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Details for 100 Rooms of Enemies
Super Mario World Hacks - 100 Rooms of Enemies
File Name: 100 Rooms of Enemies
Authors: Daizo Dee Von
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Do you like the "Pit of 100 Trials" side-challenges from the Paper Mario games? If you did, then you'll sure like this concept. 100 Rooms of Enemies is a enemy rush platformer that consists of 100 setups for the player to go through. Think of this as if you're in an arcade game; you essentially try to improve your record as you die many times. If you succeed to conquer Room 100, you'll be prized with a reward that stands as a reminder that you completed the game. What kind of prize? You'll have to improve all of your skills to find out!

There are two versions of 100 Rooms of Enemies that you can try out:
-100 Rooms of Enemies (Arcade Mode)
A mode where you can die up to 5 times before restarting...

-100 Rooms of Enemies (Do or Die Mode)
A mode where you only have one shot to get through all 100 rooms. How far can you go in this mode?!

Now here's my question: do you have the strategies and skills to conquer all 100 Rooms?
Tags: asm, bosses, gimmick, huge level, less exgfx, music
Rating: 4.5 (Votes: 31)
Download: Download - 548.68 KiB
This hack has a really cool idea and is really fun to play through. Its a game you can keep on coming back to over and over again. It also has a good reward at the end and some great custom bosses.

This is my lets play for my full opinions and reactions:
Posted by: RetroKoopa7170 - | Link
Posted by: dondoko - | Link
amazingly fun and great idea.
Posted by: Spookerton - | Link
Robot Mario
Man this is a good idea. I love the thought of just going through a bunch of enemies... I'm even learning new stuff about my enemies! As of posting this comment, I made it to room 51. I might manage to finish the whole game!
Posted by: Robot Mario - | Link
God Of Fruit
This would be a great arcade game. Put in a quarter for an attempt at getting as far as possible. Why hasn't Nintendo done this yet?
Posted by: God Of Fruit - | Link
Posted by: Activisor - | Link
Posted by: Activisor - | Link
Daizo Dee Von
Holy crap, almost 20,000 downloads?! That's just insane, but thank you all for the support. Yes, we are aware about the selflocks and the cheats you can do to make the game easier. We're also very aware of the high demand of certain changes, which some we completely understand (and others we question how they are problems). Currently we're working on implementing the essential features including teased characters and the technicalities of Nightmare Mode.
Posted by: Daizo Dee Von - | Link
Electric Programer
In Room 58, you can softlock the game by picking up the P-Switch and placing it at the edges. You wont be able to pick it up or smash it, softlocking the game.
Posted by: Electric Programer - | Link
in a hint box i saw: EASTER EGGS
-Room 0
i founded the room 0 but whats the "cheetamen"??
Posted by: princesspeaNUT - | Link
Electric Pants
Uhh, I completed the boss in Room 79 and got stuck there... what happened?
Posted by: Electric Pants - | Link
What`s up with Room 0? I got the easter egg, and now i got 9 pipes and a hint box saying ``SORRY, PLEASE TRY AGAIN (random emoji face)``, i`m trapped on this room, since ANY GOD DAMN PIPE IS WRONG!
Posted by: thomasbr108 - | Link
the only error made is:
2 players - give all lifes to mario = 9 instead of 5 tries. but thats about it.

Posted by: kaitri - | Link
Originally posted by Mayro Master Blaster
I'm new to SMWCentral (and rom hacking) I have tried everything but I cant find a way to play. HOW DO AY PLAY DA HACK N SLAASH

Apply .bps patches using Floating IPS to a clean ROM.
Posted by: o Dan - | Link
Mayro Master Blaster
I'm new to SMWCentral (and rom hacking) I have tried everything but I cant find a way to play. HOW DO AY PLAY DA HACK N SLAASH
Posted by: Mayro Master Blaster - | Link
A nice mix of defeating enemies and solving puzzles. Very fun.
Posted by: Nodog438 - | Link
Daizo Dee Von
Next Update confirmed: The Full Edition (aka Update 3.0.0 "The Nightmare Update")

