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You Know You're Addicted to X When...
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You know you're addicted to Roller Coaster Tycoon if:
-You get fired from a coaster design company because they heard about your plan to make a coaster that launches you at 99999 mph and goes into outer space.
-When your friends want to go bowling, you automatically think of aiming the end of an incomplete coaster track at a line of park guests, launch the train off the track, and watch the train hit the line of guests one by one, and you think that sounds way more fun than rolling a ball down the lane.
-When you go to an amusement park, you refer to the park guests as 'peeps'
-You become the owner of an amusement park and you start charging guests to use the bathrooms.
-You can't ride any real life coasters anymore because they're way too tame compared to the extreme creations you make in the games.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level of every single ROM hack I've ever made is easier than Ultra Necrozma.
You know your addicted to Super Mario Galaxy when:

- You think you can breathe in space
- You hop onto ships trying to beat a boss
- Collectiong bubbles underwater will give you more air
- If you think you can spin around you can break rocks
- Eating a mushroom with a star on will give you more health
You know your addicted to Raocow when:

-You always say stuff about demos
-You think that a thing is a thing
-You curse in French
-You hate horses
-Your nationality is French
-You create perfect things that are called "art"

2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
- Super Mega Mario World. Current level in progress: World 3 LVL 5
- STILL Doing a Let's Play on Facebook
SMK: Getting started. No data available
DDR: Files and installer are Here. Link to blog is HERE. Pack 8: The SMASHING PACK. PM me if you want to put recommended Super Smash Brothers Brawl songs so I could put into my list (NOTE: 1 character per song (I only have Mario, Marth and Yoshi done) so I have like over 30 more songs to go). Next song: A song from Snake
You know you're addicted to Super Mario 64 when...

- You celebrate something by saying "yahoo"
- You don't like any other games without Luigi's appearance
- You think you can jump inside paintings
- You think walls can be fake paintings
- You consider some stairs neverending
- You get weaker without using a cap
- You wish to paint coins red
- You want to have a star after you gather 100 coins
- You loved Throwback Galaxy
- You're sure Bowser looked like a kid compared to now
- You think caps can make you fly, disappear or invincible
- You want the final boss music to be played in your funeral

Now I need to change my old avatar. Or not.
You know when you're addicted to Portal when:
*You carry your Companion Cube with you wherever you go
*You get mad at slow drivers and wish you could teleport them into another lane.
*You wish you could put Portals between your locker and your first block (The other end of the school)
*You are worried about carrying anything through doorways

You know you're addicted to Starcraft when:
*You can almost perfectly mimic the Protoss Arbiter's lines
*You text a friend you're picking up, saying, "In the pipe, 5 by 5."
*You wonder if your Brood is missing you.

You know you're addicted to your computer when:
-All of your "You Know You're Addicted to X When..." posts are about computer games.
Oh no I have all the symptons of being addicted to Raocow (except the french stuff)!

You know when you're addicted to Legend of Zelda when:
- You throw a boomerang at people to stun them.
- You think pigs are evil gods.
- Twilight turns you into a wolf.
- You worship triangles.

You know when you're addicted to Megaman when:
- You walk back and forth to make things disappear.
- You clean your house from dust with a boomerang.
- You think boomerangs get destroyed by flash lights.

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
You know you're addicted to YouTube when:
-You think your TV has a resolution button
-You wonder where the related videos are
-You try to make a channel
-You ask where <favoriteyoutubeuser>'s channel is

You know your addicted to SMB1 when:
-Life seems "Hi-res"
-You try to find a flashing flower
-You wonder why life has no BGM
-You try to jump 30ft in the air
-You randomly jump and try to find an invisible floating block
-You wonder why the local fungi stands still
-You try to open life in a HEX editor
-Your posts look like SMB1... Wait...

My posts look best in EMULOGIC.
You know you're addicted to Sonic when:
*You think collecting 100 gold rings will get you an extra life.
*You think fat guys with mustaches want to rule the world.
*You try to break the sound barrier by running.
*You wish you could visit relatives who live far away by using Chaos Control.
*You know every line of the 3D Sonic games by heart.
*You don't drive a car because you prefer running.
*Your iPod is full of Sonic music.
*You rank yourself on everything on a scale of E-A/D-S.
*You love chili dogs.
*You try to do Chaos Control with one of those jewel-shaped paperweights.
*You gather 7 of those paperweights and expect to turn Super.

