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Official Hex/ASM/Etc. Help Thread
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Problem with that is, with a sprite, you have dynamic OAM space. With something run every frame, you risk overwriting other sprite tiles when writing to the OAM.

Depends how well you know the OAM, I guess.
Originally posted by Alcaro
Tick "Process while off-screen" in the CFG editor.

I didn't actually know that option prevented overwriting of tiles, or does it?
Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
Better idea: put the code in a patch and hijack someplace that runs every frame in a level (adding it to the main code of levelASM should work fine). That way you won't have to permanently waste a sprite slot just to have the code running.
...I never actually thought of making a powerup with I want to start a hack just to see if it works...

My New Year's resolution was to finish one of my old projects, and I didn't even remember my SMWCentral password until April. 10/10.
Most sprites contain other checks to see if the sprite is off-screen. If you aim for Mario's position, it should work fine.
If it doesn't, LDA $94 : STA $E4,x : LDA $95 : STA $14E0,x : LDA $96 : STA $D8,x : LDA $97 : STA $14D4,x

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
I'm almost out of free slots for generators (I know Tessera has probably more than 0F, but I'm not using it for now), so I'm transforming some generators into sprites.

A generator is pretty comfortable to use, it's always on the screen and it doesn't e.g. fall off the screen. For sprites that act like generators, I'll probably need to set some .cfg options, so I
have a question.

Can I just leave a sprite .cfg file with content that is usually in generators .cfg files? I mean, can I have this:


in a sprite .cfg file? I guess CFG Editor won't open that file probably, but can I use it in a sprite and have it properly act like a generator?

Yes, you can. Why not?
Hmmm... As I said, CFG Editor says this file isn't supported, and closes it instantly. Besides that, the sprites actually have CFG Options unlike generators, so I wasn't sure what would happen if I wouldn't set any of those option.

Anyway, thanks. Now I'll have some additional temporary slots for generators.

Hey, I have a question about a theory that I came up with about how a SNES cartridge works. Is it ok if I ask this question in this thread, or should I go to another thread?

Merry Christmas!!
I'm pretty sure hardware-related questions fits better somewhere around here. This forum is intended for software only.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Ok, Thanks!!

Merry Christmas!!
i uploaded something wrong. How can i delete that. I now this is the wrong forom. Just answer me. QUICK!!!
Originally posted by RazerBlue6
i uploaded something wrong. How can i delete that. I now this is the wrong forom. Just answer me. QUICK!!!

Odd choice of forums. Nonetheless, just PM any staff member.
I'm really new to ASM, so, please inform me on the things you can do with it.
Ehhh... I have a little question. I'm making my hack about a year, I have 65/109 exits completed, and I think I could just continue making it, but one thing worries me - the free space in it.

I have 0x58 custom sprites, 0x0C generators, a few shooters, I inserted a pretty great amount of patches, and I have a massive number of custom blocks.

My ROM is already 4MB, and I decided to drop it onto slogger today, as I'm getting some strange errors when I'm inserting sprites lastly.

("your file won't fit into a bank", "couldn't find TRASM in the folder", "second pass yelded a different sprite size, wtf mate?")

While the TRASM exactly was in the folder. When I want to insert sprites, I just take 3-4 tries, and it usually inserts them after the 4th try correctly. I'm worried if all those things aren't caused by the lack of free-space in my ROM. I did only 65/109 exits, I have 44 exits to go and I'm running out of freespace!

I'm still not too sure, but I'm giving a link to the slogger print to my File Bin. The things I saw in the file weren't normal. I thought I have waaay more space in the ROM.

->Link to the Slogger .txt file in my File Bin<-

Meh... I didn't know I have data in the banks 40-70. Do I really have a problem with free-space?

Dunno why sprite tool is whacking out on you, but yeah, you seem to have freespace issues.

A difficult but potentially helpful thing to do is port to a new ROM. Never know how much unused data is stuck in your ROM.
Oh my ***!!! I just can't believe into the thing I saw a while ago. Mainly, the sprite tool started to whack when I was starting to make the 65th exit. (I have 65 exits, so it started pretty early, somewhere in the beginning of that week)

And the thing that shocked me that much is... ...the slogger print of one of my hack backups. Before making that one level, I made a backup. I made also ten other ones, but that one backup is the earliest backup without any sprite tool stuff. The slogger print...

...I dunno why, but I'm pretty sure sprite tool caused all the things. In the slogger print, I saw there is a lot more space, than there is now. That one level just ate almost one bank of free-space, and it's just because of me inserting sprites several times.

->Link to the Slogger Print of the ROM with 64 exits instead of 65<-

If you compare those two prints, that one level ate a lot of space and I'm 100% sure it's because of sprite tool. I dunno why it started to print those strange errors, but I'm pretty sure porting to a new ROM will fix all of this.

Thanks for your suggestions, Kaijyuu. I'll also try to find a backup with 63 exits, I'll see if it also has some huge space difference in it.

Is it possible to disable color math on only palette F while leaving the other palettes intact? If so, how?

Now with extra girl and extra hacker

Palettes 8-B will never have color math applied. Switch whatever sprite you're using to one of those.
Okay, so I have started on a new project that requires me to use the sprite status bar. Everything so far seems smooth except one minor detail:

As you can see in this strange level 105 clone, the sprites are taking their graphics from the sprite status bar.

I put in the 'No More Sprite Tile Limits' patch before applying the Sprite Status Bar, and I changed the sprite index to 10. Is there something I'm missing here?

- 3+World (Cancelled - Download Available)
- Super Mario World Beta
The Sprite Status bar needs 36 8x8 tiles' worth of sprite graphics. By default, these tiles start at the beginning of SP4, so you can't use any sprites that use any of tiles 180-1A3. You can actually change which tiles are used in each level with the "LevelGFXLoc" table.
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