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Drugs and the like
Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Drugs and the like
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This I can understand.

I feel very alone sometimes because, while I do drink, I only very rarely drink to the point of getting drunk. My friends. . .well, they do it twice a week. Most boys and girls in their twenties do it, and I sometimes wonder what's wrong with me since I do not enjoy doing it that often.
Not trying to get anyone involved with alcohol, but I'd just like to say that beer is pretty much bad-tasting in general, and it hardly has an alcohol percentage - most beers I know are around 5%, some are 7% but it's rarely more than that. If you try out beer and you dislike it, don't say you won't be liking alcohol in general. Beer is very much unlike other liquor, in fact.

Beer tastes pretty bad to me, so that's why I prefer not to drink it. However, I do like certain vodka mixes (Petrikov Red and Blue, 12.5%), triple sec (some kind of orange drink with 40% alcohol volume), several liqueurs like Safari (15%) or Tia Maria (20%), etc. I also ought to try Gold Strike (40% about) someday.
So what is it that I like about alcohol? Surely there must be a reason I like the liquor which has more alcohol volume than others. To me, it is the burning aftertaste alcohol has. You will not experience this with lightweights such as beer.

Anything up to 15% alcohol volume, I am allowed to buy at 16 (which, quite frankly, I am), anything beyond that at 18. If you know what you're buying, and if you like the taste, alcohol can be pretty good for you. If you don't like the taste of beer, avoid it. Of course, the clichéd but ever as important phrase 'Enjoy drinking, but control it.' applies. Never drink too much, and if you do, make sure you do that in a safe place.

Welp. Note that I am not saying alcohol is good for you.

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About filters helping while smoking: Bullshit. The smoke will end up everywhere anyway. And don't get me started on the filter for normal cigarettes, those are only there to fool people.

Also, on a more related note even though I mentioned I wouldn't take drugs, I've found the smell of alcohol free beer quite nice. Might try it once, but I don't wanna end up getting addicted or moving over to "the real deal". Same thing with coffee actually, I don't wanna get addicted on caffeine.
I've actually had an experience with beer. I was with my (biological) dad, he and some of his friends where drinking beer and talking, & somehow (I was atleast 7, so don't remember how it happened) tasted it. It tasted like urine!!! I never want that stuff near me again.

Yes, I was weird around that age (though I've changed in the minimul since then) and ACTUALLY TRIED IT! AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE BEER HERE! END OF STORY!


Also, still alive, just lost in life stuff
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The only alcohol I've had was on a tour of a vineyard in France (or Italy, I can't remember) a couple of years back. Wasn't a big fan of it to be honest, and haven't had a drop since.

In any case, I kinda have that same fear as Lucas; I'd prefer my mind and perception not to be altered, especially by drugs and the sort. I'm oblivious and seemingly perpetually tired enough as is.



Well, personally I don't smoke, nor I use drugs, I drink Alcohol, but only on New Year Parties and so and not to the point to get me drunk.

However, I have a familiar that has already done the three thing, worse yet... he's still doing it.

I talked to him, not to try to deceive him for taking them, that's impossible now, but to hear what was his reason for it. He said me that is the way to escape his life problems.

Heck... if someone has readed my threads in RC, I must be the one to be doing that, but I am not. Nor that I'm planning it...

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Originally posted by S.N.N.
I had someone who looked no older than 15 offer to sell me some ecstasy at the bus stop the other day. It was .. just ridiculous, to say the least.
Was this at the charles street terminal (at least I think that's what it's called)? I recall a teen last year that tried to sell me and my friends some drugs, and about 10 minutes later ran back and stole my friends' ipod touch. It was bizarre, to say the least.

Anyways I haven't touched any of that stuff. Due to my fathers' (old, been sober a year :)) alcohol addiction I have no motivation whatsoever to even touch the stuff (my mom offered me some at new years and it tasted like shit, so that might of been it too.)
As for drugs I have no real motivation to touch any of them. I hang out with smokers but they are cool enough to know not to pressure me because I wont hang out with them if they do. So they dont do it when I'm around.

