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Wanted to run a contest? (READ LAST POST)
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Have an idea for a contest? Would you like to run your event at SMW central? Well, now's your chance, whenever you want to run a SMW hackiing competition or a non-SMW hacking contest, all you need to do is ask here and get your idea approved, you shouldn't skip this step though as ANY CONTEST THAT HASN'T BEEN APPROVED WILL BE CLOSED ON SIGHT. Here are a few guidelines you should follow in order to get your contest approved:

  1. The contest must be reasonable in length and work required.
    Don't make extended contests that require a lot of work, like creating a whole hack, for example. Keep it simple, otherwise there's a chance people won't participate.

  2. Have judging and rules planned.
    When asking for approval, you must explain the rules of your contest and how it's going to be judged. You don't need to have your judges ready just yet, but you should have them before your contest's deadline; I advise you to run judge application or chose people you trust so you can make sure they are competent.

  3. Don't copy official contest ideas.
    For example, don't make a vanilla level design contest or a 24 hour contest, because we already run those contests officially. This doesn't mean your contest can't be similar to the official ones, but it cannot be identical.

  4. Make sure the comunity is interested in your contest.
    If your contest is not related to SMW hacking, there's a chance the community won't be interested in it. Ask the people around you if they would be interested in entering your contest so you can be sure you will actually get some paticipants.

  5. Your contest will not be official.
    User-made contest cannot be considered as official contests, this means you won't be able to handle any official prizes like badges, custom titles or custom name colors. However, you are still allowed to give your handle your prizes to your winners if you wish to do so. Exceptions to this rule can be made depending on the contest.
I'm totally going to assume this sudden thread was a product of the lack of interested users participating in the 1st ex-official Yoshi's Island level design contest that was made by a non-staff user after getting permission to calling it official by an admin.

(hence rules 4 & 5, possibly rule 2 because of the whole vanilla/ASM issue)

Well this ruined my night and the whole contest experience.

Edit: twas a big misunderstanding on my part.

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I promise you this is totally unrelated to the Yoshi's Island contest. The point of this is only to give a chance for people to run their own contests since nobody was approving contests in the other thread.

Also, all the rules except 4 and 5 are just rephrasings of the old rules. Rule 4 was added because a lot of contests in the past (not only the YI contest) didn't get any activity and rule 5 is just a reminder, but exceptions can be made about it depending on the contest (I guess I'll just add that to the first post). So don't worry, you can still run the YI contest and call it official, this thread doesn't stop you at all, as it's meant for future contests.

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OH, my fault for misunderstanding! I totally just read it as something for the general public (which I am part of). The rules just sounded so very close to what was going on with the Yoshi's Island contest that it made me a bit unnerved (especially on the last day too!).

Anyway, thank you for clarifying it to me :>

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Might as well give this a go. This is going to be fun #w{=D}

Welcome to The Boss Room Contest! (Should it have a different name?)
The catch of this contest is to build a boss room base on a boss chosen for the contest.
For example, lets say that the Boss that is chosen is, oh, Big Boo. So you are required to make a interesting Big Boo Boss Fight.

The requirements for this contest:
-You are required to use the normal Big Boo Boss (Sprite C5) for the boss fight. USING ANY OTHER BOSS WILL GET YOU DISQUALIFIED.
-It can not be Kaizo, but it CAN be any other difficulty.
-*It can be Chocolate designed.
-*You are aloud to use Hex Edits
-You need at least 1 enemy (Normal or Custom) with the Big Boo Battle. NOT DOING SO WILL ETHER GET YOU DISQUALIFIED OR (IF DONE WELL) LOSE 5 JUDGING POINTS!
Note: Powerups or sprites that acts like blocks DO NOT count as enemy's.
-The boss has to be beatable without tools (Save States/Rewinds/slowdown/Turbo Buttons)!

* - Optional


How Judging will be judged:
Quality: ?/10
Does it look nice? Is it mind blowing? Does it look terrible?

