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Details for The Second Reality Project Reloaded
Hack Name: The Second Reality Project Reloaded - 1.6 MB - 67335 downloads.
Added: 2008-06-28 07:40:15 AM
Rating: 0.0 (0)
Reviews: 27 (jump to reviews)
Length: 117 exits
Author: FPI - Submitted by: FPI
Description: SMW:TSRPR v1.1

Background information:
So, what's this all about? "The Second Reality Project Reloaded" is not another new entry in the TSRP-series, it's a remake of the first part. The hack finally features a new overworld (people requested this for years) and of course, custom graphics and custom music. Besides that, not much have changed, most of the time the level design is the same as before. So, keep in mind that the original hack came out back in 2002, and back in the days you don't had the possibility to insert custom sprites, dozens of ASM-hacks and so on. So please don't expect anything groundbreaking here, it's still the same thing as it was before: a hack which is about level design and nothing else. But with that said, chances are if you enjoyed the original hack, you will love the remake for sure!

Bowser is back again, more powerful than times ago:
He found a power source which let him rebuilt his Airship Fleet. Soon he plans on attacking the Mushroom Kingdom one time more! It's up to Mario to stop him!

Note: This hack will not work right on ZSNES 1.4*. Just use an older or newer version instead!
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Review by God Of Fruit
This hack is one of the best ever made. The amazing thing about that? It's been one of the best for over 10 years. The original version, while it had it's flaws, clearly had a lot of effort put into it. And the "Reloading" of the hack, while for the most part leaving the levels alone, helped the hack change with the times, and it's still relevant and fun today.

Story: 8/10
While the story isn't on the level of, say, Essence Star, it is interesting and quite well put together. It fits with the rest of the hack, and generally adds to the experience.

Graphics: 9.5/10
I really liked the graphics of this hack. They fit well with the music and levels, and are pretty much glitch-free. There was also a lot of variety in each level. My only complaint is the shimmering screens when they're actually used in levels. It's a pretty cool effect when used in that in-between screens cutscene, but are really hard on the eyes when you have to stare at it for long periods of time (e.g. Chaos CompleXX and Bowser's Starship).

Music: 10/10
Very well made and unique. A lot of them sounded like something I'd like to hear in an official Nintendo game. It's rare that a hack maker can make a complete soundtrack that is memorable and original, but you pulled it off here. It also fit well with the levels. Not only that, but some of the tracks are actually pretty catchy. I can remember quite a lot of them even now.

ASM/Gimmicks: 9.5/10
For this hack, I'm not really impressed at the gimmicks used as much as how you managed to do so much with such a minimal amount of them. Most of the hack could probably be recreated with minimal tools/asm. It still feels like SMW, but at the same time it feels way better.

Level design: 10/10
This is it. The aspect of the hack that allowed it to spend over 10 years as one of the top hacks. While most hacks have at least 1 world of levels I didn't really like, I could probably count those with about half a hand with this one. This hack featured varied levels, keeping it interesting. It felt like you playtested the hack to death, as each level had this sort of smooth playstyle to it. For example, the level in world 7 with the koopa jumps, while it looks really hard at first glance, everything is placed precisely where it needs to be in order to still feel fair.

Difficulty curve: 9.5/10
One thing I really liked about this hack is how it starts off easy, then gets steadily harder and harder, but doesn't really get too hard until the last few levels. Like someone earlier said, the secrets do have a noticeable jump in difficulty, but even then it's still not too hard. I've seen people saying that world 7 and 8 was too hard, but I found pretty much all of world 7 and the levels on the ground of world 8 to be pretty similar to the rest of the hack. Pretty much all of the levels except for the last few levels of the Second Reality and the last couple levels of Thirdspace took me anywhere from 1-10 minutes without savestates. However, from the Great Airship onwards, each level started taking anywhere from 30 minutes to about 2 hours. Bowser's Starship took about 2 and a half hours. The last couple levels of Thirdspace took a while too, because they're either really long, or really hard.

A note about the difficulty: This is one of the best changes FPI has ever made to the hack. The original 2002 version eventually becomes harder than Kaizo at the end, and the last level is pretty much impossible without tools. The changes seem to be minor at first, but the difference is night and day. I would've given the original about a 4 or 5 out of 10 in this category because it gets way too freaking hard.

Final score: 9.8/10.
This rating isn't based on 2002 standards. It's based on 2013 standards. While some hacks may have raised the bar for some things like the story, this hack IS the bar (or close to it) for level design, graphics, music, and most other aspects. I'd recommend anyone who's a fan of SMW to download and play this RIGHT NOW.
Posted by: God Of Fruit - 2013-11-26 03:43:50 PM
Review by Justin Rennhack
Alright, since I've completed by LP on Youtube, I might as well give this game a review.

Overall, this game is absolutely fantastic. Very well balanced gameplay with the difficulty. One thing I will say about the difficutly is that you can tell when you go off the main track (aka, an alternate path off of a secret exit). The difficulty spikes considerably, but understandably so. It's an extra challenge if you want to make a 100% completion of the game. Also, Reznor kicked my butt big time (especially in World 6).

The best part of this entire hack is World 8. There are 10 exits, and as I demonstrated (if you know where to go), it can be completed in less than an hour, despite the final level taking about 15 minutes to play. The story line is also fantastic, since it's not Bowser taking Peach for the 300th time.

There were a couple of small graphical glitches, but these were more on the funny side and did not effect gameplay one bit (one was in the Sonic Zone while floating in a cloud).

The ONLY thing I will fuss about (and this is me being VERY picky) is that you cannot tell which spikes are going to fall. Now granted they do shake before falling, but I would have liked to be able to tell the difference. Other than that, no complaints.

Score: 98/100
Posted by: Justin Rennhack - 2013-01-11 04:44:25 PM
Review by Mirann
One of the best hacks I've played in my life, some friends see I playing this hack and asked me if this is really SMW, hack pretty well done, excellent level design, great music and the gameplay of the hack is pretty great, I recommend this hack if You want fun.

Graphics: The hack some redrawn Graphics, is a thing that I loved in the hack, not all hacks have a good use of redrawn graphics, this is a good point of the hack, and the graphics that aren't redrwan are good too, is the point that I like more in the hack.

Level Desing: Oh well, I don't have words to say how the level design is awesome and fun, isn't that thing of "just go straight", is actually different of this, another point that I loved in this hack, can give some inspiration in levels.

Overworld: Well, the overworld is good designed, I just don't like You used the OW Mario Redrawn (the player actually) in the overworld, isn't great mixing, other than, I liked it.

ASM/Gameplay: Isn't too different of the SMW, but is great, not all hacks have a different gameplay, I'm not complaining, but I think all almost hacks don't have a different gameplay.

Music: Yeah, another good point of the hack, seriously, You composed the musics of your hack, I really loved it, and all musics fits well with the levels, it's awesome.

