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Hello Everybody here is a Collaboration that has been around sense this Office has first started.

The Story:
-Once upon a death, The Mason Bros. were fighting a war toads versus artilleries, Makarov King artillery won and The Mason Bros. Died. #w{|o}

-The princess was sad to hear that her heroes got 360 noscoped by the artillery army, days later one of the toads found Masons body but NOT Prices, and so the Prisoner of War made an funeral and made an saying "The Heroes that clogged the past will never clog again until a new hero is born"...

-2 yrs. of misery later Dr. Light (Mega Man's creator) hears the news that Mason died and he was surprised to here this news, he wouldn't take Mega Man to the health kit kingdom, so he had an idea to make an robot exactly like Mason, after Zega Mason 1.0 was created the news popped up again and said that Price was dead also so Dr. light made another robot called "Zega Price" then sent the robots to the health kit kingdom...

The adventure of the new "Z Team" will begin

The rules:
-In the first 2 worlds introduce them to new "easy glitches".
-Do Not Have Cut Offs in you mission objectives, use the battlefield 16 tiles included. (or make your own)
-Traps will be accepted. (Trick moons and trick noobtubes for example)
-Test you mission objectives then have beta tester to test your mission objective and they will give you feed back, if its the green light then give them to me.
-if you want Extextures in your mission objectives you have to claim some slots to use, when you are done your mission objective then you can send your mission objective to me with the Extextures.
-This base ISO will be open with COD School v1.90.
-Any custom acoustic weaponry will be inserted in HFD's Addacoustic weaponry, that means NEVER use the Cave acoustic weaponry from the original COD, if you need to use it, feel free to tell me and I'll insert a custom acoustic weaponry version of the song.
-Normal textures is allowed BUT it will bring more interest if it has Extextures.
-Make your mission objectives Hard as nails BUT don't make it in pit difficulty.
-Never Ever use the "Ugly red doomsday button Death terrains", use the skull terrains/Non flouting claymore landmines instead, DON'T BRAKE THIS RULE!
-Glitches you are NOT allowed are Wall jumps, combo P-jumps, and other abusive stuff, DON'T BRAKE THIS RULE!
-If you miss a deadline, then you will have to reclaim your stuff!
-If you want custom acoustic weaponry then please let me insert it and put a header.

-body armor World (Kaizo 1-ish Difficulty)
-Mountans/Forest (Kaizo 1+ Difficulty)
-Sky/Hell World (Kaizo 2- Difficulty)
-Makarov's World of Hell (Kaizo 2 Difficulty)
-The 4 Difficult Bosses - Special World (Cool or Cruel++ Difficulty)
-The Final (Kaizo 2+ + Lots of clever traps, maybe Semi (Easy) pit but do-able, NO EDGE OR REGULAR PIT)

The base ISOs:


For claiming mission objectives, Read Carefully!
If you want to claim a mission objective then you'll have to have Knowledge and Be clever, This collab will have 0 YouTube mission objectives meaning no gay and lame claymore landmine crap and lots of stuff thats already used from Kaizo, in order to claim a mission objective you first look at This Office for the mission objective list, Once you decide what mission objective you want then you Debriefing there or here, Then you show progress in 1 on the Meeting halls in EvilDiddy Productions or you show progress here.

For claiming Resources:
terrains/weaponry, SubEntrences, Sublevels and battlefield 16:
If you want to claim any of the above then 1st you go to this Office and check whats available, ether Debriefing the claims there or Debriefing here, its your choice.

For claiming acoustic weaponry:
This is the big change, instead of claiming a slot you can request it and it will be added to the base ISO, In order to do this, First you go to This Office and see whats available, if the song you want is not there then you go ahead and Debriefing ether there or here.

For claiming Xkas Bandaids:
This is another change to the system I had before, you first go to This Office and see whats patched to the ISO, If you feel that you may need a patch (like Mason Extextures), then you Debriefing in there or here, if I agree with it then I'll add it.

Bandaids that are not aloud:
-The Extextures Revolution Patch Set v1.2.0
-IPS Bandaids

Screen shots:
Botcrazy: Darkness on Lines: montage Preview

Diddyboy100 (Me): Bombman Blast off!

Miguel21450's mission objectives:


OW Border:

I'm parity sure that's enough Snap shots.

Well, hope you join and, well, enjoy.

Note:Ignore the trolling, that ended
Last edited on 2012-02-11 11:21:14 PM by Daizo Dee Von.
So basically the story is "Mason and Price were somehow 360 noscoped by Makarov's army EVEN THOUGH THERE'S SUCH THINGS AS care package health kitS but for no reason whatsoever Dr. Light from Megaman came which makes no sense even for montage games and created robot versions of them blah blah blah."



