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Details for Super Mario World: The Secret of the 7 Golden Statues
Hack Name: Super Mario World: The Secret of the 7 Golden Statues - 1.3 MB - 20527 downloads.
Added: 2010-09-11 09:45:58 AM
Rating: 0.0 (0)
Reviews: 12 (jump to reviews)
Length: 86 exits
Author: mario90 - Submitted by: mario90
Description: Note: Only works fully in ZSNES 1.51+. Very glitchy in other emulators.

A hack I have been working on over the course of last September.

Story: Mario and Luigi were heading back to Peach's Castle after another one of their amazing adventures, however as soon as they walk in, Peach sends them out on another mission to collect the 7 Golden Statues which Bowser had stolen from her not long ago. Where did they come from? And what's so bad about Bowser stealing some statues?

Play and find out!

Even when the game ends, theres more to do!

-A few new animations
-Ground Pounding
-New Powerups
-Custom Enemies
-Custom Music
-Custom Bosses
-Item System (like SMB3/NSMBW)
-Pause Menu
-An Original Mario-like Story

And much much more!

Known bugs:
-Luigi might sometimes cause the music to reset on the Overworld when in World 4 and 6.
-Luigi will use Mario's GFX on the Overworld temporarily when you save the game, reset and come back to it.
-When using the Ice Flower I have made Mario/Luigi revert to their normal colors on the Overworld because for some reason they are transparent when they have that power while on the Overworld.
-At certain points in the game Luigi might warp to other places on the map. Don't worry however you cannot get stuck anywhere because of a feature I put in which I won't spoil here.
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Review by LogoFan121092
I just finished this hack a few minutes ago, so now I can give a full review.

Graphics 10/10: Nothing to complain about here, just one big melting pot of graphics from other Mario games.

Sound 9/10: Once again, a melting pot. I heard music from Mega Man, Yoshi's Island, New Super Mario Bros. and others while playing.

Story 8/10: Good effort on inserting an original story; World 6 was a really big turning point in the plot.

Level Design 8/10: Good, often great. Liked seeing the occasional obstacle requiring a certain ability (a giant pit in 3-4). Levels 7-5 and 7-6 were really cool, even though the latter was a bit annoying.

Overworld 9/10: Looks good, although World 8 appeared a bit bland (it's supposed to be barren, but still). The second half of World 7... wow, how did you get Yoshi to do that???

Difficulty 8/10: This had a good difficulty curve, though the bosses rose a little ways above the regular levels. I was actually thoroughly confused by Barry the Blargg in 3-7, and had to look up a video to figure out what to do, and even then it required lots of savestates to finally kill him. I had been able to play without any savestates up to this point, so it kind of threw me (and it was even more frustrating during the rematch at the very end of the game). I played all levels up to World 8 without savestates; one exception was the escape part of 6-5, where the falling blocks made it insanely hard to get through. I used savestates on most boss battles after World 3, though the World 5 boss and fortress bosses up to 8-6 didn't give me as much trouble.

Overall 9/10:
Posted by: LogoFan121092 - 2011-11-16 02:00:21 AM
Review by mangolo
MUSIC: (6/10) There's not a big variety of musics. Some of them, mainly the rest areas music, were really overused on the game, while some just played 2 or 3 times. Also, some musics just don't fit the level atmosphere (dark levels with happy musics). This happens mostly on the last levels; the first worlds are great.


GRAPHICS: (10/10) You created some very nice atmospheres concerning other mario games. You placed well the enemies along the scenario, making the ambient very close the original ones, like SMW2 and SMB3.


OVERWORLD: (7/10) The entire overworld is well done. The only main problem is when we must use yoshi to get to the space levels. Everytime you switch between mario and luigi, you must use the whistle to return to peach's castle and get yoshi again, as you always lose him when you die in a level. That's really upseting.


LEVELS: (7/10) Like I said before, levels fit the atmosphere well. There are many orginal ideas here I never saw in any other hack before. Plus, this is one of the first hacks I played we can start and finish without having to save and load states all the time. Good job there. However, there are also some lack of creativity here. There are many levels based on grinders and chainsaws.
Piranha plants, venus traps and the pipe cannons were hugely overused over near all levels. After sometime, it gets repetitive and boring, since you know what will happen and know what you have to do. The monty moles comming out of the ground, after their first appearance, also gets a little repetitive.
The star coins feature is great. None of them are really hard to get. Anyone who pays a bit of attention to the hints on the levels will find them without major problems. I felt like you thought how people will think where they are while playing the level, and that's amazing.
Minigames are a very nice feature, but they are just too easy and can let people get too many items. The new powerups lose their "special feeling".