Plot/Story: Bowser is in the hack, but he don't kidnapped the Princess or something, he did another thing, I felt relieved when I see, it's a fun plot and I liked it.

Okay, that's my review, hope You like it, the hack isn't bad, You did a nice job in this hack.
Posted by: o Mirann - 2012-12-28 02:39:16 PM
Review by slakkmichael

So I played TSRPR Now here are my thoughts

Story: 10/10
The plot was amazing. better than that stupid plot called bowser capture peach for the 100th time. plus not only is the story amazing but it has a back story on how bowser got the resources in the second reality and that the roboxx were also a threat.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are amazing. They were really creative and I even liked how you put them in good use.

Levels: 9/10
Don't get me wrong the levels were good but there was one level that was annoying and that level is called magical trick house the main reason is because that level had 3 exits and i had to go through that scrolling part 3 times.

Difficulty: 8/10
The difficulty did went up right but there were some levels that were insane like pipe hype and ice bomb bridge and those were in world 4 but the difficulty is not broken like in SMWCP.

Overworld 10/10
The overworld really reminded me of the original SMW overworld so it was nice how made look like it but more edited.

Music: 10/10
Music is amzing even if it is the smw version of the songs

this hack was good in 2008 and it is still good in 2012. Good job FPI Can't wait for TSRPR 2
Posted by: slakkmichael - 2012-08-14 12:10:03 AM
Review by PlumberShoes
This is one hack that I would reccomend to all hackers or just gamers far and wide to play, because even if they aren't very good at Super Mario World, this hack is perfect for improving their skills (granted they don't use savestates nor rewinds). Also, It's just so fun! All the custom graphics, all the custom music, edited palletes, and all of this hack is just complete Epic Win. FPI, You are an outstanding hacker and worthy of Staff (well idk if you already are) and really, I don't see how one person would disagree. Back to the hack...

Level design was almost always hard, and the switch palaces were created unique, Hidden in levels.

The storyline about a second dimension instantly told me:
"Ya gotta play this."

The music, especially Acoustic Castle and the overworld music for the Second Reality, were by far my favorites.

Please make more.
Posted by: PlumberShoes - 2011-12-01 07:54:48 PM
Review by aj6666
This hack is probably one of the best if not the best hack I've played.

The music and the graphics where realy nice, but they where nothing compared to the level design since most of the levels where long enought to be challenging and it wasn't repetivive at all like most of the long levels, also, some level had a verry unique design like the moveing cave.

The hack was extremly long as well, sometimes, it didn't looked like you where playing the same hack, specialy on the levels in second reality and thirdspace.

Most of the bosses where the original bosses, wich was ok, I sill liked the custom reznor fights a lot. The only thing I didn't like in this hack where the "level bosses" where there was an auto scrooling level with boss music instead of a boss battle at the end of some fortressess.

I guess my overall rating for this hack would be 8/10.
Posted by: aj6666 - 2010-10-31 10:01:10 AM
Review by BBkaizo
Considered by many the best existing Rom Hack. And no wonder, every detail of it was done with great caution and logic.

The series famous for The Second Reality Project does not come from now, this title is the third created by this competent group. The second version titled The Second Reality Project 2 - Zycloboo's Challenge was already a very successful season by being relatively large and with a very high level of difficulty. So here it comes this masterpiece and source of inspiration for many hackers.

The story is: Bowser is back, much more powerful than before, he discovered an energy source and created a veritable fleet and your ship into another dimension to destroy Mushroom Kingdom again! It remains to Mario (Luigi No, unfortunately) holds a plan of Bowser!

With a somewhat different story and needs to Hack should follow this path and succeeded in a way that is no less spectacular, you will not only pass several stages and worlds, but be entertained them, is something where the worlds great match with phases, Which also helps a lot for that to happen are the songs, all different from the original SMW, they perfectly match the phases.
And speaking of stages, this is another very strong point of the game, very well prepared, which was expected even! But not very skilled players for the very high difficulty can harm, but for those who already have morning only see this as a good thing, because it is challenging, challenging and boot it! Many secret passages await!

What could not fail to mention the beautiful graphics are also presented, all very well change without exaggeration and as stated earlier, following the trajectory of the worlds.

Difficulty: 5 / 5
At first I was thinking about giving 4, but after spending some stages, I saw that 5 is more than good!

Gameplay: 10
Maybe even perfect, it seems like an original game.

Graphics: 10
Receive a 10, because besides being beautiful, were created along the following story.

The Map: 8
I think it's the only weak point of the game, the graphics are renovated but they were not legal and is very similar to SMW.

Creativity: 10
Is the joke that FPI Productions has accomplished, from beginning to end, they must have thought much about making every detail.

Final Score: 10
I could only make 10 for The Second Reality Project Reloaded, this project, along with Super Demo World: "The Legend Continues revolutionized the world of Hack Roms Mario!
Posted by: BBkaizo - 2010-06-15 09:19:28 AM
Review by ShadowsofDeth
This is a great hack, i've played through most of the game, although on youtube i've only played up to world 2.

Gameplay: This game had all new Graphics, Storyline, and secrets, along with music and all other things, and they all flowed together, especially the level near the end where you are in the ghosthouse and the background moves way faster then you. 9.5/10

Graphics: This is my first hack i've played and i havent seen other graphics other then the original, so 10/10

Storyline: The storyline is completely revamped and completely flows together, although some levels are quite random. First your in a cave, and then your at an iceberg? First your in a lake then your in a blazing inferno? 9/10

Overworld: The overworld is completely revamped and it looks amazing. FPI must have worked their ass off on this, and it doesn't take away from any of the levels, especially at the beginning. 9/10

Secrets: The secrets were fairly easy to find and most of them i saw and could instantly get. Some secrets just skipped one level, and it was rather pointless. *SPOILER* The Switch Palace in the first nessecary level was fairly well hidden but you can kinda see somethings going on cuz theres a random indent in the wall. 9.5/10

Music: I didn't really listen to the music, but what i did hear was great. it always suited the levels (Example: Ludwigs Castle. It was musically based and was very, Symphonic(?)) 10/10

Difficulty: It stayed rather easy throughout the whole game with some difficulties (Eg. Surviving throw the torpedo Teds in Ice Berg 1) It Graduasly got more difficult but stayed fairly easy, which is good for the nooby gamers. 9/10

Overall: This is a great hack and i recomend this to anyone who enjoys this game, and even many who don't enjoy this game but just love Side-Scrollers.

Overall Score: 66/70.

I hope to see the others in the Second Reality Series to be Reloaded like this.
Posted by: ShadowsofDeth - 2010-01-01 04:06:51 AM
Review by the bad hacker

So lets begin this review. This have been said 1000s times over and over again...But this is the most unbelivable hack ever made and still will be. I may not be a old member here, but it looks like this hack been on the 5 top list for a long time 5 list. I dont care if this hack doesnt have these super mega awesome features it is the best of the best...And also lets go to the categories lets start with graphics!