I do find it rather unsettling to know about 75% of the grade 10's in my school alone smoke. Although it's rather funny that everyone I asked (about 50-70 kids) didn't have an answer to why they were smoking.

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Many people at my middle school are getting expelled because of drugs and the like. Plus, other people that surround me are getting very rebellious and are considering doing drugs.

I am curious to know what is so great about drugs. Oh wait, there are fabulous reasons for doing them. You damage your body, burdening you for the rest of your life. You waste money. You risk being expelled (if you still attend school, of course). You ruin your dreams. You lose the respect of others.

In short, I hope to never succumb to the pressure of doing the idiotic act of doing drugs. Besides, what do you gain from them?

My computer often has nervous breakdowns, so I can't be on the Central as often as I would like. Not to mention that darned thing called life; always getting in my way and ruining my schedule!

In other news, I am currently working on two Vanilla hacks right now, with one being a joke hack. Stay tuned!
Originally posted by gizmo
Besides, what do you gain from them?

More room in you skull?


Also, still alive, just lost in life stuff
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Originally posted by gizmo
You waste money.

If you have fun doing them you barely 'waste' it.
When you get addicted and actually want to stop though, then it's a waste.

Originally posted by gizmo
You ruin your dreams.

In return you live all of them at once for a few minutes; while riding cucumber shaped unicorns in Hogwarts.

Originally posted by gizmo
You lose the respect of others.

This is as wrong as it can get. Many people only do them because of peer pressure, which in return makes you 'cool' in their eyes.

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Well let's see. The only drug I've ever really tried so far is weed, but I'm open to more options. A manager at work once told me about his trips on acid. He went to work one time as a teenager, and one of the fish in the fryers turned to talk to him, and he busted out laughing. This, to me, sound really awesome and I'd love to try it.

As far as any other drugs go, I probably don't think I'll try anything addicting, as I can't spend the money on it (I'm already battling cigarettes), but I'm open minded. I don't particularly like the taste of alcohol, but after being high, it makes me wonder what being drunk is like. I'm just afraid if I get too drunk I'll forget it, and what fun is that?

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by like age 6, living around 2 parents who smoke made me not wanna touch anything drug related unless it was medicine (i cant remember the last time i ever needed medicine having getting sick at most 1 or 2 times a year and even when i do, i end up not taking it anyways) the smoke from cigarettes just makes me sick and like when i used to gag a bit when my mom tells me the smokes going out of the windows, i personally dont care if the smokes going out the window, if i can smell it, im gonna try to myself from at the very least inhaling it.

as for alcohol, never cared for it and neither did my parents, i remember in my math class how some students sound like they cant think straight (uh.....sometimes partially slured words...pauses) my guess is they get high on stuff as i never could hear them talk straight :/
I was somewhat of a sheltered child (can't say I'm not still), so I haven't had any encounters with stuff like this, and there weren't any "cool" people to pressure anybody into that stuff. I myself would never abuse drugs, because I know the repercussions and that it wouldn't only hurt me but others around me. Same goes for smoking, I would not only be harming myself, but I'd be harming those around me in a quite literal sense (second-hand smoke is actually more dangerous for one's body, so I've heard). As for alcohol, again I'd rather not have my judgment hindered, and even when I turn 21 I likely won't drink, because you never know how much your body can handle, and one night of drinking can kill some people who had never had alcohol. Again, it could potentially be harmful to those around me too, with the hundreds (thousands?) of accidents caused by drunk driving.

I've realized this was outdated.
You know what, S.N.N?

The city of Detroit has a lot of drug dealers, along with those that carry weapons to defend themselves. I wouldn't want to go anywhere within fifty feet of those drug dealers because all they do is force me into buying these nasty fatal drugs, such as marijuana and ecstasy pills.

