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bsnes 0.059
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Definitely worth a new thread. Here's a pic of some of the new features that got added:

Very handy, there's pretty much no reason at all to stick to Geiger's anymore. Competitive on features and then some, while also being a much more trustworthy debugger for accuracy. Get it here. If you're still using Geiger's or are undecided then just give it a try. It rolls in some of the things you'd need VSNES to use so there will be a lot less save stating<->VSNES to do some of the more finicky things.
Not sure exactly how it beats griegers but I'll trust you on that. Seems interest, I'll give it a try.


I've always wanted to use the BSNES debugger. The minimum requirement was having a CPU which is clocked at atleast 2.0 GHz, right? Too bad my PC can't really run it well since it lacks 0.01 more GHz. The game is all choppy when I try to sync Audio and Video at the same time.

...But I've found a way to fix that. I just set the drawing method to Qt-Raster or GDI instead of the default Direct3D.

This will be my new main & favourite emulator. yay :D

Edit: aaaaahhhhh it doesn't run my hack at 100% fps
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Hm, this is good. Though I probably wouldn't use these new features, updates should almost always be good to have. Is this an update of bsnes, or the bsnes debugger?

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Very cool features. Byuu is doing a great progress on his emulator, too bad it's not that popular. I guess it's because the system requirements and the very well made earlier SNES emulators (snes9x and zsnes).
Anyways, I think I'll try this. The last version I tried it was 0.045. I guess the improvement is great compared to that version!
I have been following the development of bsnes for awhile now. I have been waiting for v0.059's new features for a few weeks since the first preview, and it is nice to see it finally released. Also if you want to use the debugger then make sure you download the v0.059d version in the development section on the site and copy bsnesd.exe to your regular v0.059 folder and run it from there. I have seen that quite a few people do not realize you need to do this.

@Ultimaximus: This is an update of both the main emulator and the debugger. There have been major user interface and debugger updates in the latest versions so I recommend the update. The making emulation accurate part is mostly done except for 3 enhancement chips and some 3rd party input devices that may not be emulated anyway. There is also the new and interesting 21fx feature that allows full motion video in SNES games. It tends to get just a little bit slower with each update (this one is by 2%), but that isn't too significant if you run a reasonably fast computer. (see the site's forum for specific requirements)
Just as of late I've been using BSNES debugger more than SNES9x debugger, since at first, I could only find the regular version for some reason - durr -, and it runs choppily on my computer. I've learned that there are a few work-arounds to this, though, and even then, I only really need it for debugging purposes, not gameplay.

This S-PPU feature looks interesting, even though I probably wouldn't need the update since there was already a VRAM viewer. Regardless though, it's never a bad thing. Combined with the PPU viewer and that palette viewer, I might as well dump VSNES, which I have to redownload from time to time because it fails to open sometimes.

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My box-o-rox computer can't handle BSNES, unfortunately :( Otherwise I'd use it all the time.
Unfortunately the debugger build is even slower than the regular one but if you have a PC made in the last couple years it shouldn't be a problem to get 60FPS. Otherwise you can try frameskip or just stick to Gieger's if it's too crippling.
Another version, it seems
1024 linked this on IRC, I found it important.

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Odd, I'm sure I've registered here before in re xkas. Ah well.

The .nn releases are betas, and should only be used if you want cutting-edge, untested stuff. I've moved them to a more formal place, you can get them here:

v059.02 is current, and it adds the S-SMP and S-DSP register states to the properties viewer, which should complete that feature. Sprites still aren't actually rendered in the OAM viewer though.

Main advantages over Geiger's:
- VRAM / OAM / CGRAM viewers
- read/write breakpoints on VRAM/OAM/CGRAM/APURAM
- breakpoints by value (eg break when writing #$ff to $7e2000)
- memory analyzer (what addresses are opcodes, read from, written to)
- disassembler that works forward and backward from PC
- runs on OS X and Linux; not just Windows
- and most importantly, it's open source

The last one means you can add your own custom stuff easily.

It also lacks some stuff:
- 'squelching' of trace logs
- step over / proceed debug actions
- most importantly, it's a whole lot faster

I'm sure it has other advantages. I don't really use Windows nor closed source software, though.

As far as speed goes, unless you get like 20fps or less, it shouldn't matter much just for debugging. But for playability, it's understandably a non-starter for many. Hopefully will change when the P4s finally start dieing of old age.
Step over skips the next opcode, and proceed ignores branches right? Just want to be sure.

and just for fun:

Oh byuu, would you like to ride with me? <3

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The terminology wildly varies, there are three primary variants.

Step (into): execute next instruction
Step (over): skip the next instruction
Proceed: if the next opcode is a call, execute entire call

It would probably be useful to have one that converts conditional branches to be taken regardless of flags.

Oh byuu, would you like to ride with me? <3

I won't lie, Bahamut Lagoon was the original inspiration for the name and it's a game I continue to hold dear, but the meaning I imply with it is the on-yomi reading for " - to make a mistake"; whereas the name in Bahamut Lagoon is Engrish for "View", as in the main character are your eyes to the game. Many characters in the game have puns for names like this :)

That said, Sendak is an エロ爺さん (Catholic Priest) >_<
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