Graphics 9/10: Okay i am not going to freak out and say, ZOMG YUUO GOTT SOU GUD GRAPICS TAT I TINK YOU ARE GOOOOD! And so on...I say this:you took the graphics beyond something that no one could have done. But theres still some flaws. Sometimes the graphics clash. Yes i said that. But i never said its bad. Also in the last stage (dont remember its name) your eyes will bleed. The HDMA effects and the red make you drop tears...So thats a BIG flaw but the graphics once again is awesome!!!

Now for the music!

Music 10/10: Ok i gota say this before i say anything about the music in this hack. In almost every hack that has custom music in it...Almost every thing in the music of em is so bad! Becuse yeah it doesnt have that upbeat style that it should. But when i heard the music in this hack...I said holy crap to my self...Then i knew what custom music realy was...From kinda cheerish music to a upbeat hellish rock! And so on. Yeach thats everything i got to say. its awesome! And also...ZOMG SOMEONE NEEDS TO REMIX THIS MUSIC NOW!!! RAAAWR!!

Now a thing that plays a kinda big part in the hack...the plot.

Storyline 8/10: Too be honest with you i didnt like the plot that bowser is about to destroy the musroom kingdoom and so one...BUT it if it wasnt for the realities this would have gotten a 5/10 Becuse it makes the story far more complex and i like that you also added a extra world that is called the third space (i think). And added backstory how bowser got all that power to build a starship and so on. But the story is classic so i wont complain! Thats why it deserves a 8/10!

And now the most important thing here is...OF COURSE the level design!

Level design 10/10: Ok i must say this...If you hate the level design of this hack...You suck! Its amazing! Its incredible! This hack have mastered the Difficulty curve and all that! And the levels of chaos complexx! (in a special world of course!) And i can keep talking about how amazing the level design for about 100 hours...I loved how you had the palace switches inside some of the levels! its awesome! and if you take your time and beat all the levels in the game you get the secret ending...

Hope you enyoyed my review of tsrpr. And also...NO to complex cutscenes! NO to super advanced coding! this game is HARD and BEST and...I give this hack 10/10! Why...Mainly becuse of level design and the music! I love this hack! And its a must play hack! Bye bye!

Posted by: the bad hacker - 2009-10-17 07:49:50 AM
Review by Raibys
I played this hack awhile ago and figured I might as well write a review for it.

I played this hack solely for the fact that everyone - and I really do mean everyone - was ranting and raving about this hack like it was the best thing since sliced bread. At the time I played, it was even at the top of the Featured Hacks section and everything.

The graphical and musical style of the hack are the two most immediately apparent things. This game does a very good job and keeping things interesting and creating a nice atmosphere, in those regards. I simply love some of the environments and sprite graphics.

That being said...there is one important thing that this game seems to fall short on. The level design, while stellar in some places, is also very inconsistently and often unfairly difficult. The levels *look* pretty, but there is no way I could ever see myself wanting to play this game without savestates. Every other level I found myself loading saves dozens of times on single sections. Things such as going across 2-tile wide platforms occupied by thwomps over an autodeath pit, or traveling nearly 20 screens in an underwater level enclosed in spikes, only to find I cannot move on because I missed a P-Switch at the very beginning, are the types of things that made me want to tear out some of my hair. (and I would prefer to keep my hair long.) Due to how tedious and ridiculously hard many points are, I found it overall very hard to actually enjoy the experience. If this were a game on the SNES I would have broken the controller by now playing it, regardless of how the game looks and sounds.

This hack shines on the surface, and some levels are brilliantly designed, but there are simply too many areas that are difficult in the "not-fun" kind of way. I would have to give it a score of about 7.5/10

In the end it turns out decent, but it really was not all that everyone made it out to be, at least in my opinion...
Posted by: o Raibys - 2009-08-29 11:54:54 PM
Review by Red Chameleon
(incomplete review)

Although I had an old review posted here, time has passed and the review, even for its size, was not enough to be able to match the brilliance and effort put into this amazing hack. This hack was one of the few that really caught my eye - only so few hacks have (Keytastrophe, The Tale of Elementia, and Super Mario TKO were the only other hacks). I had seen the way everything was laid out on the screenshots - the levels were non-linear, the graphics were great, and the one thing that grasped me to this game was the composed music.

Let's start off now.

Level Design:
Although the levels were rather hard, this hack had been outstanding very well with the non-linearity of it. The levels were put together very nicely and everything was very fun about them. The level I really remember for this is the level Chaos CompleXX which was very unique to make the player go around and look for all the scattered keys to unlock the doors and progress. And this was also one of my favourite levels, too. As I said, the levels were all pieced very nicely and I had no problems with the fun value within them. Some levels around the beginning were fairly easy, although they smoothly increased in difficulty. The levels were made properly and can really keep someone playing because of how fun it is.

Even though the overworlds/submaps were based off the originals in the first reality, it was still very nice looking and the new graphics helped increase the feel of it. The palettes used were nice and gave the right feel for each area. The was everything splits in the second reality to the 7 connections in the first reality were terrific, and the other part of the second reality was great, too. The idea of going through the Acoustic Castle crashed into the volcano to reach Thirdspace is a magnificent idea and, though looking quite unusual, the pink ground actually made it feel like a whole different dimension while the first and second realities seemed like they were part of one dimension.

Starting off simply as Bowser creating an invasion fleet to attack the Mushroom Kingdom, more unfolds later on about the invasion fleet and what Bowser plans to do. Although Bowser does play a major role, nothing about Princess Toadstool/Peach is ever mentioned which also shows the originality and how it has nothing to do with the original Super Mario World plot. And Bowser is not the only problem in the story - there are also the Roboxxes from Thirdspace which have an evil plan of their own to destroy the first reality. Tricking Bowser, they successfully made the Glitch Cannon and were going to shoot it through a gateway to the first reality, but Mario stopped them and made it shoot at the building, thus causing the effects to hit Thridspace. With the help of Zyclooboo (who betrays him in the sequel), Mario gets out of Thirdspace and puts an end to Bowser and his invasion fleet. The plot is very in-depth and deep and I was just gripped right to it. This was one of the best original plots I have ever seen.

The enemies in the first reality and a few in the second reality and Thirdspace may have been from the redrawn set, the overworld graphics and the other stuff appears to be ALL CUSTOM. To do such work could never be done by myself which is why I credit FPI for this - he has been able to draw very extraordinary graphics that set the area very well and kept the mood of the levels. The palettes were all great to look at. Although not a lot to say in this area, I really love the graphics.