So if you are in any big city in Canada or the United States, stay out of the unpleasant neighborhoods because what you'll witness is drugs flying around while the dealers make dirty and filthy money.

Your layout has been removed...NOT! :D
I never have and never will take any drugs. I haven't really been exposed to any since I live in a rural area. However, there were some guys caught smoking weed by a school near mine. (They were my age which is around 14).
SNN, you got me thinking about the first TMNT live action movie. Do you remember this scene?

I mean, the target audience for TMNT is young, and to have this foot clan hideout portrayed as a hip place where kids and teenagers can do whatever they want...kind of disconcerting :/ (I guess viewers' perceptions of the scene would be colored by their prior upbringing though, since somehow, despite watching that movie over and over, I've had an extreme aversion to that kind of lifestyle. My parents were probably really on top of things.) Of course, Casey Jones tells them off at the end of the movie ("You call this family?"), and that quote pretty much mirrors my feelings on the topic.

Sometimes children have a twisted but firmly rooted idea of what it means to be an adult- I'm reminded of a book called Gold Rush (Yu Miri), if anyone's interested (though to be honest, it can get pretty depressing and energy-draining to read). I'm sure that's not the only cause for everyone, though.

I live in a pretty safe neighborhood and even I've been exposed to all sorts of retardation: preteens standing in plain sight between an intersection and an outdoor shopping complex trying to sell random liquor to anyone that passes by; preteens clustering outside Applebees' on weekend nights trying to act tough and rugged just by having a cell phone; preteens hurling racial slurs to look cool in front of peers; high school classmates excitedly inviting me to see what this smells like, because they'll be having it later; college professors earning bonus points with students by assuming a neutral stance and not even critiquing the clumsy arguments (in favor of drugs, for example) of poor students. As I approach my college's entrance, I can sense the curtain of cigarette smoke hovering like that dark haze in Okami and feel like holding my nose as if I were about to cannonball into a swimming pool...So yeah, I'm pretty unsettled too.

It's not just drugs, either. I see a lot of people in college that just seem hopelessly shallow and stupid. I hope that changes in the years ahead.

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Story time 1:

2008, my junior year somebody runs into my math class and says the following words "*name withheld* is dead". Turns out him and his friend had a bad trip calling each other satan, and the friend finally walked off, and then he ended up getting hot which caused him to dive into the lake he was at. He hit his head and drowned at age 16.

Story time 2:
A indirect friend of mine got into meth, and lost over 100 pounds and all of his teeth. On top of this he looks drastically aged. His before and after look extremely scary.

Story time 3:
One of my old best friends decided to get his medical card, and went from being a B average student in highschool to getting nearly straight F's in college. He now also shoplifts and gets into a myriad of "hard drugs", slowly falling lower and lower. To this day, I have sadly given up but my last words to him were "when you want help I am only a phone call away, hopefully you will ask before it is to late".

As for myself:
I have seen the destructive power of drugs first hand time and time again. I can say for certain I never have, and never will, do drugs. To make things sadder, this is just three stories, a very small fraction of them. I hope people will take some time to consider this next time you are tempted with drugs, if not for yourself, then for others around you. Drugs affect more than just the users, the results can harm everybody.
I've never smoked, drank alcohol, or did drugs. In fact, I'm the only one in my immediate family who hasn't done at least one of the three. My dad and, I believe, both of my sisters smoke. My mom used to smoke, but quit when she converted to Mormonism. My younger sister and father have both done weed, but have quit. My father also did some harder drugs like cocaine, but never did narcotics. My mother now drinks Jagermeister as an alternative painkiller, especially after having a stomach surgery 2 years ago.

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-Kup, Transformers: The Movie 1986
edit: uuuuuhh... I need to learn to not leave my computer unlocked while I have guests :|

However since I'm sure a few people saw the post before I edited it, yes I do have an ecstasy "addiction" that I'm fighting but it certainly doesn't involve what was posted here before.
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