Difficulty: ?/15
Is it Easy? Is it Challenging? Is it all over the place?

Originality: ?/8
Does it have a nice idea? Has the idea been used before? Is it just another plain old boss fight?

Bugs: ?/5
Is it bug free? Does it have any glitches?

Total: ??/38

Deadline: Undecided.
If, for whatever-reason you can't make a deadline but your almost done, please PM me (Daizo, user 11520) so we can talk about it. If I agree, I'll give you a extended deadline. If I don't, TOO BAD!
Enjoy and Have Fun!

What do you think of the idea?
Might as well give this another shot since the lack of approval, and my own laziness and anxiety, were the main reasons for delay:

Kaizo Level Design Contest

The contest will be open for 1 month as last time, submissions must be posted to in this thread. You are free to privately PM an entry to me for whatever reason, though this is not recommended. All entries must be posted in My Files.

The rules are as follows:
All submissions must be in the form of an IPS patch
For instructions on creating an IPS Patch, check the F.A.Q.
The category you are entering must be stated when you post the level
If the category is not stated, it will be entered into the "Creative" category by default, and points deducted in "Understanding"
You may participate in both categories, but not with the same level  
All entries must be possible to complete  
Entries must be compatible with the SNES or bsnes. See details later in this post  
After the deadline, updates will only be excused if they are to fix game-breaking errors
You may or may not be informed of game-breaking issues, so be sure to test your level and patch thoroughly
If your entry requires an update, and you were informed of this by a judge, points will be deducted
The term "game-breaking" refers to anything that severely hampers playability. This includes freezing, crashing, and corrupt patches, as well as errors that involve impossible levels, massive unintended shortcuts that require little effort (such as leaving in test doors, but does not include wall-jumping), unintended consequences, etc.
Entries will not be downloaded until the deadline has been reached, so your link must be working at that time  
Do not lock your entry  
Only one level may be entered into the contest per category  
You are free to use any material in your hack as long as you have the permission to use such content
Your level may contain no more than 2 exits.  
The level to be judged must be easily accessible and obvious on the OverWorld
Entries must specify which level is to be judged

Failure to comply with these rules will result in deduction of points in the "Understanding" section, or a disqualification if severe (such as a corrupt patch, impossibility, or a ROM).

These are the guidelines which you will be judged by:
"Creativity" Category
Creativity (15): Did the entry display creativity? Did it display original tricks, and put new spins on old ones, or blatantly used unoriginal tricks?
Difficulty (10): Was the difficulty just right? Challenging enough to be difficult, but not agonizing? Was there a smooth and consistent difficulty level throughout the entry?
Fun (10): Was the entry fun to play through, or just an uninteresting bore?
Appeal (10): Was the entry visually appealing? Were there any glitched graphics, cutoff, or floating & stacked munchers? Did the music add to the mood of the entry, and fit well?
Understanding (5): Did the entry display understanding of all the rules?
"Difficulty" Category
Difficulty (15): Was the difficulty just right? Very hard and challenging, but not excessively? Was there a smooth and consistent difficulty level throughout the entry?
Creativity (10): Did the entry display creativity? Did it display original tricks, and put new spins on old ones, or blatantly used unoriginal tricks?
Fun (10): Was the entry fun to play through, or just an uninteresting bore?
Appeal (10): Was the entry visually appealing? Were there any glitched graphics, cutoff, or floating & stacked munchers? Did the music add to the mood of the entry, and fit well?
Understanding (5): Did the entry display understanding of all the rules?