Replay Value:



Posted by: Red Chameleon - 2009-06-21 06:54:59 PM
Review by Shadow Wolf TJC
Well, I was bored and had nothing to do all day, so I decided to download this hack and see why this was so hyped. I managed to play this hack until the very end, though I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

Graphics: The graphics that you used throughout this hack are just outstanding. I bet that you used several pages of ExGFX to get such unique settings as a haunted disco, pyramids, and even the interior and exterior of a spaceship.

Moreover, I didn't notice anything strange with the graphics. No cutoffness (except for some vines late in the game), no bad-looking garbage, etc.


Music: You pretty much used custom music for each and every one of your levels (I noticed that you used the music from the outdoor theme of Super Mario Land.), and they suit the moods pretty well.


Overworld: All that I can say about it is that it looks nice and works very well. It's not a free-roaming overworld like in Azure Chaotic, but it works well.


Plot: Not much emphasis was made for developing the plot. It's your typical "play as Mario and defeat Bowser again" kind of adventure, though there's no princess to save this time around. Instead, after receiving a transmission from Bowser, Mario must find out what he and his minions are up to.


Gameplay: It's basically no different from regular SMW's gameplay. The only difference is that you added in a few custom sprites (such as those 32x32 Bullet Bills).


Level Design: OK, now this is what will be the most influential part of my overall rating, so get ready.

Your levels start off pretty easy, though they're still a bit harder than the beginning levels of Super Mario World. Much like another hack that I reviewed, your difficulty curves nicely, as the levels get gradually harder as you progress further into the hack.

While most of the early and middle levels were enjoyable and a blast to play through, and while you've got some pretty neat level ideas (such as a scrolling cave and a unique rising/falling tidal level with vertical scrolling enabled), my biggest issue would have to come from late in the game, when the difficulty reaches dangerously frustrating levels that you'd normally see in a Kaizo hack.

The difficulty level in the 7th and 8th worlds is, overall, unforgivable and too frustrating to be of any fun. I had to do such things as pixel-perfect jumps, flying/swimming through narrow collums lined with spikes, and spinjumping on a Torpedo Ted for several seconds, all while avoiding the obstacles. I had to abuse savestates alot just to get past parts of those levels. (At one point, the level was too long that I ran out of time and had to restart at the midway point.)

In short, I never want to go through that kind of savestate abuse ever again in my life. >:(


Overall: It was a pretty enjoyable hack that I played. Sure, the difficulty at the end was frustrating, but this hack is indeed top-quality, and worthy of being featured. Overall, I'd give this hack a 7/10.
Posted by: Shadow Wolf TJC - 2009-04-07 09:35:29 AM
Review by Carsr4carpeople1
Let me start by saying this hack is AMAZING almost any way you look at it. It has improved EVERY aspect of the original game graphics-wise, and you have implemented HDMA, which is awesome throughout the hack.

Level design/Difficulty:
Whoa baby! The level design in this hack just blew me away!! It's fun as hell to play, the switch palaces are IN THE LEVELS! (i wouldve never thought of that!!) The difficulty is pretty much gradual, with a peak at around world 7 and 8, with Thirdspace being a bit harder and the sonic world being a bit easier. All in all, it's very inspiring levl design, but theres nothing SUPER special about it, the levels are just fun.

FPI, you are an ExGFX god. You get the best of the best, and i love it. The graphics compliment the levels really well, and theres no eyesores or overloaded perts (if you know what i mean.) This was true in TSRP2 too, it had great ExGFX also. It's a very unique style.

Great music here, FPI. Not a wide array of music, but each suits the level, and you managed to cram every sonic music in there. :D

Brand new plot, and it actually MAKES SENSE! It's very creative and allows for alot of gimmicks and oddities and such with some of your your levels.

I have to give this hack a 10/10. It's just awesome.
Posted by: Carsr4carpeople1 - 2009-03-30 10:34:01 PM
Review by A-l-e-x-99
Holy crap. This remake of Second Reality Project is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL!!! Even though it's the same, it nonetheless feels like a completely different hack!

The original hack had lots of flaws. Of course, some of those flaws were forgiven because of the hack's age. I mean, who could've ever seen or anticipated Super Mario World Central, Kaizo Mario World, Let's Plays, BlockTool, SpriteTool, AddMusic, and all that other stuff back in 2002? But that doesn't forgive all of the original's flaws. There were some Kaizo traps, Cutoffness Man, an unedited overworld, and barely-edited boss sequence message boxes.

It's nice to see that six years later, you've fixed those problems and then some! The levels are the same, but with new ExGFX, new music, a new overworld, and even a few new surprises! ;)

I give this hack a 9/10. ^^
Posted by: A-l-e-x-99 - 2009-03-19 06:38:05 PM
Review by Sepharos
Certainly a favourite of my played hacks.
This is up there in the ranks of Brutal Mario and Demo World.

Plot Synopsis: 9/10
It's very unique, and it flows pretty well with the game.
However, I think there are some parts that should have been better explained.

Overworld: 9/10
It's a very good custom overworld, and very creative as well.
There is the problem of confusion on where to go though.
You see, it is difficult to tell levels are in what order if you find a secret exit.

Design: 9/10
There are some very fun and creative levels, but there are a few annoying ones though.
Sometimes, I had to die once or twice to get through a certain section.
However, even the annoying ones were fun, so good job.

Effort: 10/10
You really improved on your first version.
Even the original had a lot of effort into it, but this accomplishes it all.
You had to put a lot of effort to successfully remake the game.

Originality: 10/10
I found absolutely nothing old in this hack.
You introduced something new into each level, a very surprising addition.
I had more fun each level because there was no repetitiveness.

Graphics: 9/10
The new enemies were really well done, and made the game very fun.
However, as for certain graphics, they weren't really well placed.
For example, the background of some areas I turned off since they distracted me easily.

Creativity: 10/10
This hack is very creative, and has nothing in common with other hacks.
Everything about this hack was custom made, and very well done.
The custom music was really well placed and great as well, great job.

Length: 8/10
Although the game is lengthy, it is easily beaten without going very far.
There are some areas which can be skipped entirely, making the game easier.
However,going back into levels that were skipped adds to the fun.

Difficulty: 7/10
Well, the first areas were pretty tough to start out with.
However, the game does have a low learning curve.
I was able to pick on mos things pretty quickly, thus making the game easier.

Entertainment: 10/10
As I've previousely stated, this is one of the best and most fun hacks I've played.
There is nothing that doesn't bring enjoyment to this game.
Some parts of the game are so fun that it's hard to quit once you reach them.

