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Boss music hardcoded?
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Title says it all - when I go to bypass the music in boss battles, it just keeps loading the original boss music. Is there any simple way to fix this that I am overlooking, or is there a routine I need to hack or something?

Did you try the Rom Map?
There is nothing in the ROM map, I guess it's hardcored like title screen and intro level. You got to find the hex code by yourself...
The intro screen isn't hardcoded as far as I know. I was able to change the music on that fine, but it shares with the castle destruction sequence music.

Meh .. if anyone has any ideas on the boss music problem, that would be awesome.
why don't you turn a regular room into a
boss room?

If it sounds pointless, then forget about it
S.N.N expected help from pros -_-
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Meh .. if anyone has any ideas on the boss music problem, that would be awesome.

STHU! Remnic, read posts and don't be an

Well, I think it would work because a regular level slot
using custom music should stay custom when the level
mode changes.
Don't start a flame war - I just want an answer to a not-so-simple question and not arguments.

I've already tried setting the boss to No Music, custom music, etc. It will always, always play the original boss theme unless I change the level mode to 00 - but this kills the purpose since Morton can't be used in a regular level (well, he can, but his graphics are screwed)

If I could track down the boss music offset, I might be able to pull something off with it, but as of now, it's not looking promising.
Last edited on 2007-09-25 05:32:57 PM by S.N.N..
Well, at the very least, Reznor doesnt have to have boss music playing, as you can use him perfectly in non-boss levels with the right ExGFX and such.
Reznor wouldn't really work for what I had in mind, but you're right about it working in regular levels.

This is just going around in circles. My whole point of this thread was asking if there was any way to fix the hardcoded music or change the music in the boss battle without screwing with the level mode.
Useful Hex codes:

x0D24F $01:D04F 1 byte Music Boss defeated music
x0897B $01:877B 1 byte ASM Goal point sphere/boss killed code?

well, sorry. Thats all I could find >_-
so, when you try to use custom music it just uses bowser's music? or does it start the custom music and then switch when peach comes out?
No delmaru, He is talking about boss music,
not Bowser Music.
I bet mikeyk might know how... >_>
$05/853F B7 65       LDA [$65],y[$06:8689];level data in ROM map
$05/8541 STA $00    [$00:0000]   
$05/8543 AA          TAX                     
$05/8544 29 0F       AND #$0F                
$05/8546 8D 2B 19    STA $192B  [$00:192B]   
$05/8549 8A          TXA                     
$05/854A 4A          LSR A                   
$05/854B 4A          LSR A                  
$05/854C 4A          LSR A                   
$05/854D 4A          LSR A                   
$05/854E 29 07       AND #$07                 ;max 8 variables
$05/8550 AA          TAX                     
$05/8551 BF DB 84 05 LDA $0584DB,x[$05:84E1] 
$05/8555 AE DA 0D    LDX $0DDA  [$00:0DDA]   
$05/8558 10 02       BPL $02    [$855C]      
$05/855C CD DA 0D    CMP $0DDA  [$00:0DDA]  
$05/855F D0 02       BNE $02    [$8563]      
$05/8563 8D DA 0D    STA $0DDA  [$00:0DDA]    $0DDA store

That would look alot better with a monospace font...

RAM map tells me $0DDA is the music select, which happens to be written to $2142. The first ROM address in the code is in the level data, and Y reg = 02 when accessing, so it's the third byte in the level data I guess. The high 4 bits of it, anyway of which there's 8 variables for it.

At 0584DB is the actual music bytes themselves. The one being accessed is the boss track (05h). Changing these 8 bytes to 05h for example makes every ingame level have boss music. I suppose you're in for some manual pointer work since LM doesn't want to change it.

EDIT: I don't think I was very clear...To change the music of a level manually:

1. Lookup 24bit pointer according to the level number at:
2E200 $05:E000 1,536 bytes Pointer Level data pointer table (Layer 1)

2. Change the third byte's high 4 bits, at the pointed to address, (max 8 variables) to your track of choice.

SMW doesn't care of it's a boss level. I tried it with the first boss battle (Lemmy?) and there's no issue.
Last edited on 2007-09-26 08:38:59 AM by smkdan.
Thank you so much smkdan, that's exactly what I was looking for. I will test it out tonight and see how it works.
Originally posted by TLMB
No delmaru, He is talking about boss music,
not Bowser Music.

Bowser = boss
He means regular boss music. Not final boss music.
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