Just to clarify, glitches are allowed, but could lower score in the "Difficulty" section of the "Creative" category. It also depends on the type of glitch used. For example, the "Big Mario in Small Gap" glitch will probably not lower points in the "Difficulty" section. Just make sure that the glitch is easy to pull off and widely known. If you must, put the information in a message block. If it's an "insane" glitch like "Walljumping" though, it will lower points regardless of the category you've entered, since only a small margin of people can walljump with some ease (it is judge's discretion as to which section to deduct, and for how many points). If you still are not sure which glitches could lower your score, just post a question here.
Pit levels will not be allowed in either category because only a small margin of designers know how to do most of the required tricks and glitches.
Yeah, this was mostly copied and pasted, except for there being no collab this time.
PM me if you want to help judge. The more judges there are, the more fair the results will seem, but don't PM me unless you feel like you can judge. Ideally I want judges who are active in the forums, are good at Kaizo hacks, and can give constructive criticism.

Legacy custom music

@Daizo: are hex/tweaker edits (or any other edits) allowed on the big boo boss? I'm asking because you said the normal big boo boss had to be used, so if player aren't (or are) allowed to edit it, you should probably precise it. Other than that, feel free to run the contest.

@Sokobansolver: sure, I don't see why not. Just make sure you give a more "clean" format (bolded text for titles, dashes for listed elements, etc.).

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Isn't the kaizo contest already an official contest (held by ultimaximus IIRC)?
Last I heard he was too busy to run the contest.

family guy funny moments
Maybe a little change on that rule:
Originally posted by Me editted
-*You are aloud to change how much health (Using a hex editor or course). But make sure its lower then 7. Any extra is a -2 for judging points.

Other then that, thanks.

Originally posted by Sokobansolver

If Sokobansolver is seriously unwilling to host this contest, I volunteer to be host.

family guy funny moments
I'm sorry for editing off the contest text. I just need to be more patient in the future. Impatience is in general something I need to work on. I remember when I used to be good at not letting my angry, irritable emotions spill out online. Oh, how I long for those days.
Hey, do you think you'd be willing to co-host?

Legacy custom music

Not sure what I'd do as co-host, but sure I guess.

family guy funny moments
Holy wow, what the heck is with the IRC and my contest? Running a contest is pretty hard.

Also glad the Kaizo Contest returned! =D

I think i'd like to have a try at running a contest here too.

The 9th Special World Level Contest

The aim of the contest is to design a level in the style of the special world in Super Mario World. Try to make the level as fitting as you can to try and give it that classic 'Nintendo' feeling.

Rules and Scoring

I will score each entry out of a total of 30 points. with points given in 3 different categories.

-Authenticity (Y/10)- Could you entry blend in well with the other levels, or would it stick out like a sore thumb? Higher scores will be given for the entries that look the most authentically like they could fit in Super Mario World's special world.
-Level Design (Y/10) - Self explanatory. How well designed is your level, is it fun to play? Higher scores will be given to the best designed levels
-Functionality (Y/10) - How well does your level work? The best scores will be given to levels that don't have technical problems like slow down, sprite memory issues, cut-off etc.

There are a few restrictions that you must pay attention too, not following these will lead to your entry being disqualified.

-All entries must be submitted in an ips format.
-No custom blocks or sprites are to be used in the level
-ExGfx are forbidden for being used in this contest, even for minor fixes to the original graphics. Usage of map 16 manipulation and tileset mixing is perfectly fine though.
-There is no screen limit to the overall level length, but the best scores will be given to levels of reasonable length.
-Custom music is permitted, but it will not be taken into account with the judging.

The deadline will be in a month's time on the 22nd November 2012. All entries will be downloaded on that day, so you may update your entry anytime before that day.
Sounds interesting, go ahead. Just a couple of things though, the original levels have minor cutoffs like pipes attached to cement blocks, will you be deducting points for those?, because some contestants may want to use them to make their level feel like the original ones. Also, I'd advise you not to allow custom music if you really want the entries to be as close as possible to the original levels. Other that that, it seems fine to me.

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Originally posted by aj6666
Also, I'd advise you not to allow custom music if you really want the entries to be as close as possible to the original levels. Other that that, it seems fine to me.

Well, sense its the final level of the game, custom music would be a nice touch if its done well and works perfectly.

