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Details for Banzai Mario World
Super Mario World Hacks - Banzai Mario World
File Name: Banzai Mario World
Authors: GbreezeSunset
Demo: No
Featured: Yes
Length: 40 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Banzai Mario World is a full length easy-difficulty Kaizo hack with lots of ASM. This hack is designed for players of all skill levels, regardless if you have played a Kaizo hack before. In fact, Banzai Mario World works perfectly as a first Kaizo hack! I hope you enjoy playing this!

Banzai Mario World features:
-Tons of levels and secret stuff, for a total of 40 exits! That makes it one of the longest Kaizo hacks ever made.

-Plenty of custom music, sprites, blocks, and graphics.

-An easy, beginner friendly difficulty level that should be able to introduce players to Kaizo. No more frusturation over not being able to beat something!

-There's a unique ASM gimmick in virtually every level!

-Six themed worlds and one special unlockable level, making it a truly full-length Kaizo hack.

-Ninety-nine lives given in the beginning of the game, so no more game overs (hopefully)!

-A hidden moon in every single level for the completionists out there.

-A difficulty level that can work as a perfect first Kaizo hack, although the hack fits well for players of all skill levels.

-A fully playable credits level (credit is also included in a text document).

Special thanks to Thomas for testing.

Good luck and enjoy!
Tags: asm, gimmick, less exgfx
Rating: 4.7 (Votes: 50)
Download: Download - 510.71 KiB
Please do not download or play this hack. It is terrible and not worth your time. Please wait for the sequel instead!
Posted by: GbreezeSunset - | Link
Hi, thanks for commenting! I am glad you enjoyed this hack, but you may as well consider this a "legacy" hack at this point. This hack no longer meets the high standards of quality that the Kaizo community demands upon itself. I will not be updating this hack to add any retry patches/infinite lives, even though I totally agree that it would improve the hack. If I started doing that, I would also want to remove all the poor design choices, and wow are there a lot.

Instead, if you enjoyed this hack, please hold out for another 4-5 months for the final release of Banzai 2, the sequel. The hack features infinite lives, an instant retry (without the prompt), and it's better in almost every regard, especially in terms of design quality (no brutally long autoscrollers, precision, and frustrating kaizo traps).
Posted by: GbreezeSunset - | Link
I just started the hack and so far it's pretty fun. I know this hack is pretty old, but I'm hoping that you see this.

There are a few things that I think should be added, such as either a retry system prompt or an instant retry system where you respawn right after death.

The next thing is infinite lives. Having a life counter that goes down throws you off mid-game when you die, because you know that it's going to go to zero eventually. You could also just remove lives entirely along with most of the UI.

Other than those things, I'm really enjoying this hack, and I hope there's an update soon!
Posted by: 5003erX - | Link
This is the first kaizo hack I have ever completed and one of the most memorable Super Mario experiences I had in years. I'm really looking forward to a sequel!
Posted by: BanzaiChuck - | Link
My first ever ROM hack that i played and lets just say you wanna make me play more
Posted by: TheMightyJay - | Link
Oh yeah, I think I remember there being a softlock. Since this hack is so old, I will not be changing it.

Speaking of this hack, just wanted to let you guys know a sequel is in production!!

Also thanks for the nice comments everyone <3
Posted by: GbreezeSunset - | Link
I found a softlock in puzzling forest if you mess up the last section
Posted by: SQUID1000000 - | Link
Bruno Visnadi
Just saying, this is my favorite SMW hack <3
Posted by: Bruno Visnadi - | Link
The good: I love the premise of basing each level around a new gimmick. The gimmicks are all very cool, and explored in creative ways.

Very visually pleasing, and some of the new music is nice (although other selections I don't care for as much).