Now, pointing some specific levels:
2-4 Mushroom Falls: pretty interesting level. Fits well with the music and the background. The turnips and the POWs created a new challenge.
4-3,4-4 Pyramid Pass: This is one of the most interesting ambients, different from most desert scenarios from most hacks. Cool, man.
6-5 An Unexpected Appearance: Great job here. This level interacts well with the game story, and the timed escape makes it more professional.
6-6 Peach Level: This was an unexpected appearance. Nice idea.
8-1 Deep Dark Caverns: Very original level. The problem is, like I said, the overused monty moles up to this point, since the forest levels.
8-5 Valley Ghost House: Simple puzzle, but that's not a bad thing. I just thought the normal exit to be more hidden than the secret one.
World 9: It's pretty disapointing. The levels are short compared to the others, and easier than the game's average difficulty. Unfortunately, there's nothing special on this world. I would say, if you are having a hard time finding the stars, think twice, because this world is just made of some random levels (2 of them with the rest area music), not very well designed.
Castles: They were usually not very ambientative (except for the icy one). Doesn't matter if you are on the desert or on the space, they are always the same.


BLUE SWITCH PALACE: (0/10) You must complete the level "3-6 Piranha Plant Cave" before completing the level "3-A Cailey, the Cheep Cheep's Cave" one. If you complete the level 3-A by passing the exit point instead of activating the palace switch, they path to castle 3 will be bugged. It will appear, but after you complete level 3-6, you won't be able to use the path, and there's no way to continue the game from this point.
ITEM BOX: (3/10) Once you turn it off, you can't turn it on again, not even if you reset the game.
UNWANTED YOSHI: (9/10) On the level "7-7 Moon Fortress", you can't enter the castle while riding yoshi. But you can get him inside once you get the midpoint and die. His tongue graphics are bugged. You can't use him to defeat the lakitu boss, though. It's not a serious bug.
Bugs Overall: 4/10

Even with the problems, the game is still enjoyable due to the many added features. The game itself is a new challenge and obviously hard worked. But you should fix the palace bug. I lost my whole game after I got to the world 3.



Posted by: mangolo - 2011-07-21 01:28:21 PM
Review by TheDestroyer
Might as well share my opinions on this hack.
I love this hack. This hack is just...amazing. This hack is easily one of the best on this site in terms of gameplay, IMO. The graphics in general thoughout the game were very well chosen/done and great to look at. The story wasnt anything too special, but it was different, atleast. The music is excellent, easily one of this game's strongest perks. Now for the gameplay.
I had a ton of fun playing this hack. The level design is really fun throughout, and the ability to play as Luigi and the new moves is a real nice addition. The bosses were also real fun. I guess the only thing that can be improved is the item system - like others said, it's glitchy, and the game doesnt really tell you how to use it (IIRC). Not that I minded, however, since I didnt really even need to use it.

Outstanding job on this, mario90! You've made my day when I played this a while back.
Posted by: TheDestroyer - 2010-12-25 04:07:29 AM
Review by RussRox
this is tied with SW2+3 the essense star, it is also the best hack i've ever played. I'm am really impressed with the short time it took you to make such a masterpiece.

GFX 7.5/10- yeah the GFX where ok, even thought most of it was from YI i think you could have been a bit more creative with that.

ASM 11/10- this hack had the best display of ASM i have ever seen! nice job! i'm glad to see new powerups for once and i really liked mari new moves.

music 8/10- yeah, the music was kinda abnoxious, and it really didn't fit the setting in some places. if your going to make a new version i'd really pay attention to choosing new music.

level design 11/10- wow! with those new powerups and moves and stuff i thought it would make the levels to easy, but no, everything just seemed to fall into place. and there was something new in almost every level. not one level in the whole hack was boring outstanding!

overworld 6/10- yeah, the overworld wasn't that interesting. you probly could have been more creative than that. i would suggest getting some inspiration from other good hacks.

