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Tip: When you're about to release your hack, make a patch first, patch it to a clean ROM, and then test that. This way, you are testing both the hack AND the patch.
Mario's Long Traveling, Demo 1.2 [Last Update in This Thread!]
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Thank you. For today, I'm planning to end that world 3 castle and I'll test those 3 worlds savestateless. If you want, I will send it to you and it will be something like "bug-possible private demo" so if you'll find bugs you will just tell me them prepare, you're going to play the buggiest game ever. And, I'm talking about the edited homing thwomp that generates jumping fire, spinies and green koopas, you're going to beat him with the shells, and the boss has a mushroom in his room if you will lost your power-ups.
Send it to me, i would love helping (also playing the hack :P )
With you, we are 2 to test, but is it enough?
For now, there's no need to make a lot of members for my hack as betatesters. But when I'll finish this hack, I'l get some betatesters, but only 4-5 because this hack is going to have ridiculous and fun to find secrets so if someone will need to test them, he will already know what secrets are there. So be sure you really want to test it before you say you want. Believe me. :) For now, I made a midway of castle #3 and as you may know, every castle has a gimmick so I'm going to download it now and this time I won't tell you what's the world 3 castle gimmick. It'll be a surprise. As to the betatesters, I think I'll send to KingDedede and Leo137 this world-3 private demo, but you must say you're sure you want to test the secrets. (for now there aren't as many as in the full version, but the secrets you can find now are leading to the ridiculous secrets so be sure you really want). :D
I would like to test it, but my computer just broke and everything got deleted (all my own hacks too D:). So if you want me to test it, I can do it after three weeks, when they're done with repearing the computer.
Oh, It must be bad. :( I hope you'll repair it. And, if you're sure, I can send it to you after that time. :)

EDIT: World 3 finished! :) I'm starting making the world 4 on saturday. Tomorrow, I'll rest to be prepared for making the world 4. At least I'll download some graphics but I'm planning to beat the game from scratch to world 3 castle. When I'll beat it, you will have a chance to test it, but as I said, be 200% sure you really want. #w{=|}
Good, you're a fast worker Teo! I can only create a level in a week - at the max. Anyway, I got an idea, when betatesting I try finding the secrets myself and then I tell you witch ones I found and you could show me the rest of the secrets so I can test them as well, without previously knowing them. And I don't care knowing them before the final product, I'm the style of guy that can do a 100% run of SMRPG or other games in a weekend without even being bored of knowing everything...

Also, GeorgesVSSonic, I'm sad for you about your computer... But next time, make sure to make backups of your hacks on external devices as well, such as CD's or USB sticks.
Thanks, I wanted to do it as you said before you said it. Yeah, did you think I'll tell you the secrets? :D If you won't find everything, only testers that found it will test it, and in the final version, you'll be like everyone. Playing the hack without knowlegde of some secrets. :) And of course, hack will be locked! :P
Yeah, if you lock it don't forget to keep a non-locked copy for yourself, just in case ^^.
Thanks guys, I'll take care of my hack better next time. Anyway, I think I can play it on this old computer too, but it will not be so fast, as the keyboard keys are pretty much horrible to play with. But eh... If you want me to betatest it now, send it! Also, from the screens this looks like an excellent hack, and if it plays very well too, I'll be sure to vote this to be featured!
Thanks! Guys! :D Yeah, it's simple that I will keep an unlocked ROM, you don't even know how many backups float here and there on my computer! :)
As to the 3-world privademo (private demo), I'll choose people when I'll beat it myself, you know, I'm not going to send a hack with secondary entrances broken or midway points obtained! :)

EDIT: Ok, the difficulty of this hack, besides my playing abilities, is really too hard, even for me, so what will happen if a bad player will play it? It will take a year to beat it. I don't say about the entire game, I say mainly about the second castle. GeorgeVSsonic, you saw screenshots, so you think this level is good, but believe me, if you mean that the wall always need to go horizontally on the top in the first room with the crusher, then this room is a big cutoff. Next, the midway part. You go into the second castle's gimmick room. Falling rocks, you know. Yoshicookiezeus! I don't know how are you playing, but you indeed aren't playing SMW to keep at least 5 powerups in a room with the rock generator. It's just impossible without a mushroom at every screen and a slowdown. The slowdown in the second room exist, I didn't mean the slowdown tool. Ahh, I never think things like that about levels, but I think I'll just make this castle again. This is just a ToTaL cRaP. Before testing, I can send you the world 2 castle and you will tell me the decision about remaking it. :(
I Don't care if i know the secrets, but i will what King Dedede sayed, try to get them without knowing where they are and then reading the list.

I like difficult hacks, i think all the people here want to play at some point, harder hacks than the original one, but when the game decides itself on luck like when sometimes happens with the rock generator, isn't really funny to play savestateless, but this can easily be fixed, like adding more powerups and making some parts more plain.
Yeah, I think you'll guys get a PM with the test ips tomorrow or on the monday as I think I'll complete testing the game myself tomorrow, but I think today. And:

The Hottest message: Demo 1.2 is out! :D I will need to replace it with the demo 1.1, and I'll update it. It has some new patches, levels are improved, sadly, I forgot about one thing in the castle, the slope above the edge, but it's almost nothing. Don't try to unlock it, levels will destroy and make fatal errors, believe me, I tried. And of course, you can try up the new border and extented level names!! :D It still has one world, I was afraid of putting more again, they will know all the secrets for the full version. And also, I could do the custom status bar, but 2 weeks ago it destroyed my ROM, so I'm afraid of using it before I'll end the entire game. I hope you'll have fun, and good luck with it, but you'll probably won't need it as I added a save prompt after every level. :)
I have replaced the old demo with the new one. I haven't played through it completely but I have somewhat tested it. So far this is looking freaking amazing.
You need to vote for it for featured status people :>
Originally posted by exit1337
I have replaced the old demo with the new one. I haven't played through it completely but I have somewhat tested it. So far this is looking freaking amazing.
You need to vote for it for featured status people :>

You just took the words out of my mouth. I loved this game so much... Let's go vote!
Guys, I'm not joking, I felt weak when I saw this vote! :D Tell me when this dream ends. :O
Hi everyone! As in the old times:
New News! :) I just started making the first forest level and I forgot to send you guys those privademos. If you want, I can do it now, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I could do this level today as I had enough time to finish it, but I didn't need to do it so I decided to finish it tomorrow. Here's a halfway of it:


Hope you like it. :)
Loved the level design. Very detailed yet fun looking forest to play through. One of the more better ones in hacks I've seen IMO.

Oh and Love the custom music as well even though I never heard it before.

Out of all seriousness, Keep up the good work XD
Last edited on 2011-03-20 02:57:10 PM by EvilGuy0613.
I love it, like I like the others #w{<3}

Small question, where the vines encounters the branches of the trees, are they the custom ledgevine blocks? If not, then it whould be better to have it. Also, if you could send us our demos to test as fast as possible, because I have nearly no time to play in the week...
Neat-o level, Teo! Really liked the music choice here. The level design looks very nice as well, it"ll be sure fun to play. Keep up the great work! :)
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