you'll break the keyboard

*** HOTL joined #smwc
<rextep> go away
<HOTL> no

<Raidenthequick> The way to disassemble:
<Lexie> yeah man
<Raidenthequick> 40% insults
<Raidenthequick> 55% buttsex
<HOTL> what
<Raidenthequick> 5% disassembly
<Torchkas> accurate graph

<Nameless> can i change mario to hitler and big boo to the star of david

<GiantC3Guy> i speak japenis here chinchin

<SNN> some of the worst levels are actually decent
<SNN> (HOTL's, Meta's)

<leod> SNN
<leod> I think I found your earlier music projects by accident

<HOTL> ban torch
<Torchkas> Lui's mah waifu he won't ever ban me, right? <3
* Lui37 sets ban on *!*@like.peanuts
* Lui37 has kicked Torchkas from #imamusic (of course not <3)

<Sako> hii~
<Mogsiah> hi
<leod> ~
<Kieran> penis

<Ladida> rextep -> sextep -> sextap -> sextape

<Sayuri> hexchat master race
<ergazoobi> irssi master race
<Alcaro> telnet master race
<PatPatPat> master race master race
<dax> irssi master race
<ergazoobi> not racist master race
<dax> very racist master race
<SF|008> F-zero master race
<Sayuri> dix
<SF|008> Lewd.
<ergazoobi> masta ace master race

<Sayuri> rextep > sextep > sextap > sextape
<rextep> ;)
<Ladidaway> sextape > sexrape
<Ladidaway> WOW
<Sayuri> amazing
<Jimmy52905> patriarchy

<lolyoshi> nothing makes me more hard
<Sayuri> than...
<leodd> oriental gardens
<Sayuri> because...
<PatPatPat> I like butts
<Sayuri> and that makes it all worthwhile when I...
<PatPatPat> fap
<Sayuri> because if I didn't, then I'd...
<leodd> fap anyway
<Sayuri> . After all, if I never did, then my life would be...
<PatPatPat> pointless
<Sayuri> . Knowing this, I'm sure this proves that PatPatPat is...
<PatPatPat> fapping
<Sayuri> at this very moment.
<Sayuri> THE END
<Sako> excellent story
<PatPatPat> I shall title it
<PatPatPat> "Life story"

<Hinalyte> wake up and look at the cock
<Hinalyte> .
<Hinalyte> clock*
<Jimmy52905> that was totally intentional lol

<GiantShyGuy> Fuck you MrDeePay you piece of shit sucking nigger ass clit kissing brotherfucker
* GiantShyGuy has been kicked from #smwc by MrDeePay (MrDeePay)

<FL4SHK> to this day I don't know how lesbians have sex with each other

<Latula> having sex is a lot like communism. each person gives and receives equally, you take turns reading from the communist manifesto, joseph stalin is there

<Sayuri> i'd have thousands of dollars for every hack that has "mario", "vanilla", and "adventure" in the title
<ergazoobi> i'm gonna make a hack called Mario Vanilla Adventure
<ergazoobi> where you don't play as mario
<ergazoobi> everything is custom
<ergazoobi> and all you do is stand in one spot
<Sayuri> 10/10

<ck> MY HACK
* ck has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Eevee> .
<Sayuri> ...
<Alcaro> that made sense

<Medic> Falconpunch
<Medic> will your japan style level include anime
<Mogsiah> ^
<Sayuri> obviously not
<PatPatPat> Medic
<PatPatPat> Will your ban reason include falconpunch harassment?
<Medic> is this already harassment
<Medic> nazi mods

<TLMB> Sayuri,
* TLMB has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Sayuri> ...okay

<FL4SHK> I don't understand how anyone can be attracted to lolis

<Alcaro> GREENY FOR BIGGEST HAHAHA YOURE FAT okay i need to be punished for that.
* ChanServ has kicked Alcaro from #smwc ((Alcaro) No reason given)
* Alcaro ( has joined
<Greeny> �\_(ツ)_/�
<Boometh> and nothing of value was lost
<Pikachu101> for once alcaro has fun

<Lightvayne> neede to raise the IQ level in here a bitg
<Lightvayne> needed*
<Lightvayne> fuck


