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Ask anything about SMW Hacking [V.2.0]
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I meant the effects. I know you have to make it yourself. (EDIT: LEVEL UP! WOO!)
Last edited on 2008-12-14 02:27:40 PM by ZeronFX-Mas.
K after I inserted all of my GFX, I felt like playtesting, so I did.
Then RIGHT at the startup screen everything is glitched up, and Mario dies. What can I do about this?
Did you remember to extract the graphics before inserting the new ones?
Yep, I followed all the steps, and I'm quite good with GFX, but this ALWAYS happens whenever I insert it. Only FG, though. BG always has blank Map16 tiles in the startup, though.
I think I might have an idea of what's making it glitch. Did you insert new Map16 pages over page 0 or 1? If so, that's your problem. Insert it in page 2 or higher.
Yeah, thats the problem! Omfg, thanks so much dude.
Also, remember that when inserting backgrounds, they have to be on page 12 to 1F, since the Background Editor only can use tiles from those pages. (Technically, it can also use pages 10 and 11, but since those are used for the original backgrounds, inserting new Map16 pages into those will turn all original backgrounds glitchy.) And don't try inserting several Map16 pages into the same page...
Last edited on 2008-12-14 03:59:36 PM by yoshicookiezeus.
On my RPG OW, the "movement tiles" all act the same (ie. I check enable right for one, all of them do that) therefore ruining it! help!
Last edited on 2008-12-14 05:30:42 PM by ZeronFX-Mas.
I changed the smw question block graphics to the Yoshi's Island Exclamation mark blocks. But for some reason they have an ugly glowing yellow pal on the bottom corner and right side. How do I make it so they don't use the glowing pallate? Without messing anything up?
Is there a way to disable carrying items? I don't want Mario to be able to pick up a P-switch (or and item for that matter) and move it somewhere else. And please don't tell me to put in the "no carrying block." I want the entire carry system to be disabled.
Thanks in advance.
@Darkspine: Check if the block is using palette 6. Palette 6 always has a glowing yellow animation so you should change the palette of your block.
I'm having an problem. How I use the M16-7k command in commom pictures? When I use in screenshots by SNES Savestates I get fine results. But using in normal pictures I only get ultra sized ExGFx that couldn't be used in LM. How to decrease the number of tiles from commom pictures?
-This is a n00b question!-
I got the SMB3 music patch from the music section in the F.A.Q.s, but for some reason the level end theme is SMB1 and the death sound makes the SMB2 sound. Is it possible to fix this, and have pure SMB3 music in your hack?
i know this was already covered earlier in the thread but i have no idea how to patch ROM'S
@ BluJay175: I think that the only way to have all the SMB3 music is to put them manually with a tool as Addmusic or using as a base a hack that includes them all.

@ zaffenmike: Open Lunar IPS (you can find it on the tools section), choose "Apply IPS Patch", choose the IPS patch and then choose the rom to patch. If you have to create a patch, just choose "Create IPS Patch" instead of "Apply IPS Patch", choose a clean SMW rom and then choose your hack.
i want to change "mario's" pallete because he is now rex, however no mater what color i change he remains the same.:(
i'm not that bad at tweeking the pallete of levels but nothing seems to work. does anybody know what i'm doing wrong.
Make sure you edit Mario's palette in a level without a custom palette.
@BluJay175: It's most likely that you patched the SMAS Music patch instead of the SMB3 Music patch. Use this patch (though I'm not sure if it'll work considering you used the SMAS Music patch first).
umm im still having trouble whenever i press apply IPS patch and then click the ROM it goes even further but there isnt anything else to click
Have you unzipped the ROM then? (I think this isn't it but ok)
If no, unzip it.
If yes, check if it's a .smc file.
If no, something's wrong with it.
If yes, do this:
Left-click ROM once and press 'Apply' or something.

I hope it works.
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