The bad: The difficulty is inconsistent and the levels are frustratingly long (note that I play savestateless). The first level was just right and drew me in; was very excited to explore further. The second level (the vertical screen-wrap gimmick) blew my mind at first, but I started to get annoyed with it since a) the two muncher jumps at the beginning are considerably harder than almost anything after that and tough to get consistent imo, so I spent a lot of time retrying the very beginning of the level, even after I had locked down later sections; and b) the level just keeps going. The last screen, for instance, felt very unnecessary and I was done with the level at that point. Still a very cool level overall, though, so I kept going. The ghost house, though, was just way too long and seemed to ramp up the difficulty a fair bit from the first two levels. Cool idea, some really cool sections/jumps, but could have really benefited from some editing. After that, I was kind of done with this hack.

So, obviously take my review with a grain of salt since I only played the first 3 levels. Overall I think it's a great hack in terms of look and feel, creativity, and effort/care taken. But I didn't have as much fun with it as I have with other hacks, mostly due to the length of levels, so I ended up putting it aside after a few evenings - ymmv.
Posted by: bananarchy - | Link
besides some levels that are just annoying to me (p-ballon, fludd, so only 2 levels) this was a really fun hack. not too hard not too easy, i'd still use savestates.

its a little weird that sometimes to get the midway point you have to die and other times you can just get it, but in the next section you "must" be small again.

the credits were so cool, every name was made out of letters which were actually coins. that was amazing dude!

now i have almost played every hack of gbreeze and so far everyone got 4 or 5* from me
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
Just beat it (again) in a little under 2 hours, and I have to say, probably my favorite hack ever. Definitely recommended.
Posted by: LDA - | Link
My first kaizo hack that I played, currently stuck on Clouds and Balloons (I suck with them), but it is a fun hack to play. Definitely got me into playing kaizo hacks.
Posted by: Mushroom1228 - | Link
I really love BMW.
The only level I am stuck on is Amphibious.
On the blue fish :C
Also on Lava River Rising.
I found something stupid again: and :3

11/10 for me
Posted by: NightShade0018 - | Link
Beautiful, not hard, not easy, a Kaizo-normal hack, amazing.
Posted by: Vitesco - | Link
This was my first Kaizo style hack, and I must say it was absolutely wonderful! Had so much fun. Great job!

Only complaint is the danged boulder level :(
Posted by: minmaten - | Link
Very fun and seems like tons and tons of effort was put into this. Loved all levels except maybe the wall kicks one and the rolling stones one.
Posted by: ft029 - | Link
@M A R I O W O R L D
Thanks for playing the hack and I'm glad you liked it!
There is nothing in this hack that requires cheated or is impossible, so you may have ran into some trouble from a puzzle or something. I would recommend watching on YouTube a playthrough or LP of those two levels.
Posted by: GbreezeSunset - | Link
Konata Izumi
Great hack! Only some problems though.

In marios jump v.2.0, there's an area not beatable without cheats.
In move slower pokey!, there are pokeys to high to spin over.
Other than that great hack bro. M A R I O W O R L D approves
Posted by: Konata Izumi - | Link
I really recommend applying the NMSTL patch to avoid random sprites disappearing to make levels impossible to beat.
Posted by: Kaisaan - | Link
a hick
With me being really into Kaizo hacks, (Kaizo Mario being got me into Mario ROM-hacking in the first place) I didn't expect this to be nearly as enjoyable as the original Kaizo hacks (especially 3, that one was genius), but it turned out really well, and while some of the traps are a bit broken, and some of the gimmicks just got boring; only really in the "Wallkicks Work" (really boring and repetitive) and "Blackout Bay" (Can't see argh) levels), it was really good.

I would generally prefer Kaizo to be a bit harder than this (personal taste matters not in my reviewing), like the originals, but it came off as fun nonetheless.

Absolutely great job. Also Gusty Gardens music :]
Posted by: o a hick - | Link
Just finished it. Overall, a very solid hack! I felt that every level used it's gimmick well without becoming ridiculous. The fact that most levels were short helped. Each level felt memorable and interesting *because* each one was shorter. Some things to remember

0. I played this with savestates and slowdown because I am terrible at Super Mario World

1. Most of your fish traps can be circumvented through scrolling the screen to the right. In fact, a good number of traps were made easier because of this.