<Slashy> alcarp
<Slashy> alcaro
<Slashy> tdat stwedish gvodfka
<Alcaro> okay you're drunk.
<Slashy> yout swedres anfd your vodeka
<Slashy> hows you foing but?
<Alcaro> vodka is more russian than anything else.
<Slashy> andf yts im fruvk
<Slashy> andf swredush
<Slashy> biut
<Slashy> thifgs one4 id frtom san franfiscoscio
<Slashy> im takifg snjns placve as the gfcunk
<Luigi370> So now it's gonna be Slashy with a beer, not SNN
<Luigi370> cuz why not
<Slashy> hdejhehe
<Alcaro> I ... think I can read most of that...
<Slashy> thids vbokda is gfrom san fgrancisco
<Slashy> san francisco'
<Slashy> bah
<Slashy> i difd have svcedka vodka
<Slashy> byt now i hjave Skyy
<Sayuri> this is hilarious
<Slashy> hajaha
<Slashy> dfont wprey
<Slashy> oim a happuy druck
<Lui37> happy truck
<Slashy> mjyt brotherds andf my fad are meab violent crucnksa
<Lui37> why not happy desrt bus
<Slashy> m,y brotherxs are mean vbiolent driunks
<Slashy> bah!
<Sayuri> yikes
<Slashy> wshup lui you iti!
<Slashy> im bot meavb and violent
<Lui37> hue
<Slashy> imn a habppy druck
<Slashy> i laufhg a lots

<DerpyBackslide> I never, ever shitpost!

<Ladida> i want to drown hina in my love juice

<GIBBY> i love to cum at work
<GIBBY> wrong channel

<Alcaro> it's hard to even get that high

(berkian = MarioBros980)
<Berkian> How to disable /away?
<Sayuri> type this in:
<Sayuri> ./quit (remove the ".")
* Berkian has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<Gloomier> 10/10

(MarioBros980) <GenericGiggle> Example: I also noodles.

<Falconpunch> what the fuck is a loli?

<Sayuri> lolis
<K3fka> same
<anonimzwx> lol pedos

<LDA> I'd fuck sayuri

<Spinjumper> Those stars are pretty, Miku
<Eevee> just like your face~
<Eevee> er
<Eevee> forget i said that o/////o

SMWC Discord quotes:

<Raidenthequck> i cum in 4 seconds or less or ur money back

SMWC Skype quotes:

HOTL: who the fuck is rextep
Rextep: how the fuck am I supposed to know
HOTL: durr
Rextep: he sounds like a total dweeb though
HOTL: what the fuck is a rex with a tep anyways
Rextep: he probably ment to write tip like dick tip
HOTL: he must be certainly gay then
Rextep: yeah a gay dweeb haha

Hinalyte: hey this is the way to end a convo with him
[4:34:18 PM] Hinalyte: [21:35:43] <robertozampari> Hinalyte
[21:36:04] <Hinalyte> Unknown command.

┓┏┓┏┓┃ /

Torchkas: I once took this really big shit
Torchkas: like
Torchkas: not pooped in a week

Torchkas: what if rextep is actually part of a government spying program operated by 200 mexicans to log chan behavior and spreading of memes

Site quotes:
(Usernames will be kept anonymous when I feel it's needed)
Originally posted by guy
The longest level i played was my cock

Originally posted by S.N.N.
You have 24 hours to vote for #3 (DrTapeworm) or #17 (Lui37). You are voting for JUST the main map, and you will do so by sending me a PM with your vote. In the subject line, please just type "3" or "17" so I don't have to open every single one.

If there is somehow another tie after this, then we'll flip a coin to determine the winner. If the coin lands on its edge, the project is over and the site will be shut down.

Good luck!

Originally posted by ergazoobi rereg
a 9 on my hip
i only feel safe packin heat
mufuckas tryna fuck wit me gona get they ass murked
real g shit

Originally posted by Alcaro
I deem this thread to suck. We remove threads that suck.

Originally posted by guy
Ps do not f****** move into the trash but I will f****** kill you almost forgot do not close this thread I will f****** kill you again plus I'm sorry about that I'm very pissed off when you're doing this I don't care

Originally posted by Sinc-X
Gonna cook lots of healthy Christmas sweets this year, y'all! Featuring my favorite ingredient, butter!

Today I'd like to show y'all how to make my world-famous Fried Butter Balls, because what's better than cooking things with butter? Cooking butter with butter!

You'll need:
2 sticks butter
2 ounces cream cheese
Salt and pepper
2 more sticks butter
1 cup all-purpose flour
7 more sticks butter
1 egg (mixed with 1tbsp butter) , beaten
1 cup seasoned buttered bread crumbs
Butter, for frying
Butter, for garnish
Butter, for coating

Cream the butter, butter, butter and more butter together with a buttered-up mixer until smooth, y'all. Using a very small butter scoop, or butter baller, form 1-inch balls of butter, y'all, and arrange them on a parchment or buttered paper lined butter pan. Freeze until solid. Coat the butter balls in butter, butter, and then butter, y'all, and freeze again until solid (you can throw away all the excess ingredients y'all, those are just for show!).

When ready to fry, y'all, preheat butter in a deep-fryer to 350 degrees F.

Fry that butter y'all for 10 to 15 seconds until just light golden. Drain on buttered paper towels before serving.

I hope y'all enjoy my recipe. Have a merry Christmas, and enjoy your diabetes y'all!

Originally posted by JackBot
Now you have to face reality and ask yourself the one important question: "What the fuck have I been doing the past 3 days?"
Sample Post
Originally posted by Sample quote

Sample code

Sample post
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