Overall: 91% (9/10)
This is a great game, everything is perfect or near perfect.
It's simply very fun and very well made.
I would, however, recommend this to those who are seasoned in playing Super Mario World.
However, everybody should enjoy this and play it without fail.
Posted by: Sepharos - 2009-03-10 03:08:35 PM
Review by Iron_Lion
When the Italian plumber first burst onto the scene in the days of hair metal and Run DMC, his simple adventure to save the one he loved provided no indicator for what lies in wait in the shroud encasing his path. Go back to 1986, and tell me that Mario is going to be battling through Bowser’s trans-dimensional battle ship, trying to stop the end of life in the Mushroom kingdom, and I would have immediately removed you from my domain. But now, hair metal is dead, and Run DMC is composed of old men. And Mario once again takes up the role of savior to all shroom-kind, this time, in a not so familiar setting.

Super Mario World – The Second Reality Project Reloaded accomplishes one thing very well; it reminds us all of why we started playing video games in the first place. It brings back the old familiar sensations that occur while jumping off 5 koopas in a row, dodging spike balls and thwomps, all while maintaining the pure brilliance of your finely groomed stache. That being said, the jubilant cheers of ninja like maneuvers do no last very long while playing this hack, it is not for beginners, or veterans who posses little to no patience. Luckily, being a Mario veteran, I was able to maintain most of my sanity while traversing the brilliantly designed levels. I do admit, I was on the brink once or twice during my sessions in which I fell victim to the heartless traps and obstacles laden (laden: to fill or cover abundantly) throughout.

Level Design: 8.5/10
Brilliantly crafted courses of mental anguish test the hardened Mario player, often times bringing the weaker ones to their knees. The designs themselves were flawless, but too many times was I greeted with challenges that seemed unnecessarily difficult and tedious. Balance is key, not only to Mario level designs, but to life as well.

Overworld: 8.5/10
To some, the overworld may play a bigger than small role in the overall game experience. For me, it is not negligible, but at the same time, it is not a thing to live and die by. The overworld was nothing special, but it was far from bad. The .5 tacked on there is directly related to the Second Reality overworld, I actually found that quite pleasant.

Music: 10/10
This is one of the aspects of this hack that really shines through, making you slow down just to serenade in the slow rhythmic musings. Or perhaps you pick up the pace, plowing through Bowser’s minions at an accelerated pace, wreaking havoc to the beat of a fast and furious jam. Either way, the music fits brilliantly into each and every level.

Graphics: 10/10
The potatoes to the level design meat, the graphics really give this hack the energy to go the extra mile, or ten. Stunningly beautiful backdrops, and solidly build terrain blocks make this hack stand above every other hack to ever hack. The atmosphere that is achieved due in most part to the astounding pixilated goodness that graces Mario’s path to vindication is nothing short of brilliant.

Overall: 9/10
Other than the too often enragingly difficult obstacles, this hack is flawless.
Posted by: Iron_Lion - 2009-03-08 08:27:04 PM
Review by Mastermind
This is definitely the best hack I've ever played and one of the best ever made! I think I could almost go thus far and say it IS the best hack out there. Why, well, let's see why:

Graphics: Just wow, you changed the background and the sprites of EVERYTHING (except the one of mario). The background themes are perfectly fitting to every level, they're various and just beautiful. There are so many custom blocks and altered (or inserted) enemies that you might sometimes think this is another game and I was highly impressed by the large, creative and glitch-free overworld.

Music: No old music themes, only new and self-created ones. From cheerful and happy music on green fields over mysterious and dark notes in caverns to eerie sounds in ghosthouses, there' always the right music to every occasion.

Story (SPOILERS): I have to say, the plot is what impressed me the most. The story about two (actually three) dimensions and bowser's (this time not trivial) plan to conquer the mushroom kingdom is really thought out and it made me play the last 30 (or so) levels in one go.

Leveldesign: The description says it and it's true, this hack is all about leveldesign. You will agree with me, that an extremely beautiful and bug-free hack is nothing, when it has crappy leveldesign. But this game (yes I call it a game and with 117 exits -more than the original game has- it deserves it) has so many unique and just brilliant ideas that I sometimes wondered how the hell were the creators able to add that in (eg. pursuing bullet bills or lava, which is no more deadly when having a star- things I've never seen before).
The difficulty starts off easy (or normal), but in the end the game gets really hard, which means you can only complete some stages by using savestates. But don't get me wrong, I don't consider that as a problem because since you have them, why not use them?

Originality: What else to mention here. Maybe the self-made bossfights, a high number of well hidden secret exits, the dimension gates,.... If I had to list everything which was unique and impressed me while I was playing this game (for hours because I tried to find every exit, and I was successful), this review would fill three pages.

The only points I'd like to criticise are the following: 1) One level (goombas playground I think it is) only contains three dragon coins instead of five (but that's only my finickiness I think). And 2) A level only built up of pipes is nice to play, but four (or so, I don't know exactly) are, for my part, a bit too much. If you wanted to find all of the dragon coins in one of them, you had to check almost every pipe (of the ca. 500 existing ones) out, which was a bit annoying to do, but since this is not essential to complete the game, it's not really a problem (I think I'm the only person who cares about collecting dragon coins anyway).

With all that said and hardly anything to criticise, there is only one thing left: "12/10" (okay, actually 10/10) points, brilliant job FPI (there are not much hackers like you out there). This could claim to be an original (Nintendo-made) mario game and for me it's even better than the original SMW!!!
Posted by: Mastermind - 2009-02-08 04:22:43 PM
Review by Shinnok
Okay. Time for the review.

Level Design: 9.5/10

It seems very detailed and very unlinear. I could give a 10 for this factor, but the overuse of pipes doesn't let me give 10. Imagine we trying to find secrets in a level that only consists of pipes, like that level "Pipeline Planet" or something like that. It's okay that is a Pipe planet, but... It's boring and repetitive. Also, it was the only boring level I found in the whole game (Well... I didn't find ALL of the secrets, but I'm close to it.). Also, the last boss (Bowser) was too easy. Even the standard Bowser Battle was more difficult than that.

Overworld Design: 7/10

The weakest point of the hack. Well, it has very few cutoff tiles (See Bowser's Palace if you're looking for one) and etc, but it is a mask of the original SMW overworld, besides Thirdspace and the Second Reality. See, everything in the Main Overworld looks exactly as in SMW! The first and second worlds are grasslands, third world is a cave, fourth world is a short and athletic world, fifth world is a forest, sixth world is a desert (Well, in the original game was a Chocolate Land, but they're close), and the seventh is Bowser's. That's really bad. I was expecting to see a complete new overworld, but that disappointed me.

Graphics: 10/10

Awesome work on these graphics. They're excellent. Everything seems to match, except SMW Mario with all other graphics. But that won't interfer me to rate this factor as a 10, because this is a so minor thing (I'd discount in the rate about 0.01) that I don't care. I'd prefer Redrawn Mario, but meh.. Who cares?

Music: 8.5/10

I'm not a music expert, but they look fine. Except I found some songs too catchy and boring... But there weren't many musics like that, so I'm going to rate it 8.5.

