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Details for Classic Mario World 2: The Great Alliance
Super Mario World Hacks - Classic Mario World 2: The Great Alliance
File Name: Classic Mario World 2: The Great Alliance
Version History: View
Authors: bandicoot
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 120 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Hello SMWCentral,this is Classic Mario World 2:The Great Alliance a hack that is a direct sequel from Classic Mario world 1:The Magical Crystals,after the Crystals being destroyed their fragments are now on a secure place inside Princess Peach Castle,Bowser so allied with some enemies to try defeat Mario and get the fragments back,that still have the Powers.
Also,Bowser still have some of the power from the Crystals,so with his new alliance,he became really stronger than before.

This version fixes some bugs and glithces showed in the last submission.
Also,fixes the infame bug that cause the player can't enter inside the secret world.

Tags: asm, bosses, less exgfx, music, traditional
Rating: 3.7 (Votes: 17)
Download: Download - 596.23 KiB
SomeGuy712x - Thanks!
I plan on senting a update to this hack with the same treatment I did with CMW The Magical crystals last year, so I'll fix that.
Posted by: bandicoot -
Welp, I encountered a game-breaking glitch. For some reason, the pipe at the top of the Maze Mountain Climb level in world 6 (level 113) sends me to the level 100 Bonus Game room. This is particularly baffling, because when I checked the level in Lunar Magic after this happened, I can see that the pipe's screen is set to take me to level 91, where there's a proper goal. And yet, it doesn't actually do that for me. Here's a video showing this happening:
(Jump to about 2:16 in the video to get straight to the point.)

So, this prevents me from clearing the normal exit of this level, blocking off access to a lot of world 6. Does anyone have any idea why that pipe doesn't take me to level 91 like it should?

UPDATE: It's been determined that the exit pipe's Y position is high enough that entering it while riding Yoshi apparently makes the game think the player is on the next screen up, causing the game to load the Bonus Game level instead of the proper sublevel. So, if you get there with Yoshi, simply dismount him before entering the pipe and you'll go to the goal area properly.
Posted by: SomeGuy712x -
A very interesting sequel, with very nice graphics, level design and bosses !
But yes it is hard, especially to the end. I barely beat Bowser in castle #8 and #9.
This hack is beatable without using savestates but it requires a lot of tries and patience, as we could expect from a hard game =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you again for this great game =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball -
The beginning of the hack is cool.
The atmosphere is good and cool levels are varied.
But the difficulty is pretty special.
At least, from the "World 5" levels start to get complicated. And quite boring for the player.
Moreover, these levels become less and less amusing is quite repetitive.
And in the end it's great no matter what the levels are almost impossible without saves-states.
Besides for the Bowser Castle. The idea of bringing the 3 boss is not very good especially that is supposed to have beaten earlier in the airship.

It is rather unfortunate.


Besides, I apologize for my bad English
Posted by: Aurel509 -
Originally posted by Luansilva12
Bad news: The hack will be removed from the site soon:
Originally posted by Katerpie
It will be deleted from the site for good if it's rejected outside of the featured hacks system.

What the hell? He just said outside the featured hacks system. As in, when a hack is awaiting moderation. Since this hack has been moderated, it won't be removed. You are saying the exact opposite of what Katerpie said.

*Deep breaths*
Posted by: yoshiatom -
Green Jerry
Bad news: The hack will be removed from the site soon:
Originally posted by Katerpie
It will be deleted from the site for good if it's rejected outside of the featured hacks system.
Posted by: Green Jerry -
There's exits to 7 star warps in worlds from 2 to 8.
The world 8 star let's you play the hardest levels in the hack.
Posted by: bandicoot -
I figured the Yoshi assassinations were deliberate. I have encountered a problem with that since my last post though. Sometimes if the level starts on next to a cliff or ledge, when Yoshi gets auto-assassinated, the player instantly gets launched to the left off the cliff and dies. This could be avoided by leaving a little extra space between level starts and cliff edges. I know of at least two levels where this is a problem (I am sorry, I do not remember which two), but there are probably more because I haven't tried Yoshi in most levels.

I'm having fun, just entered world 8. Are there secret exits to all the star worlds? I have only played the first two and cannot find secret exits for either. I'll give up if you say there aren't any.
Posted by: kvbriggs -
kvbriggs,thanks for report the glitch,the levels where yoshi get killed at the start are the ones where Yoshi isn't allowed,likes castles and levels where the enemy setupcause glitchs with Yoshi.
Posted by: bandicoot -
Great hack so far! I'm at Wart's Warship right now, but just ran into a glitch. Mario got to enough points for a bonus game, but did not advance to the bonus game right away. After Luigi's turn, Mario was placed on the map wrong (off the trail and not on a level). I couldn't move him anywhere, but pressed B and a bonus game started, but Mario got stuck in the bonus game. After hitting all the boxes and collecting the extra lives the bonus game never ended. I was playing on the snes using Super Everdrive, and resetting the Nintendo fixed the problem. I've never encountered this glitch before, so I wanted to report it.

Also, I don't know if this is deliberate or not, but Mario kills Yoshi at the start of many levels :(
Posted by: kvbriggs -
I made an AddmusicK remake of your hack myself - I changed some music. I got the rom on my Google Drive.
Posted by: ForthRightMC -
Thank you Wakana ;)

Starlett - The 3rd one are on his way,I already finished all the levels and fixed good part of the bugs/problems ocurred during the gameplay,now I'll just finish the Beta Testing to release it.
Posted by: bandicoot -
this is a pretty cool game can you make a 3rd one
Posted by: starlett -
Okay, now the update is valid since it doesn't break on accurate emulators anymore. Yet, it still uses AM4, so expect loud noises at the beginning of a few musics; atleast it's not game-breaking.
This aside, the update on its own doesn't contain many edits from the previous version, except for a few bugfixes I pointed out in the removal log. The design, as well as the aesthetics, kept untouched.

Posted by: o Wakana -

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