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Lightning Crashes (Go test stuff!)
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3-World demo has been released!
(Link updated 30/8/2010, Fixed some bugs.)

After a bright flash of lightning, Mario now finds himself in a strange place. He doesn't know where he is, and has to find out how to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

After a few months of trying out things with LM and reading this forum, i decided to make my own hack. Right now the first two Three Five Six worlds are finished.

'Yoshi's Island' Submap.

Part of the first level, and a bonus room.

A (dark) Cave part of the first level.

The second level, Dark forest.

The third level is a sky-based level with lots of moving platforms.

The first-World Castle: Iggy's Insanity.
It even has climbing nets.

Right koopa on the right screen climbs a little bit too far. has been fixed already.

The second world is a Cave world!

The first level; The colorless cave!

Then, there's the Deeper Caves. This level includes Yoshi!
If you grab the blue shell, you can get an 1-up!

It even has a 'ghost' house.
Pokey, just give me that Yoshi coin already. Also has an underwater part!

Next up: The eaten cave. this level is partly based on... Eating blocks!
Last edited on 2011-12-22 08:41:22 AM by PatPatPat.
Based on the screenshots, the hack doesn't look that bad, and it seems to have some decoration and no serious issues. I'm not that enthusiastic about the Colorless Cave palette though: something about the background outlines, and the status bar, strikes me as a bit off. I'd suggest tweaking it a little.
Your OWs look very nice. I like the idea behind colorless cave but I'd recommend fixing the status bar. Other that that, this looks like a great start for a vanilla hack.
Does this game have a plot? And the bonus room should be, a little more roomy, like part of a cave or something and for the yoshi level, do you need yoshi to beat the level?
This hack looks nice, overall. you should add a wee-bit more detail though. Looks like a nice start to a well vannila hack ;)
*puts on hacks to play list*
The bonus room in the first level has been changed.


Also, Colorless cave Status bar has been fixed.

And no, you don't need yoshi to complete the levels he is in, but using him can make you end up with an extra 1-up or two.

I DO have a plot right now, but it's going to be changed when/if i get a better suggestion/idea.

Current plot: Mario lost a fight against bowser, and now finds himself in a strange land. The only way to get back to the mushroom kingdom is to find and defeat bowser.
hmm, i don't like that small vertical pipe overlaping the yellow pipe.. maybe you can add a grey cement block? bonus room looks nice. Colorless cave looks OK now, but you should make the status bar pallet a little bit lighter. Based on screenshots, this hack could deserve a 8/10 in ratings.
Originally posted by ISTooBE
...but you should make the status bar pallet a little bit lighter.

He just made the status bar in the cave brighter, that's all.
It looks better now. The bonus rooms look alright and Colorless Cave does too. In my opinion, the yellow and green pipes are alright. I mean, they aren't overlapping, just the green pipes are standing ontop of the yellow ones. :3 I am liking your palettes so far.
Last edited on 2009-07-31 07:44:28 AM by SafeDesire.
(Small) Update!

I have finished another level in the hack, which will be the first level of world 3!

Bob-ombs... Bullet Bill Shooters... And Thwimps/Thwomps!

Also, I will be in a place without internet for the next two weeks, Which means:
No updates
Lots of working on the hack, so there will be a big update after this.
This hack is looking good right now, and is an interesting vanilla hack.
I really like some of your ideas.
Also, this is something I haven't said about a lot of hacks, but, you're level names are awesome!

This looks pretty Vanilla.

Normally I hate vanilla hacks, but this one looks alright. Keep it up!
Its looks very nice, I like what you have done
with the cave world.
Maybe it's just me, but the ground sticking out of the Bullet Bill shooters looks a little weird.

I have completed the Third world, And I will probably release a 3-world Demo soon.

It includes...
Bony Beetles!

Diggin' Chuck's!

Black Rex!

Black Banzai Bills!

And another Evil house with ghosts.
Don't hurt me, Boo chain!

I even uploaded a Video of the Castle in this world!
Video turned into link for those without a good connection/whatever.

(Quick edit: Yes, i know the last room has a LOT of bullet bills, but there are also a LOT of mushrooms in there. )
Last edited on 2009-09-19 03:41:03 AM by PatPatPat.
Look's blatent in some parts. Other than that it looks good.
Not really a huge game update, but I uploaded the 3-world demo to the Hacks section of the site.

Link: Link!
(Edit: New link. See top part of main post.)
Last edited on 2009-08-30 04:26:14 PM by PatPatPat.
Just for the record, you really didn't need to say "black" Bonzai bill, as they're always black.

From the the look of the screens, it look like you're on your way to a quality hack.
...I haven't updated this for a while, but there are some new levels! :D

Originally posted by Kristian
Just for the record, you really didn't need to say "black" Bonzai bill, as they're always black.

Well, I kind of needed something to put near that picture, and it was a joke after the 'Black rex'

There is a 'cave' like level, including Pokeys! (This level does not have a name yet.)

And Moles...

Strange plants that attack with fire...Watch out!

And when you got past all that... There's a Big boo waiting for you.

Then, there's a grassland-level, Named Rhino Rumble!

I wonder what to do here...

I don't think hitting this switch here is a good idea...

...If you take it with you for a short while, you might find a good spot to use it though!

Also, I remade the 'Yoshi's Island'/Unknown lands OW map.
Old... And after i was done with this... I completed making... The new one!

That's it for now, more updates will come... When i make the levels. :)
<Insert rant about no replies on this thread here>
...Double post, even though it's been 10 days.

A few more small updates;

From the Screenshot/Video thread:
There's a video of 'Rhino Rumble' up now.
(Due to comments about palettes not being good, There's a new one.

A few screenshots of a small 'Lake of madness' level.

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