What to expect:
-Fixed Fryguy
-New Phase for Fryguy
-Added extra tweaks to previous levels
-Nightmare Mode
-New Boss(?)
-Seperate maps for each mode
-Different music for Nightmare Mode's Map
-Luigi as a playable character (Skin swap only)
-Fixes for all self-lock rooms
-New Rooms (replacing rooms from
the Moon Vault
-All versions combined to one IPS.
-Fixed Credits (Sorry HuFlungDu & other misspellings)
-Two Logos

What may be added, but may not happen until above is done:
-Another Playable Character
-Opening Cutscenes (for each mode)
-Title Screen GFX?

Confirmed Date: idk, soon i guess
Posted by: Daizo Dee Von - | Link
Yeah, I'm gonna post a list of the music in the hack.

Title Screen- ???
Intro Theme- Intro Theme
Overworld- Star World
Rest Area 0- Forest of Illusions Map
Rooms 1-9- Some SMW Overworld Remix (Forgot the name)
Rooms 10-19- Sky Sanctuary Zone
Rooms 20-29- ???
Rooms 30-39- Pokemon Gold And Silver Cave Theme
Rooms 40-49- ???
Boss Theme (New)- ???
Rooms 50-59- ???
Rooms 60-69- ???
Rooms 70-79- Hyrule Temple (SSBM)
Rooms 80-89- ???
Boss Theme (Thwomp)- ???
Rest Area 90-96- Valley Of Bowser Map
Rooms 90-96- Egg Engines 3
Rest Area 97-99- Cave Of The Past
Boss Theme (Rematch)- ???
Rest Area Final- ???
Final Boss Theme (Phase 1)- Sonic 3 and Knuckles Final Boss
Final Boss Theme (Phase 2)- Final Fantasy Legend 2 Boss Battle
Thank You- Super Mario Land Pre-Ending Theme
Ending- Super Mario Land Ending Theme
Boss Theme (Unused Boo Room)- Super Mario World Boss Theme
Boss Theme (Old)- Mega Man X2- Sigma Stage 1
Q&A- ???
Airman Stage- ???
Grass Area- Kid Icarus Underworld

So yeah, I'd like to know the tracks I couldn't find.
Posted by: Aperson - | Link
:( I got all the way to room 79 and it wouldn't take me to the next room :( :( :( I worked so hard!
Posted by: MinecraftPro297 - | Link
Daizo Dee Von

I've decided to keep a list of all the problems I've heard with this version, so keep all of these in mind before playing:
-It is possible to lock yourself in the game in rooms 9, 13, 68, 69, 79, and 95; either by trying to lock yourself or luck bites you in the ass.
-The 1-ups in the Arcade Mode are in places where they aren't placed appropriately, like in Rooms 23, and 65, and the final room before Room 100.
-If you die in the final room before Room 100 due to a misplaced 1-up box, you'll get sent back in the beginning. A huge killjoy.
-The 1-up farms in the hack are left there intentionally in the Arcade Mode. YOU'RE WELCOME.
-Fryguy is still not 100% fixed, but it's passable AS LONG AS YOU DON'T JUMP OVER HIM, and KILL HIS LITTLE MINIONS.

What to expect in the next -BIG- update version:
-Nightmare Mode: a mode where you die in one hit, you only get one life, no powerups can be found, and you're on a time limit.
-Time Scores for "Do or Die" Mode (or I dub it as "Original" Mode) and the new Nightmare Mode. May be useful for the TASers on the internet.
-New Title Screen theme for Nightmare Mode.
-Preview of my next experimental project.
-New 1-up locations in Arcade Mode to fix some previous issues.
-Fryguy once again fixed.
-All self locks removed (or... reworked. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)).
-Herobrine Removed
-There may be more...