I know it’s bit late in the year to be doing this (wanted to start earlier but so many contests kept popping up I always missed a good opening) but I’d like to try another Strawberry “Short and Sweet” level design contest.

You can see the first contest here .

The rules are very similar to last year I just lifted a few restrictions and extended the max screen length.

Here is my proposed idea:

2nd Annual Strawberry “Short and Sweet” Level Design Contest [with bigger cash prize!]

Last year the contest I held went pretty good so I thought I’d give it another go.

If this contest is approved Submission period will be from November 23rd till December 30th 11:59 p.m central time.

I’ve changed a few of the rules from last year see them below in orange.


Please read ALL of these rules carefully quite a few were broken last year.

• length can be only 15 (0F in Hex) screens max (keep in mind screens start at 00 in LM)

• Can use multiple lunar magic levels if desired but total screen amount must be 15 (0F in hex) or lower.

• intro screen, title screen, and cutscenes do not count toward the screen amount. Note however that they will not be judged.

• Can use as many ExGFX files as you see fit.
Last year I restricted the amount of files for tiles to four but no more!

• Only permitted to use one FG map 16 page and 1 BG map 16 page, however you can use whatever is there by default in the 1st two map 16 pages (vine tile, lava, turn block etc).

• Ghost house/castle/no Yoshi Intros do NOT count towards the screen limit.

• Feel free to add a credits level/ending just make sure it is a separate level on the overworld. (Note that it won’t be judged)

• Please name your level and put the name in the same post as your submission

• Please ensure your level is satisfactory prior to submitting it, you will not be permitted to update your level after the deadline.

• Can be vanilla or chocolate. (I will not favor one over the other!)

• Please do not submit old levels created prior to the start of this contest

• Can use any version of Lunar Magic

• Entries MUST be in IPS form and submitted using the file bin (or other method for instant download access)

• Post a link to your ips patch in this topic, if you decide to update make a NEW post

• Leave your level unlocked in lunar magic

How a level will be judged

Level Design -/10
How interesting or unique was the level? Was it original or something we’ve all seen before. If custom sprites were used how well did they fit the level? If Vanilla did the person make good use of original resources?

Graphics -/10
How did the level look? Did it have an ugly palette, has the palette been used a 100 times before? Is there any graphical or color clash?

Difficulty & Funfactor -/10
Is the level actually enjoyable or does it just annoy or stress the player out? Is it super easy to beat or borderline impossible?

Functionality -/10
Does everything work like it’s supposed to? Are there sprite limitations, or does slowdown occur?

Maximum points possible 40


Besides a little image of a trophy for the top three level designers I will give out a $10 Amazon gift card for the winner of the contest.

I’ll up the amount to $15 if I get a least 20 Quality entries.

Winner will be paid by two $5 Gift Cards (via 2 codes). Unfortunately I can’t get or any other type of Amazon gift card. You’re welcome to give your 2 gift card codes to a friend but you will have to send them the codes yourself as I will only send the codes to you (the winner).

After the contest has ended and the winner is declared you must claim your prize simply by responding to a PM by me. I will then send you the two codes and you can do whatever you like with them. You have 30 days after results are announced to claim your prize before I declare you uninterested and you forfeit the cash prize. Unclaimed money will go towards funding next year’s contest.


I will judge in this contest and would like 1-3 people to help if they can. If anyone is willing to judge for this contest please PM me. Please only contact me if you are seriously interested in judging and keep in mind that judging will not start until The end of the year (December 31st). I will ask judges to not judge entries as they are submitted in case the contestant decides to update later on.

I remember you ran a similar contest last year, and it went good, so feel free to run it again. Although I must say 0F screens seem too short for me, even the levels in the original SMW are longer than that, so I'd change that if I were you.

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@aj: The point of the contest is to make a level that is short, hence the title 'Short an Sweet'. Last year the limit was only 0A, and honestly it wasn't that difficult to work with. You have more space than you'd expect.
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