Plot: 10/10

A different story, but always Bowser as the main villain.. But finally Peach and her rescue isn't involved... I'm going to rate it as a 10 because it is original and unique.

Overall: 9/10

In general, this was an excellent hack, altough I'd never play it again (As I do in all hacks, except one) because of its lenght, as I don't like spending the whole time playing... There were few minor issues and one bad point that made the hack reach this rate. And, if you're looking for entertainement, and like SMW, play this. You wouldn't be disappointed.
Posted by: Shinnok - 2008-12-18 01:39:32 PM
Review by Hailstorm first I had mixed feelings about this hack. Part of it I liked, part of it just seemed boring to me. However, I eventually came to one final conclusion: TSRPR is an outstanding hack that took an unbelieveable amount of effort (at least I think), and deserves recognition for it.

Main Attraction (level design): 8/10
To me, this was the controversial part. Each level, although unique, seemed lacking a certain quality that I couldn't put my finger on. Each level had fun design, clever puzzles, neat gimmicks, everything a hack should have, but there was something missing...I still don't know, but this hack did a good job on everything else. Each area flowed together seemlessly. The obstacles and enemies always kept within the theme of the environment. There wasn't custom block/sprite overuse (then again, this was a remake of a hack made when none of those existed). My favorite levels were the ones in the second reality itself, that's where the level design is best. All in all, FPI did a great job designing this game.

OW Design: 8/10
I realize that the original game didn't have an original OW. This is why it's easy to see shades of the original OW in TSRPR. I don't mind much, as the new OW still has a new, fresh feel. I don't really have anything else to say...

Graphics: 10/10
HOLY CRAP. This hack has unbelieveable graphics! That must've taken a long time! Every level's graphics fit in beautifully, and each tileset was almost realistic. The later graphical remixes that are found in a certain world I don't want to spoil are fun to look at with their more humorous style. This is honestly the part of the hack that amazes me most.

Music: 10/10
AGAIN HOLY CRAP. I love this music! There's some really catchy tunes in here! Each one sets the mood perfectly, and I think that half of the fun of playing this hack is listening to the music as I play! My favorites are the main boss theme, Flying Fortress, Valley of Bowser and Bowser's Starship. Music hacking is too complicated for me to comprehend, which makes it even more impressive to hear this. Great job FPI!

ASM Hacks: 8/10
Wow, I like it! The ASM hacks here are small, yet many. From the standstill sprites that are used during cutscenes, to the HDMA found in more than half of the levels, to the way the game automatically resets to the title screen after the credits are done, the ASM here make TSRPR a very unique experience.

Overall: 88/100
Definitely one of the better hacks at SMW Central. I can definitely see how this got the top highest rating. No more need be said; amazing work, FPI.
Posted by: Hailstorm - 2008-11-18 08:57:00 PM
Review by Foursword4
Once upon a time, I wrote a review for this. When the *fixed* version was released, I suppose all the old reviews were wiped, including mine. Recently, I took upon myself the challenge on completing the game without using savestates. Although this is my second time beating the game, I will judge my review off my initial reactions, as well as my perspective from my second playthrough. There may be spoilers in this review, so I encourage readers to be careful when reading.

When the game starts, you are first introduced to a custom opening with cutscenes and pictures (I believe they're from Mario's Time Machine?) After that, you are placed within a beautiful overworld with custom music. The first two levels that are accessible both feature custom music of their own, along with custom graphics. From this point on, you know that this hack will excel in both of these areas.

And I must say, the graphics and the music really blew me away. Just about every piece of ExGFX was pure eye candy, and I knew how much effort was put into each and every set. I can't forget to mention the backgrounds either. In their own right...they are just as wonderful as their foreground couterparts.

The custom music featured in this hack is also jaw dropping. Every piece is wonderfully composed in their own rights. Of course, there are a few that I dislike, but that's just a personal taste. That doesn't stop me from admiring the effort put into the game. I LOVE all of the ending themes...such as March of the Roboxx, Yoshi's Final Flight, Bowser's Starship, and especially the Thirdspace theme.

Now onto the meat of the game: the story. Now, I have never played the original game, but at the start, the story seemed pretty straightforward: defeat the 7 Koopalings on your way to Bowser's world to stop his evil plan. Now...if I was to fly through the main path, the main story wouldn't have changed....much. The only "twist" persay is that Bowser moved to the Second Reality, which is the true final area. Now...I was speechless when I uncovered the secret within the Crashlanded Castle. This unveiling can possibly be the main reason this hack deserves stardom. This secret world was a welcome surprise...the story told here really draws you in...and adds a touch of "darkness" and "evilness" not present in most Mario hacks. You actually feel like you have a duty to preform...something I never felt in a hack at that point.

This hack doesn't rely on ASM or high amounts of HDMA to make it what it is. What makes this hack stand the test of time is the level design. Now...I'm speaking from a no savestate point of view...the difficulty wasn't high at all. For some reason...I found myself flying through some levels that I previously thought were difficult. This doesn't stand for all levels though...there are still a select few that I think are downright unfair...but they are still possible. I'll say that from expirience. The levels within Thirdspace...even though they are remakes of the levels in Chaos Complexx...are brilliant. I enjoyed those levels more than any other within the game.

The version that I played is the first version released. For some reason...I never re-downloaded the fixed version. Despite this...I only found one major error. (In Yoshi's Final Flight...but I already discussed this with you FPI.) Everything else was minor...and did not hinder gameplay a bit. I suppose some of these were fixed in Version 1.1 though.

All in all...this is my alltime favorite hack. Everything was executed perfectly. Every gamer should at least try this hack once, and see how a true hack should be presented and executed. This hack will stand the test of time...even longer than it's original did. Excellent job FPI, you deserve every word of praise for this masterpiece.

A give this a 10 out of 10.
Posted by: Foursword4 - 2008-09-21 10:06:56 PM
Review by UltiMario
This hack Lives up to its reputation as the best on SMW Central.
The Level design was beyond Perfect, Glitches are non-existant, and the game was simply created to perfection.

But, there are some problems. The Main one is the Difficulty Jump from Bowser's World to the Second Reality. I had a ABUSE savestates on some of the Levels to simply not run out of time, which happened too often in the world. Also, I've Found the Forest Area a Bit too difficult, too. Things dont quite seem in a perfect line, but all hacks cant have a perfect difficulty line, can they?

The ExGFX and Custom Music are beautifully Portrayed with eachother. The Music Fits with the ExGFX and the level itself, and the ExGFX portrays the level as Nintendo themselved would. Truely a Marvel.

I have yet to find all the exits, so I'm still looking for more in this game.

I rate 9/10
Posted by: UltiMario - 2008-09-20 04:21:55 PM
Review by S.N.N.
I have yet to write a solid review for this hack, and now it's finally time to do so.

