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Real (Non-VGM) Songs You Would Like to Hear in SMW
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YYZ - Rush

I don't know how this would turn out in SMW form, but I know it would be epic. Very fitting for boss music.

A lot of you people are thinking of songs that, while they might be cool to here in this different style, would have no use in an actual SMW hack. Where would you put a Linkin Park song, or Through the Fire and Flames, that would sound fitting? Naw for me, it would be this song, which is a great loop, or the instrumental version of Kronkite by the Creators.

This. In fact, when I first heard it, I thought it'd make an excellent boss theme.

Would need a damn good guitar sample to sound right, though.

Aerials by System of a Down, for myself. It could fit an intense yet sad cutscene. Note, you can get pretty nice MIDIs of some of these songs by taking a Guitar Pro from and using a program like TuxGuitar to turn the Guitar Pro into a MIDI.

Hey, I'm Riot. I used to use this website a lot but it has been quite a while since I've been a part of it. Help me out with any of the changes; it'd be much appreciated.
I'd like Chocolate Rain to be ported over to SMW.

Oh, right. It has been done..

Please don't send me PMs about why JDCGames is down. That part of my life is over.
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RED ZONE by tatsh & NAOKI would be freakin' awesome as a title theme.
It Comes Naturally by I Set My Friends On Fire. that'd be hilarious. kind of dirty though..
I would like to hear the Price is Right theme or the old Wheel of Fortune theme.
Anything by Dream Theater (particularly Metropolis Part II).

Althought their songs are much longer than the longest SMW level ever made.

"4shitkids changes the voice of anime, censored anime, and created ghorrible shows. 4KIDS UCKS.
- 13 year old me
A lot of songs:
Main theme: Rush - Working Man
Opening theme (starting a new game): Dream Theater - Overture 1928's intro

Yoshi's Island map: The Protomen - Hope Rides Alone
Main map: Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar
Vanilla dome map: Tool - Eulogy
Forest of Illusion map: Tool - Swamp Song
Star Road map: Rush - Xanadu
Special World map: The Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Valley of Bowser map: Slayer - Raining Blood

Yoshi Island 1: Dream Theater - Overture 1928
Yellow Switch Palace: Black Sabbath - Iron Man
Yoshi Island 2: Queen - Don't Stop me Now
Yoshi Island 3: Deep Purple - Highway Star
Yoshi Island 4: Rush - Red Barchetta
#1 Iggy's Castle: Dream Theater - Panic Attack

Donut Plains 1: Blind Guardian - Precious Jerusalem
Donut Plains 2: The Beatles - Come Together
Green Switch Palace: Metallica - Master of Puppets
Donut Ghost House: Metallica - Fade to Black
Top Secret Area: Queen - Bicycle Race
Donut Plains 3: Rush - The Spirit of Radio
Donut Plains 4: Santana - Oye Como Va
Donut Secret 1: King Crimson - Larks Tongues in Aspic (Pt.2)
Donut Secret House: Opeth - The Leper Affinity
Donut Secret 2: In Flames - Only for the Weak
#2 Morton's Castle: Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge

Vanilla Dome 1: Opeth - Wreath
Vanilla Dome 2: Symphony X - Of Sins and Shadows
Red Switch Palace: Megadeth - Hangar 18
Vanilla Ghost House: Iron Maiden - Transylvania
Vanilla Dome 3: Dream Theater - Innocence Faded
Vanilla Dome 4: Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony
Vanilla Secret 1: Faith No More - Everything is Ruined
Vanilla Secret 2: Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Vanilla Secret 3: Queen - Misfire
Vanilla Secret 4: Symphony X - Out of the Ashes
Vanilla Fortress: Metallica - Dyers Eve
#3 Lemmy's Castle: Megadeth - Tornado of Souls

Butter Bridge 1: Iron Maiden - Aces High
Butter Bridge 2: Helloween - I Want Out
Cheese Bridge: Dream Theater - Never Enough
Soda Lake: Helloween - Keeper of the Seventh Keys
#4 Ludwig's Castle: Ludwig Van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement

