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Mario is sick Version 6 Now in the Hack section!
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Mario is sick! is now in the Hack section!
Enjoy everyone!
Last edited on 2011-04-14 09:05:47 AM by Corruptendo.
I played your hack, Courptendo. It was fine, but I did notice a few things that can be fixed.

- I noticed several spelling mistakes. I'll PM you the all the text in this hack (with the correct spelling and grammar, of course)
- If you go past the goal in the first level, you will see cutoff. Just extend the ground so that it ends on a screen exit border.
- In the second level, I wasn't told that I would need to bring a P-switch with me to the end. Put a reset door in, just in case.
- I encountered slowdown in the area where the hammer bro was. Remove some sprites or apply the FastROM patch to fix that.
- The bush in that level looked cutoff. You should remove it.
- By using the blue koopas at the start of level 2, it's possible to fly over the wall (and get stuck permanently if Yoshi swallows the shell). Put a ceiling in to prevent the player from doing that.
- You shouldn't put the bullet bill shooter sprite in thin air, like you did (though you did give a reason for it).
- In the third level, it's possible to get stuck permanently if you mess up. Put in the side exit enabled sprite or a few reset doors.
- Also in the third level, you should get rid of the one tile high spaces, because it's possible for Mario to glitch into them or die from them if he is big.
- In the fourth level, I saw what you did to get the Yoshi to talk to you, but I couldn't talk to them while big. You should fix that.
- Overall, it was a little short. You ought to make it longer.

Overall, it's a decent hack. Work on the things I mentioned and it should be better. Keep up the good work.
This seems to be a full release, so moving to the proper subforum.
Also, it'd be nice if you provided some screenshots in your first post, definitely good for the people who just want to check out, how it looks.
Last edited on 2011-03-29 08:24:12 AM by Hadron.
I see that you made an updated version of this hack. I played it and noticed you fixed most of the things I found that needed fixing. Great job! I found a few more things that can be fixed, but they are all minor, except for two things.

- Last time, I couldn't figure out how to get the first Yoshi coin in the first level. This time I figured out how to get it, but I think it should be a bit more obvious how to get it.
- This is the big one. There is still no reset door in the third level. If the player messes up, they have to die. Also, I can't figure out how to get the second P-Switch.
- Why is the fourth level called the Green Switch Palace, and why is the third level called Cookie Mountain? This confused me a little because you gave both levels a different name in the previous version.
- This isn't really a big problem, but at the end of level 2, there are two instances of very minor cutoff. The door on top of the cement block and the sideways pipe connected to the vertical pipe are where the cutoff is. Also, you can see Mario going through the pipe at the end. Extend it one tile to fix this.
- This is the other big thing: you should make this hack longer. You could either make a few more levels, or you can double the length of the existing levels. As it is now, it is very short. You don't necessarily have to make this hack an epic quest with 100 levels, but it would be better if it takes at least 15 minutes to beat or had at least one world worth of levels (which is maybe six or seven levels).

Overall, this hack is better than before. Keep up the good work.
Ok I will make another update. I used a different rom by accident sorry.
well the thing is this hack was ment to be short as I might make a second Mario is sick but call it Mario is a ghost or something.
Last edited on 2011-03-29 01:13:02 PM by Corruptendo.
Even if it was meant to be short, you should make it longer, because I've heard that one of the hack submission guidelines required that a hack be a certain length. Whether or not this hack is long enough is up to the hack moderator who will moderate your hack, though, not me. As for the other thing you said, I didn't know that. I thought it was kind of weird that those two levels had their names replaced, especially since they didn't make sense for those levels. It wasn't a huge deal, though; I was just curious why those levels had their name changed.

(Not to go offtopic or anything, but interesting avatar you got there. I find it kind of neat that you are using a picture from my hack as your avatar.)
Well the updated version got rejected but I just have to fix what was in the removal log and then it will get through moderation,Hopefully.
I noticed that you made an updated version of this hack, so I downloaded it and played through it again. It's pretty decent, even if its kind of short. I noticed a few things that can be fixed (only one of which is major).

- The major flaw is that you still haven't put a reset door in the third level. I'll admit, it is pretty hard to mess that up, but its better to have a reset door to reset a puzzle than it is to have Mario die to reset the puzzle.
- In the second message in the second level you spelled actually "actully"
- There are several bad corner tiles in the second level (As an example of what I mean, look at the corner tile at the end of the coin bridge). All you have to do is remove one of the two or more corner tiles you put in those spots to fix it.
- You might want to move the hammer bro in the second level up one tile because it can cause glitches if Mario is underneath it when it's at its lowest point.
- It's not a huge deal, but the fourth level's name is kind of odd to me. Instead of "The Doctor's", you could put The Doctor's Place, The Doctor's House, etc. This is up to you whether you take this suggestion or not, though.
- The spacing on the messages could be better. To fix this, simply turn off Auto Space in the Edit Message Box Text window and fix the spacing on the words.

That's all the flaws I could find. All of them, except the first one, are minor problems. It's up to you whether you want to fix them or not. I tested this on bsnes, and I didn't find any compatibility issues, so you're good to go in that department. Overall, this is pretty decent. Keep up the good work! (By the way, I was the first person to download the latest version of Mario is Sick :) ).
That makes sence now! I think this one will get through moderation.

Edit: Nope, it failed with a few more errors, I will fix them now!
Last edited on 2011-04-13 05:25:09 AM by Corruptendo.
Yet again, I played through this hack. Ironically, this may not be your final update of this hack, since I found a couple of errors:

- In the first level, those one tile high spaces can cause Mario to fall through the floor if he spin jumps while big.
- There is a floating cutoff tile in level 3.
- Also in level three, you made it possible for Mario to get trapped if you didn't bring the P-switch with you when you are standing in the area above the goal sphere. Remove the invisible coin blocks.
- I didn't notice it before, but you should remove the time limit during the cutscenes. Mario can't die during the cutscenes any other way, so you don't have to worry about the Time Up! message appearing.

Overall, this hack is getting better. Whether you choose to update it or not is up to you. Keep up the good work.
Did I remove the time limit on cutscenes?
I set the time to 0
I checked the cutscene levels just now, and all of them have their time limit set to 300. This isn't a big problem, since most people don't take that long to read (... the doctor will... huh? Mario died?!).
dun dun dunn!
yep, but the next mini hack might be mario is a ghost!
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