Let me start off by saying that this is, by far, the best hack I have ever played. This has literally turned into an obsession for me, which has never happened with any hack before. Now, that could just be the fanboy side of me speaking, but read on to find out why this hack is pure gold.

Graphics: Original SMW graphics, mixed with tons of ripped and custom graphics. I did not detect a single clash as I played through, and that is exceedingly rare to find. From the winged fortresses, to the desert levels, to every other level, it was all beautifully put together.

Story: You know, the story is not really apparent at the start, but the more you play, the more it develops. Sounds generic? You're sadly mistaken. The whole Second Reality, and Thirdspace plots are written and laid out so well that they suck you right in. Of course, you'll be so into the story, that you won't realize that you have beaten the hack. Unfortunately, this will always lead to that dreaded question you'll ask yourself - "But what happens next?!"

Music: Being a music enthusiast, this would be the thing that I would look out for the most. 85% of the tracks in this hack are custom, and the other 15% are ported. Now, while this may apply to make hacks, it all comes down to one thing - were they well done, or were they sloppy? The tracks in this hack are beautiful sounding, and pleasing to listen to. Sure, I don't like all of them, but the ones I do like, I love. This is the first hack soundtrack that has made me say "wow".

Gameplay: I'm sure you already know that this is not an entirely new hack, but a remake of the original Second Reality Project. What seemed so basic back then seems so advanced with all of the new stuff added. I honestly could not tell that certain levels were remakes of the original TSRP's levels, as they just felt so .. different, even though they weren't. The gameplay itself is excellent, the puzzles are wonderful, and the level style varies heavily.

Difficulty: Those who have played TSRP2 will know that it was insanely difficult. This hack, on the other hand, is the perfect difficulty throughout. It starts off very easy, and gradually builds up to very tough, yet not impossible levels at the end. There are still a few unfair parts that you could almost say are all luck, but they are so few and far in between that you really don't notice.

I saw this hack, and I figured it would just be another one I would play, and then forget a week later. I was sadly mistaken. This hack will be one that will stick with me for, believe it or not, the rest of my life. The sheer enjoyment it has given me, and the effort that was put into it is amazing. I believe this will be the only time I say this and mean it, but .. I cannot wait for the epic conclusion of this trilogy.

Bravo, FPI.

Final Score: 10/10.
Posted by: o S.N.N. - 2008-09-01 01:03:50 AM
Review by gafin666
7 / 10

I was expecting quite a bit more from this hack considering it's reputation. Most of the game was pretty fun and I did enjoy it.

However the main feature of this hack, was the new graphics. They're good, but, a bit too good. This game really didn't need new skins for everything. Some I think were reasonable improvements such as the BLLAAARRGG!!! and the Clappers. But I think you've taken tha graphics to a level that this game just wasn't made for.

I think the overall feel of this hack, is good, thinking of it as a finished game. I'm sure if was the official SMW when I was a kid, I would have loved it.

Oh the music in this game is incredible. I really loved it. Not much edits on the bosses but the minor edits were really good.

I think this game has a good replay value. I've played alot of hacks now and alot of them I haven't ever been drawn to finding all the exits. I was determined to find them all in this one so well done on keeping me playing :)

Posted by: gafin666 - 2008-08-13 02:02:18 PM
Review by Agent Q
Now that I have fully completed the hack I can now review it. First of all to begin with, the Second Reality Project was fun to play with because of the good level design. But by giving it extra graphics, using HDMA, and improving the untouched overworld the game was drastically improved. A lot of people say that graphics do not matter, but when they are well made and smooth, I think they do. I seriously enjoyed every second of this hack. I like all the secrets and the level design used in Chaos Complexx was legendary. I also enjoyed seeing my favorite Sonic 1 level Labyrinth Zone in action. I love this hack. I cannot wait to see your next masterpiece FPI! 10/10
Posted by: Agent Q - 2008-07-22 12:51:16 PM
Review by hhallahh
Alright. I'll start off by saying that I always have had a soft spot for TSRP1, it was definitely one of my favorite hacks of the Demo World era, and imo probably better than Demo World itself, the main problem was that it wasn't very technically ambitious. There were some nice new graphics, but the overworld was mostly a pallet swap of the original SMW overworld and there were no custom blocks/sprites (though I think custom blocks were just catching on at the time.) I remember years ago telling FPI that if he just rereleased the hack with a new overworld, it would be completely awesome and possibly the best hack of all time.

Well, instead FPI went a step further, not only giving the game a new overworld but a graphical overhaul, as well as adding some of the polishes typical of SMW hacks nowadays - custom music and cutscenes. Adding custom blocks and sprites would've required more editing of the gameplay than this update had in mind, so I can't begrudge their absence in the original content. I'll go on to comment on the specific aspects of the game.

Level design / Gameplay - This is always where FPI has excelled, and TSRP1 is still excellent in this regard. Not to say that FPI hasn't improved some, but most of the improvements are due to the new ideas that deeper editing allows. Honestly, though, it doesn't get much better than this. The original TSRP1 was quite a difficult hack even by that day's standards, which makes it really, really difficult by today's standards (lawl @ SMI2 being "too hard"), which eventually prompted FPI to create an easier version which I never played. Although this remake is supposedly based on this easier version, it isn't that much easier, so be warned... it's still a fairly difficult hack.

Keep in mind, there is some new content, I believe. I think TSRP1's Star World has been completely redone (at the least, it has 7 levels now instead of 5), and there are a few new secret exits and bonus areas. And, of course, an obligatory secret world that wasn't in TSRP1 at all and utilizes the new blocks/sprites which weren't in the original. I will say that the last couple new levels were quite excellent and really illustrate how the increased depth of SMW hacking contributes to good level design. I hope that there are a lot of levels like these in TSRP3! But the fact that these levels exist explain why I'm going to rate this hack as 9/10 rather than 10/10... because there's a lot of room for improvement nowadays in terms of level quality.

Graphics - This is one of the major focal points of the new hack, and FPI doesn't disappoint. This is definitely one of the most lush and high-quality large hacks in terms of graphics available.. which isn't a surprising result giving that FPI had conscripted the help of some of the community's A-list graphical talent. While not all of the graphical choices were too my liking (I'm not a fan of the pastel alien environments, and I was hoping that the levels leading up to Bowser's airship would be more cyberpunkish/futuristic in feel), this is largely a matter of personal taste. One of the major pluses that TSRPR has even over TSRP2 is that the graphics quality is much more consistent across the game.. TSRP2 had wildly varying graphical quality due to the diversity of the source material that was ripped, and overall this hurt some. TSRP1's graphics just go together better... you don't have a level with a Burning Bridges-style 2.5D layout, and then something that looks like it was ripped from a Gameboy Game, etc.

Also, getting all the Sonic graphics working is probably pretty amazing, although this has probably been done for other hacks. Nevertheless...