Forest of Illusion 1: Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
Forest of Illusion 2: Rush - La Villa Strangiato
Blue Switch Palace: Iron Maiden - The Number of The Beast
Forest Ghost House: Opeth - April Ethereal
Forest of Illusion 3: Iron Maiden - Running Free
Forest of Illusion 4: Symphony X - Inferno
Forest Secret 1: Dream Theater - The Dance of Eternity
Forest Secret 2: Stratovarius - Stratofortress
Forest Fortress: Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire
#5 Roy's Castle: Exodus - Bonded By Blood

Chocolate Island 1: Rush - 2112 (Temples of Syrinx)
Chocolate Ghost House: Symphony X - Masquerade
Chocolate Island 2: Faith No More - From out of Nowhere
Chocolate Secret: Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills
Chocolate Island 3: Dream Theater - Blind Faith
Chocolate Fortress: Megadeth - Killing is My Business
Chocolate Island 4: Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Chocolate Island 5: Helloween - Dr. Stein
#6 Wendy's Castle: Sepultura - Territory

Sunken Ghost Ship: Opeth - Blackwater Park

Valley of Bowser 1: Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
Valley of Bowser 2: Anaal Nathrakh - Pandemonic Hyperblast
Valley Fortress: Arch Enemy - Bury me an angel
Valley of Bowser 3: Immortal - Blashyrkh
Valley Ghost House: Anorexia Nervosa - Stabat Mater Dolorosa
Valley of Bowser 4: Napalm Death - Diktat
#7 Larry's Castle: Meshuggah - War
Front Door: Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering
Back Door: Cannibal Corpse - Make them suffer

Star Road 1: Joe Satriani - Sleepwalk
Star Road 2: Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Pt.1)
Star Road 3: Rush - Limelight
Star Road 4: The Doors - Light My Fire
Star Road 5: Dream Theater - Under a Glass Moon

Gnarly: Dick Dale - Misirlou
Tubular: Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie
Way Cool: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Rude Mood
Awesome: John Petrucci - Glasgow Kiss
Groovy: Paul Gilbert - Scarified
Mondo: Steve Vai - Now We Run
Otrageous: Frank Zappa - Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar
Funky: Yngwie Malmsteen - Arpeggios From Hell

Sky Yoshi: Dream Theater - Wait for Sleep
Bonus theme: Queen - Bicycle Race
Boss Battle:
Bowser Battle:
Stage Clear:
Bonus Victory:
Boss Victory:
P Switch:

Sorry, I did it quickly.

Be happy
Looks like you'd have the entire game planned out with a list like that, haha. Good choices there too.

Related to the topic: Circus Gallop all the way.
I recently tried porting this with little success. It'd be a really good song for a generic grassland level.

I'm a big Michael Jackson fan, and this is the MJ song that'd be most likely to fit in an SMW hack.

This could probably work on some bouncy nighttime level.

"Experience, lad. You should learn to appreciate it."
-Kup, Transformers: The Movie 1986
Metallica - Master of Puppets

The Noveltones - Left Bank Two
If you've played LittleBigPlanet, you know what this is. (IN a game, but not made FOR a game)

What about Boulevard of Broken Dreams Holiday and 21 guns (Green Day)?

The 1st one can fit grassland levels, the 2nd one also, and the 3rd one can fit castle and fort levels...

The videos are:
1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
2. Holiday
3. 21 Guns
4. The Simpsons Theme - fit for credits
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Originally posted by Chargin Chuck
4. The Simpsons Theme - fit for credits

I'm actually using that as the title screen music in a Kaizo hack I'm currently working on. Not the Green Day version, but the SMW port.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level of every single ROM hack I've ever made is easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Dreams of an Absolution

I'm linking because this song is very, very unheard of.
I'd like to hear the Danzas Tribales, by Kevin Kaisershot:
here. Its awesome. But one part in a level like:
0:03 seconds(In link) to 1:38 in 1 level, 1:39-3:15 in another and 3:16-5:19 in another and all 3 in the final level of the Danzas World. It would be awesome.
All That Remains - "The Air That I Breathe"

Also, Escape the Fate - "The Aftermath (G3)" would make for some unnecessarily epic end credits music.
Wait a moment, the music we write in this forum is submitted to the custom music section?
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