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The New Tales
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I finished my first hack this morning. I watched some tutorials on youtube and started hacking some weeks ago. My aim was to lern the basics. First I thought of making a hack as difficult as the original game but then I had ideas of some crazy and hard stuff - I recommend save states - but there are simple parts too. My rom itself is very "dirty". It's the result of some mistakes during my learning progress (for example: standart palette changes).

The hack has 15 exits. I edited the overworld with some events, music and submaps with palette-changes. I tried to create some variety between the levels using fg and bg exgfx and costum music. You will find a story told by message boxes. At the end I lost a bit of my motivation because I understood how to get along with lunar magic, exgfx etc. and wanted to start a new hack using more custom stuff like sprites, overworld gfx, better addmusic etc.

I have much to lern but I would appreciate critique on this "Newbee-Hack". I only tested with zsnesw.

ips @ my files: The New Tales

Have fun with this ;)
Last edited on 2011-04-12 06:12:41 AM by DonGeilo.
Could you upload the IPS somewhere else or to the file bin? My anti-virus software keeps blocking the address.
i added it to my files.. thx for the hint
This looks... Very nice! The palettes in the title screen could be fixed though. The overworld is nice, but has some cutoff here and there. Can't say much about the level design, but it looks empty in some places.

If this is your first hack, I can't wait to see more from you.
I played the entire hack, and for a first hack i have to say it's ok, remind me of my first one, when i didn't care if the levels were extremely anyoing of dificult (almost kaizo), and in some form, they were still memorable and fun to play, i had the same feeling with the hack, it was difficult, and i used save states to the limit, even doing things like shell jumps, key jumps, springboard glitches to pass to the extreme parts (or just by lazyness, i founded sometimes more fun to try to break it and do something crazy than actually playing like it was suposed to be, like in that ice cave level with the giant mole passage).

It was interesting trying to manage how to progress in the game, and thats something very rare to find, since some levels require the switches, yoshi, or even some powerups to get pass, i have to think a lot of how to deal some parts or how to get some secret exits, while the vast mayority of the hacks make secret exits like usseless bonus or secondary paths, you make them necessary to continue, i don't think if you have thought of it but is a really clever idea.

Obiously this hack won't be accepted in the Hacks section, due it's difficulty, overusage of munchers, bad palletes, cutoff, and some little things that make some people cry, if you don't care about that, i recomend this hack.
waaait amitune, isnt this that BG someone drew for SMWCP2?
Ahhh, I'm kinda stuck on Yoshi's Booth. I can find an invisible noteblock that lets me get a shell, but that's about it. NO KEY. -.-

Edit: Nevermind, found it.

Edit 2: Unchanged switch palace? Seriously? :/

Edit 3: What am I supposed to do now? Home Sweet Home's secret exit requires another switch palace beaten, Kinky Forest's secret exit doesn't seem to be possible right now, and I can't find anything else in Yoshi's Booth...
Last edited on 2011-04-16 07:07:15 AM by GoldenSonic15.
Get the key and jump over it :P

Also, you can actually get the secret exit in that forest, requires shell jump.

Edit: actually if you get that secret exit of the forest, i won't be necesarry to break mario's house, because that leads to the other switch palace.
Last edited on 2011-04-16 08:59:58 AM by Leo137.
What do you mean by "Get the key and jump over it"? :/

Also, I know the shell jump thing, but it still doesn't seem possible after you do that...


I'm running into problems with sprites disappearing in Kinky Forest. :/

Edit 2: Well, I managed to get a shell to the key, but one final problem:

... I don't seem to be able to get up to the keyhole.


Edit 3: Nevermind. AGAIN. I HATE THIS LEVEL!


Seriously. I lost patience and ended up using cheats to beat it. I played through the level about three times, and on none of them I could find out how to beat it legitly!

Edit 5: Way too much time on Old Manor. :/

Edit 6: Random glitch tile on the overworld after you get out of the cave...

Edit 7: Couldn't you have just used an original Big Boo battle instead of a ripoff of the one from Kaizo Mario, and used a castle destroyed message to wrap up the plot instead of spelling out The End :) on the overworld weirdly?

Ah. Anyways. Yeah, this is a very good hack, and it has it's fun parts. But it's too hard for SMWC and too easy to be Kaizo, and it is infested with tons of little problems, and a few big ones.
Last edited on 2011-04-16 11:37:57 AM by GoldenSonic15.
In the ice cave, you need to sacrifice yoshi after you throw the sliver P switch to the plataform of the left.
Originally posted by UMA
waaait amitune, isnt this that BG someone drew for SMWCP2?

It is.
It's the one that Ladida drew for CrispyYoshi for his level in the Ice World.
Last edited on 2011-04-16 11:37:28 AM by leod.
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