story 8/10- it was decent, i liked that i really was like an original super mario bros. story, but you could've been a little more creative.

overall 8./10- nice job! some places were better than others, but it was a really good hack that needs some work.

errors- well i did notice some errors, like sometimes mario's and luigi's palatte get's scewed up, especially in the overworld when you first start up the hack.
Posted by: RussRox - 2010-11-04 10:17:09 AM
Review by hhallahh
Overall, I enjoyed this hack quite a bit.. it's the best out in months, but that's not saying much. However, it's not quite a classic in my opinion. My breakdown:

Graphics - 7/10: Featured the usual eclectic mixture of SMAS/SMW/YI graphics that a lot of mediocre hacks have. Also has some assets from other games. The barrels for barrel blast looked terrible. I can't fathom why more custom graphics weren't used to make things not clash so much. Given all of this, however, the graphics were used well and levels were atmospheric enough.

Music - 7/10: Default SMW music, plus a bunch of ripped tracks from other games, most of which are instantly recognizable as much. Not much else to say here.

ASM - 8.5/10: A lot of good custom enemies, although I'm not sure how many of them were developed for this hack specifically. The bosses were pretty good overall, although one specific comment is that the high platforms make it easy to cheese the World 9 boss. There were a lot of level-specific tricks that were nice but most of them weren't used to create incredibly novel gameplay. This is the first hack I've played where walljump/longjump/sidejump were used and I suspect that it won't be the last. The walljump in particular has a ton of potential for new gameplay tricks, but it wasn't used very well in this hack. I got the feeling that these things were only added after most of the level design was completed, and the author didn't go back and change much to accommodate their potential.

Oh, and the new powerups were good.

Level Design - 7.5/10: Bland at first, then improves some at World 6 or so. Not much worth commenting on here, there wasn't much that was wrong per se, it just wasn't new and/or exciting for the most part. Secrets were generally on the easy side to find.

Structure - 8/10: The story is there at times, and is pretty interesting when it is, especially again after World 6. But otherwise the plot is absent from most of the game. There are a few cool extras, like the boss rush mode.. I couldn't get the minigames to work well, however. One specific thing that should be fixed is in the NSMB-style secret world, 9-5 and 9-6 should be switched... since the forest world is world 5 and the ice world is world 6, 9-5 should be forest and 9-6 should be ice. Instead it's the other way around. More broadly, the secret world felt largely uninspired (leftovers from the other worlds?), and I'm not sure if there's any reward for beating the boss there.

Overall - 7.5/10 (round to 8 for rating): Despite my criticism, this is still a solid, fun hack which offers some new tricks which will probably be common in future hacks. However, in my view it lacks the sort of polish seen in its closest comparison, The Essence Star. Still, like I said, it's the best hack out since last spring probably, so I definitely recommend it.
Posted by: hhallahh - 2010-09-25 09:32:53 PM
Review by Nintendude88
Now this is a very good hack. I enjoyed it a lot.
Tons of custom things which is definitely
an A+ in my book. It's great to have custom music in hacks
but this hack could of had a variety of custom music. Here
are my ratings.

Level Designs 10/10-Level design was ranged from level to level. Not too hard, not to easy. Loved the custom asm bosses. Also, those star coins
were good to find once you got farther in the game (not too hard or too easy). This hack has familiarity with SMB1-3 and a little bit of Yoshi's
Island. Overall, the levels were fun to play. Also, I love the ASM in this hack too.

Music 9/10-It's great that this hack has custom music but this hack could of had a variety of tracks (especially in levels).

Overworld 9/10- The Overworld is nicely designed whether is designed in grass or ice.

Graphics 9/10- Many of the levels did use Yoshi's Island ExGFX but at least nothing looked horrible.

Overall 9/10
As stated before, this hack is enjoyable. definitely not straightforward and not too difficult. I also really like when hacks have custom ASM bosses or anything that
is custom made. It makes the hack more unique. There were a couple of bugs that I saw but nothing major. For the people who haven't played this, I recommend that you do.
Kudos to you mario90 and everyone else that helped.
Posted by: Nintendude88 - 2010-09-25 07:56:51 PM
Review by CanadianHitmanX
This has to be one of the best.. if not the BEST hack I have played. This hack delivered the right amount of difficulty. The levels were perfectly designed, and there was never a feeling of "I've seen this before". Every level was different and amazing in its own way. The custom music fit each level to a T. I admit there was some times I cursed your name, but then I figured out I was doing the task wrong. The game only crashed once, but a simple restart and reply of one level fixed that right up. And the wall jump was a perfect idea. It saved me from falling to my death. The only slight annoyance in this hack was the butt-splat, this got me kill in a few boss fights, because my finger hit the wrong button on my controller.

