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The Legend of Randorland 1 - Remake
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So, remember my series "The Legend of Randorland"?
Well, after 2 years, I've remade the first part in the series.

"The Legend of Randorland 1 - The Rise of Randor - Resurrected"

Is a Story based hack that focusses on Cindy and Simon, the two protagonists of this game.
An unknown person has send them a message that there's something strange going on, on Enteria Island.
Cindy and Simon set out to find out what it is.
After Cindy got to the Island, Simon set out for somewhere else.
This is where the game starts.

The hack contains ~40 levels.
It has custom bosses, music and graphics all drawn by hand.
The graphics are based off of the original tilesets due to this originally being a vanilla hack.


You can download the hack here, I hope you enjoy it, and feedback is always appriciated.
Looks interesting. As you know I quite like the two and do enjoy following Randor's saga. I'll pick it up some time!

Ladies and gentlemen. Show this thread more love <3
For the lack of a better opening phrase: Took ya bloody long enough XD

I may upload a fancy review in all its glory and some point in the future, but since I've beta-tested the game about a thousand times since it was a wee little babby, I doubt I'll get around to it.

Hey, you! No, not you- you! Do it for me! Thanks xxx

Ahhh, now it's finally time to move on to newer things - can't wait!
Well, I played through most of this hack while it was still in the Waiting to be Moderated section. Apart from some rookie glitches (the TIME UP! in zero timer levels for example), the hack was pretty solid for the most part. I do have my complaints though.

-The first castle was very challenging for where it was in the hack, considering everything I've played afterwards (which is up to World 5) didn't even come close to it's difficulty. I blame this mostly on the autoscrolling Magikoopa section; he reappears as soon as you stomp him, and it doesn't help that he blends into the background quite well... combined with a lack of powerups after the midway point, that castle forced me to farm many lives in previous levels to avoid a Game Over.

-I got stuck in the room of Mindcrush Mansion where you need to use the springboard. The only way out is to wait for the timer to run out... this level starts me off with 700 seconds or so...

-Admirals House had an annoyingly positioned Fishin' Boo. Again, this made the level much more challenging compared to the levels that were to come.

Apart from those spots, I really liked what I've played so far. The story is quite engaging, the graphics are very well done (though Cindy could've used more work), many of the levels were simple yet fun to play through, and some of the boss fights are set up in ways that keep them fresh (such as the "Mouser" fight where you have constantly cycling platforms). I hope the rest of the hack remains enjoyable as I go back to playing it.
Thanks =D

I should also say that the game isn't close to perfect, but I've put a lot of effort in the polishing this time around.
And I'm pretty satisfied with the result.
I'm glad most of the people who played it were positive!
Well, I played the whole PLOT part of the hack this weekend, and I will tell you this. This hack is great in a lot of areas; but like every hack, it has its cons. Do remember this is all in my opinion.
You must have your time mixed up.

The story is well written out and very straight forward, no plot holes as far as I could tell. I loved running into Randor and the various battles you have with him. He is also comic relief and at the same time a great villian. Somehow, he makes things both funny and serious; which is excellent because I love comedy. The plot twist (I won't state what) is also very unexpected, then there's another one. Excellently thought up. You said this took you 2 years?

The graphics, for one thing, who doesn't love original graphics? Only people who prefer rips over everything else. Fortunately, I prefer original graphics, because originallity is better than copying off somebody else's stuff. Great thing is, this hack has originallity written all over it. I can see it in Black and White... and Orange, and Red, and everything else. By the way, are the Koopas based off Sniggerbobble's design? I should know, right? <-rhetorical question.

The Spirits... I love them! Can't wait to see what happens in RL2

As sad as it is, there are some cons to this hack. Fortunately enough, I see no graphical glitches or "bitch" spots in the hack. However, the levels do seem to be a bit short; but that's only because I'm used to designing long ass levels and stuff.

Cutscenes, written out very well for the most part, but to save room; I'd suggest using the VWF Cutscene Tool for RandorLand 2. I'd be more than happy to help you out with it if need be. (Maybe I should write a tutorial seeing as I use it all the time)

There are some parts in the story that did confuse me, such as the "INSERT PLOT TWIST HERE", how are we supposed to know what happened during those 20 minutes and why Cindy is "INSERT PLOT TWIST HERE".
Thanks =D

Ah yeah, the plot.
I must say, it's not the full plot as I intended, but that's because it's really taking like about 10-30 minutes to write out an average cutscene.
I plan on filling in the last few plotholes I had in the hack in RL2, or even in RL3.

As for the level design, I'm fairly certain that I've only just reached the level of Decent-Good, and that only time can make it just good-great.
As for RL2, I'm planning to take on the level design a lot more.
As this game was a remkae of an old one and at the same time an experiment to see how it would work out if I changed some things.

Obviously, this hack isn't for everyone, but for the casual hack player, I'm sure that it's a nice hack.
In Mindcrush, I ended up using shelljumps to get through... :/

annoyingly positioned Fishin' Boo

And how often are they not annoyingly positioned?
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
In Mindcrush, I ended up using shelljumps to get through... :/

annoyingly positioned Fishin' Boo

And how often are they not annoyingly positioned?

What I mean by this is it's placed so low it can kill you while you're standing on the ground (on the LOW platforms!), the flame reaches that low. That, in my opinion, is quite annoying.

Also, that shelljump is only possible if you actually brought a shell into that room; if you entered without one, you're still stuck.
Last edited on 2011-09-26 04:51:14 PM by GeminiRage.
Ouch, that's an error I've missed I guess.
Well, I'll try to find a way to fix it, if I can.
But just to let you know, the room is possible, it just requires a springboard.

Expect a fix somewhere later this week.
Originally posted by GeminiRage
Also, that shelljump is only possible if you actually brought a shell into that room; if you entered without one, you're still stuck.

Well, yeah, but that's not my point.
I just got through The Temple of Life, and must I say, that was freaking epic. Great job so far. :3

Edit: Where's the secret exit of Climbing the Cliff? And was The Great Spacelake not supposed to lead anywhere?

Edit 2: Speaking of Spacelake, there are pipes that CRASH THE FREAKING GAME!
Last edited on 2011-10-01 01:38:34 PM by GoldenSonic15.

Umm... what the hell happened here?
Seems like I'll have to grab ye'old LM tomorrow and fix some stuff, thanks for pointing those out!
Don't know HOW I missed most of those, but whatever!
It might also be worth noting that you left what I'm pretty sure is a fireflower box in the last level, because Cindy turned red, and using the powerup causes game-breaking glitches to occur.

I can only assume you never intended for them to be used, ever. so you might want to remove that box (It's in one of the rooms after the Slaughdron fight)
Last edited on 2011-10-02 06:00:07 PM by GeminiRage.
Alright, I've fixed the last few bugs, and had a mod replace the file, if you downloaded it before I suggest to redownload it.
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