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User Bio
Update #45 2017 - I'm not totally Pinky-Gon.


Welcome to RussianMan User Bio V.2.0

Who are you?

I'm 17 18 years old Russian Guy (Why not Man???) who like SMW and
bad jokes.

Of course I live in Russia, that's why I'm RussianMan!

Anyway, if you want to know what I'm doing here, I hack SMW... like everyone. And I'm pretty good at it! Well, Almost. Here's my SMW hacking stats:

Level Design: Very Good!
I'm very good at Level design, my levels are usually very fun to play or being very creative or both. My level design isn't ft029 or Worldpeace level, but it's still pretty good!
ASM: Normal
Well, I know a bit of ASM. I can do sprites, but I can't do very advanced things. I'm also have no idea how to work with X in GFX, like I want to show 1 frame when sprite's dead, and another when alive... even looking into Classic Goomba doesn't help. I also can make blocks or UberASM (mostly simple thought). Yea...
GFX: Bad
Yeah, one of those things I'm bad at. custom drawings are mostly poor or just simple SMW sprites edits (But I don't do them all the time)
OW: Bad
Another thing I'm not very good at. It's just because I don't make OWs usually.

Yeah, maybe good, maybe bad, but that's what I have.
If you want a level from me, leave PM!

What Are you doing here?

As I said, I hack SMW. Also, I hack Chip'n Dale rescue rangers but who cares?
I'm working and not working on some SMW hacks. Here's list:

Works I finished:
Summer Season:
Is a hack about... Summer. Also, it'll be updated this summer.

Winter Season:
Is partically the same as Summer, but it's about winter + It have more levels, more bonuses, more EVRYTHING!

Super Mario In Music Land:
My very first hack. It's Basically Edited SMW With unchanged OW and Ton of custom music. Also, there's EXGFX World that have ExGFX. (No link, sorry)

Time Run:
Race hack. Who is faster? How many time you can spend on 4 diffrent levels? (Also, broken english lol)

Kaizo hack part 1:
Kaizo hack. Not the best thing I've made. It's vanilla with custom blocks.


Well those are finished hacks. But what's about Work in progress and cancelled ones?


WIP hacks:

Super Russian World
It's VIP inspired hack, which means... VIP inspired level design ;D Most of the levels have unique and creative ideas, such as Yoshi can eat goal points and stuff. There's demo I submitted, riiight here


WIP thread:

Central Creativity Collab
It's collab about C3 resources, thought it's get a little attention. I'm really need your help, because this isn't solo hack!

WIP thread:

Totally Vanilla:
It's Totally Vanilla hack... well almost. I think this is gonna to be the first Russian Hack submitted to the site. Yes, there will be two versions of it - Russian And English. Russian Will not be as Totally vanilla as english because
1) Russian letters
2) Patch that edit "Course Clear" message, because with RUS letters it looks messy.
Also, it doesn't have WIP thread.

Super Mario Lost World:
It's vanilla-ish collab hack were I'm, previously teammate, now leader. This hack have Very hard difficulty because it acts like Lost Levels for SMW which means
1) Very Hard level design
2) GFX that feels vanilla
3) Custom Sprites that use original GFX
3/5) ME!
3/9) Map16 restriction
But since I'm leader, I changed a few rules. And submitted Demo.


I'm previously teamate, yay :D

Not really creator, I'm just leader... new leader.

Here's Userbar for support.

WIP thread:


Mario and the Lost Memories:
It's a team hack by qwoll. My task is... design levels! More info here
We actually have WIP thread, but I don't think posting it here isn't right because last post was million ages ago... Unless Qwoll will post something in it, I think it's useless.
Because we have irc. Or not?

Summer Season 2:
It's sequel to the Summer Season. I'm lazy to update Summer Season 1. Also I'm lazy at It (SS2) too. So, yeah.

Hacks I don't work on anymore and cancelled ones:

Super Mario World YAHOO!:
Is a team hack with Super Stiviboy. I'm done with it. I finished all levels (and one sublevel), so, I'm free from it.

SMW2 - Unoficial Sequel:
Yet another SMW2. At least it have "Unofficial sequel" part.

Epic Vanilla Adventure:
The hack was some kind of VLDCs were you can find various levels, good and bad. And with open OW. Also, Yoshi Is main character, and better PowerDown. And SA-1

Yoshi's island:
It's Vanilla hack in Super Yoshi Land style.

Adventure EP.1:
This hack is inspired by Super Yoshi land, The lost adventure 1-3 and hacks by bandicoot (Classic Mario Worlds 1-3). It's simple vanilla-ish hack, were each level have 3 sections with 2 checkpoits and all levels have gimmick in second section (somtimes gimmick is used in 3rd section too).

Peach Adventure - The rescue!:
A hack were Peach saves Mario. Yep.

