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OW Perspective Errors - Goodbye!
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Hello everyone! It's my first tutorial and I'm going to write it as good as I can. First of all, this tut will teach you how to avoid perspective errors on the OW. It may be more important than it sounds. 80% of SMW Central leave the OW as some squares + perspective errors. 10% make OWs interesting and very good, but they make perspective errors. The last 10% of SMWC make OWs very good and without perspective errors. I could write them here, but it's not needed. It's time to learn about perspective errors! :) First thing I will tell you will be what a perspective error is. *drum roll...* ! A perspective error is a wrong placement of tiles that make an island height. If it seems complicated, here's a screenshot:

You ask: What's wrong with it? And answer: nothing. This overworld has a proper height of cliffs and their tiles. Now see why it is correct. I circled some of the heights, and I'll explain what they mean:

Now it's time for some math words. As you may see, there are 3 pairs of colored circles, and every one circle in a pair is vertically parallel to the eachother from the pair. Now the meaning of a perspective error: As you may saw, the tiles in the circles have the same shapes. In other way, the tiles in circles are practically the same tiles of 8x8 editor, they just have different palette. They always need to be the same. The blue pair has the same thing in the circles of this pair. If they aren't the same, then it's a perspective error. If you place two curved tiles like in the red circle, then under it, in water, it also needs to have the same shape and two curved tiles under it. I hope you understand what perspective errors are now. So, let's fix something! :)

Here's the first error to fix:

The most common perspective error between SMWC users. Now look at next screenshot and find the difference:

The screenshot above is the correct form of that island. The curved land tiles on the bottom-left and bottom-right part of this island must be always the same as the water near the cliffs under it. Now, take a look on this:

This form of that island is also wrong. I hope you know what to correct know. :) Is it the correct form here? :

No, it's still wrong. Yeah, there are the curved tiles in the water near the cliffs, but they're wrong, because they are not the same like at the corners of this island. Here's the correct form:

Now there are no perspective errors here. Let's go to something more advanced now. Here it is:

Everything with the corners is ok, the water near the cliffs is also correct, but I still think there's something wrong in it. Do you see the middle-bottom part of this island? There's a curved tile on the land, but the water near the cliff of this curved tile isn't the same as it. I'm sure this will fix it:

Better? Yay! :) New perspective error we fixed! :) Still not enough? So let's take harder things! :) What do you think about it? :

Heh, I know, it can make more trouble, but I'll tell you what's wrong. The left part of this island has a very high cliff, and the right part of this island has a very low cliff. Island always need to have a proper highs of the cliffs. If you make them low, then they should be low, or at least be similar to the heights of other cliffs of that island. If high, then they're high. Here's a correct form:

You could also leave the left cliff high, and make the right and bottom cliffs as high like the left cliff. Hope you know the basic now. Here's something different:

Every curved tile has a correct water near the cliff under it. But something is wrong with it, because the left part of this island has higher cliffs than the right part. This is the cause of the sideway land tile that is in the middle-bottom part of that island. In this situation, you should just place the water near the cliff one tile down, and continue with the OW. Here's what I mean:

Yeah, this is what I meant, if you placed one sideway tile on the land, you should just place next tiles more tiles on the bottom. We had one sideway tile there, so I placed next tiles one tile down. Here's next screenshot, this time it's different:

You see an island, the cliffs are placed properly, but it doesn't look good. Why? > Because it hasn't the black vertical lines on the cliff. In places, where the tiles are getting curved, you should place a line like this:

Now it looks better. It's everything for now, you've learned how to avoid perspective errors. Now, if you'll just take time for your OWs and use this tut to make them, you can make really beautiful Ows! :D Here's an example of a "perspective errorless" ow:

Good luck! :)
Last edited on 2012-02-13 02:23:29 PM by Teo17.
Nince tut, This might help me a lot with my OW, Thanks for the tips!
You might want to fix up that last pair of pictures, because that's some rather strange perspective you have going on there. The left part of the big island is much higher than the right part, and the ledge where the two islands meet is three tiles wide on the higher island, but five tiles wide on the lower one.

Oh, and I don't really get why having two separate landmasses of different height next to each other is such a bad thing.
Yeah, I must say, I also don't always have the same height of the cliffs of an island. It's just a rather perspective error that isn't really important. But in the tut, I meant that there can't be some too different differences between the height, a small difference isn't really bad. And:

Originally posted by Teo17
Don't worry, it's not cutoff. This is the correct form of the island combination. The previous wasn't really a perspective error, but it was looking horribly bad,

Yeah, I know, it wasn't a big perspective error, it's just always better to do the second version instead of the first.
Originally posted by Teo17
Originally posted by Teo17
Don't worry, it's not cutoff. This is the correct form of the island combination. The previous wasn't really a perspective error, but it was looking horribly bad,

Yeah, I know, it wasn't a big perspective error, it's just always better to do the second version instead of the first.

Out of curiosity: why? I don't really see what you mean by the first version looking "horribly bad", to be honest.
I just meant that the sideway tiles of the smaller islands have an outline made out of black tiles, like every thing, without it, everything is a cutoff. The edge of the right cliff of the larger island also has a line of those black tiles. Together, they make a fatter black line, whick doesn't look good in my opinion. I'll change it. :)
very helpful. thanks!
Gaah, my friends are right. I'm not teaching very well. If you read this tutorial, be sure to check more examples of non perspective error overworlds. You can find them in hacks like Cookie Crisis, superwiidude's hacks, and you can see some of my OWs in my hack thread. Courptendo, read it again. :(
Originally posted by Teo17

Spelling error, hehe. Nothing big though, you still get the point. But this is a very great tutorial and it helped me fix all my OW problems I had. I hope that you will expand this tutorial, since this will be very helpful to a lot of the new people here!
Pretty cool. You talked about almost every perspective error possible. I don't really get the point of the last "error" you pointed out, but eh... The OW on the bottom is sweet and shows how good non-perspective error OWs can look. Good job.
"sialnd". Heh, I really can't get how could I write it like this.
Last edited on 2012-02-13 02:21:38 PM by Teo17.
This is a nice tutorial, I hope it will help the newbies. I'd advise you to be more descriptive thought, at least you should explain what a perspective error is before giving out examples, but besides that, I find it's a verry usefull tutorial.
I expanded it, it has now an intro before fixing the errors. Sorry if it was wrong, it's my first tutorial. :) I hope everyone will now know what perspective errors are. :D
I read through this whole tutorial and I could not tell the diffrence between any of the pics. (the supposed changes you made)
Great Tutorial! Now I know what to fix on the big mountain part of my OW :D

@YoshideAbby: Look closely, I will mark them for you if you want me too.

Great Job on this tutorial Teo!
Nice main ow! Well done tutorial, fixing now my overworld :)
Wow, I saw your demo 2, and you have proper OW heights there! :) Yay, finally someone understood what perspective errors are. Also, your hack looks promising, Maxodex, going to play the demo! :) (also, you have sometimes an island that is in one place high and in another place low, but anyway this isn't very important.) Keep it up! :)
Thanks :) I'll play yours too.
Last edited on 2011-05-23 03:25:20 PM by MaxodeX.
Man, I still make some mistakes with my OWs, but re-reading this two times will hopefully prevent me from making perspective errors. Seriously a good tutorial I must say, good job ;). Although I hate making OWs, the result defiantly is worth the trouble.
Nice thread. It could teach newbies about fixing perscriptive errors! I think the moderators could use that if they see perscriptive errors like those.
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