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Japanese hacks discussion (Questions/Links/Favorites etc)
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Discuss Japanese hacks here. Talk about your favorite or ask a question. However, please read recent pages of the thread before asking a question or starting a discussion. It may have already been answered/discussed recently. Please don't ask for links. Please be sure to read a translated version of a web page if you plan on linking it. The author of the page may or may not want people distributing their work. An example would be the Vip and Wall Mix series main page, which even says in plain English not to distribute, or make videos of unfinished products without permission. So please, look before you link something, or a member of the staff will probably remove the link if it does not condone it's author's wishes. This is however a touchy subject.

If you're wondering why most of the pages in the beginning are about "favorite" Japanese hacks, it is because that is what the original topic was about.

Links: - a plethora of Japanese hacks are here. Included are the Kouhai's, Ore World 2, Hyper 5, 6, and a beta of 7, SMW Yeah!, Super Mario :P :P :P, and the latest official MarioLD demo. - Pyua's site, which does contain links to Scarlet Devil Mario 1 and 2. - A backup of Vip's homepage, where you will find links to the latest versions of Vip 1-5. If you're wondering, pukiwiki's previous Vip site is no longer up. However, it was previously here. - Several Mario Fantasy Tech Demo's including a modified version. - Carol's homepage. You won't find much here except screenshot's. - Anikiti's webpage. Contains Luigi's adventure hacks series. - Ping's website. He is the creator of The Mario. You will find his hack here. - Daigaidai, the creator of the Kouhai's website.

Also, SMWCentral's Legacy Hack section has all the Vip hacks except Vip 5, publicly released Luigi's adventure OSE hacks, and the latest public Brutal Mario demo in both it's original Japanese language and a English translation.
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Brutal Mario. Despite poor graphical choices and sub-par level design, the ASM gimmicks were amusing to experience.

Haven't played many other Japanese hacks. A lot of them suffer from the same faults mentioned.
SMW Yeah, has good ASM gimmicks, maybe less impresive than brutal mario ones but they are used in a clever way with consistent vanilla feeling, level design.
Some obscure hack I found called GM. It's ridiculously hard, and it's graphics garble up in the Mac version of ZSNES for some weird reason (like most recent Japanese hacks), but the ASM is awesome.
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The Luigi's Adventure series by Anikiti was definitely great. Although those hacks are extremely difficult, they're very well-made.

SMW YEAH was pretty awesome as well. It's pretty gimmicky but gets really awesome closer to the end, and I really enjoyed playing it.

Another one would be Scarlet Devil Mario, which - obviously - is Touhou-themed. It's a bit rough graphics-wise, and the later levels are obscenely difficult (which is to be expected, though), but it's still fairly good.
I like the VIP and Wall Mix series. I'm not exactly sure why, I just do. I also like Brutal Mario. But really, those are the only Japanese hacks that I've played. I've seen more, however.
Scarlet Devil Mario got stupid and repetitive after about three worlds. It was doing decently until then.

As for a favorite .. I don't know. The VIP series I guess, since most of the J hacks are just ASM showcases.
Brutal Mario and its latest demos (the "cheep" demo or something like that, the last boss demo, the FF5 bosses demo). It feels really nostalgic to me, since Brutal Mario was one of the first hacks I've ever played. The cheep demo is a really special favorite. I just love all the levels of it, and I find the music really beautiful for some reason (although they aren't accurate or really nice, it's just nostalgic). And I didn't even mention the excellent ASM...

The other pick would be SMW YEAH, this one had some awesome gimmicks, fun level design and great music.

My favorite upcoming (and probably to be released) Japanese Mario hack I'm waiting for would be Super Mario LD, I just tried some bosses and levels in the demos, and it's quite fantastic.
Mario in Japan!


Nah, in all actuality, I haven't played it yet, but from what I've seen, SMW Yeah would probably be my favorite.
Brutal Mario is pretty awesome, if boring in places.

Also, what's up with the no links rule? Is that ridiculous "no japanese hacks" rule still in effect?
Having played quite some Japanese hacks, Vip and Wall mix 4 is my favorite. Very long, and very difficult, exactly how i like it. I STILL haven't finished the Aim for Heaven normal exit... That level is ridiculous.
Mine is the very first Mario Hack I ever played, Brutal Mario.

I love the custom bosses and I didn't really mind the level design, I loved the game, which made it my favourite Mario Hack, ever.
VIP Series, Brutal Mario & Luigi's Adventure Series. Still, I am not SUCH a big fan of Japanese SMW hacks. Even if they have got some awesome ASM, most of them have horrible level design.
Super Kitiku Mario. That's AMAZING HACK!!!!!!
Super Mario LD is my favourite Japanese hack, it's got excellent boss fights and custom sprites/ASM, and actually semi decent level design (compared to Brutal Mario anyway).

The VIP series is good, although the level design quality varies enormously from thoroughly awful to fantastic (as does the ASM), Luigi's Adventure is a well designed hack in general and what not.

I also like SMW Yeah, The Mario, Super Mario :p:p:p and GM, although they're too short and might rely too much of ASM for the level design.

Hyper Mario World/Hyper V/whatever raocow is playing is fantastic too, although it gets to Kaizo levels in the end game.

As for other stuff... dunno. Brutal Mario is okay, but has dull level design. Scarlet Devil Mario isn't... interesting enough for me, it uses mainly resources from SMW Central, and the level design basically repeats for each difficulty level, and Mario Fantasy, while good, is sadly forever unfinished.
Well, i don't know any Japanese sites, so i can't say much, the only one i played was Brutal Mario, so... yeah.
Talking about it, anyone knows some japanese Mario Hack sites?
I know pretty much all of the Japanese hacking sites, if anyone wants me to tell them via PM.

Or via post.
I don't really see why the OP is attempting to enforce a "no links" rule that was never actually set into play here. Last I checked, the only thing the Japanese don't want is the rehosting of their stuff, which is somewhat understandable. Attempting to stop the linking of these all over the Internet would be futile on their part.

I see no reason why they can't be linked here.
Last edited on 2010-11-05 12:47:44 PM by S.N.N..
Definitely Brutal Mario. The ASM nearly made me shit myself. Expecially the last playable level (in the demo hosted on the site). What I'd REALLY like to know is where to find the latest update. I want to see what carol has done.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
I see no reason why they can't be linked here.

The OP's thought process may have had something to do with this old rule. Discussing japanese hacks was a taboo for no well defined reason a while ago.
Last edited on 2010-11-05 12:59:36 PM by Kaijyuu.
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