Mario's Game:
Another Vanilla hack, in this hack you playing as luigi who wear Mario's clothes. Also, I planned something interesting for end level (bowser's castle) were after luigi beat him, Mario Appears and says that he's main villain. Interesting, right? I cancelled it, because it crashes on accurate emulators. IDK what causes it. Some patch I inserted???

Kaizo hack part 2:
Sequel of Kaizo hack part one. It have everything the same, but now with custom palettes.

Time Run 2:
Sequel of the Time run.

It's not regular Joke hack that full of cut-off, bad palettes and stuff. It's hack with good (Almost) level design and jokes here and there. This is one of 2 hacks I lost forever. Only what I have from it is SRAM.

Adventure in Dinosaur land... again!:
It's hack with Boris and Metroid HP.

Luigi's special world:
The title is the same as another cancelled hack, but it was diffrent. Also, I missed it too.

Forest of mistery:
This hack is just bunch of patches with forest levels with custom palettes, musics and sprites. It's Choconilla hack... I think?

(Another) Luigi's Special world:
It's hack about All resources from C3 2008. The main character is Luigi. Yes, I cancelled it. RIP.

It's vanilla hack in SMW style. You can't change any of original level settings. Just ctrl+delete level and make your level with what you have. I made 2 levels for it.


WIP Thread:

I included a few of them here
-Forest of mystery
-Peach Adventure
-Mario's Game!
(Note that they are unfinished! Also Mario's Game crashes on accurate emulators!)
(There are some hacks I probably forgot about. Oops!)


Anyway, I'm finally done with hacks... but, what's my favorite games, cartoons, etc.?

Games I like:
Super Mario World (Of course!)
SMB3 (Nes+All stars)
Chip'n Dale 1-2
Donkey Kong Country 1-3
Sims 3 and 4
The elder scrolls 3-5 (And nehrim which is kinda mod for Oblivion, but it feels like new game)
And maybe some other games I forgot about.

And Catroons:
Dave The Barbarian (Too bad that it have only 1 Season with 21 episodes)
Amazing World Of Gumball
Emperor's new school
Again, I probably forgot about some of them...

Well, we got over... everything ^^^^ Here.
Now, what's about friends that I got on this site.

My Friends that are my friends, so <3

Super Stiviboy:
He likes memes and at the same time not. Also, he likes VAPORWAVE that I always pronounce as VAPOWARE. Oh, also he's good at level design and OW's. I mean, seriously, your OW's are AWESOME!
(Suggested by himself):
Also, he likes bolt. You know, BOLT from BOLT. Like

But we made a lot of memes with him (bolt). Hooray?

Well... he's a guy. THE END.

Bork. I hope You'll like it. Also, IDK about his hacking skills, but I know that he knows something about layouts. I'm such a noob at it

M A R I O W O R L D Konata Izumi
He's kinda nice person. Under kinda I mean, well, sometimes he ask me to test his works, and always fail, because he do something unacceptable. For example CPU meter. Or something like this. Also, once he added my userbar to his layout.
#BringItBack #HisNameIsNotReferenceToMARIOCreepyPastaIThink?

He's very nice person to talk with him! He always like to say lol or XD. Thought, he wasn't here for a while. I'd say he have very good level design skills, and I think that he's as good as me, but I suck at A E T H E T I C S.

He's good person too, thought he's often have troubles with life or with low rating. He's specialization is vanilla level design, because his antivirus don't allow him to download AddMusic, that's why I'm making music editions of his hacks. Also, he like cancelling hacks. Which makes me sad, because he have so many demos, that he easily can bring back to the life. IDK why he don't want to thought. I'm always waiting when he'll want me to add any custom sourse for him, because Vanilla gets old after a while ;)

Well,He's sometimes rude, and impatient, but I don't think he's very bad as person. But he's
brown banned. RIP.
Oh, also he's always curious about things. Like SMB3 bowser. And my custom block. And other things.

Decoy Blimp:
He knows something about music. Also, I like his voice. Also Bue. Also he freaks out with no reason.

Pixel-Gon Gamer:
He's good (but usually bad) can be helpful sometimes, but usually he forget everything. Sometimes he get mad because of simple things like bue. Also, if you don't reply to his PM for a few days, he'll start thinking that you pissed off. I warned you! And if you won't reply him on Discord, he'll post "Hello?" Or "What?" And etc.
(Suggested by himself):
Also he loves Pac-Man.

(They are clickable)

To Do list:
-Finish Super Russian World
-Finish C3 (Central Creativity Collab)
-Learn Cluster spriting
-Fulfill requests from request thread I want to fulfill
-Finish SMLW

Usefull Threads:
How to draw characters on Status Bar With ASM?

For now that's all.

If you want to talk with me for whatever reason
or even want to be my friend, just go ahead and PM me!
I also have YT channel. Here. I don't take requests, unless requested hack is very short (demos or just short hacks) to make 1 part LPs out of them!
Sample Post
Originally posted by Sample quote

Sample code

Sample post

I'm huge help!
PM me if you want me to make a level!

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