My rating:


Great job.

I hope you consider doing more.

Posted by: CanadianHitmanX - 2010-09-21 11:54:29 PM
Review by GoldenSonic15
This is amazing. I haven't found all the stars yet, so I haven't done the secret world, but I need to review this!

Level Design-9/10 Stars feeling a tiny little bit repetitive the farther you go in, but it's still quite possibly one of the funnest, if not the funnest, games I've ever played.

Music-10/10 Really great music. There are some songs I don't like, but I'm not gonna be a brat about it.

Graphics-10/10 Really nice mix of graphics. Normally I don't like it when people mix styles too much, but you did an amazing job of it.

Overworld-9.5/10 The world order was a bi similar to SMW's, but amazing overowlrd otherwise.

Cusstom Stuff-9.5/10 There are lotsa glitches with some of the sprites (For example, go into Peach's Castle/Toad House/Rest Area, pause the game, and unpause it. Look at the NPCs/the bro you're not playing as), and the Mouser battle? Really? If you're gonna have a mouser battle in your hack, then don't make it so that you have to jump on his head, that is increibly confusing.

Overall-9/10 Amzing hack, I even gave it a 10/10 in the ratings. No game is perfect, but this really deserves that 10/10 if you somehow manage to fix the bugs.
Posted by: GoldenSonic15 - 2010-09-18 09:56:13 AM
Review by YoYoKirby
played 100% through it, loved it, theres no reason for a full review because everything is..

OVER 9000!!!!!/10

of course, there are a couple of things that could have been better, the secret world could lead to a secret ending, but nope, just the start.. although if you ever decide to create a sequal (if this isnt a prequel) start it off at the star world.. also you never told us about the stars secret, I might have to go back to bowsers castle with all star coins to see if theres anything there. also, aircraft... AWESOME, although if this does get a sequel, make a sky world (much like the part from world 7 with yoshi) where the only transportation is the vehicle, but yeah if you ever want to replay a level, that aircraft is awesome. so eh, lets see the real review of this eh?

Graphics: 10/9.8 well, its awesome, but.. sometimes you might encounter DUN DUN DUNNN glitch.. and the mario and luigi switching glitch its not the fast foward, if your holding down C it will mess up the graphics after a level, mostly happens when people fast forward leaving a level.

Gameplay: 10/9.9: It mixes NSMB/NSMBW with SMW and SMB3, walljumping, High Jump, the leaf powerup, witch in my opinion I did NOT like.. mainly because I hate pressing Z (I use Z for jumping) multiply times and it wears out my fingers.

Story: 10/9 (SPOILERS)Its not a Save peach story.. and the best part, peach gets off her lazy ass and saves herself when she gets kidnapped, I also hate you for making LUIGI get kidnapped and not escape on his own, I dont mind him getting kidnapped (even when I only play as him) but peach can save herself and not him? WTF? (sorry for using internetslang, no cussing) Lost one point for that!

Music: 10/11 I overshot it I know but why? because the music is beepING AWESOME, always sets the mood of the level and world, the FX was great too, I love how in world 7 you made the FX echo, GENIUS

Overworld: 10/6 Yeah it was awesome, BUT a stereotypical world map type thing. although the yoshi/aircraft thing was genius, It felt like a stereotypical worldmap, in the stereotypical order.

