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Details for Super Mario Bros.: Peach's Adventure
Super Mario World Hacks - Super Mario Bros.: Peach's Adventure
File Name: Super Mario Bros.: Peach's Adventure
Authors: GreenLightningx6
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 27 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Princess Peach wakes up in Toad's House after he took her in to help her heal
after he found her unconsious nearby. When she tries to go back to her castle,
she finds out that, while she was gone, King Koopa has taken over her castle and
kidnapped Mario! Peach decides to venture out to rescue Mario and stop Koopa!

Peach's Adventure is my first full-fledged SMW ROM Hack (well, that I actually plan
on finishing, I've been using Lunar Magic for a fair while) It's art style is based
off of SMB1, with my own art style mixed in here in there.

There are four worlds and 27 Exits in this Demo. All levels in the demo are unlocked
from the start, and there are no overworld events. The finished game will have proper level
progression and map events.

The ZIP file contains the BPS, a Readme, and a mockup SNES Box Art I made.

Hope you have fun! :)
Tags: asm, exgfx, music, non-mario, peach, powers, traditional
Rating: 4.7 (Votes: 11)
Download: Download - 3.64 MiB
This game is soooooooooo good for a demo!{-_-Z}
Posted by: Sleepkirby6472 -
ESRB Rating:

the updated version of
Posted by: TheLucraftTeam -
Originally posted by Young Boi
spoiler alert: she vored mario

hahaha!#lm{owspr}he is thicc, he is fat and he eats too much junk food from fast food places (inclusing mcdonald's)
Posted by: TheLucraftTeam -
peach is fat, he's a thicc
Posted by: TheLucraftTeam -
Posted by: Wazzuper25 -
I finished playing this and I gotta say that this is fantastic! It's FUN and that's rare on this site now. This demo ALONE has so much replay value. And the fact that it's not a kaizo leaves me anticipating for the full release. Can't wait! 10/10#smrpg{y}
Posted by: Darkness-light -
First 2019 comment
Posted by: Wazzuper25 -
One of the best rom hacks i have played! :D
Posted by: Mash0Star -
Decoy Blimp
We've officially reached peak SMW
Posted by: o Decoy Blimp -
The peach design comes from that one Mario Bros resource pack for Minecraft, right? I remember using it around a year ago, seeing the Peach on the title screen in the Minecraft paintings and wondering why she has bat wings for eyelashes.
Anyways, this looks neat. I like the 8-bit aesthetic. I say keep the Peach player graphics themselves, they're not bad if you ask me.
Posted by: Mogu94 -
Really? So I'm the only one here who likes this? I'm glad to see that there are hackers that DON'T intend to spam the site with a bunch of Kaizos. Finally! An actual GAME with story and adventure.

PS. I like em thicc like that. I hope to see some R34s of this soon. I mean, if Bowsette can spread faster than the California wildfires, this princess should as well, right?

The gameplay is excellent with beautiful levels and designs. Can't wait to get the full version of this.
Posted by: Darkness-light -
Why did this hack got approved? Its not Kaizo... ~ahem~

Yeah, like others said Peach looks a bit fat here, otherwise nice to have another character to play.
Like the SMB 1 graphics and style, but whats about the coins?
Took me a while to find out you get coins too from the goal-flag, but is there any use for them (or maybe planned)?
Posted by: Alcazar -
Ok it looks like you alot of work into ripping all those graphics and putting them in, and other stuff I see too in the screenshots. But why is peach so large maybe you should have called Mario's long lost sister something . I'm led to believe Bowser is framed and peach ate Mario. Regardless of that small nitpick alot of work went into this and I like these 8 bit style hacks. I'm going to play this .

And you damn well know nerds are playing the shiz out of this after dark.
Posted by: zacmario -
Young Boi
spoiler alert: she vored mario
Posted by: Young Boi -
Emerald Shell
Any particular reason why Peach is thicc af?
Posted by: Emerald Shell -
that's not thicc that's literally obese like wtf
Posted by: Hasuke -
Well, I've accepted this because I feel a lot of my issues with it are more towards the more nitpicky side though I do hope for you to look into them for future releases.

The main issue here are sprite related issues - slowdown and vanishing tiles. It's not too intrusive and doesn't show up in every level, but it stands out, especially in Frigid Peak 3, and levels where you use Lakitu.

Another thing is that while most of the levels have the player active and paying attention to the level, a select few, mainly Green Hill Zone can be very barren. That level has barely any challenge to it I feel.

Other minor things:

check your tilted pipes, since this can happen

I also noticed that spinies don't seem to be affected by the cape spin which is odd.


Anyway good luck with it!
Posted by: Eevee -
Gnarly! I adore the design you gave Peach. Loving the effort you've put into the game's level design. Keep up the good work!
Posted by: Gnarlee -
This rom feels fun and light. I look forward to the full release. Peach's animations are adorable.
Posted by: Desenrrollado -
my only problem is some of the sprites look derpy, and the re-design for peach looks odd (no offense), also the fami-con style really dampens it personally, mostly because the new sprites and re-used sprites do not mesh well, and make it a bit of an eye-sore.
5/10, good job so far, mostly just have problems with the graphics of the game, but other than that and a few odd collision issues due to the graphics.
Posted by: Inkticious -
Posted by: theagentoftheworld -
All around a fantastic little game. Peach's design is great, and there's a lot of personality in her sprites and animations. The level design is solid too, and I'm a fan of the way you made backgrounds using the castle tiles. Great Job!
Posted by: SyAbleman -
Well, as far as a demo can go, it's pretty decent. I'm not sure how much I agree with Peach's... appearance, but whatever, that's not exactly important. What is, however, is that her sprite has some glitchy collision, probably because it's fairly unorthodox compared to the regular Mario's. It leads to her falling through invisible blocks and hitting them on the way down.

As far as difficulty goes, the first two worlds are mostly fine, but I feel like the third and fourth worlds are swapped. The latter feels much easier than the former, even without the ice factor.

Overall, fairly decent demo and premise. Looking forward to the finished hack.
Posted by: EvilBirdo -
Awesome ! :)
Posted by: Betwin2 -
Posted by: aterraformer -

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