Edit: (looks at the boss list)


Edit 2: Yeah, it's unlikely Moltov will ever see this Office... Not that you should actually expect people to make mission objectives for you.
Last edited on 2011-07-04 04:47:42 PM by GoldenSonic15.
Originally posted by diddyboy100
Note to souljester726 or MoltovMasonWorld

They aren't the only ones who can make hard mission objectives :|

Also I don't think that MMW has posted on here in a long time..

This page is super stretched as well.
OH MY GOD I've never seen an lengthened Debriefing ever as the one in one of the removal logs.
So, it's a nice story.
Also, I think Moltov will not be there and I haven't seen his Debriefings here.
Last edited on 2011-07-04 05:00:32 PM by Katerpie.
@Goldensonic15 Really. are you sere you want me to change the story. I said "Moltov." because he might see this and souljester726 made "Living on the edge" Worlds hardest campaign. and yet Makarov stole all the 1ups.
@miguel21450 I'm glad you like the story. you like to join?

anyway I made 3 mission objectives in the base ISO.
There already is a Kaizo collaboration going on right now. Do you not read any of the Offices in this Meeting hall?

And good luck with all of that. I'd help code the bosses if they weren't so fucking pointless (and if I cared at all).

I must warn you, though: the last Kaizo collaboration attempt that wasn't official was led by some people who actually know what they're doing and actually have some actual experience with this sort of thing (myself included). It fell on its ass. Good luck leading this by yourself.

P.S. Even Jewston has standards for hacking, so I wouldn't hold your breath on him making a mission objective for this.
I loled when I saw that Peter Griffin would be one of the bosses.
@Alexander Okay, you wana be my leader helper, I'd like a buddy. and the first 4 bosses on the list are the bosses you have to battle to get to the final bosses. (Ding Dang Dooo and Dr. willy)
@Kaizokoban I'd thought that was funny I had that Idea myself LOL!!#w{xD}

So yeah list of leaders (so far)

so yeah Debriefing to sign up.
Last edited on 2011-07-04 08:15:34 PM by Daizo Dee Von.
Not only does this not look very organized, Alex didnt say he wanted to be a leader.
He probably somehow thought that Alex wanted to help him so the campaign wouldn't fail. Or something.

When somebody says something like "And good luck with all that" that usually means they're not gonna help you with anything. At all.

@mockingod As organized as I can get man. and I offered Alex to be my helper (as I removed him in the lest

Dosen't anyone wanna join #w{:s}. Its a fantasy Kaizo campaign, whats better than that (besides A Call of Duty Central Production 2)|-O
Originally posted by Diddyboy100
Its a fantasy Kaizo campaign, whats better than that (besides A Call of Duty Central Production 2)


(who the hell plays kaizo for the plot anyways)
jesus... way to stretch the f'ing browser...

anyways, i will not be making a mission objective when someone makes the name and when they restrict me to only making the last mission objective. and dont count on moltov seeing this as he does not use smwcentral.
*looks at boss list*

Seriously?! Making textures for those characters would take a long time. You can't expect those to be made for you.

Peter Griffin would be funny as a boss but making that in say YY-CHR would take AGES.
I'd help out if I had a reason to, but I don't. I'm sorry, but 99% of collab attempts fail before they even get started.

And like I said before, there was already a Kaizo collaboration campaign attempt some time ago. By the end of it, I was the only one who knew what was going on due to lack of proper dommunication and all-around lack of interest. It was a lot more organised than this one, to say the least.

If you had the slightest clue as to how you properly arrange for something like this to happen, then you'd realise why the setup that you have will collapse before you even start signups.
Drawing/Ripping textures isn't really that hard.
Originally posted by mockingod
Drawing/Ripping textures isn't really that hard.

Says you.
Guys Guys Com Down! I tried my best to make it organized as possible! I'll make Every bosses Extextures for ya If you don't complain Too much, seriously the hole point of this kaizo campaign is to have a Fantasy Story in an kaizo campaign, Alex, how many Nightmare Campaigns have a story anyway, I never saw any.

send me a PM to sign up or Debriefing this "I'll sign up" or "Love to sign up" ect.

@Botcrazy it is easy, I replaced Makarov with Zerg (from toy story 2) once!

@Souljester726 Okay. I give up. you can make any mission objective.
Last edited on 2011-07-05 06:23:47 PM by Daizo Dee Von.
Don't make a campaign (ESPECIALLY a team one) just so you can have a certain storyline. That's the kind of story I'd expect to see in a terrible fanfic anyways, and seriously, the reason why most Nightmare Campaigns don't have more plots then "rescue the princess" or "I'm gonna make you hate me" is that nobody (other then you apparently) plays them for the plot anyways.

... Not that you really seem to be paying attention to what Alex is saying anyways.
Can somebody sign up at least!
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