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Tip: Only use a few different kinds of enemies per level. Overdoing it can make your level feel disjointed and clunky.Not logged in.
Hack Released
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In celebration of the reopening of the forums, Hack is released!

STORY: What?! After playing Funky for the 10,00th consecutive time, a secret key exit appeared. What could this be?

What's the deal with this hack? It's just a pack of 9 levels, each with a different twist. Levels are mostly vanilla, and most of the custom stuff comes from the sprites or blocks used to achieve the unique gameplay elements. Nothing too flashy. No ridiculously fancy ASM or graphics, no intricate story, it's just all about the levels.

Download Page



64 Mario






Ah that's great that this is out now. I never really had a chance to comment on your thread (Or at least I didn't think I did..) but it's still an awesomely fun looking hack, nice job.
Ah, that was pretty fun. Only two issues I found were:
A) Crazy tile limit problems in the flip switch galaxy place
B) I beat the final level in plenty of time, but the super special bonus room didn't unlock. Me :(. I ended up editing your overworld to get into it directly.

I've always liked super gimmick land ideas, as they keep you actually wanting to play the hack to find out what the next gimmick is (though I also prefer game wide gimmicks to level gimmicks, but that's just me). I liked how you combined gimmicks in the last level, rather than taking the normal route and making a door for each gimmick or whatever. Would have been nice if you had mixed more at once, but it was still fun. Good job overall, I actually enjoyed this hack.
Originally posted by HuFlungDu
A) Crazy tile limit problems in the flip switch galaxy place

What do you mean, was the time limit too low?

Originally posted by HuFlungDu
B) I beat the final level in plenty of time, but the super special bonus room didn't unlock. Me. I ended up editing your overworld to get into it directly.

Really? It was working fine for me and my testers. The goal block in the penultimate level (Epic), is supposed to open the last secret level (Uber Epic) which is the same as the previous one, without powerups. You are taken to the bonus room right after beating that level without having to pass any other conditions. What exactly happened for you?
No, not time limit, TILE limit. A lot of the sprite tiles were disappearing for me. (it was only at one part in it)

What happened for me is that I beat the level with ~210 seconds left, but it just sent me back to the OW like normal. When I edited the OW that level worked as you describe.
Oh, tile limits. I read it too fast. And damn, I can't even edit my posts to make myself look less stupid. :x

As for the Goal Block issue, it should activate the secret exit if you have a time limit of 200 or higher, and the normal exit if you have less. I haven't run into a problem with it, I wonder why that happens. Must be some issue with the block, in which case, I'll just blame Iceguy.
Fair enough. Seems like an isolated incident anyways.
Well, thanks for pointing out the tile issue. I fixed it up and the updated version should be available soon.
I'm not gonna be hypocrite, the end surprise me, really.

Anyways I loved this hack, maybe it was too hard by moments, and I glitch out the vertical teleportation area (I died when I jumped on a wall).
But it's still a great hack.

PS : The You vs Boo was too easy :(
Alright, the fixed version is there, taking care of that nasty tile limit issue.
This was such a fun hack to play and test. I'm a sucker for gimmicks like this, especially when they are executed as well as they were in this hack. I'm a little disappointed that you didn't do a full-on hack - rather just a 9 level one - but as you said to me before, it's about keeping the hobby fun. Rather than overdoing it and burning yourself out, you did fine with the nine levels you made. Then again, the ending means that we might still see more from you, so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

I'll be writing a full review for this hack, as I said before, on the actual hack page. To those who are checking this out: if you're looking for an hour or so of some pretty tough, always interesting, and just all around fun levels, this is the hack for you.

Links: Twitter | YouTube | Steam
This looks to be a fantastic hack.
I'll definitely be playing this and reviewing it sooner or later.

From the praise SNN dished out there, I'm sure to have a good time.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
This is a good hack. The levels were generally designed very well. I enjoyed Phat in particular, while I disliked Sweet as I felt it was too repetitive. I also like having a combination of all of the levels in 'Epic', which is a good conclusion to Hack.

The OW is not very good, unfortunatly. You could improve this by having an actual land formation, rather than the Special World stars etc. I also think a 'special world passed' style palette would work great with the OW, Too.

Overall, this was a short hack, but fun.
Well done:)

Please don't send me PMs about why JDCGames is down. That part of my life is over.
@S.N.N.: Actually, I was planning a few more levels (and by few, I mean 2). In case anyone was wondering what the other two planned levels would've been:

1. A Yoshi-only level, using WYE's patch. However, it didn't work out quite the way I wanted to, so I scrapped that idea.
2. A level based on the playground sprite, found in A Strange Mission. I planned to use the sprite to generate jumping note blocks to cross over gaps and reach higher areas, but it turns out it's pretty tricky for the player to place the blocks just where they need to, plus placing blocks in random places could cause cutoff.

I tried looking for other ideas. I searched through the Blocks and Sprites section, but couldn't settle on anymore interesting gimmicks. So, I just settled on what I already had rather than dragging it on unnecessarily.

@JDC: Yeah, the overworld is nothing great. I did do that purposely, not just to be like the original special world, but because I suck at OW design. I figured this was the best way to disguise that.
This hack is very FUN! THIS HACK IS OUSTANDING! I'm going to rate it!


That is a very good hack! I did find one weird glitch in the first level where I got all but one of the purple coins and went back for the one I missed and I saw random blocks everywhere. I tried to re-do it a few times but couldn't so it was probably some freak thing.

|GearboxGoober's YouTube| 8 Trials Await|
I played your hack and it was awesome. The gimmicks you used were very creative and I didn't know some of them, such as the "spinjump" ON/OFF one. Some were famous and I believe that a lot of people know, but they will always be fun and we won't even notice when they get overused. I see that you used the boo race again, but it was as enjoyable as the SMW2+3 one.

The OW is very simple, but it's not a problem, because hacks with gimmicks are more focused to level design than most other things.

For the ending, we can see that your hack is going to have a sequel. It's nice to see that you'll make another hack that requires creativity and result in a great level design.

I liked your hack quite a lot, and I'd recommend it to all bored people. This boring thing will just disappear when they play it.

Now I need to change my old avatar. Or not.
I really enjoyed playing "Hack". The gimmicks used kept me entertained and I never got bored.

I have just submitted a review and rated the hack. I can't believe that other review gave 0/10 for music. If it uses SMW music then EXCLUDE it from the score.
Well, I'd personally leave out the music rating if I was reviewing a hack with no custom music, but yeah, it's his review, he can do whatever he wants.
The SMW music isn't that very great anyways, doesn't have much variety, and LOADS upon LOADS of hacks use it, so it does get aggravating to listen to after a while. :/

Anyways, I was really surprised to see another hack from you. I'm going to have to check this one out when I get a chance!

Good fucking bye.
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