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Internet Friends
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This is basically a thread were you say users on the SMWC who you would consider "Friends"

For me,

-Yoshis fan


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-Uhrix: We've been talking nearly a year now via MSN, and we are working on Super Mario Underworld together. Really nice guy, and very talented artist. We have a lot of respect for each other.

-Foursword4: I've known him for about three years. We've helped each other a great deal with our hacks, and talk about pretty much anything. Don't see him around as much as I used to, but we do drop in to say hi whenever we see each other.

Used to talk to KC and S.N.N. quite a bit as well but haven't heard from them lately.
-Uhrix: Probably the only guy I really talk to from here, and I met him via SMWC. As Jacob said, he's a really nice guy and a good GFX designer.

I've also talked indirectly to Broozer and Jacob via Uhrix on MSN, during the final stages(testing) of Lunar Limbo. I don't know them personally, though they both seem like very nice guys :P

I'd love to talk to other Norwegians, however, so if anybody of you see this, you can PM me for my MSN address whenever you like!

aran - Graces of Heaven
-Mario's Personal Agent

Pretty much anyone who is or was active (while I'm online) in #radbusiness. The rest of the people in the UB in my sig that weren't listed I don't know that well, so... eh.
For me it would be these people:


Those are the ones I talk to the most. You can find a full list in my profile.Free counters!
I have quite a few people I talk to, but the ones I talk to the most are Ersanio, BlackEagle766, Chikane, Slash Man and LeOdd.
People I talk to less often, but still quite regularely: tubular, Atma, Kieran, fb69.
Users that left the site: Marioman and Jumpluff.
Honorary mention: Lucaria.
You know, I don't talk to many people these days, mainly due to school. Around the time of my promotion, Atma and I used to talk every day, and I'd like to resume that if I can find the time. I talk to Counterfeit often on IRC, but with her new job, she's even busier than me. People I'd like to talk to more are S.N.N., Slash Man, and probably a few others whose names I can't remember.

And this is, like, the seventh thread of the same topic since 2011, but that's fine because the more friends we have, the better.
The only user I would consider a "friend" is randoguy101, who hardly ever comes on here. I know him from other forums, and I'm in the team for his hack.
Given the fact that I never post and don't often contribute anything SMW related I tend to not have very many friends.

That being said, khasvrogh (Or however you spell his name) is a good buddy o' mine.
I'm also "friends" with the blobby Giga.
'Side from that, there ain't too many folks who even know me. Guess I should spend more time on the irc...
Well, i always talk to Jeorge, Hadron, leod, Buster Beetle, Aqua, tubular, FUGG, Slash and etc

AND anypony from #Equestria or #radio

"4shitkids changes the voice of anime, censored anime, and created ghorrible shows. 4KIDS UCKS.
- 13 year old me
people i consider friends: LeOdd, Aqua, BusterBeetle, Quizler, Zeldara, TRS and a dude who is very obscure but also awesome

kinda friends but probably not really: assorted people from #clearworld and #Equestria, SNN, grishnax, GlitchMr, and maybe some others i missed

people who left: Kyurel, zkip, NovaYoshi, stag019

i'm acquainted with quite a large number of people, enough that i don't even keep track anymore.

e: poopers i left out Alcaro
we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
For main friends on smwc, I'd have to say that Balrog and Daxterspeed are two users I'd definitely consider friends. Kieran, Jayfeather, FUGGNUTZ, and Aquifer are pretty cool to talk to as well.

Sonikku, Bluemoon, Gamma_V, Riolu, and grishnax are all fun to talk to on the irc, but I've never talked with them all too much. Leod is someone who I always seem to, in one way or another, butt heads with most of the time when I talk to him, but he's not that bad.

Follow me on Hermitscape for random bits of game design talk and pixel art, or even request something for me to draw.
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While I don't necessarily have any true friends from the site (as in friends you chat with very often, that sort of thing), I feel that I've become well acquainted with Hadron and Zildjian as, well, acquaintances.

(From my understanding) it's kind of like saying that someone's a buddy of yours, despite the fact that you only know so much about them. If anyone else understands that, that's kind of what I picture my relations with Hadron and Zild to be like.

Oh and Mike (or MikeFuryXP) as well; however I hardly ever see him come on the board anymore.

AnimeList | MangaList
Slash Man ... I guess.

Chanofclearwordicers who are friends but I guess belong in a separate category for some reason:
Nameless even though he's a faggot

Somewhat friendly:
Werewolf (Remus) ... I guess? Maybe.

Inactive (were friends ;_:A):
Captain Pissweak

and now i shall log this post in a .txt file so i can just copy it to the new thread next week.
I had a few back then, but now I'm just a shadow among the site.

Blumiere, Mue and Amos mainly. There are a few other people I usually talk to as well, but those three I consider friends. <3
Technically not a SMWCentral user, but THIS GUY is probably the best friend I can have on the internet. He's also a SM64 hacker and usually my go-to person when I want my hacks tested.

If it's a user (who posted) on this site, then I guess it's probably YouAreSuperMario, as he's seems awfully interested in my hacks.
Originally posted by Blumiere
Nameless even though he's a faggot

I appreciate the thought Blu but go choke on a dildo.

Anyway, the only people I ever associate with on this fine establishment are either on clearworld/chanofice/whatever and imamusic. Otherwise, I'm pretty quiet around the site and on any channels that I didn't say, although I'm becoming quite fond of #radio. I used to talk to Ersanio at one point but that kind of stopped happening for some reason.

I think the only user I could think of as a friend would be teff007, since he's the only one I've seen in real life.

Other users I like are anonimato, Hadron, Zeldara109, and other users I can't remember right now.
JeudaCruxifis and I used to be quite good friends, but we both started to grow lives and we barely get a chance to throw an email at each other =(

I still kinda-sorta-almost keep in touch with SCORP and Hunter every now and again when I can, but I'm so bad at it =P

And I used to talk to Uhrix before I grew a life, but it's been a while before I checked up on him D=

...aaaaand I'm sure there's someone I'm forgetting... hmm... eh, can't be anyone of any importance.


Not blue.
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