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SMWCP2's Soundtrack: Organization! (02-22-14)
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And here it be. ^^

Fun at the Carnival

Agh. Forgot to tag it, and can't remember what program I used to do it before. X-x (What do you guys use?)

Let me know if it sounds alright, and I'll send you the txt. ^^
My Youtube Channel
Showcases alot of my vids. ^^

Thanks to Pester for the Layout
Hack Progress: -About-
Levels: 25%
Overworld: 95%
Music: 99%
Blocks/Sprites: Unsure
Text & Other: 50%
Whoa, its feeling is impressive! Excellent work, MidiGuy! It seems like if I see out of the window of my house, I'll see a Circus Troupe...

And to make it clear for all: I'm still planning on composing the Carnival Castle theme for the hack. I managed to finish the main part of a music for my band (yeah, I compose using Addmusic), and after porting some requested musics, I'll start composing for SMWCP2.
MidiGuy: That sounds fantastic. Very polished, and it fits the mood perfectly. Whenever you have the TXT ready, I'll take it.

Also, I have something to show as well. Jimmy52905 and I decided to try a "team" composition just to see how it would work out - that is, we took turns adding our own sections, and altering each others'.

Here is the result.

We can't decide whether it would fit a cave level (which we already have three of), or an abstract/dream level (which we need one of). Thoughts?
I'm actually getting a pretty strong oriental vibe from this one, SNN. It could work for abstract/cave too, though.

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Norveg's theme all the way
wait how would this even fit norveg at all
Well I do see shades of a cave theme in it, but I can feel the abstract in it at around 0:57 and again by 2:09. I'm sure it would be better left to the level designer to be honest.
I composed another song today but I'm not exactly sure if it would work SMWCP2 or where it would even fit if it did. Other people have suggested either a forest or abstract level but I'm not sure. So...any suggestions?
It almost seems like it could be a sky level, but there are some parts of the song that just sound too--I don't know, eerie? It's something to do with the background strings in places--to fit there. I don't really think it would fit in a forest level, though.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
I think it could fit a variety of locales, but it most strongly reminds me of being out in the open, somewhere vast and sprawling like sunny fields, or gliding between floating islands, or following the path of a mountain stream around the outskirts of a wooded area...that sort of thing. It feels very nature-ish but not very abstract (unless you mean the lazy, dreamy kind of abstract, like the candy-cloud areas in Kirby games).

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I was planning to compose "Desert ruins level 3". I finished composing the song, and ported it. However, my composition ended up sounding like.. umm.. a factory level-ish tune ._. ufff...

So.. I will call this piece "Factory Level 3".

Thank you, and here is the .spc:

Derp Derp o_o

(For those who are lazy to download the file *sigh*:Click me

Comments and criticisms are appreciated! :D
Parts of the @14 line sound quite dissonant and offkey around :39 and 1:04. Other than that, it's not bad, and has quite a bit of potential. Try fixing up those areas I suggested and we'll see how it turns out.
I was planning to make the ghost house 2

Ghost house 2

Pretty basic.
I think if I put vibrato (pxx,xx) to the flute it'll sound far more eerie. Also, some minor delay would work :D

EDIT: here's .spc for it:
Thanks for the advice, S.N.N.! :D
I fixed the part where it goes offkey.

Here's the revised version: Factory Level 3 v1.2

Thank you!
Oh, if you need another ghost house:

Could perhaps even fit a haunted pyramid?
Here's the .spc for the ghost house song I made.
Masashi27: Sounds quite a bit better now. It's catchy, although repetitive. I'm sure it could work for a shorter level in the factory world though (or perhaps even a level in the first world). You can send me the TXT when you have it ready.

haxtreme: I'm not too sure about this one. It has potential, but it doesn't really have much flow to it right now, and kind of sounds more like a mishmash to me.

Yonowaaru: Pretty good. Simple, yet effective. Do you have the MIDI for this you can provide?
Masashi27: This song has potential, that's certain. I have a few comments though.

If someone is playing a level with this music for about 2 minutes they will probably realize that the music is pretty... repetetive in my opinion. Maybe you should consider putting some more alternations in the main repeating melody. It's up to you to decide this though.

The distortion guitars in the beginning hurt my ears a bit, considering I use headphones. You should know this.

Other than these, the music sounds very, very catchy.
My blog. I could post stuff now and then
Layout by Counterfeit.
Oh right

There ya go. I'm glad to contribute to this!

Also, Masashi, I really like it!
Ersanio might be right... Just like, add a little bridge between the things or something.. Something lighter, without the distortion guitar.
S.N.N: Thanks, I will send you the .txt file in about a minute :P

Ersanio: Thanks for the comment :D
I tried doing that, but it didn't sound that nice.
'Distortion Guitar' - I'm pretty sure you're talking about '@14' (Slap Bass). I understand, @14 sounds a bit harsh and abrupt without an ADSR that makes the instrument sound smooth. I made it sound as smooth as possible. I tried using other instruments, but they didn't really suit their purpose.

Yonowaru: Nice composition! It sounds like Route 2 Music from Pokemon G/S/C to me XD
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