Overworld - Like I said, I think FPI could've just made a new overworld and rereleased the hack and it would've been a lot better, but obviously he went further than this. However, the new overworld is very pretty, but it's also one of my main gripes about the hack. Like I said, TSRP1's original overworld was just a recolored SMW overworld, and TSRPR's overworld is a close isomorph of TSRP1's... so while the graphics and layout are new, it's still extremely easy to see the similarities between the new overworld and the original SMW one. If someone were to release a new hack like this (7 worlds total, 3rd world is a cave world, 5th world is a forest, 7th world is a lava/cave world..) they'd be criticized, and I do think FPI could've done better to avoid this by swapping levels around in the hack. It's not a big deal, just something that bothered me.

Music - Yep, like all good hacks nowadays, TSRPR features some mediocre-quality custom tunes that make me feel like I'm playing Doom.. which isn't a bad thing, that mostly means that you know that the songs would be awesome if they weren't constrained by the engine. Well, some of them at least. There were several good tracks, and a few really bad ones, and unfortunately it seemed like the bad ones were relatively common. I'm just going to hope that the quality of custom music improves someday.. overall it was a plus, though.

Blocks/sprites - Like I said, since there weren't many custom blocks/sprites in TSRP1, there aren't many in TSRPR... except for the entirely-new levels, where you saw the usual set of new foes, which was mostly nice. The use of fans in one of the levels was creative (I don't think that was a really new block, though, just a good use of the custom block which pushes Mario around slowly), the Bully sprite got some good use (I've seen it in other hacks, but not in any full releases... I imagine that it's going to be in all good hacks now, it's pretty cool), and there were even a couple custom bosses which were pretty neat, although still not anywhere close to Brutal Mario-quality. Oh, and there were also "smart bullet bills" which imo moved way too fast.

Plot - Storyline, in my SMW? It's more common than you'd think nowadays. I really enjoyed TSRP1's presentation, though. The plot wasn't tl;dr, it was believable (insofar as a Mario plot can be), and the use of cutscenes with accompanying graphics was excellent. Overall, the story made sense and it tied well into TSRP2. And maybe it's not really part of the "plot", per se, but I did like the use of the Top Secret area to give game hints.

Overall - To be blunt, TSRPR is easily in the running for the best hack ever made. Sadly, it doesn't seem like many quality full-length hacks are completed anymore, so there's not much competition between SMI2, Anitiki's hacks, and TSRP2. imo TSRPR beats all of these (yes, even TSRP2), and will probably reign for some time. Even if it doesn't have awesome technical qualities like Brutal Mario, it blows other hacks away on the fundamentals. Like I said, I'm not giving this hack 10/10 because there are lots of ways it could be better given the current knowledge that hackers have, but it still blows away the competition for now.

Thanks for Ran Yakumo for saving this review from being lost. I originally wrote it sometime in June, I believe.
Posted by: hhallahh - 2008-07-22 01:47:30 AM
Review by dottedgirl
This has gotten to be the best hack in existence.

I always have, I do, and I will, have a strong belief that level design is more importan than anything, as I'm sure a lot of people do. This hack's levels are fun, challenging, well planed and creative. There are a few problems in some levels here and there (like enemies placed in cheap areas) but really the amount of outstanding levels is way more than the amount that have extremely minor problems that you don't even think about. So for the levels, I give 9.9987452/10.

Next, you seemed to say "How can this possibly get any better?" Well, you decided to put well chocen, very nice looking ExGFX in to make the levels, sprites and overworld look super spiffy. And then, what's this? You have all of this custom music put in to go along with the graphics? AMAZING! I haven't once found a problem with the audio/visual apearence of this hack. So, for apearence/style, 10/10

And now, for the smaller stuff put into one category. Nice twist to the usual Mario vs. Bowser plot, I must say. I love the difficulty of this hack, even though I have gotten pretty pissed at some of the levels, I do love a challenge. Finally, your overworld design is great, and your secret exits and pathways are amazingly thought of. So, I shall give you a 10/10.

No hack is perfect. But this is pretty dang close in my opinion-9.9999999999985468796123499/10 Overal (10/10)
Posted by: dottedgirl - 2008-07-08 02:28:55 PM
Review by Mama Luigi
Ages ago, when TSRP was made, it had only one thing, level design. That was okay, because back then, EXGFX was pretty hard to use for many people and Custom Music was impossible back then. Overworld editing was still possible, but FPI chose not to do that anyways, but I didn't mind the unedited overworld for the first hack. However, when I saw the remake, I was so impressed.

Level Design:
Same as the last. If you were to play TSRP, you'd remember how the game here would go. However, some levels are setted up differently. The only levels you'll probably see differently is Super Mario Land (Echo of Birraburuto) and the fact the Switch Palaces are secret areas. Later on though ... you'll see some new stuff.

Just amazing. Most comes from SMW Redrawn, but you might recognize a few of the graphics from games like Megaman X, Super Adventure Island, and even the ridiculed Mario is Missing game. All graphics fit in perfectly.

Love it! It looks slightly edited, but no biggie. The "First World" is removed for a (Spoilers) ... but anyways, you might try to pull off a shortcut by trying to go through the Tidal Wave or Flying Fortress level ... instead it makes you go back a linear path. The overworld has gotten rid of the secret paths, and the Second Reality Worlds are pretty neat as well. The Sonic Zones are just amazing, and I think FPI tried pulling off Demo World TLC by making all of the portals go through the major castles. I loved how the overworld was changed in the Second Reality Worlds, because they look different.

Custom Music:
Another thing I love. However, I didn't recognize too many musics, but I liked a few of them. My favorites were Ludwig's Castle, Castle, Boss Battle, Yoshi's Final Flight, Starship Bowser, Orbital Station, and such. I loved how the Sonic musics were in ALL of the zones (I was quite dissapointed on Labyrinth Zone's though) but I loved Scrap Brain Zone's how it remixed both the Genesis and the Gamegear versions. I can't wait until TSRP3 comes out and see what FPI has to put in there ... custom ASM bosses, enemies, and such ... which speaking of ...

ASM (This has spoilers, so if you don't like being spoiled, DO NOT READ THIS!!!)

One part I found dissapointing in the game was the final boss. He was WAY too easy, and reminded me of Mouser. I would of thought the Klown Kopter would of been more dissapointing, but I laughed REALLY hard when I noticed Bowser throwing bombs randomly. It took me a long time to go through the starship, so it was actually hard. The Thirdspace World was amazing, and I liked how the random aliens were there, the big alien acted like Bully from Super Mario 64, and the cutscenes that were present. Even though the Bowser Battle was dissapointing, that doesn't mean I'm not rating this hack a 10/10.

10/10 - Perfect Hack! Can't wait until the 3rd one!
Posted by: Mama Luigi - 2008-07-07 01:11:53 AM

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