If there are any other problems, please private message me with images or mini clips of the issues. I may call the next update either v2.1.0., or v3.0.0 depending on how big the update really is. With Nightmare Mode being a thing... I think the latter maybe better. That being said though, I'd like to thank you all for the 1000 downloads this hack received throughout it's 4 months of release!

E: Anyone who has been unfairly trapped in Room 79 (Fryguy Fight) may contact me for a special save state. We've attempted to fix this room twice already, and there's still issues apparently. I assure you all that the next update will be the FINAL fix for this room, as the boss is being completely reworked.
Posted by: Daizo Dee Von - | Link
Dark Mario Bros
sounds neat ,and challenge~
im ready for it!
Posted by: Dark Mario Bros - | Link
Posted by: RmaxEsp - | Link
Good so far. In room 9 on my very first attempt I accidentally threw the yellow shell up onto one of the platforms and couldn't get it down. I had to restart the nintendo :( (using Super EverDrive adapter).

Lesson for me is don't be an idiot and throw shells up where you can't reach them. It might be worth reworking levels so that is not a problem. Simply adding a mid-level platform would let Mario get up there and get the shell down to destroy.

Edit: I agree about the bug in room 79. It took about 10 minutes to clear out of the room after beating the boss.

Also, this isn't exactly a bug, but perhaps an unintended way to get extra lives that you may choose to edit out, though I like having it in! In room 13 you can get 5 or 6 extra lives by jumping from koopa to koopa, then kill yourself and do it again. I've banked up to 19 lives in there before moving on ;)
Posted by: kvbriggs - | Link
Bruno Visnadi
Very nice hack! Gonna TAS it when the update comes.
Ah, and as Mario3andU pointed out, there is indeed a bug in room 79. Sometimes, some sprite goes offscreen and stays alive for about 3 minutes after the boss dies, obligating you to wait that time to proceed. It actually isn't related with the throw blocks.
Posted by: Bruno Visnadi - | Link
Hey! I tried out this hack, but have you got soundtrack? If yes, send me spc's and text files, because I'll use them to my future project.
Posted by: ForthRightMC - | Link
Daizo Dee Von
Just to let you all know, an update is coming to fix up a few flukes I've noticed with the Fryguy and the 1-ups in Arcade Mode. For now, don't jump over Fryguy from above at all times, and don't jump in Room 56 until after you move right at least one tile. The update won't come right away, and myself and Mellonpizza are busy with another hack. The hack is still fully playable and enjoyable if you don't do those two things I mentioned above. Special thanks goes to Mario3andU and a Youtube user named "JeedUnit" for pointing out/showing off those faults.

We're sorry for any inconvenience, but please don't be discouraged to play it still! V2.1.0 will be released as soon as other projects are out of the way.
Posted by: Daizo Dee Von - | Link
For some reason, when I beat the "Fryguy" boss in room 79. I can't progress through the rest of the game! I just get stuck in the room forever.

BTW I'm using ZMZ. Does it have something to do with that?

Edit: Sorry, but I didn't see this until now. You will only get stuck in room 79 if you beat the boss, and there are NO "throw blocks" on the screen. Odd. Can that still be fixed?

Posted by: Mario3andU - | Link
This hack does what it sets out to do. The challenges are... well, challenging, and overall, it's not bad.
Posted by: Lotica - | Link
Well done
Posted by: Nin.Collin - | Link
This is the hack that I'm sure everyone has dreamed of at least once. I really like how you had a fun mix of technical challenge and creative puzzles throughout the whole hack. It's great how the difficulty picks up noticeably at different spots, like at level 50 for example, where close execution becomes really important.

With the pretty art, cool title screen and overworld, and cute credits, I could totally see this having been an actual game for the SNES. Aside from the brutal parts at the end of every Yoshi level. :)

A TAS of this game would be very entertaining.
Posted by: mynoduerf - | Link

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