This Hack:
1st world: starter
2nd world: a green plain type area
3rd world: a underground/cave area
4th world: Desert world (NEW but seen alot in romhacks)
5th world: Forest
6th world: Snowy place (NEW but seen alot in romhacks)
7th World: SPACE (NEW and not used much in romhacks but its not original either)
8th World: Finaly (Although in original its world 7)

1st world: starter
2nd world: a green plain type area
3rd world: a underground/cave area
4th world: Mountain type area
5th world: Forest
6th world: Chocolate world? with death chocolate? ???
7th World: Finaly

See the comparison? well.. I was a bit harsh.. donut plains was supposed to be.. a donut like place, although was very green plain type thing... with lake

Overall: 45.7/50 OR 9.14/10 OR about 4 1/2 stars
Posted by: YoYoKirby - 2010-09-17 07:13:05 PM
Review by nnn
After playing this hack, i found that is a remake version of Mario and the legend of the 7 Golden Mushrooms. I really like how you use custom stuff in this hack and also custom ASM. However i don't like too much the level design. I feel that the levels turn repetitive in terms of gameplay after world 4. Most of castle levels are similar and overused the same sprites like the pipe bullet bill shooter, meanwhile i found that you don't use some stuff that SMW has.
Another thingh that i don't like is that I found a lot of graphical glitches and other glitches that involve certain stuff. Also i think you were to lasy putting ExGFX because i found in cave level that you don't use the corner tiles and also you don't add any decorations for those levels. You have to work in graphics because while the hack has a good graphic style you don't aproach very well the ExGFX stuff.
Also some bosses aren't good like the first Bowser one.

When i played this hack i found a great hack in terms of stuff and plot, however i was dissapointed by the consistency of level design and graphics.

Also one thingh that i hate in your hacks are your pyramid levels. Those levels have horrible foreground. You should add better graphics for the foreground in those levels (like the smb2 one).
Other level i hate is the first castle. You don't add decorations and tiles for the ceiling for this level :(.

Here are the scores:

Level design: 6/10. If you improve some levels (making it less repetitives and more uniques) and the graphics, this section will raise up.
Graphics and decorations: 4/10. You have to work more here.
ASM, sprites, blocks, etc: 8/10. (-2 for the problems i found with it)
Music: 8/10
Plot: 10/10. Simply and sweet.
OW: 8/10
Replay value: 7/10

Overall: 7/10. Good hack but don't the best ever made. I will be happy if you release a new version fixing most of glitches and with graphics improvements. If this hack would have better graphics in the levels and a little better level design, could have been better than SMW 2+3, TSRPR and others...
Posted by: nnn - 2010-09-12 04:43:19 PM
Review by Mariowings77
Um... Why isn't this hack Featured? I've played through the majority of the hack, up till bowsers castle, and gotten every exit. The only thing I haven't done as of now is the ninth world. The level design was pretty good. It had it's moments. Especially the ghost house at the end of the game. That really got me. Twas a lot of fun. Some of it was repetitive. Especially the bullet bill shooters coming out of the pipes everywhere after world five. Again, this hack had it's ups and downs.


Music & Graphics : I'm basing these together since the majority of it came from yoshi's island it seemed. 8/10. Yoshi's Island graphics are a bit overused me thinks, but it was good. They're not bad by any means, just overused in my opinion.

Gameplay : 10/10 - The asm and the gimmicks involved were fun. The secrets involved and the idea of having to collect certain items to obtain a new world of game play is always good.

Story : 9/10 - For some reason, it reminded me a lot of the essence star. Go figure.

Overall : 9/10. I liked it. Nuff said.
Posted by: Mariowings77 - 2010-09-12 02:21:22 PM
Review by idiot9.0
I'm only on World 4 but I can safely say that this is a great hack.

Graphics: There's a combination of SMW Graphics mixed in with those of
SMB3 and Yoshi's island, and they all fit in well. 10/10

Overworld: Simple, but pleasing change. 10/10

Levels: Not too hard, not too easy. Nicely done levels keep things
fresh. 10/10

Custom Stuff: There is so much of it in this hack, and it all flows
together well, from the new power-ups to the Mario 3 inspired item
storage system. Executed perfectly. 10/10

Difficulty: The difficulty curve goes up at a steady pace during the
levels, so it will not overwhelm you. However, the World 3 boss took
more effort than needed, and I lost about 15 times on him alone.
I'd say...8/10 here

Glitches/Bugs: Two things here:
1/Sometimes the sprites get messed up for no reason
2/If you fast-forward while switching between mario and luigi, the
screen turns black, and if you enter a level when this happens,
the level appears blurry.
These are the only things I've noticed so far. 6/10

Add it up and it equals-45/50, or 9/10

This is indeed a great hack and you should try it out.

Congrats to you for making a great hack, mario90. Can't wait to see
more from you.
Posted by: idiot9.0 - 2010-09-11 07:54:56 PM

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