2. In The Sleepwalker, pressing L or R freezes the camera. When you let go of L or R, the camera snaps back onto Mario, but the level looks slightly glitched (some columns get swapped and it causes cutoff, but the collision is still all there)

3. Koopa Cooperation is really easy if you never spin jump at the traps, only at solid ground.

4. In Shapeshifting, the timed platforms would sometimes have 1 second and 4 seconds. I'm not sure if this was intentional, but it did make some puzzles frustrating in that I kept hoping I'd get 4 seconds but got 1 second over and over.

5. Skull Raft Rapids and Ridiculous 2's bone skulls are very wonky. Sometimes they cancel momentum, other times they add a huge amount of speed.

6. The Challenge is super easy for where it is. It is very fun though.

7. All of the Switch Houses felt really similar to me. None really stood out. None were bad, it's that they were just really average.

8. Starlight Switches made sense, but it would've helped to put a message block explaining what spin jumping does.

9. The whole "time your jump and dodge the rainbow shell/twimp" gets really boring after a while. I'm glad that you didn't over use it, but it seemed really repetitive.

Favorite Levels (In order of most liked):

Koopa Cooperation - A very interesting idea which uses an effective autoscroll equivalent. Uses the spinjump mechanic and combines it with interesting timing puzzles. This level strikes a good balance between fast and slow sections. By far the best level.

Jumpman - Extremely novel concept and really fun. Short and sweet.

The Sleepwalker - I don't know what it is about this level, but it rocks!

Submerged - A good mechanic gives this level haste without using autoscroll. I like that.

Leap of Faith/Where's Mario?/Blackout Bay - These all had a similar mechanic, mess with the interface. It works because it changes how you play *without changing how you control Mario*. It's a blast to play with or without save states.

On Camera - The cutest level.


Least Favorite Levels (From least favorite to neutral:

Run Mario Run: God this level was hard. There seemed to be a massive difficulty spike in this one and I did not enjoy it at all.

Dolphin Abuse and any other dolphin sections - I hate dolphin sections, they feel so clunky and impossible to move around in.

Arid Desert - FLUDD is a cool concept but feels like a worse version of jumping.

Clouds and Balloons - I hate balloons. They make Mario somehow harder to control than underwater.

Wallkicks Work - An interesting level idea, but the wall jump feels hard to use. In current Mario games, Nintendo add a bit of visual feedback or slow how fast you fall on these. In Wallkicks, there isn't any, so it doesn't feel like you're really kicking of the wall at all.

On a Roll - VERY finicky boulders detract from the level in that it was really hard to control how fast the boulder went.

Mario on Ice - Yeah, it's an ice level, but nothing feels cohesive. It's all just a big pot of something vaguely related to ice. Not good, but not bad.

Moles With Shades - More of a puzzle/timing level, but nothing was particularly threatening in it.


OVERALL: I'd actually compare this ROM hack to VVVVVV. Just like VVVVVV game, this hack has interesting gimmicks each stage and explores them just long enough to be interesting without wearing out the welcome. No two stages feel the same, and even the ones which were frustrating still were satisfying to complete and retry. It's a deliciously difficult hack with just the right amount of garnish to be nearly perfect.
Posted by: a2aaron - | Link
I have decided to make a level guide for this hack. It can be found here.
Posted by: GbreezeSunset - | Link
I'm not a Kaizo type of person, but this hack is an exception. The puzzles are challenging, but not enough to consider as full-on Kaizo. The hack overall is pretty fun and the colors and graphics look nice too. If you want a Kaizo hack that isn't too harsh on the Kaizo aspect, this is for you.
Posted by: Lotica - | Link
Thanks, I was looking for something just like this.

Edit: I love the skill challenges, but I'm having problems with puzzles which is keeping me apart from the rest of the fun of the game. Even with cheats on I can't figure out what to do at the "Puzzling Forest" stage, so please could you upload some kind of walkthrough guide text? It would be just a text file which a person would open only by their own choice. Thanks.
Posted by: Kaizoshi - | Link
I'm not really into kaizo hacks but this one looks really great. Definitely giving it a try.
Posted by: Mirann - | Link

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