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Originally posted by RPG Hacker

I think hitting the enemies would pull them out of non attack animations. Ideally you should at least be spamming your guns any second you're not attacking. I've only played bayonetta1 on wiiu so maybe its different but I don't really notice these non attack animations and it's been a while so maybe I'm wrong. Bosses might be the exception to this though. If you get farther and get bat within it will help you adjust your timing for dodging a lot.

Your layout has been removed.
I'm not sure, it might be just the bosses, but I can't swear on it. Bosses are definitely among them, though. For example: the very first boss in Bayonetta 2 (Gomorrhah) has an attack where they bite you, it's one of their main attacks, but then they also have a random animation where they open their mouth and look as though they were going to bite, but aren't, and I've never figured out how to tell apart one from the other.

As for constantly attacking, the problem with that is that it obscures the enemy and makes it even more difficult for me to see when they're attacking. Plus, I think when you're attacking, there is also a minimal delay until you can dodge. It's not much, but it can be enough to mess up a dodge if you attack an enemy right as they are going to attack. Constantly shooting is possible, I guess, but there's not much use to it aside for keeping your combo going (which is currently useless to me, since I never get good ratings in any category, anyways, so combo doesn't matter to me). Even if it stops those "random animations" of enemies (which I'm not sure it does), that doesn't help much because you can only ever shoot a single enemy at once, yet usually find yourself surrounded by at least three to four.

Another problem I'm having - though that is really just a personal problem of mine - is that the dodge timing for activating witch mode doesn't work as my brain expects it. I'm really always automatically trying to play it as though I was playing a rhythm game, which means I always try to dodge the very moment I expect the attack to land, but in reality you have to doge slightly before the attack lands. Despite knowing this, I just can't manage to pull it off, my brain just always reverts to pressing the button when the attack lands.

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Completed my NG+ playthrough of Persona 5 and maxed out all the social links. Still another 20% of trophies to get including completing the compendium which will be a complete pain in the arse!
I'll probably go for that another day.

Right now, I've been checking out a recently released game on Steam called Heroes of Hammerwatch. It's got top-down 2D Zelda style gameplay but the levels are never the same, they are randomly generated. You've also got a permadeath mechanic, meaning if you die you lose everything you collected and you've got to start from the first level again. However, you can collect Ore to upgrade your town allowing you to unlock new shops. You also collect Gold to spend in these shops to buy new weapons, skills and upgrades.
I only bought the game 5 days ago and have already put in 30 hours!
Here's a trailer.
Finally done with Revelations: Persona. Got the bad end becasue the ps1 version of P1 is such a chore to play there's no way I could play through the entirety of it. Good thing the bad end shortens the game by a ton.
In the PSP version of P1, I've been slowly going up Hypnos Tower but last time I tried to I got destroyed by this one enemy group near the top of the tower. Which was not fun.

>Mark danced crazy!
I've been getting back into RollerCoaster Tycoon lately and just completed the twenty-second park of Corkscrew Follies yesterday. I'm planning on beating every single scenario this time around, as opposed to just unlocking them all as I did when I played it back in the early 2000s (yes, even the excruciatingly annoying least Harmonic Hills is already out of the way).

Of course, what I really should be doing is finishing Trails of Cold Steel 2 (and Trails in the Sky 3, but CS2 came first). I got about 60% of the way through the game and kind of just put it on hiatus for no real reason. I also need to work on my LPs more.
Recently purchased and played through Sonic Mania. I did get some enjoyment from it (mainly from the high number and variation of bosses), but it also reminded me of the things that frustrate me about Sonic. It's a good game, Sonic just isn't for me.

Played a bit of Detective Pikachu. So far, it's a charming and funny game and I really like the personality and voice of Pikachu. The gameplay doesn't have too terribly much depth to it (it basically feels like a beginner version of Ace Attorney or Phoenix Wright), but I think it can get away with it, simply because of how refreshing and enjoyable it otherwise is.

Also spontanously decided to preorder Ni no Kuni II and am really loving it so far. I'm playing it on my PS4 Pro and it's running on stable 60 FPS there (on a 1080p monitor). That's how games should be played. So far, almost everything about this game is terribly charming and enjoyable. Basically, it's pretty much a traditional J-RPG, without many of the drags and chorse of traditional J-RPGs. An action-based battle system really works well for the game and makes for a good flow (although I think they could have handled the world map way better, but it's still bearable there).

Also finally found time to play some Iconoclasts again and the game just gets better minute by minute. The bosses in the game are still the most amazing part. So far, I don't think there was a single boss which was painfully obvious, yet there also wasn't a boss which was ridiculously cryptic and illogical. All bosses so far could be figured out from either logic or from trying all of capabilities, yet many of them weren't so obvious that you looked at them and immediately knew what to do (aka almost all Nintendo bosses ever).

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it now isn't actually shit anymore!
Well, it appears "$annotatedconnectexception: connection timed out: no further information" means the only way I can play Minecraft with my brother is to play split screen on the old console versions. There's simply no other way, that error is unfixable and insurmountable.

Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
Everypony's digging with a shovel
I finished Persona 5 the other day with a total playtime of 100 hours. I really like it but Persona 3 is still my favorite Persona game.
Finally went back to Persona 4 after not playing it since December. At the moment I don't really like it that much, but I'm gonna give it a shot.
In Persona 1 PSP, I tried again at Hypnos Tower but failed again so I figure I'll just emulate it so I can at least save at the boss through savestate-like means. Not being able to leave towers without defeating the bosses I can live with, but not even being able to save at all during a tower run is kinda all sorts of dumb.
Last time in Shin Megami Tensei, I killed
and freed Psychodiver. I think my party is around level 30.
I was flying through Sword of Mana as the heroine but stopped once I got to the desert. I'm glad the dungeons not are the annoying and dumb dungeons that were in Final Fantasy Adventure. SwoM is a pretty decent remake, but man, the partner AI is absolute trash. They can't follow you at all and just take tons of hits from enemies. At least you don't need the partner to not die.

>Mark danced crazy!

Recently I found an old disk of QUAKE III and have been playing it fairly regularly. Just kinda wanted to know if anyone else on here has played it.
*incomprehensible screeching*
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