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Details for SMW The Princess Rescue
Super Mario World Hacks - SMW The Princess Rescue
File Name: SMW The Princess Rescue
Version History: View
Authors: bandicoot
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 116 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: SMW The Princess rescue is a traditional Mario Adventure where you play through 9 new worlds to save the princess
This hack is more focused on the vanila elements and the level design, it features new levels, custom music, Super Mario World and Super Mario Maker Graphics and more

It also includes a English and a Brazilian Portuguese version.

Launch Trailer:

I hope you like!
Tags: adventure, classic, classic mario world, less exgfx, music, traditional, vanila
Rating: 4.7 (Votes: 10)
Download: Download - 1.74 MiB
this hack is very good, good gameplay and fair difficulty progression.
5/5 Recommended
Posted by: Poison -
MilesTheFox414: World of Ilusion - Forest
Gamma V - I agree with you, to be honest I always build my hacks to be harder than the original game, I like to begin them as normal dificulty like the original games and then let them be hard at the end, my problem with the original Mario games are that they are too easy to beat sometimes.
Posted by: bandicoot -
I absolutely love this rom hack, with all the details and attention put into it, it's way better than the vanilla game, and rewards you for searching additional exits (in a better way than in the original game).
Every level has its own "touch", the levels are hard but always do-able, it's really fun to play! Thank you :)
Posted by: Victorum -
Do you know what's the music of the first level of World 3 (Wing Koopa Groove)
Posted by: MilesTheFox414 -
Gamma V
Despite the Bottomless Pit Rescue Service, blocks that give you reserve Starmen, and Bonus Palaces where you can get free power-ups, I don't think this hack should be listed as Normal difficulty. To me, it feels more like a hard hack that's only listed as normal because of the abundance of power-ups. Even with these, there are still some things that are excessive for a normal-difficulty hack. These include:

* Use of sprite generators in areas where one must concentrate on solving a puzzle. This is most prevalent in Ghost Houses, in which the Eerie generator is overused.

* Jumps that require you to bounce off enemies, the most obnoxious of which involved repeatedly bouncing off enemies to cross spike/Muncher pits. This is something that belongs in Kaizo hacks.

* Sprite spam, which, in some levels, either caused slowdown, disappearing sprites, or flickering sprites.

There are still quite a few creative ideas present in this hack, as well as instances of good level design and aesthetics, but the difficulty should be toned down if you're actually aiming to create a normal-difficulty hack. Look at the difficulty of official Mario levels, barring those of Lost Levels, of course.
Posted by: Gamma V -
This hack is amazing, thanks for the hard work. I'm 10 hours in and 16 exits to go, I will get to the lost world!
Posted by: Dan314 -
What a wonderful hack bandicoot !

Each world has its own theme, and all of them are cleverly connected within a very neat underworld. I found interesting the idea of not instantly dying when you fall in a pit, which makes latter levels easier, because they are very tough to beat.

Indeed, difficulty is well balanced but world 8 & 9 become very hard. There I understand why you put a star available in the reserve item box in top secret areas. Without them, I think some latter levels certainly aren't beatable using savestates.

I noticed just a little bug in world 8 overworld : if you exit the first top secret area (to the right of the map) by pressing left instead of down (which is where the path connects), you are also able to move, but it glitches Mario's moves and lead to incorrect level placements. However this glitch can be fixed by entering a star or pipe.

I give you 5 stars (10/10), a big thank you for the hard word you brought to give us this very good hack =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball -
Very good hack! The levels (for the most part) were very well designed, with good difficulty progression and introduction of gimmicks. World 8 however was a let down. Enemy spam is not a good way of increasing difficulty and it was just boring at that point. Worlds 5 and 6 were my favorite!
Posted by: OneOf99 -
Posted by: Chwee -
Liam Plays
Great hack! I made a Youtube video on it here: Checking it out would be highly appreciated :)
Posted by: Liam Plays -
Danielsonic - the "instant-death when falling in a pit" gimmick from the original game would break the DDA system, I figured out that some player would not die due to the enemies but due to falling in the pits as well, so I decided to change the punishment to the same of being hit by an enemy.

About the DDA mechanic, when you start the game it's already on the hardest setting, the number of lives that trigger the powerups blocks are small on the first worlds(between 3~10 on worlds 1,2 and 3), on the later worlds the number slowly increases to between 10~20 lives(World 6,7,8 and 9).
I put several hidden 1up blocks and other gimmicks that make possible for the player to collect plenty of lives, depending on the player skill he will already have a lot of them at the end of World 1.

Posted by: bandicoot -
Danielsonic 87
I played a few levels,and I have already seen something wrong...
When you falls down over a pit,you not die,but "simply"take damage!! can jump over if you press "jump" at one of many frames available to do that!!I think that is a good thing to punish who fells in a pit with "life lost",WHY to change this rule,all at sudden?
Then,on second level,I seen an enemy blocked in the ground at 2 space from the surface.
And my personal opinion...pheraps,better the original brightness graphic than the darker of this hack.
Besides those bad things,I think that this is a great hack^^
but,I believe that some later versions could be on your mind,if you want the hack,that you and many SMW fans really wish to play...

P.S:I have a question::how many life a player have to keep,in order to get the hardest difficulty mode?
Posted by: Danielsonic 87 -
Props to you for finishing a full-length hack!

This was a pretty decent hack, and long. So long, in fact, that a big issue I had with this hack is its length. A lot of level ideas were recycled later to make late-game levels. One or two levels per world could have been cut and the hack would have still been a comfortable length.

Another problem is that difficulty ramps up in the late-game not through difficult setups, but through sprite spam. Setups where there are 6 or 7 sprites on-screen are pretty common towards the end of the game, and they were very difficult to get past without tanking hits.

The difficulty adjustment system is pretty cool, but it encourages just plowing though with complete disregard for your powerups since they become so plentiful. It's the only reason I didn't change the listed difficulty to hard.
Posted by: o Noivern -
its a really good game, recently i played the demo version. thank for the hack... greetings from Mexico
Posted by: gonzosmw -
I remember playing the demo some time back! Good luck, Bandicoot. You are a cool creator.
Posted by: DoubleDenial -
do not play the 3rd game slot (Mario C) - game saves are lost when attempting to save your game in the 3rd slot, which I have encountered.
Posted by: erpster2 -
Rainbow Man
I think I'll try this out.
Posted by: Rainbow Man -
Dark Mario Bros
interesting, guess it worth to check out
Posted by: Dark Mario Bros -
have fun playing this
Posted by: blaze800000 -

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