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KONY 2012
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This is actually plastered pretty much everywhere at this point, so I'd be a little shocked if people haven't heard of Joseph Kony and the LRA by now:

Link to the video

I won't bother explaining it, since the description/video covers everything .. but needless to say, I'm in full support of this. I could really see it as being a historical event that will bring the world together, at least for a while.

Thoughts? Opinions?

ANDY-EDIT: Since you have to watch a 30-minute long video to fully understand everything here, here's the tl;dw version -- Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda, which over the past few decades has abducted at least 30,000 children from their families and forced the boys to fight as child-soldiers and the girls to be sex slaves. The children are forced to fight in the LRA as Kony's personal soldiers, for no other goal other than to keep Kony rich and in power. They are forced to kill other children (and adults), steal other children like themselves, and are raised in a culture of violence and rape.

Invisible Children, the group behind this video, wants to put a stop to Joseph Kony by raising awareness of his crimes against humanity. They want him to become a household name so that the people put political pressure on their governments to support efforts to arrest him and put an end to the LRA. So, they are asking everyone who watches the video to spread the word by reposting it online, telling people about it, and putting up banners, stickers, posters, etc. everywhere they can. They want him to become a "celebrity" so that his crimes can't continue unseen.

That said, watch the video.
This all over Facebook and other sites; I wouldn't be surprised if this causes and uproar (for the lack of a better connotation) throughout.
aww beat me to it...

I support this fully. Me and about 14 other people are already doing the April 20th event. Can't wait. I'm spreading this on facebook and Twitter now.
Please put this link on your signatures! 1,433 active people need to know!
I think I've heard of this guy before, but guess I didn't remember his name.

Hot damn, that's one evil dude.
A post I made on FB because I know people are gonna post something ignorant and nonchalant here:

It was never implied that crime itself will never stop; but people and their motives can. All "empires" fall some time, and Kony will not be an exception.

What will it do? I don't know; aside from the fact the thousands of children could stop living in fear; to at least have the joy of being a child.

And it isn't the matter of what will happen, what we can do, we will achieve in the end, and what the mean and point of this is.

The matter is this is the right thing do; a penny from 7 billion people equals 7 billion dollars; Acts of Random Kindness count.

We shouldn't stop doing what's right because it's "aimless" or something else as bad as Kony will come; should the people who fought against Adolf Hitler give up because someone like Osama bin Laden will come in the future?

Is ti right that we leave a house on fire and watch from the window of our own house?

The meaning of this is to do what's morally wrong; circumstances and future happenings are not what's happening right now; right now, a heartless is abducting children for "the sake of maintaining his power". What if you got abducted and enslaved by some person, and everyone is reluctant to help you because of the idea that some other kid is gonna get abducted after you - that there is no point of getting you back safe and sound to your family and friends because there were, are, and will be thousands - millions of other people who will get kidnapped and be toyed around with.

My case is closed; I will not stand here explaining the "right" and the "wrong", something that should be normal and natural to any person, even the most heartless ones.
I never post on the forums when it's unrelated to SMW Hacking.

This is different.

Glad to see this making itself all over the world so fast. I'd say Kony has become famous. To act on what is right is the only reason anyone should need to spread the word. I'm going to do more that spread the word though.

Very nice to see this on SMW Central. Now to check all of my other favorite sites.

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Well, this is all over Facebook so it's pretty unavoidable right now. Frankly, I'm sick of seeing it get reposted, but I still understand the message in the video.

“The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible.” - Salman Rushdie
I hope SNN doesn't mind, but I edited his post to summarize what this campaign is all about.

I have to say that while I fully support an effort like this, I think it's a shame an effort like this is even necessary. I first heard about the LRA's crimes at least seven years ago, if not more.

It's not like there has been NO coverage of it whatsoever -- in fact, whenever African political issues are in the news, the LRA and the child-soldiers are one of the issues most often discussed. Even Oprah has been all over this a few times.

I guess my point is that it's great that this group is doing this and trying to create a groundswell of support for it, and I sincerely hope they succeed, but it's sort of fucking ridiculous that it IS something many, many people have already been aware of for years, at least peripherally, and that 99 percent of us have done NOTHING about.