"Experience, lad. You should learn to appreciate it."
-Kup, Transformers: The Movie 1986
You know you're addicted to Kaizo hacks if:
-You try to spin jump on things like fire and porcupines.
-You try to savestate your life whenever you're about to be faced with a difficult task.
-You try to loadstate your life every time you fail at something.
-You try to stack venus flytraps.
-You stand on a key and attempt to pick it up and jump at the same time and attempt to theoretically gain infinite height that way.
-You think you don't need a ladder because you figure you can just throw a turtle shell at the wall and when it rebounds, jump off of it and land on the roof.
-You try to use glitches in real life.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level of every single ROM hack I've ever made is easier than Ultra Necrozma.
You know you're addicted to Math when:

-You try to solve relationship problems with the Quadratic Formula
-A scatter plot makes you weep like the Mona Lisa makes others weep
-You've managed to insert p*rn on your graphing calculator
-You have exciting dreams of polynomial division
-All you see in the lottery is probability
-You're single
-You're best friend is a protractor with a face drawn on it
-You like finding the proof to the Heron's area formula
-You understand all of the underlined terms!


Status of my Hack:

You know You are addicted to SMB2 America(US version) when:

- You make amphibians eat vegetables.
- You think a weed is a chemical leading to subspace.
- You think masks will chase you when you grab a key.
- You think picking up a mushroom on the ground will make you get another year or so of life.
- You think Grabbing a Crystal Ball permanently opens a Hawk's mouth somewhere.
i guess alot of the world is addicted to math then,

you know your addicted to music when you

-listen to it on a regular basis

-tell your music teacher to crank up the tunes

-bring a band into your school to play a concert

-start playing songs in class

-start practicing instruments everywere

-are single, had a relationship, or had a parent of some kind

-are reading this

-are blind and or deaf

-a human being of some kind
Originally posted by omegazeroINFI
-are single, had a relationship, or had a parent of some kind

-are reading this

-are blind and or deaf

-a human being of some kind

Come on, man.

'You know you're addicted to life when you're not dead.'

See how funny that was? Yeah.
Message of the week: I'm going to be inactive, except for the Third Earth story posts. So I'll be on here once a week.

World's saga is on the fourth chapter.
Game progress is still on chapter one.
Character progress: 11 of 18.
Bug fixing: Initiated.
You know you're addicted to Grand Theft Auto when:

* You shoot everyone

* You randomly steal cars

* You jump from a plane without a parachute

* You type a cheat in an imaginary keyboard

"4shitkids changes the voice of anime, censored anime, and created ghorrible shows. 4KIDS UCKS.
- 13 year old me
You know you're addicted to Runescape when:

-You kill other users
-Fairy-tale creatures and holiday caracters like santa are real
-You go on more than one quest at a time
-RPG games are cool
R.I.P. eXcavator... You will always have a place in our hearts...
You have to be adicted to spore when
-you have conquered the galaxy
-you found a fosilised dog-bone
-you cant believe that after 5 minutes after eating, youre dog isnt hungry.
-you cant believe airplanes cant stay floating in mid air.
-you dont understand why humans even exist.

Your layout has been removed.
you know you're addicted to final fantasy 5 when:

-grind gil turtles
-have full powered brave blade
-sad that galuf dies
-spend 3 hours fighting byblos. white mages only
-lose that battle
-the first thing you think of is 'shit, i need to bring more phoenix downs next time'


You know your addicted to the computer when:
-in school you try to drag your teacher into the recycle bin
-you go outside and thank the scenery is a desktop
-you look below you and try to find the tad that holds porn
-you think that using your right hand would cause a white box with words in it to come out
-you make a wall of wood around your house and set it on fire
-when you play poker you double hit every pack of cards to open them
-you see the word "new" any where and think that someone has replied to you post
-you think every girl you meat will strip in front of you

thank you
Originally posted by MuffinRobot
-in school you try to drag your teacher into the recycle bin

Originally posted by MuffinRobot
-you think every girl you meat will strip in front of you

It's funny because that works whether or not that was a typo.

You know you're addicted to TVTropes when:

- you try to pothole links in your speech
- you hold yourself back from justifying things others say
- your browser crashes from the number of tabs open
- you write down tropes from a new piece of work to add when it's over
- you get disappointed when someone has already added them
- you make a web show about them

If you want to support gaming for a good cause, PM me to donate to Sandbox Gaming's 9th bi-annual 80-hour marathon! More information about the event here.

uh, i'm too lazy to remove any of the above but the marathon's over. it went pretty well

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