If this group succeeds, it's not going to be because they are necessarily exposing a truth that was not already known, but because it's going to be a "hip" and "cool" issue to be seen supporting. And I don't know -- I guess I just think humanitarian efforts being touted as a sort of fashion is just sort of disgusting.

It just goes to show just how much horror can result from people's apathy.


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If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.

Its pretty sad that hes been doing this for over 20 years, and I'm now just hearing about it.

I'm fully behind this campaign. This guy, needs the banhammer. #w{>=)}
Layout by LDA during C3.

... that's absolutely sickening. I have nothing else to say that hasn't been said already.

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Oh god...that guy is a real ass. I totally support this campaign. I mean, who guy that mean would be able to do that? I hate this guy officially.

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See? When you have power and want more of it... the total crap. We don't even imagine how it must be stay in situations like this.

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This is worth reading, too. It is critical of the organization Invisible Children. Just putting it here so all available information is out there. Funny enough, this echoes some of my concerns about the "fasion sense" of these sorts of shallow LIKE!-driven movements.

I KNEW something was up when Mumford And Sons started whining in the background of that video...


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If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
I also support this campaign. I'll also try to do my possible to spread the word.

I've always thought alot of things about people. There are various people throughout my life that I've called the "Most Evil Person in the World". Today, I've realized that no matter what, somehow, through some cruel twist of fate, there are even worse people out there. How do you get to this point, I wonder? Why can't we all just get along with each other, and live happily? How is it possible that someone so malicious and vile, so utterly repulsive and disgusting could manage to succeed 20 YEARS! doing such terrible things to innocent, weak children. I have never in my life been so terribly morally outraged in my entire life. This man doesn't deserve death, he deserves solitary confinement in a cold, dark room, devoid of any light whatsoever for the rest of his life. Let him know what it feels like to really suffer in life, to know what it feels like to be stripped of your freedom, and not be able to do a single damn thing about it.
Humiliation is worse than a quickly forgotten death.
I think you are misunderstanding the system of law and order. The objective is not to punish people who do bad, it's to stop people who do bad from doing bad. Torturing/humiliating someone, even someone like that, is a debasement of the system.
I have to say, this video is a really interesting, really well done piece of propaganda. Everything from the 3D effects to the music usage is carefully pieced together to keep the viewer interested in the video and to persuade them into taking action. Above all, it's even getting the message that the internet is underutilised in getting messages across and is actually using that as it's advantage. Heck even the tried and clichéd propaganda tools like portraying a child's innocence is used really well here.

The actions the video is suggesting though is really (and I mean really) ambitious. They have really high aspirations, and as much as they want people to believe they can succeed in making Kony a household name, I can see them really biting of more then they can do. They showed a clip of Hitler in the video, as if they trying to say that Kony should be treated in the same manner (or in a even worse manner) to him.

That said, HuFlungDu, after what this guy's done I fully support getting this son of b*tch some proper punishment, and this point I hardly think just stopping him is even a option.
I support the cause but not the people running it. I do not believe that the US should have ever gotten involved with an international affair unless it threatened their security or economy -- which I'm pretty sure they followed strictly until now -- and it was only because of this one man were they forced to send troops over. What's even more disheartening is that people are actually getting angry at the US government for getting involved when it was the people who put an insane amount of pressure on them to do so. The consequence of gaining such a sudden amount of attention is that people are bound to raise a few eyebrows and go digging, which is exactly what one man did.

I understand that Joseph Kony is a terrible man and should be criminally punished for what he did (preferably not under the hand of the US because, no offense, your system of law is ridiculous) but if you want to help, do not throw your money at these people, buy their shirts and deface public buildings, fences and anything with a surface with your posters, banners and stickers. Write to your government and leave it at that. There is no point in going through a third party to elevate the attention of this one man. You're essentially paying these people, giving them a 70% profit as outlined in the above linked blog post, to send that written statement for you at the exchange of a 50c bracelet and a sheet of paper.

Regarding the video I agree that it was magnificently done. The exaggeration of statistics, comparisons with previous, much more notorious criminals, emphasis on the youth of the internet who overpopulate it and are known to passively support causes like this and exploitation of a child's innocence really helps with the propaganda.

Good on them for bringing this to attention, but that's all they've done for me and all I'm ever doing for them is watching their video.

e: oh fashdgfsa andy beat me to being the critical party pooper of a serious thread. that's my job, dammit!
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